Midweek Indie Games Purchasitudeosity

I keep on meaning to go back to Gridrunner Revolution. It's a really odd take on the shooter, and pure Minter. Er... that was a serious caption. I'll make a joke about having sex with John's mum, except it's not a joke. It's a tortured tale of human woe.

The reverend of reductions, the bishop of budget, the primarch of (er) primark-esque prices, LewieP notes that Steam are doing another Indie Midweek thing which will be gone by the Bargain bucket at the weekend. Altitude, Bob Came in Pieces, Bullet Candy, Galcon Fusion, Gridrunner Revolution, Space Giraffe and Super Laser Racer are available for two quid a pop. You can buy all seven for a tenner, saving four quid. John loved Bob. I dig the hell out of Galcon Fusion, Gridrunner Revolution, Space Giraffe and Super Laser Racer. A tenner for those five alone is frankly ridiculous value. The other two could be great too – I just haven’t played ’em. Go buy, before they realise they’re being mental.


  1. jsutcliffe says:

    Yay — I saw this last night and snapped up Bob Came in Pieces. None of the others particularly appeal, but $2 is tempting.

    • Wulf says:

      I bought Bob Came in Pieces back when it was originally released, as the demo hooked me. I can confirm John’s feelings about it, and say that you’re in for something of a treat.

  2. Luggage says:

    It is frightening, when indie games that haven’t even been out one month already get thrown into a sale of that proportion. Talking about Galcon Fusion here.

    Oh well, I’ll pick up Altitude, BCIP and Galcon Fusion myself. The rest just looks hella confusing from what I see in the trailers.

  3. Sucram says:

    Just got this earlier, Bob Came in Pieces seems to be the gem.

    Galcon is a good game to play over LAN with the lady of the house, not sure it has much long term appeal though.

  4. Metalfish says:

    Latest Steam update notes: “really fixed offline mode not working”. Heh.

  5. JoeDuck says:

    Oh noes, I bought Super Laser Racer for 3,5 euros yesterday night!
    *mumble, mumble*… darn frakking Steam sales… *mumble, mumble*
    Oh well, this time you win Steam…
    *buys the pack*
    You got me once again Steam, but someday I’ll get my revenge!

  6. lhzr says:

    those into dual stick shooters will love bullet candy.

    why, you ask? because it’s an excellent dual stick shooter, duh! one of the best i’ve played, actually.

  7. fnord says:

    a robotron-like.
    what did you think? ;)
    -> link to en.wikipedia.org

    • Heliocentric says:

      A dueling stick shooter is a game where you avoid the walking stick and glove slaps of gentlemen while shooting them. A dual stick shoota is a gun with a second pistol grip near the muzzle.

      No idea what a dual stick shooter is though.

      Edit: I’m buying the pack, i don’t expect them all the be excellent but at £1.40 i’ve wasted more on a bad smoothie. Bob cip is clearly great though.

  8. lhzr says:

    what fnord said.

    longer version: you control your ship with one stick while the other fires your weapon in the direction you’re pointing it.
    of course, you can just as easily play’em with a mouse+key combo, but i think the canonical term is dual stick shooter :)

    videos here: link to charliesgames.com and here: link to charliesgames.com

  9. Heliocentric says:

    God damn it. I edit a post and the spam filter eats it.

    Short version, i am hillarous and i will buy the pack. Bob cip is great from what i can well of the demo. And at £1.50 the others will be a bargain even if average.

    Also, £!=$ you bastards.

    • Carra says:

      Well, for once us Europeans get the better deal then you UK’ers!

    • Heliocentric says:

      Its because of greece, we understand your currency is going through the toilet at the moment.

  10. Alegis says:

    Altitude is most excellent multiplayer fun. I suggest you all give the demo a shot, is the same game limited up to 3 hours and lvl 10 I believe (only access to the first two planes).

  11. Philip L says:

    Bought this the instant it came up last night (speaking UK time here). I wasn’t expecting much, but WOW! Altitude is especially brilliant, great multiplayer game.

    I played the demo of Galcon Fusion when it came out and didn’t think much of it, but just finished playing it and it seems I’ve been on it for a few hours already. Don’t think I’d get any fun out of the singleplayer (which probably explains me not liking the demo) but online it is brilliant. I highly recommend this indie pack to anybody and everybody!

  12. Mo says:

    My computer is nowhere near being capable of running GridRunner Revolution, but at that price, it’d be rude not to! :)

  13. FunkyLlama says:

    Not buying. £1 =/= $1 =/= €1. Cunts.

  14. Big X says:

    Altitude is full on awesome, and runs perfectly on netbooks. Excellent multiplayer and enough variety to warrant the 20hrs I’ve put in it since christmas

  15. jti says:

    If I’d buy one game of these, which one would it be? Opinions?

  16. Aaron says:

    I instantly bought the entire pack for $10. I love Steam.

  17. Baqueta says:

    Buying the lot for a tenner was the easiest decision I’ve made all week. Thank yous to RPS, LewieP and Valve, not to mention all the devs!

  18. bookwormat says:

    I wonder why all these shooters are good enough for steam, but the games from pompomgames are not?

    From link to pompomgames.com :

    I’ve already tried the Steam route. They rejected both Tripper and MSE. They didn’t think the games were a good fit for Steam distribution and so turned us down. No idea why. Maybe they are not keen on joypad games?

    Both Astro Tripper and Mutant Storm Empire are absolutely fantastic, and even the console landlords like them. Does this make any sense?

  19. hoff says:

    I almost feel bad for it, but… I just can’t get into this SHMUP style gameplay. I might pass on a ridiculous deal once again. I have about 15 games from the previous sales I didn’t even get to install yet. Sigh…

  20. AndrewC says:

    I bought the deal! Does that mean I support indie games like a good boy? Or am I dirty for waiting for a deal?

  21. jti says:

    Nääh, I don’t think I’ll go for this one. The funny thing about all this indie games is that I feel I played all of them with my C64 and Amiga a long time ago. Don’t really see a good reason to go back to that and most of all pay for it. Sorry, guys.

  22. Carra says:

    Well, the package already gave me two hours of fun with Galcon Fusion. Quite a fun game!

  23. The Right To Arm Bears says:

    I can go ahead and vouch that Altitude is an absolute blast. Seriously, couldn’t stop playing this afternoon. Probably gonna fire it back up here a few. Best two bucks I’ve spent since I got Braid!

  24. jsutcliffe says:

    Are you folks who are enjoying Altitude playing single player, multiplayer with friends, or multiplayer with strangers?

  25. SirKicksalot says:

    Altitude with strangers. It’s made of pure win.
    Super Laser Racer is awesome too!

    • Wulf says:

      I’m having loads of fun with Altitude, I have to admit, it reminds me of that old, silly Korean game I used to play. Gunsomethingorother. But this is actually much more fun.

      I held off on it because I figured I wouldn’t be any good at it, and it turns out I’m actually not that bad (must’ve been all those hours with Sopwith), and not being bad means there’s fun to be had. And so on. Anyway, Altitude seems like a very fun game. Oh, but beware the ARGHFLICKER bug in Windows 7, shield your eyes and be ready to seek out the option to make it windowed.

      But yes, hooray for Steam sales, convincing us to buy games we’re dubious of, games which actually turn out to be pretty damned good. Sorry I doubted you, Altitude.

    • mcnubbins says:

      Yep, Altitude is lots of funs. Actually it may well be the best online indie game I’ve played!

  26. Risingson says:

    Purchased. Rockpapershotgun is the devil for my wallet.

  27. Drew says:


    I did the training offline, and then played a few rounds with strangers online. It was the most fun I’ve had with gamer-strangers in quite a while.

  28. jsutcliffe says:

    @Drew, SirKicksalot
    Thanks folks — I think I’ll go snap up Altitude then.

    That makes me sad — I’d quite happily pay for some Pom Pom games again if they were on Steam since I’ve lost the discs. Space Tripper was excellent.

  29. Matt says:

    The links to the store don’t work for me, and I don’t see a deal on either Altitude or Galcon Fusion :(

    Any ideas?

    • RobF says:

      Looks like the offer has ended as they’ve shifted onto the weekend deal now.

      Don’t forget if anyone still wants a cheap Bullet Candy, Charlie sells it on pay what you want starting at $1 over on his own site (and it’s an updated version that’s not on Steam also): http://www.charliesgames.com.

      Can’t help with the rest, mind. Although I picked up Galcon for £6 or whatever it was and certainly haven’t regretted a penny of it *although my aching mouse click finger would beg to differ).

  30. Malibu Stacey says:

    I already had Bullet Candy but at £10 for Gridrunner Revolution & Space Giraffe plus a few other games I was relatively interested in this is was an instant purchase as soon as I saw it.

    Quite impressed with this offer as Gridrunner Revolution has only been out a month or so & Space Giraffe was still retailing at £15 itself back then (it’s £6 now or £11 for both together).

    The mighty VALVe overlords appear to like getting people interested in Indie games it seems. Long may it continue.