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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bionic Puzzles

Amazing, these are PC games that you can actually play without having a direct connection to the publishers central mainframe active the entire time. What will they think of next? For more cut-price gaming, get yourselves over to SavyGamer. Bargain Bucket time!

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords – £2.99/€4.99/$4.99
I accidentally missed this offer last week, silly me. Good thing it is still available now. I played this on the DS, but I imagine that the PC version has the advantage of not being able to fit under your pillow, and thus won’t keep you up til 3am quite so easily. Puzzle Quest is proof that numbers are good. It takes a rubbish casual game designed for you Mum, adds a bunch of numbers to it, and then it becomes something completely different. Structurally, you have experience, RPG style attributes and spells, but then combat is bejeweled. The AI sort of cheats. Well, I’m not sure if it does cheat, but it certainly feels like the AI cheats, but that only really serves to sweeten the taste of victory. Demo here.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed – £4.85/€5.52/$7.50
The best thing about the rubbish 3D Bionic Commando reboot is that they also did an awesome 2D remake of the original game! It’s not just a remake either, there’s lots of new things too! There’s 2 player co-op, shiny new graphics, and delicious self-referential humour. It’s probably best you know what you are letting yourself in for here though, the difficulty is from the NES school of thinking. You get three lives to get through each level, and if you don’ make it, it’s back to the start. This means that you are going to have to learn the levels by replaying them until you can complete them without dieing. It works, the game is obviously designed like that, but it can be a bit jarring to some players. I’ve had a good look, and can’t find a demo. Anyone?

Shattered Horizon – £7.49/€9.99/$9.99
A game from the future. Or at least, that is how interface makes it look like. These days most console ports are good enough in most aspects, but Shattered Horizon feels like a proper PC game. As Jim pointed out the other day, this is completely free to play this weekend, it’s just had a bunch of new lunar levels added in, and is half price. I think I would have preferred to have paid twice as much and got a single player campaign too, I often just feel overwhelmed being flung straight into multiplayer games with other humans trying to kill me with their guns. If you want to try it out this weekend, it should just be in your Steam games list already. RPS coverage here. WARNING: You need a DX10 OS (Vista/7) and DX10 card to play this.

Beyond Divinity + Divine Divinity – £5.16/€5.97/$7.98
Or you can get just one of them individually at a lesser discount. Never played these, sorry.

Deal of the week
Peggle Nights – Free
Like all good drug dealers know, make the first hit free and they’ll be back for more. In that spirit Popcap are letting people get Peggle Nights for free. I’m not quite sure they realise the implications of their actions here, with the global economy in the ‘below average’ condition it is in now, I really don’t think the millions of people-hours spent guiding balls towards pegs to get points is really a sensible use of our time as a species. They aren’t quite giving it away for free, if you sign up for a PopCap Passport (perhaps with a dummy email address), you then get a free copy to gift to anyone you want (perhaps yourself). The download is about one Peggle. Giddy RPS words here.

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