Knoxx Knoxx: Whose Lair?

New Borderlands DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, will be out on Thursday, priced at $10. Apparently this new pack is even bigger than the previous Island Of Dr Ned, and continues the game from where it ended, raising the level cap to 61. There are reportedly thirty new enemies in this expansion, and even a 4-player vehicle (pictured above). Some trailers below.


  1. Vinraith says:

    Now this sounds intriguing. I really enjoyed the Zombie Island DLC (in some ways more than the original game, as I thought the humor worked better) and I easily got $10 of play out of that, so a larger DLC pack at the same price point with high level content is definitely intriguing.

  2. Wilson says:

    Is the copy protection the same for the expansions? Because it had really generous DRM (need disk to start it up, but that’s all, so you can CD swap round a LAN) and me and some mates have had a blast playing the original, so when we finish it I’ll definitely collect some expansions if it’s the same.

    • Nick says:

      All the DLC has limited activation securom protection, sadly.

    • Wilson says:

      Aww, I guess that’s because it’s downloadable rather than a physical expansion. Probably won’t get them then. Still, I think we’ve got lots of the original still to play, which is good :). Cheers for the info.

    • Nick says:

      It is a shame, yeah, The Island of Dr.Ned is really good. Moxxi less so. Hopefully this will be more Ned like in its greatness (and I suspect it will be).

  3. Noc says:


    Someone here looks like they’re not quite used to playing on a controller.

  4. Miker says:

    Securom on the DLCs (which was somehow retro-installed to the original game) and a horrid lack of PC support make this a pass for me.

  5. archonsod says:

    Definitely a buy for me. I’ve been pretty impressed with the DLC output so far. Wish they’d upped the level cap sooner though.

  6. Scythe says:

    Really Jim? Knoxx Knoxx?


  7. Skusey says:

    Yeah that was a poor one Jim.

  8. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’m proud of Jim. That’s my boy!


  9. The Dark One says:

    This is the first bit of DLC for Borderlands that’s gotten me interested.

    The lack of variety in enemies, the level cap and the utter uselessness of the vehicles at those high levels were the things that lead me to stop playing.

  10. Gorgeras says:

    I’ve not been playing Borderlands much at all; it was my most regretted purchase of last year because I was going by the hype about the PC version being the ‘definitive version’ and having loads of snazzy stuff like AA, DX10, porn stars made of chocolate etc.

    Might give it another go, but the SecuROM has put the DLC packs firmly out of bounds for me.

  11. Tei says:

    I love this. I love even more than the DLC’s are comming as fast. Mee likes some Borderlands. :-)

    I need *something* on my life. I think is more Borderlands.

  12. Web Cole says:

    Hmm… as DLC goes, this actually sounds like the better variety.

  13. bookwormat says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this activation limit stuff is even worse than what Ubisoft is doing?

    • Nick says:


    • Jeeva says:

      link to

      The above-linked gentleman thinks the same as you.

      Sorry to say that I disagree with the both of you. :(

    • Vandelay says:

      Personally, I think limited installs is worse. I should be able to install the game I have purchased as many times as I like, just as I can listen to a CD multiple times and watch film constantly and don’t need to ask for permission every 4-5 times. A constant internet connection is something that I have 95% of the time, so it is less of an issue for me.

      Having said that, it is a completely baffling that any company would think that requiring a constant Internet connection to play their single-player game was a good idea. Even more astounding is the feature that they tout as making this worth while is the ability to upload save games. When would you need to do that? When you are playing on multiple systems. What is the second system most likely to be? A laptop. Is a laptop likely to have an internet connection all the time? No.

      There are zero benefits for the customer with either system, but I imagine most people would be more affected by limited installs. Limited installs mean you may never be able to play your game again, requiring a permanent internet connection means you may just end up not being able to play for half an hour or, at worse, a few days.

    • bookwormat says:

      @Jeeva thx, but just for the record: that opinion you linked to is not the same as mine: I never said “far better” or that I wouldn’t have problems with Ubisofts DRM.

      I just think the activation limits are more sneaky, more hideous and more annoying.

    • bookwormat says:


      I should be able to install the game I have purchased as many times as I like, just as I can listen to a CD multiple times

      I think the point here is that (in both cases), you do not purchase a game, but subscribe to a service. So I think your example is invalid, because you purchased the CD, but you did not purchase the game.

      It’s more like when you buy a pass to a gym: You may use the service under the conditions you agreed to, and if the gym closes you can not any longer use it of course. And if you buy a three day pass for the gym, then you can only use it for three days and that’s it. You do not have any rights on the gym when you buy a pass.

      The problem I have with DRM is that often, publishers sell you a service but act as they would sell you a game.

    • Jeeva says:

      My apologies, then, I was just reading both threads at the same time and it seemed a happy coincidence- should’ve thought about it more.

      The point I made on the other thread, in brief, is something along the lines of: “Your argument (regarding merely buying a service/renting the game) is a little thin if the limited activations offers some way of revoking activations, and Ubisoft ever shut the servers off.”

      *edit: Without patching the game to remove the DRM.

    • Nick says:

      for what its worth you can deactivate them to get installs back as far as I know.

    • bookwormat says:

      for what its worth you can deactivate them to get installs back as far as I know.

      you can only do that if you have access to a computer on which it is currently installed. If you lose an activation, it is gone.

      That means that you have to keep track of all the activations for every game that requires them, and if you install a game, you need to make sure you consume it as fast as possible so you can deauthorize it as fast as possible, to minimize the risk of losing it.

      And of course most people do not know anything about a deauthorization tool, or how many activations they have. Most people do not even know that there are activations.

    • Nick says:

      I’m only referring to the DLC for Borderlands in this thread, the game itself doesn’t have that, nor am I talking about any other game. I don’t like limited activations, but for DLC that you can claim back I’m not overly fussed.

    • drewski says:

      I dunno about worse, but it’s pretty bad, I agree. Fortunately thus far it’s been mostly limited and games which include it seem to, by and large, ditch the limit or make it a huge number after a while.

      Some of the online services yuo can buy through make it clear that whatever the publisher includes, buying through them means unlimited activations. You’re still a little screwed if they don’t modify the game and shut off the servers, I suppose, but I guess that’s what cracks are for.

      Not that I’d ever advise doing that, oh no.

  14. bookwormat says:

    [edit: failed on broken comment system]

  15. Springy says:

    I’m holding out for a physical DLC bundle in the spirit of Fallout 3.

  16. duel says:

    Pandora, everything wants to kill you and everything is your enemy

  17. The Sombrero Kid says:

    it baffles me how little gearbox care about their customers to not even address the securom issue never mind get rid of it, this coupled with all those comments about valve smacks in the face, I’ll be slow to trust them in the future, although the same goes with almost every other DLC Dabbler at the minute.

  18. Vandelay says:

    Recently been playing Borderlands with a mate and we are both absolutely loving it.

    Not sure how interested I am in this though. I would probably get it if I could get it bundled with the first two DLCs, particularly the first one, but by itself I will have to wait for it to get some feedback to see whether it is worth it.

    Also, £14.99 for the pack linked to above seems pretty high, particularly considering as I payed the same amount for the full game. Drop that to £10 (maybe £12, tops) and include the new one, then I would be interested.

    Edit: Particularly if it comes with SecruROM.

  19. def says:

    So is the coop playable on the PC yet?

    I’d really like to play this with one or two friends of mine, but due to all the bad comments about the coop play on PC I haven’t touched it yet.

    Despite the unique graphical style and streamlined gameplay (judging from videos and blags only) I can not see myself playing this game single player ever. Well, at least not until I have investigated every last square inch of Fallout 3 + all DLC and the Stalker games.

    Also, are the multiplayer coop games via PC hosted by one player or is this one of those MW2/L4D2 dedicated servers only candidate?

    • mrmud says:

      It has always been playable in coop on PC.
      If the host is behind a router he needs to forward some ports and thats it.

    • Vandelay says:

      Don’t even need to do that, since the latest patch.

      Been playing with a mate recently and we have encountered zero problems. We load up, he invites me, we select characters and we play. Simple.

    • Jeeva says:

      Yeah, these days it really is generally fine.
      I have had a few problems, if I’m being honest, but they were sorted easily by using one of the other of my friends as a host.

    • Lilliput King says:

      I think the latest patch fixed a lot of the multiplayer issues.

      The netcode in the unpatched version was unbelievably awful, and unplayable for me ‘n my friends, but since the latest patch everythings been working fine.

    • luminosity says:

      Err… L4D2 lets you host locally? It’s just a terrible idea because anyone who does it invariably has a terrible upload speed and gives everyone else 400+ pings. The other day a capped guy decided to host locally, because it was taking too long to find a server. Good times.

  20. torchedEARTH says:

    Act quickly now by not downloading more buggy crap missions for Borderlands and instead save your money and buy Battlefield Bad Company 2 instead.

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  21. Furniture Merchant says:

    So you no longer climb into a vehicle, but rather are teleported via some goofy looking series of purple rings?

    Not to diminish their work or anything, but that’s just lazy.

    • N'Al says:

      Borderlands has always had that; just choose the ‘Teleport to Seat’ option from the terminal where you spawn the vehicle.

  22. Axiin says:

    I feel the same way, This is why I haven’t bought any of the expansions, and have stopped playing. Why should I be punished for buying the game?

  23. Echo says:

    Well, I’d like to watch the movies, but coldn’t they have found someone LESS BORING to do the talking? I’m falling asleep after 90 seconds.

  24. amishmonster says:

    I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite article title on the website.

  25. Tei says:

    Has dedicated servers? I have read some awnfull things about EA and servers termination date.

  26. John Peat says:

    Why do people get their panties in a bunch about Securom?

    Do the same people avoid almost all DVDs because they contain Macrovision or RCE or something similar??

    If just seems like a lot of nerds whining about stuff which really has no ill effects for 99/9% of people.

    If you want to boycott something, choose something which is properly nasty like McDs or Coke or anything made in the United States of Warmongering Greedy Buggers or something like that eh?

    • Psychopomp says:

      Because there’s a small chance that your computer will turn into a brick because of it

    • The Dark One says:

      SecuROM actively decreases the enjoyment I get out of my computer. I don’t know why they hate Process Explorer so much, but having to close it down any time I launch a game that uses SecuROM is aggravating..

    • SquareWheel says:

      Who needs explorer when you can have SECUROM?

  27. John Peat says:

    @Psychopomp – there’s a chance your computer will turn into a brick every time you turn it on, install any program, run a game – just USE it, basically. In fact I’d say the odds of a power spike or PSU failure are 1000s of times higher than any trouble Securom could cause.

    @The Dark One – something you can’t see “decreases your enjoyment?” – something you wouldn’t even know about unless you’d spent more time reading the net than is entirely healthy etc. etc?? Really?? Sorry but I don’t buy it.

    If you don’t like Securom (and other DRM systems) it’s peachyfine but PLEASE stop bringing the topic up in EVERY thread because it’s more than a little wearing…

    Process Explorer?? Ubisoft will kick you off everytime your wireless/ISP wobbles or their servers have a moment – Securom is going to feel like comfy slippers when those clowns roll into town…

  28. invisiblejesus says:

    For those concerned, the Steam version of this DLC is SecuROM-free. They don’t appear to have patched the SecuROM out of the two previous Borderlands DLCs, and the version from the Gearbox store still has it, but for Steam users at least there’s no DRM on this one other than Steam itself.

  29. Chris R says:

    Securom, whatever.

    I’m having such a blast in the new areas… the new vehicles are fun, the new double weapon chests are tantalizing, and the game is hard now. Knoxx himself was a real bitch to fight. Took my coop team about 7-8 minutes to take him out… bring ammo regen of some kind. Also… make sure you have PLENTY of space in your backpack for what happens after you beat Knoxx’s silly ass. :) Trust me.

    Anyway, this DLC was totally worth $10. I stayed away from Moxxi’s update, but came back for the Knoxx update and I’m 100% satisfied and happy. Already level 61, and the mobs hit like a truck, but the new guns help even that out a bit. New guns, new grenades, new mods (I got an Ogre mod for my zerker that does +65% shotgun fire rate, and +35% shotgun damage), new areas, new enemies, fun boss fights. This DLC really does breathe more life into the Borderlands experience. This is what all DLC should aspire to be.