Supreme Commander 2 Demo Via Steam

It looks very colourful, I must say.

You know me! I’m all SupCom 2 this, SupCom 2 that. It’s short for “What’s up comrades?” right? It’s not? Oh. Oh no! Is it an RTS?! Oh for crying out loud.

Yes yes, I know. So, you big loveable things, the demo is now available via the magic of Steam. It’s single player campaigns, I’m reliably informed. There’s also the announcement that Supreme Commander 2 will also make use of Steamworks, which will manage all the DLC, achievements and so on. It’s one of those situations where the retail version will also require you to run Steam to use it, so begin fussing now if that’s your Fuss Button Topic. The game’s due out 1st March according to Valve, but everywhere else says the 2nd for the US and the 5th for Europe. The silly 360 version comes two weeks later. I expect they’re trying to avoid 360 piracy spoiling PC sales. HA! Anyway, as a taste, here’s the last two unit-featurettes, which will hopefully involve robots.


  1. Auspex says:

    I have a strange feeling I read this exact post on another blog just moments ago…

  2. jsutcliffe says:

    Shocker: Rock Paper Shotgun not the only source for video game news.

    • Auspex says:

      Hello Mr. Sarcypants, my point was that John, allegedly, (and presumably accidentally) posted this on his personal blog first. Hence me referring to the “exact” post.

    • John Walker says:

      No I didn’t. That didn’t happen. You’re lying. STOP LYING!

    • Auspex says:

      Your revisionist ways have no power when faced with the might of the google cache Jon walker! (You’ll notice I’ve omitted the h in John this time – that is because I know it annoys you and you called me a liar…)

      link to

    • John Walker says:

      I can’t believe you faked a version of my blog and then got it Google cached! Is there no end to the efforts you’ll put in to frame me?!

    • deanimate says:

      So John Walker did steal my cat.
      I suspected as much.

    • Nick says:

      He also, in some sort of retro fever, ate my hamster.

    • deanimate says:

      What’s next John Walker? Is my horse safe? He’s tied to a 400 year old oak with iron girders; next to the carrot field. Shall he too fall to your busy hands?

    • Web Cole says:

      Oh the hilarity :D

    • Zerai says:

      Now it would be funny if trying to get to the post carried you to a error message claiming it was “necessary” and “for the good of humanity” or something in an evil genius style

  3. SpinalJack says:

    Oh yeah! Been waiting for SupCom2

  4. Scroll says:

    Anyone managed to initiate the download?

    It ain’t doing anything for me.

    • Vinraith says:


      Me neither, in fact I find I can’t install anything at the moment. I suppose it was too much to hope that the new beta might smooth that little recurring issue over.

    • Scroll says:

      Oh lovely, they are bunch of big teases aren’t they?

    • Spod says:


      Initially clicking install demo did nada, restarted steam and that sorted it. I’m not on the beta yet so don’t know how that affects things, if at all.

    • Scroll says:

      I’ll try that then.

      The new steam is sexy and all but those same old problems still exist it seems.

      Oh also: Big stompy robots ya! Where’s my Monkey lord?

      Edit: And it works fine on restart, lovely.

    • Vinraith says:


      I’m on the beta and that worked for me as well. I’m glad I did that before my usual solution to all Steam annoyances, deleting clientregistry.blob.

  5. Spod says:

    Nice, makes me want to buy the game simply to reward them for doing the decent thing and actually releasing a demo – before the games release of all things!

    I won’t though, because that’d be silly. Still. Demo! Yay!

  6. Oneironaut says:

    I downloaded the demo and started the tutorial, since I never played the first one. I got some really horrible lag, each time the guide spoke the game would freeze for about 10 seconds.

  7. jsutcliffe says:

    I have been looking forward to trying a demo of this. I could never quite get into SupCom thanks to its glacial pace, but I found its scale almost irresistible. I’m interested to see how things have changed here.

    That is some ugly terrain on the horizon in that screenshot, though.

    • jarvoll says:

      If you found the original to be glacially slow, I’d suggest you weren’t playing MP / skirmish with a strong challenge. *Units* moved slowly, but *you* had to be really, really quick in building and sending them across the map. I thought it was another brilliant way of making the game more about strategy than tactics, since you need to be thinking pretty far in advance about what you’ll want to send, where you’ll want to send it, and how you’ll likely react to whatever happens when it gets there. When the tactics part (i.e. combat) actually happens, you ought to be already thinking 5 minutes in the future and thus not bothered with microing individual units.

    • SpinalJack says:

      The cliff side city in the trailers look good though. All the maps in the fist supcom looked kinda boring. I think it’s the demigod/square influence.

    • jsutcliffe says:

      To be honest I never made it past the third mission in any campaign. I’d sit there thinking “Why am I watching tiny icons crawl across the screen when I could be playing TF2?” and quit.

  8. GreatUncleBaal says:

    I can’t find my Fuss Button, although I’m not sure I should be confessing that in public…

  9. Carra says:

    Games are now being delivered through magics and steam? Burn the witch!

  10. MadArcher says:

    Damn, so glad about this and then my download stopped at 92%… I HATE YOU !!

  11. GT3000 says:

    Sup Command-…Damn you. Shit is so cash. DL it if you can, and if you can’t drink everything under the sink.

  12. Zyrxil says:

    Wow, what bizarre spam pops up here.

  13. CMaster says:

    Well, that was interesting.
    The writing is so unbelievably clichéd and when they try to be funny it just hurts. Definitely enough to make me want to not play the campaign. Homeworld this isn’t.

    • MajorManiac says:

      Agreed. Sounded like the script was written by 10 year olds just after watching Transformers 2… whilst still on a sugar-high from too much fizzy-pop.

  14. Flameberge says:

    Hmm, Undecided after an hour, hour and a half with the demo. They’ve made the scale much smaller, and suddenly it was like playing any other generic RTS. Experimental units also don’t seem to be as awe-inspring as the first, didn’t really seem to take a lot to blow one up. It felt good enough, polished enough, but it just felt like a standard RTS. The massive scale, and the way you managed your economy in SupCom made it stand out, and were at the core of its appeal… well, the scale anyway.

    I’m a bit iffy. Very interested to see how it gets reviewed though.

  15. Kelron says:

    This has confirmed all my fears about Supcom 2. Oh well.

  16. ThePieSpy says:

    Yeah seems like they are throwing away a lot of the stuff that made the first game so unique. I can’t help but grab my tinfoil hat and think that its being dumbed down for a cross-platform release.

    Also does anyone else think the units all look like they are toddler toys made by Fisher-Price?

    • Lanster27 says:

      I guess the toddler toys just applies to the UEF, those commanders will never grow up. The Aeon units looks protoss-ish enough in those trailers, a good thing that is.

      And yeah, I do think they removed quite a bit from the first game. It is definitely a step away from Total Annihilation and more into the modern day RTS. I do miss the resource management of the first game, now it is just ‘watch money flow in then spend them in bundles’. Though I can’t say it’s bad, the graphics is surely better, and air combat a lot more interesting.

    • Setheran says:

      Definitely too much shiny colourful paint on the units. The sense of scale is even more off than in the last game as well, which is a real shame – one more unique feature of the series diminished. I built a flying fortress but its design was so clean and simplistic that it could just have easily been a small gunship if there were no scale references next to it.

      On the plus side, all the attention to detail in the animation and stuff is great, and makes up for those problems a little bit. I loved watching experimentals being constructed at the bottom of a gigantic shaft underground, then raised up to the surface.

      The rest… well, I’m just really hoping they’ll clean up the strange interface issues. Talk about a mixed bag.

  17. Thants says:

    Was really looking forward to this one. So let’s see: Dumbed down interface, dumbed down resource model, dumbed down aircraft, dumbed down tiny maps. Jesus, way to miss the point of your own freaking game. If there’s one RTS that shouldn’t have a “streamlined” console port it’s Supreme Commander.

    Chris Taylor, why have you forsaken me?

    • hoff says:

      Sometimes I feel like gamedesigners are just bored with designing games and experiment in how much of a the gameplay they can remove while a skeleton of the original is still perceivable.

      Or they just speculate on money from the console version and are too lazy to do two different version so dumb it down to the lowest common denominator.

      Anyway, I’m really looking forward to building huge bases in C&C4… Oh.

    • Nick says:

      “Sometimes I feel like gamedesigners are just bored with designing games and experiment in how much of a the gameplay they can remove while a skeleton of the original is still perceivable.”

      Like Space Siege, hoff?

    • geldonyetich says:

      “So let’s see: Dumbed down interface, dumbed down resource model, dumbed down aircraft, dumbed down tiny maps. Jesus, way to miss the point of your own freaking game.”

      Finished the demo, that (and the earlier comment about the bland script) about sums it up.

      In some cases, they were right to streamline – plowing through 3 tiers, Total Annihilation style, was indeed cumbersome. I do sort of appreciate how you can choose to specialize/research in specific directions, so one commander might be a master of air while another commander might be a master of land (at least until they get enough research points to purchase all of the above).

      However, the whole thing feels diminished. Perhaps the biggest nails in the coffin have to do with queuing:

      * Try to queue more units than you have the resources for, and it does not let you. Resources are allocated immediately upon ordering the unit to build (and refunded if that unit is destroyed before it completes them).

      * Buildings set to repeat builds but are unable to do so due to resource shortages will pause, without telling you, leaving you suddenly facing unexpected unit shortages.

      * Order an engineer to guard/assist a unit in building, and they help it build whatever it’s queued to build and then immediately stop guard/assisting. Thus, if you want to build more things afterwards, you have to hunt down all your stray engineers and order them to assist again.

      Overall, they completely killed the sense of power you’d have in Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander. It’s like, “well, you’re not responsible enough to be able to order things to be done ahead of time when resources are available, so we’re not going to let you anymore.”

    • -Spooky- says:

      And yes… anyone found the D Gun on the commander? :P

    • mrrobsa says:


      Your list is basically most of the stuff I was dismayed to find when I played the demo. A step backwards from SupCom, all the build queue stuff is gimped, when it was pretty awesome before. I couldn’t queue engineers to build defence turrets around my base because I didnt have enough mass, even though I could see 2 mass extractors about to come online!! Grrr! Let me build!
      It’s like they’ve decided micro is the better path, when the fact is that I loved SupCom for its lack of micro. Queueing up everything and setting build orders and rally points in an automated fashion allowed for more time to spend actually strategising and warring.
      Also I don’t know if anyone else noticed that they’ve removed formation control for groups of units(unless I couldn’t find it), so you just have to hope your units travel in proper formations :(
      Think I’ll stick to the original, maybe pick this up when it’s cheap.

  18. jarvoll says:

    What hilariously poor writing. Oh the irony! Advertisement fail. Although I guess its target audience wouldn’t really notice.

  19. Sp4rkR4t says:

    They have managed to make one exceedingly bland game, quite an achievement really.

  20. Spod says:

    Hmm, thing is I was never tremendously sold on the original. At one point I got in to it and managed to play through all the campaigns but it’s just *so* time consuming and slow paced. I appreciate what they’ve tried to do with this one but I couldn’t help but feel the only thing in this game that’s better than Total Annihilation was the graphics. Even the music was a bit naff. Perhaps it’s rose tinted specs but TA still feels unbeaten in the RTS world, for single player at least, I’ve never bothered with MP RTS’s.

    Ach well, I’m gunna see if I can get TA up and running on Win7 64bit.

  21. jon_hill987 says:

    It seems to me that Microsoft green has convinced Mr Taylor to make a game that can be played on the XBox to the detriment of us PC gamers. Oh well, I still have the first SupCom and its expansion (if I can persuade impulse to download it…)

  22. Magic H8 Ball says:

    Is the demo Steam-exclusive? I can’t wait till I will finally need to warez a fucking demo. I thought I will do it with AvP3 but it was MP-only.

    But seriously, I want to do it while banging my head on the desk.

    • Spod says:

      As far as I’m aware the full game is Steam only so it’s pretty reasonable for the demo to be too. Same deal for AVP.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      What can you have against downloading a demo on Steam?

  23. Forak says:

    Was a bit skeptical reading these comments but wow, it really is an extremely bland game compared to the first. What’s with the textures too? I may be remembering things wrongly but I seem to recall SupCom1 looking better than this..

    • Flameberge says:

      @ Forak

      Yeah I noticed that, the game does in general look quite bland. In terms of overal quality, the game actually looks slightly worse than SupCom 1 I think – something that was also mentioned on the recent PC Gamer podcast, when they were discussing their preview – but it runs a whole lot better. So that’s one thing: it is optimised far better.

    • SpinalJack says:

      I think what they lack in texture detail they make up for in incidental detail on the units and buildings. There’s far more moving parts and things to look at than before. Just look at the construction site when you build something, before it was just a bunch of lasers but now they have cranes and steam and little moving parts. The commander units in particular look much, much better though the cyberan look a bit like mech warriors

  24. Collic says:

    The demo does seem a little underwhelming, butt for all we know the scale might sky rocket as the campaigns progress. I’m a little concerned, but im not going to write it off just yet.

    Bad demo doesn’t always equal bad game.

    • CMaster says:

      I’d agree about the scale thing. The scale of the battles in the SupCom 1 demo was pretty small too.

    • SpinalJack says:

      The unit cap has been lowered a bit but I think there’s still plenty going on. More than in C&C4 at any rate. Been playing the beta for C&C4 and it just doesn’t scratch the same RTS itch any more. C&C is now more demigod where as supcom is a little smaller but more stream lined. You can’t stall your economy quite so easily now.

    • Thants says:

      If anything, it seems like the economy is harder to manage now. Before you had a nice display of how many resources per second you’re using and collecting, and when you’re heading to zero you can go and pause some stuff. Now with your stuff set on repeat there’s no way of knowing how much you’re using over time. When you run out of resources it just pauses it without telling you, and however many minutes later you realize your factories haven’t been making anything.

    • SpinalJack says:

      You can clearly see how much resources are being used, it’s right there next to your total. When your factories pause there’s a big yellow pause icon. I don’t see how anyone can think it’s worse. Only seeing the first 2 levels in the demo I feel it’s already better than the previous version.

  25. Junior says:

    I managed to facepalm my way to the end of the first mission before I was forced to give up.

    The scenery is a vast improvement.

  26. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Would any of my fellow RPS folk be interested in some sort of mini-RPS based SupCom 2 league/ contest type thing, once the game has been out for a bit so we’ve all had time to get our undoubtedly large heads around it?

    If so I shall raise a thread in yonder forum…

    • -Spooky- says:

      Total Anhilation League will be fine :D

    • l1ddl3monkey says:

      Still play the odd LAN game of TA with friends (good use for our netbooks), a league would be the awesomest thing since the last awesomest thing.

  27. Magic H8 Ball says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    What can you have against downloading a demo on Steam?

    I need Steam to do it.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Wow are there still people who refuse to install Steam? It is far better and less restrictive than GFWL. Do you not play any games that use that either?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Jonhill: Speaking for myself.. yes. And no, I don’t have GFWL, either. Games that I might be interested in lose quite a bit of their charm by using one, the other, or both. The only game I’ve considered getting them for is DoW2. But I suspect I’ll prefer DoW over DoW2, so I’ve managed to refrain from doing so.

  28. w says:

    So now we know that when we hear “streamlined”, we should understand “dumb”. Even if it’s the legendary Chris Taylor who says it. Hey, let me be the first one to say this outloud: bullshit.

    Where’s the legacy, man? Ain’t no bitin’ horse viral gettin’ you out of this one, son.

    • SpinalJack says:

      The strategy is still there, you can still set up way points and action queues. I don’t see where this dumbing comment came from. Did you honestly use the joint attack command? Cos I don’t know any one who did beyond the first try. There are less units in total but the way you upgrade them gives you different strategies against your opponent. Having a less cluttered UI is a bonus in my opinion.

  29. Robyrt says:

    This game is going to be awesome as soon as someone comes out with a mod that lets you buy things on credit. The “Mystery Pause” bug and the general annoyance of being unable to queue up more than a couple units per factory are enough to outweigh a lot of the things they did so, so right:

    The unit clusters are fantastic.
    The engine is 10 times better, more detail at less system requirements.
    The research tree is actually fun, unlike waiting for your factory to upgrade itself.
    It doesn’t take an hour to get to experimental units anymore.
    The story is better, although still awful. (Think Star Wars Episode 2-3 vs. Episode 1.)

    Et cetera… all these improvements are undone by a shoddy economic system.

    • SpinalJack says:

      I agree that not being able to buy on credit is kinda annoying but you can queue loads of buildings in the hopes that you’ll get enough mass when you come to build them. I do wish you’re given the option to wait for resources and pause the queue instead of deleting it but in an online game waiting around is a waste of a unit that could be repairing or reclaiming instead.

  30. Xocrates says:

    I just tried the demo. As someone that did not particularly enjoy the first one I can say that I have absolutely no reason to get this one. They kept nearly everything I didn’t like and most of what I did seems to be missing.

    Also, and can someone tell mission control to STFU? Seriously, of all the things to keep why did they choose to keep the annoyingly constant objective reminders?

    • SpinalJack says:

      Beyond the tutorial it was mostly lame one liners between you and the enemy but there are only 2 missions in the demo so who knows what the others are like?

  31. Arathain says:

    I’m feeling cautiously positive about this one. I mean, look: the original Supreme Commander exists. For brain melting huge scale strategy with complex economic management involving eleventy thousand engineers you always know where to go. I don’t think the world necessarily needs another one.

    It’s OK to do something a bit different with your sequel if the original is good enough to stand on its own. The research thing I am all for. Easier access to the big units which don’t take half an hour to build? Yes please. I can see why you might object to the way spending resources has changed, but it does let me focus more on telling my units what to do. The thing that disappoints me the most is the way aircraft are on perma-hover- I liked the little VTOL guys. Still, I’ll take that since fighters appear to adjust their speed when tailing. Also, they still haven’t recaptured the sheer physicality of combat that TA had.

    I’m hopeful, and interested.

    • jsdn says:

      If they are going to strip away all the game mechanics that made the first game what it was, why make it a direct sequel? Did they just really want to continue the excellent SupCom story that every gamer has been raving about since its release?
      I mean, I could understand if they were to call it Supreme Commander 2: Children Edition. Yet it’s not, it’s just Supreme Commander 2. I expect a more competent game than the first, or at least more of the same. It seems I get neither, and that it was their goal to start over and make the game as stale as possible.

    • Arathain says:

      “If they are going to strip away all the game mechanics that made the first game what it was, why make it a direct sequel?”

      If I were to identify these mechanics:
      -Large scale, both in number of units, and the size of the really big ones, as well as the size of the battlefields.
      -Combined arms, with pseudo-realistic depiction of land, sea and air (as in- dogfighting interceptors, lumbering, artillery laden ships).
      -Personal representation on the battlefield as a powerful unit
      -Infinite resource model that requires solid map control to generate sufficient amounts of the rarer resource.
      -Automation. Construction and unit actions can be easily queued up, so you don’t have to constantly micro non-critical actions.
      -Engineers and the ACU can be focused on a given task, to allow the player to speed up important projects and dictate strategic priorities.

      So far, we know that most of these will be present in the sequel. The obvious absence is the latter- I personally will not miss it, but I sympathise with those who will. My biggest concern is the way the new spending model hits automation. The ability to set up most of my building way in advance and my factories with repeating unit queues is important. Hamstringing it be forcing me to keep sufficient mass reserves for all my construction at all times increases boring micro by a lot.

      So, definitely keeps enough important mechanics to be a proper sequel. I shall wait and see if the spending changes end up being ugly enough that they sour the whole. I remain cautiously optimistic.

    • jsdn says:

      Shall we examine those?
      -Large scale.
      +I feel this is no longer the case. Map sizes have shrunk considerably. Unit to unit relative sizes have also shrunk. You can pretend that that pea-sized tank is actually miles long if you really want to, but you’ll have nothing to base that on, unlike the first game.
      -Combined arms.
      +So, basically, naval combat. Because pretty much every other RTS has land and air. The naval combat in SupCom1 was fairly weak (i.e. rarely sought), and is definitely not a staple point of the series.
      -Personal representation on the battlefield as a powerful unit.
      -Infinite resource model that requires solid map control to generate sufficient amounts of the rarer resource.
      +You didn’t absolutely require map control in SupCom 1, they have taken that ability away (fabricators). If you think a staple mechanic of the series is a non-diminishing resource, I have to laugh.
      -Automation. Construction and unit actions can be easily queued up, so you don’t have to constantly micro non-critical actions.
      +Wow…. Queuing has been around for over a decade. It’s in 99% of every single RTS ever made. You’re really starting to sound like a marketing team listing “features” on a back of a box.
      -Engineers and the ACU can be focused on a given task, to allow the player to speed up important projects and dictate strategic priorities.
      +Which is now almost completely useless in SupCom2 given the economy changes.

  32. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Your mom, Taylor. YOURS!!!!

  33. MadMatty says:

    game ON snoochie-boochies! :D (i hope)

  34. Paxundae says:

    I was hoping it would be more like the original, but with more functional multiplayer (even LAN games tended to last 20 minutes at most before those desync errors started scrolling through, despite making sure everything was patched up to the same version). Really, anything other than that hideous GPGnet client would do.

    Frankly, I was not impressed with the demo. I used a relatively small number of units, and never had to do anything other than send them in in waves. Even the second mission, I just sent in experimental gunships in waves. In SupCom and TA, you had to build intricate base defenses, artillery, shields, etc. Since the economy follows a classic C&C/*arCraft model now, you can’t even queue those sorts of things up any more. Definitely a step in the wrong direction, in my opinion.

    That said, for people who always got stuck in a long phase of building very…very…slowly due to metal/mass throughput issues in TA and SupCom, perhaps this is more accessible? I still can’t imagine playing it on a console though (and how many console players are interested in RTS’s anyways?).

    Still, I imagine I’ll get the full game unless the reviews tell me it’s horrific. Another LAN RTS is needed, and maybe they’ll even patch it to allow a TA-style economy as an option later on.

  35. Sagan says:

    Anyone else noticed that all units look tiny? You are controlling a tiny robot that can build tiny factories which produce even tinier units.

    The terrain is huge. A rock is five times the size of my robot.

    • SpinalJack says:

      That is true but giant city scape looks much better than tiny trees and flat terrain.

  36. MadMatty says:

    Played it:
    i was glad to see optimizations of the graphix, the terrain looks a whole lot nicer, and everything runs a lot smoother. Im still out on wether the simplifications in the economy are good or bad- but wtf.
    You should still be able to quee units that you cant afford right now, wtf?
    Its more fiddly having to check the factories all the time.
    looks like its gonna be fun allround, im gonna pick it up.

  37. ThePieSpy says:

    The funny thing is, you would think they would just be making the console version just to get a few extra bucks from the game. Does Taylor seriously think that any RTS (let alone SupCom) is going to be a console hit? End of his crack-pipe must be hot to the fucking touch.

  38. Gaggle says:

    Being a fan of Supcom, I was planning to buy Supcom2. I played the demo and changed my mind!

  39. Bowlby says:

    Glad to see the game is just as personality-less and generic-looking as its predecessor. I know, I’m a heathen and have no taste in games.

  40. mejobloggs says:

    What they should do is make a SupCom1 mode

    So you can fire up SupCom2 and play the original gameplay, with the shiny new graphics and performance improvements


    Cept it will never happen will it. Dunno why I even bothered thinking about it

  41. Magic H8 Ball says:

    Arathain said:
    I’m feeling cautiously positive about this one. I mean, look: the original Supreme Commander exists. For brain melting huge scale strategy with complex economic management involving eleventy thousand engineers you always know where to go. I don’t think the world necessarily needs another one.

    This the kind of thinking that gave us Thief 3, Fallout 3 and Deus Ex 2.

    Thank you.

  42. oli says:

    Gah, the demo wont install, I click install on steam and nothing happens!


    • Colthor says:

      Restart Steam, then try again if necessary.

      Wait for it to download, then be disappointed.

  43. Space Hopper says:

    I kinda like the demo.
    I always got extremely bored with the insane amount of base micromanagement in the first game, and this one seems to have alleviated that pain.

    Besides I’m too old to have time for games that lasts hours on end like games in the first one could potentially take. That being said, I had fun in the first game even though it took so long.

    The second demo mission was a bit like DotA – protect stuff that makes its way to the enemy base. Makes me wonder if that would be possible in multiplayer.

    Research is a nice touch, and the terrain is definitely more advanced (finally).
    Experimentals seem less “OK, I’m screwed…”.
    Story is the usual cliché piece of arse that is usually is in RTS games.

    Still, I can see myself actually liking the full game.

  44. Aaron Whitehead says:

    They took all of the sophistication and guts from the original, compressed it all into shiny glass plates and built their new game out of it. Shiny, sparkly but mostly vaccuous.

    You know what has happened here folks. You all know damn well what has happened. The clue is in the simplistic control methods. That’s right, this is a multi-platform release. Where the original was made for PC and later ported to console this is going to be released across the board.

    What this means is the old somewhat cerebral and taxing game we all know and love is gone. Please enter Supcom 2! The attractive, friendly brain dead bimbo offspring of the original.

    What a fucking shame. I can’t wait until a new generation of developers start releasing games for the PC again, offering us the respect we deserve. Casual and console gamers don’t realize what they are missing.

    • SpinalJack says:

      you can always play star craft 2 and lose to koreans

    • MajorManiac says:

      Its easy to be angry about this trend. But at least its just a phase developers are going through. Like you say new blood will come along and rebel against this. Thus the trend will swing back to producing good quality games.

  45. leirbag says:

    I never enjoyed SupCom1 to be honest, but I tried playing it a few times. Not my cup of tea, I prefer faster-paced, bare-knuckles RTS games, like Dawn of War 1&2, C&C 4 (enjoying the beta so far) and my personal favorite, World in Conflict.

    But even though I’m by no means a fan of the first game, I can feel your loss very deeply, because the first thing I thought as I first saw the new interface was “hmmm, console dumbdown!” Then when I started playing it, I was baffled by how stupid this game feels. I couldn’t get into SupCom1 because its complexity was so overwhelming, but this sequel just takes away everything that made the first title unique and challenging, leaving us with a spectacularly bland game.

    The console dumbing down is a very, very frustrating effect. Deus Ex 2 was the absolute worst example of it, turning a smart, modern interface in a simplistic clusterfuck that took away every single good thing from the first game.

  46. Aaron Whitehead says:

    LMAO I actually had to pull the Forged Alliances CD out of my cupboard and play a quick skirmish 8v8 adaptive AIX in order to wash the stink of fisher price strategy out of my brain! God that felt good, I just got reamed with a nuke.

    Did I stand a chance? No, I hadn’t intended to go in looking for a win. I went into that skirmish looking to be treated liked adult.

    Did I get upset when I lost 2/3rds of my base with one decisive move by an AI opponent I had yet to even see? No. It felt fucking good watching my base light up in a blaze of a thousand suns, followed by a chain reaction of both my commander and every powerstation within 100 miles joining in the radioactive party.

    This hand holding nonsense has to stop.

  47. Tim Ward says:

    It’s crap.

  48. n1ght-tr@in says:

    i downloaded the game today and it F**k up my comp, i get some error msg about my vga something or other, screen is to pixelated to read it. anyone have anything similar probs?

  49. JayeRandom says:

    I’ve tried the Supcom2 beta, and it won me over in the 2nd scenario. I’m pushing battleships north, and they’re lobbing lovely long-range arcs of ballistic death towards the enemy. I’ve zoomed out to symbols level, and panned the camera around to thrill to the sight of shells slowly tracing catenaries thru the air. I get the battleships a little too close, and suddenly I see counterbattery fire heading towards them. Oh no! I zoom in on the battleships to see the damage– and what should I see but interceptor fire coming off my battleships, stopping the enemy artillery in midplunge! (I think it was a research upgrade that I bought.) I push some subs up to the the enemy coast for BDA, and I find a bunch of little spidery bots running around and doing interceptor fire at my artillery shots! The whole Missile Command effect was just too charming.