Mods News: Mega, Man!

This week’s mod news is characterised by the inclusion of a couple of genuinely interesting looking mods for ancient games. And by ancient, I’m talking at least ten years old. What age were you ten years ago? I was knocking on twelve! Man! I hope I’ve now made everyone feel really, really old.

Anyway, the games in question are Unreal Tournament and, somewhat curiously, Half-Life’s first expansion Opposing Force. Find out what people are doing to them, and a whole host of other things, below.

– So, the revelation this week is that we’re still doing original Unreal Tournament mods, apparently. Which is fine, when one of them takes various game mechanics from the Mega Man series and recreates them in an FPS mould. Maverick Hunters does just that, recreating Mega Man’s user interface and letting you do things like jump up walls. I really need to find my copy of Unreal Tournament. Grab the mod here.

– This Red Alert 3 mod almost feels like it’s verging on piracy, only it’s not, so it’s grand. Upheaval takes various bits of exclusive to the RE3 expansion, Uprising, recreates them and drops them right back into the original game. You can download it from here, and there’s even the source code available.

– HL2 single-player mod Zombie Escape releases out of nowhere, and is… well, rather unremarkable indeed. But it does lead me to think about how its format could be used in more accomplished productions. More detailed thoughts here.

– People keep shouting at me to mention a certain update to a certain Battlefield 2 mod, and I keep forgetting, and, look, I’m sorry, okay? I promise, it won’t happen again. Honestly.

– Anyway, in other news… just kidding. Project Reality hit version 0.9. There. Happy now?

– I haven’t played this yet, but given that fellow UserCreated blogger Andrea Varotsis headlined his write-up “This S**t Is Bananas,” I’m willing to speculate that Gravinull is an absolutely insane multiplayer mod for HL2 involving roller mines to an unusual degree. Says Andrea: “It’s entirely playable with one hand, which might be a plus, I suppose. Or a foot, if you’re feeling particularly brave.” Download it.

– More HL2 – my goodness, there’s a lot of HL2 this week, isn’t there? – in the form of pretty screenshots of Prison Island.

– Okay, to offset all this Half-Life 2 stuff, let’s go back in time to HL: Opposing Force. Because someone, bizarrely, is modding that. It has new screenshots. And its lead developer has a new job, as well, which is nice for him.

– Orfeo Mattar’s doing a series on what not to do if you’re thinking of making a mod.

– Missed this last week, despite linking to the trailer itself, but Robert Yang writes a little bit about the delightful things that NPCs did of their own accord while he shot video for the Radiator Trailer.

Oh, on another note, is anyone a dab hand with Hammer Editor? And if so, do you want to help me remake/finish Post Script? Because it turns out I’m rubbish at actually building stuff architecturally in Source’s level editor. But I have a design document and a script written up and everything! I assume my RPS email address, which is linked from my name above, redirects to my Gmail account. (It doesn’t seem to redirect anywhere, actually, so perhaps you should contact Lewis here while we fix that. – RPS)

More mod news, as always, at UserCreated. We also have a Twitter account and a Steam group, don’t cha know? We might actually start using them if people care.


  1. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I don’t know what’s more surprising, that people are still modding HL1, or that Rossignol is older than I am. Which simultaneously destroys my image of him as a cool 30-something and also makes me feel like a lazy shit.

    • Colthor says:

      @Kommissar Nicko:
      I think it’s Mr. Denby who’s an ickle babby (like Quinns), and the post was posted from million-year-old Jim’s account.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Wikipedia says Jim is 32, so I think Colthor is right.

    • Kommissar Nicko says:

      I think this news might make me stop crying.

    • Lewis says:

      Colthor: I’m actually even a bit younger than Quinns. And Phill for that matter. I’m an absolute child.

  2. SprintJack says:

    I was just about to start shouting at you for no mention certain BF2 mod.
    Well, I think there is always something to whine about so…

  3. Kilgore says:

    Yeah, I was a little distraught too, because I thought he might be younger than me, as in being almost twelve ten years ago? So I checked up on the fellow, and it seems he is indeed older than I. So, I’m still a lazy shit, but I already knew that…

  4. Kilgore says:

    (In reply to Kommissar Nicko)

  5. Psychopomp says:

    Do enough people still have the original UT installed to even warrant modding it?

  6. Web Cole says:

    Yay! Project Reality! *Dances*

    Thank you, Lewis.

    EDIT: Any PR players out there want a game, my Xfires webcole. Add me :)

  7. Richard Beer says:

    Knocking on 12 year old Glenfiddich, maybe.

  8. Robert Yang says:

    @Lewis — my offer still stands. (Well, I’ll be able to do it after I finish my own project in about a month or so, if you can wait that long.)

  9. Mman says:

    When it was said that UT mods were being mentioned I was hoping some more from both the MP and SP sides of things would be covered. Although the MM mod sounds interesting.

  10. ljalkfjklajsf says:

    10 years ago, I was 8. Waking up at 6am on Saturdays just to get my 30 minute fix of pokemon, drinking fruit-juice, and eating candy.
    Also, getting my feet wet with starcraft. My life… for auir!

  11. DXN says:

    Heads up, people. Project Reality is Amazing with a capital A and several other capital letters. It rewards learning, patience and concentration with a regular stream of completely unscripted badass dramatic War Moments. Come play! I’ll be joining you, as soon as I can find my BF2 manual with CD-key (why oh why didn’t I magic-marker it onto the CD?)

  12. poop says:

    is it wrong that I laughed when the first hl2 mod link I clicked brought me to some generic concept art and a flat white rendering of guns sitting on a table?

  13. Dominic White says:

    Bah. Unreal Tournament may have a Megaman-inspired mod, but Doom – the grandest of all the actively-modded games (I could write a whole *series* of mod articles about major Doom mods and TCs released in the past couple of years) is getting Mega Man: 8-Bit Deathmatch:

    link to

    How’s that for authentic? Currently in development, but it should be out relatively soon, and I think it’s going to be a freeware standalone title, as it doesn’t use anything from Doom beyond the (open-source) engine.

  14. Sarlix says:

    Oooo thanks for the links. I was just thinking about how disappointed I was with Red Alert 3 but had the sudden urge to replay it, that mod seems like a good excuse.

    OP4 was a blast to play online back in the day, nice to see people are still modding for it.

  15. DMcCool says:

    No mods to really get behind for me, but that Radiator blog post was nice. I’ve always felt this about Half-Life 2, espessically in my messes with Gary’s Mod. The NPCs and their robust little AIs are so much fun. I don’t know what it is but they seem more…aware than most NPCs, even today. Is it just the way they look at things near them? Small, subtle touches from Valve that still work today, imo. The whole “NPCs = Actors improvising” analogy is really lovely. I wish this happened more often.

  16. Corion says:

    It’d be nice to get some pictures to go with each of the mods, and possibly a link or two to a video for each one.
    Otherwise these posts are just a wall of text…

    Perhaps a little more organization of the page would be nice as well.

  17. TeeJay says:

    Re. age and how it relates to gaming:

    Some people have a personal “golden age” that relates to when they started gaming (eg early 80s, mid 90s, late 90s, early 00s, etc) and are maybe more prone to getting a warm glow about certain ‘retro’ stuff (eg a love of DigDug arcade emulators)…

    How does this stuff look from the point of view of a younger gamer?

    (Is there a gaming equivalent of “dad-rock”?)

    • Lewis says:

      That’s interesting to consider, actually. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that, as someone in their early 20s, I’m by no means a “young gamer” in the grand scheme of things. I mean, fifteen-year-old kids playing today won’t have played some of my defining gaming moments, for example – Deus Ex, or Half-Life, or, man, they’d have been, like, one year old when Quake came out.

      At the same time, though, throughout years of having a sub-powered PC, I went through a huge back-catalogue of older games – stuff from the early to mid 90s, especially, run through MS DOS command prompts and so forth.

      There’s nothing I’d consider dad rock, but then, there’s not a lot of music I tend to think that way about either. The difference, of course, is that playing music from 20 years ago still tends to work, but try to get some games from ten years ago running on a modern machine and you’ll discover it’s literally impossible.

      I have not answered the question at all.

  18. Fumarole says:

    Ten years ago I was twenty-four, you whippersnappers.