Unitology: Chaos Rising’s Fresh Troopers

Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising isn’t simply going to include a new faction, it’ll include new units for all races: Weirdboyz, genestealers, Wraithguard, and others. All these units are going to be free to existing Dawn Of War II players in the March multiplayer patch, too. See all that lot in action in the new trailer, below.


  1. Flameberge says:

    “When life gives you ghosts, you make ghost-robots”

    I think this is a philosophy we can all aspire to.

  2. Senethro says:

    The gene stealers look kind of… waddle-y. Not much predatory and pouncing going on there.

    Looking forward to CR though.

    • Bhazor says:

      True, they don’t pull off the same menace as proper Gene Stealers. They look more twee than eeek.

  3. Wulf says:

    That’s pretty decent of them! Hooray for free stuff.

    This is how you stop piracy, kids, by being likeable and providing value even after the initial purchase.

  4. Him says:

    In the manner of Bollo the Ape from The Mighty Boosh, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”. But only so far as the Chaos faction goes! Everything else looks mint; particularly the Weirdboy for the Orkz.
    No no. Especially the Weirdboy for the Orkz. The boyz will finally have some battlefield support in t2 that makes the most of their trend towards large rampaging balls of green muscle and shooty bitz.

  5. Hug_dealer says:

    relic has been doing this since coh.

    buying an expansion does not fragment the player base, which is the worst thing you can do. It is why relic is one of the few devs that i love.

  6. ikel says:

    This is awesome. In an awesome way.

  7. GT3000 says:

    One expansion down, six to go. Hopefully Imperial Guard is the next one.

  8. Rosti says:

    Huzzah! To echo the above, this is lovely.

    (And ghost robots. Heh.)

  9. Navagon says:

    The units are free to DoW2 players? And these units include genestealers and weirdboyz? Do I hear a fuck yeah?

  10. Nick says:

    I do hope the next expansion is for another race in single player, as much as I like Cyrus et al.

  11. Anthony Damiani says:

    Only one new unit for each?
    It’s nice that they give it to all of them, but… if they’re only going to add one race in an expansion, I’d rather something like Frozen Throne that really modifies how all the sides feel and enhances the balance.

  12. GT3000 says:

    Tyranids get two units. One replaces T2 Carnifex and Genestealer. To be fair Chaos gets added and each race gets a beef up to compensate.

  13. PixelCody says:

    I’m really weighing up whether to get this expansion if they’re giving out these new units for free. I have no interest in singleplayer and I’m not sure I want to spend £18 on a single new army.

    Looking forward to the bump in players online though!!

  14. wiper says:

    I just really, really want a single-player campaign where I don’t have to play as the Space Marines :(

    (which is an utterly dumb request, of course, as assuming the single-player stays true to the Diablo-meets-Cannon-Fodder approach of the original, it would need to be a race containing similarly tough core units with a use for loot. Thus negating every army bar the Orcs and Chaos. And maybe the Necrons (at least your units’ repeated ressurrections would make sense!), but nobody would want to play as them.

    Or perhaps not – even weaker races could work, so long as their units were large enough to compensate (and their leaders tough-enough looking). Hell, the Eldar’s focus on specialised teams might gibe the game a bit more of a tactical edge (though the SM forces certainly had their focusses, they were all multirole to at least some degree, which allowed for more leeway in their usage). And playing as Tau or IG would be hilarious, with most of every mission presumably involving you trying your hardest to keep your forces out of close combat.

    But I should stop dreaming. The world wants space marines, at least for its single-player campaigns)

    • Lord_Mordja says:

      Well with the corruption system in play, hopefully later missions will be played from the Chaos side.

      A man can hope, right?

    • wiper says:

      Aye, there is that.

      Then again, there is the fact that, extra personality or no, you’re still going to be playing Chaos /Space Marines/. Unless they throw in some daemons as your reward for denouncing the false emperor, of course, in which case hurrah!

  15. Davie says:

    Hey free stuff! I had no idea. Relic gets mega win points again. Now I just want to see me some Grey Knights…

  16. Mashakosha says:

    Also good to see, GREAT UNCLEAN ONE!

  17. Him says:

    Having had a nose at the DoW2 community site a while back, I believe I read reports that they were adding some more multiplayer gametypes as well; 2v2v2 and a 6-player free-for-all. Given that I exclusively play multiplayer 3v3, this was highly relevant to my interests. Roll on March 12th!

  18. ChampionHyena says:

    I remember reading when they were first releasing Dawn of War II that Relic would be subscribing to the Team Fortress school of content releases. We’ve been getting maps and The Last Stand and huge balance updates so far, and now this. Yeah, something as huge as a whole new race probably demands you shell out for the expansions, but free units for the vanilla races? Cross-pollinating the Chaos Rising and Dawn of War playerbase?

    Rock right the hell on, Relic. You are earning my money.

  19. Cam says:

    Was going to get this but then steam upped their Australia price from 29.99usd to 39.99usd overnight.

    • DerangedStoat says:

      Yeah, I pre-ordered it the other day out of fear of something like that happening, since it seems to be coming more commonplace. Sadly, it appears more and more publishers are cottoning on to the fact that they can get away with charging higher prices on Steam for Aus customers. I think the time when you can get games on Steam for very cheap (when compared to retail here) is rapidly coming to it’s end.

  20. Gdog says:

    Excellent video, how i like em, clear and informative but still makes the game look awesome. it just looks fun!

  21. SpinalJack says:

    Free is the best price.
    I’m guessing that DoW2 players will be able to play against expansion players without buying the expansion. They did that with the last game and you could only play the races that you bought i.e. if you bought chaos rising stand alone you’d only be able to play chaos. I also remember that registering all your various expansions was a pain in the ass…

    • GT3000 says:

      It was but some young enterpirsing gentleman created a program that inserted all the CD-Keys into the DoW regristry so it read the CD-Keys without having 20GB wourth of useless data on the drive.

    • invisiblejesus says:

      “It was but some young enterpirsing gentleman created a program that inserted all the CD-Keys into the DoW regristry so it read the CD-Keys without having 20GB wourth of useless data on the drive.”

      Really? Does it work with the Steam versions, and where can I find it? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the previous installments’ content to run through Soulstorm so I can get a proper 1680×1050 resolution.

  22. Cam says:


    How depressing.. ah well – back to ordering games in physical form online from the UK.
    I can’t wait until the future is completely digital :/

    We have laws that allow us to override regional locking on DVD’s (for now).. but nothing that protects importation of games.. other than modchips, with after the R4 issue the other week, looks like we’ll lose those down the track as well.

    The ACCC doesn’t care – they told me that ‘due to the lack of competition we have higher prices’.. You’re the consumer and competition commission.. if there’s no competition – aren’t you meant to do something about it.. very defeatist.. very exciting.. and they also don’t seem to care about region locking.

    Everyone is upset about losing the resale opportunity of physical games with that new SOCOM psp game.. but the real scary part about it is that it will ultimately prevent importing games if it is tied to region specific ‘game networks’..

    • Shalrath says:

      “Everyone is upset about losing the resale opportunity of physical games with that new SOCOM psp game..”

      what’s the problem there exactly? I haven’t heard of this before.

  23. malkav11 says:

    Adding an entire new race and new units for the rest to multiplayer is great for people who play the multiplayer, but it feels like salt in my wounds, since I don’t and I can’t play with any of the above toys in singleplayer. Sigh.

    • GT3000 says:


    • malkav11 says:

      Skirmish is multiplayer without other people. It is not the other people that I specifically object to, although I don’t love ’em, it’s the gameplay.

  24. sigma83 says:

    I have a question: If I don’t own DOW II, and I buy CR, what do I get and what do I not get?

    • Mejwell says:

      The Chaos Rising single player campaign, all of the Last Stand mode, and all of the multiplayer BUT you will only be able to play as the Chaos faction.

      So you will be missing the original single player campaign, and the ability to use the four other factions in multiplayer.