Map Country: Rise Of Prussia Demo

Good day, fine sir. Are you looking for a sampler of a game of historical conceit? Then your search is ended, for here is a demo of Ageod’s mapsplendent Rise Of Prussia (full game to be released next week), which is 750mb, and can be downloaded from here, or indeed here. I’d attempt to convey further information, but I’ve just been given some doughnuts. Away!


  1. jokermatt999 says:

    Rise of Prussia? I feel I must recommend Tvangeste as a soundtrack.

    link to

    Vocals may not be for everyone, but symphonic metal is awesome.

  2. DMcCool says:

    Y’know, I’m glad people make these games. Soon they’ll be a history-porn strategy game for every period in history and there will be much salivating from history geeks/students.

    That said, I know spending the considerable time and effort to get my head around one of these games JUST BECAUSE ITS ABOUT PRUSSIA would be some sort of sin. Right?

  3. ping says:

    I’m so going to try this one out. And, DMcCool, I’m with you: it’s just because there’s Prussia in it :).

  4. TC says:


  5. postx says:

    I’ve been anticipating this title because there’s Prussia :)
    That said Paradox games look so hard, hope I will be good enough to enjoy this one.

  6. Skurmedel says:

    How heavy is this game? I’m trying to get into Hearts of Iron 3, and it’s a lot to grasp. Is this in any way similar in the basic game mechanics?

  7. Vinraith says:

    There seems to be some confusion so let me clarify: this is an AGEOD game, Paradox is just publishing it. The underlying mechanics are fundamentally different (and differently focused) than in Paradox-developed games like HOI3 and EU3.

    Personally I like them both, but they play very differently from one another. If you’ve yet to try an AGEOD game, give the demo a shot and see what you think.

    Also, yay Prussia!