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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Serious Indie

This week’s bucket is early, because I am away in Birmingham seeing a bunch of friends I have not seen in FAR TOO LONG (XxX) this weekend, so you have even more time to consider these impulse purchases. As always, more of this kind of thing can be found at

Serious Sam HD – £5.99/€7.49/$7.49
The “H” stands for “HELL OF A LOT OF”, and the “D” stands for “DEATH INDUCED BY BULLETS”. This is the remake of the first encounter, and it now has a lot more pixels than it used to have. The four pack is also available at an even better discount, so if you have three friends you can share the saving. Or if you have no friends, you have a great way to meet some new ones. I’d recommend running down the street screaming “I WILL GIVE YOU SERIOUS SAM HD FOR SERIOUSLY CHEAP IF YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND” until either you have a band of four people, or have been arrested. I can’t seem to find a PC demo, but there is one on the Xbox three hundred and sixty. RPS coverage here.

Some Majesco games – £10.52/€11.76/$15.96
At GOG, you can get all of their Majesco games (Psychonauts, BloodRayne, BloodRayne 2 and Advent Rising) with 50% off, or if you don’t want all four, you can get them individually with 30% off. I bloody love Psychonauts, although I did just get that on Steam for even less than this a while back, after playing it on a console. It’s a brilliant game, although a flawed platformer. It does that nasty trick of making you laugh most of the time, so you aren’t quite prepared for the little pockets of tragedy dotted around the game, like shards of glass hidden in a delicious ice cream. How are the rest of the selection?

Batman: Arkham Asylum – 75% off
Games for Windows Live is bullshit. It is impossible to find out what price they are selling their games for in the UK without first installing the client. The client which I have zero intention to install. Great job there Microsoft. If you want to tempt people to your rather shitty service, and intend to use promotional prices on games to do so, perhaps telling people those prices before they install your client might be a good idea. Anyway, this is a good game where you play as Batman, and get to punch dudes and stuff. From what I can tell (which is not a lot) this is only available in the UK and USA, but maybe elsewhere too. I think Valve can sleep easy for the time being. You can get the client here, or you can wait a little while and get it for a similar price from a competent outlet. Wot Alec thinks can be found right here, and demo here.

Supreme Commander Gold – £4.95/€19.95/$14.95
That mythical beast, an offer that is better for people in the UK than anywhere else, sorry everyone else. This is the original game, and the Forged Alliance expansion.
Mr Meer said lovely things about the original game and the expansion over on Eurogamer: “Built on a solid foundation of what made l’il army games so compelling in the very first place – that is, WAR! – then pumped up with ungodly sci-fi steroids, it feels like a definitive statement. In some booming, oh-so-macho voice it inarguably intones ‘This. Is. How. It’s. Done.’”

Dawn of War 2 – For £5. Clearly gearing up for the imminent expandalone, which will also add new multiplayer units to this original game.

Deal of the week
Best of Indie Bundle, Volume 3 – £19.70/€22.05/$29.95
It’a cheapest (by a matter of a few pennies) to get it from D2D USA, so that is what I have linked to. This bundle includes:
World of Goo
The Maw
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
Crayon Physics Deluxe

As wallet friendly these kind of bundles are, and as wonderful as some of these games are, I am a little bit concerned. I can’t help but think that this kind of mega discount might be contributing to the situation where some gamers have disdain for any indie developer that has the audacity to charge more than $9.99 for their game. Still, if you have somehow managed to avoid most of these games so far, this is a fantastic selection of games.

Also of note:
Hammerfight – £2.49/€3.49/$4.99
SpellForce series – 75% off
Project Aftermath – £2.29/€3.69/$4.99

For more delightful cheap games, head over to SavyGamer.

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