It’s All For Astronaut

It seems to be space-walk week here on RPS. We started off swooping about in the Shattered Horizon free weekend, and now we’re performing difficult space-tasks on the international space station, thanks to NASA’s Station Spacewalk Game. If you ever wondered where all that spare money is going now that Obama cancelled the second trip to the moon, well, look no further!


  1. MadMatty says:

    the 3d models look good, but earth is a bit low-res… hope they include hi-rez versions of the planet- gonna give it a go later.

  2. Rich says:

    This gun doesn’t have enough guns.

  3. TimA says:

    This is quite nice actually, the ISS is well represented in its modelling and it’s a useful toy for anyone who wants to learn about the components of the thing and their orientation.

  4. Crazy Person says:

    The ISS is a hoax!

  5. Stijn says:

    Wasn’t there an actual SPACE WEEK on RPS a year ago or so?

  6. shai says:


  7. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    “earth is a bit low-res”

    I think that’s how advanced alien civilizations look at us, followed by “Crush the puny voxels down to a pulpy sprite!”

  8. Rob says:

    Spacewalking eh? Is there a jump button?

  9. SpinalJack says:

    That’s pretty good though they could hire someone to polish it up a bit. Also I’m pretty sure oxygen isn’t used to power everything in a space suit…

  10. P7uen says:

    Oblivion with solar panels.

  11. the wiseass says:

    “Astronaut, the sparkles will help you.”

  12. creiij says:

    man I sucked at this, flew far into space and then the truss hit me… never gonna be an astronaut =) 5ld8

    • MadMatty says:

      The trick is to be very patient, and use tiny amounts of thrust as far as i can remember.
      Better to use 30 seconds to turn around, than to be possibly floating out in the middle of nowhere flying mach 7?

  13. alinkdeejay says:

    Go as fast as you want and magically stop with the z button. And the sparkles help too.

    • MadMatty says:

      Damn, why would they take out the anal-retentive bits in a spaceflight sim?

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      Yeah, the magical stop button was a bizarre choice. I mean, that’s the really distinctive thing about EVAs, right? You can’t just stop on a dime. Well, that and you’re in space. So why include it?

  14. klasjlkjklfjakl says:

    Always wanted to go to Florida.

  15. Spacewalk says:

    If only all things had a magical stop key.