It’s Portal 2, And It’s Co-Op

ZOMGPDATE: Apparently there’s some kind of crazy co-op mode included, although the source is a now-edited GameStop description, so hmm.

As confirmed by the cover of next month’s Game Informer. GI’s Jeff Marchiafava says:

Our 12-page cover story gives you the first details on Portal 2’s new gameplay mechanics, storyline, and some surprising new twists.

So no, they’re not giving much away. Cheers to Pat for the tip. Official word from Valve saying the game is out “This Holiday Season”, below.


Sequel to 2007’s Game of the Year Coming This Holiday

March 5, 2010 – Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, and Half-Life) and leading technologies (such as Steam, Source), today announced Portal 2 for shipment this coming holiday season.

Portal was originally released in 2007 and earned over 70 industry achievement awards.

For more information, please visit

That gives us something to look forward to, anyway…


  1. +--JAK--+ says:

    Holy Mary Mother of Jesus!!!!!!

  2. Heliosicle says:

    Didn’t we kind of know already?

    I’m really excited about this, still need to get the original though, completed it at a friends…

  3. Springy says:

    Is that a bust-up Glados? How exciting! Hope they expand on the storytelling, perhaps weaving it more closely to the rest of the Half-Life universe.

  4. Lambchops says:


  5. Resin says:

    very nice….

  6. jsutcliffe says:

    The Steam announcement has another secret message, but I’m a little disappointed in Valve for making the secret so obvious with the underlining. They could have highlighted those characters some sneaky way in the HTML that would only be apparent to people who looked at the source code, or something. After the insane BBS trickery I expect better!


  7. MrBRAD! says:

    NEXT month?!


  8. Ozzie says:

    Surprise, surprise! ;)
    Now, where’s Episode 3!?

  9. Glove says:


  10. Adam says:


  11. Winter Pine says:

    WTF?! Isn’t it a little too fucking soon for another sequel VALV€?! First that bollocks with L$D2, and now Portal 2?

    Give me a break.

    • Ozzie says:

      How does “L$D2” even work at all as an acronym? *confused*

    • Webster says:

      Is this sarcasm? Because it really should be.

    • OptionalJoystick says:

      @Ozzie – Shift + 4 is the dollar sign on the UK keyboard layout. And Valve is all about the capital.

    • Janxer says:

      Really? REALLY?
      There is so much wrong with the people who go “OMFG VALVE TOO SOON!”
      1) Most devs start working on a sequel as soon as a game is out the door.
      2) As long as the games are good quality, why do you care when they reveal it?
      3) Portal was released in 2007. That’s three years ago.

    • Jesse says:

      Yes, this is either funny sarcasm or total madness. Please assume the party escort submission position and await further instructions. Please do not post until the instructions arrive.

    • Ozzie says:

      You have to wear some pretty dirty pairs of shitty brown glasses to think that Valve is only all about the capital.
      These M$ kinda jokes are ten years behind the times anyway…

    • Ozzie says:

      But I think it’s sarcasm. Doesn’t make any sense otherwise.

    • Jeremy says:

      I hate it when companies try to make money. Don’t they know that corporations can pay bills with good will?!

    • PHeMoX says:

      Yes 2007 is 3 years ago, but that obviously makes it a different case altogether than with Left 4 Dead 2.

      “2) As long as the games are good quality, why do you care when they reveal it?”

      In fact, Left 4 Dead 2 easily misses the mark here!!!! By a long shot. It’s basically more like a re-issue of the same thing. And the original featured the same broken gameplay and graphical flaws as the sequel, so don’t even start about good quality.

    • PHeMoX says:

      Also, if they dare to charge more than 10 bucks for it, assuming it’s as short as the original, I’m going to download it.

      When part of an second Orange Box collection it’s probably worth spending a total of 40 bucks or so, but both Team Fortress 2 and Portal weren’t worth their stand-alone price at all!

      And I downright loved Portal. But it was too short, has virtually no replay value, no multiplayer..

    • Stupoider says:

      @Phemox: You’re actually implying that TF2 isn’t worth the standalone price, despite the constant updates and endless hours of gameplay?

    • Dave says:

      TF2 alone was worth the price of the Orange Box. I consider Portal the best free gift ever, and the HL2 episodes a not bad bonus.

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:

      reading that I can only assume I’ve wandered into some bizarre dadaist performance piece. For some reason now unknown to me, I ended up buying each part of the orange box seperately, even then I don’t feel like paid too much for it. Especially when consider how incredible Valve have been to the tf2 community. Equally, I never understood the L4d2 rage, there’s some real issues with sense of entitlement amongst pc gamers…

    • Atalanta says:


      Same here; I bought Portal, than TF2, than HL2, then the Orange Box. Honestly, I haven’t finished HL2 or episodes 1 and 2, and I still feel like I’ve got my money’s worth on TF2 alone.

  12. Web Cole says:


    That is all.

  13. laikapants says:

    I’m a bit sad it is apparently a stand alone release, instead of part of Orange Box part deux. Still with improved storybits, perhaps it amply acts as a parallel precursor to whatever goes down in HL2: Ep3, which is hopefully hot on Portal 2’s heels.

    And I hope by next month’s issue, you mean the one that is on the way to my house. Tis my last issue and except for things like this (giant cover stories with shiny pictures), the internet is far better at reporting game news to me and for free to boot.

    • jsutcliffe says:

      There’s nothing to stop them packaging in some extras, just as TF2 and Portal were pretty much extras bundled with Episode 2. I wouldn’t rule out another Orange Box kind of deal yet.

    • laikapants says:

      Not 100% ruling it out, but saying that it is “a stand-alone, full-price retail release” seems to indicate otherwise. I’m excited all the same.

    • y3k-bug says:

      I highly doubt there will be any extras, Game Informer has stated that this is a full priced, stand alone retail package.

  14. oceanclub says:

    *fist pump*


  15. Taillefer says:

    You will be able to portal through both space and time.

    • HidesHisEyes says:

      When this turns out to be the case everyone will feel really silly for ignoring you.

    • PHeMoX says:

      I think you might be onto something there… it would be need to be able to influence time in some manner combined with the portal stuff.

      Would become a brain twister at some point though. :)

    • Taillefer says:

      Braided portals.

    • Starky says:

      Well as we all know space and time are the same thing anyway (spacetime), so if you can portal through space you effectively are portaling through time.

    • Sonic Goo says:

      They would just portal back in time and pretend they didn’t ignore you.

  16. Psychopomp says:

    Episode 3 plz

  17. Radiant says:

    So soon? I feel outraged I’m totally boycotting porta…*drops dead through sheer sarcasm*

    • Radiant says:

      This joke was funnier before someone did it before me without the sarcasm.

  18. Britpunk says:

    Weirdly anti-climactic.

    After all the fun and games this week, for it to be confirmed via an online preview of a magazine’s front cover/content just seems like a bit of a letdown.

    Unless of course, it turns out that the game is gold and primed for release next Tuesday…

  19. Shalrath says:

    Looks like the cake… wasn’t a Lie.


  20. Durns says:

    Obvious troll is obvious

  21. Heliocentric says:

    When i look at glados now all i can see is upside down bondage lady glados…

    • Spacewalk says:

      GlaDOS makes me think of a housewife who thinks all her problems will go away by baking cakes for her unruly children more than someone whose entire wardrobe is full of PVC.

  22. Jath says:

    Well, besides the release date, they already announced a Portal 2. They had announced that in an interview with one of the creators. A while back.

  23. Jesse says:

    This is so great.

    I have no investment in the Half Life series, so I can only imagine what it must be like for those waiting, with bated breath, for the third game. I don’t think it’s unnatural that I experience a faint amusement reading about your frustration. It’s okay. I’ll get what’s coming to me, too. For instance, Red Dead Redemption was just delayed three more weeks. I feel your pain.

    No I don’t. YAY PORTAL 2!

  24. Jeremy says:

    Maybe Portal 2 is only 1 room, and when you create a portal it takes you to Episode 3?

  25. Vinraith says:

    It’s got a lot to live up to, but then so did Half Life 2 and that turned out brilliantly. If anyone can pull it off, Valve can. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

    With Ep. 3 and Portal 2 in the pipeline, surely we’re looking at another “Orange Box” type compilation (hopefully without the redundant copies of older games). That does beg the question of what the MP component will be, I’m still sticking with Counterstrike 2 as the most likely culprit.

    • Bret says:

      Hey, if the redundancies are free and giftable, I don’t see the problem.

    • Antlia says:


      I don’t think it’s gonna be Counterstrike 2. It’s a bit different beast than other Valve-games. I presume it’ll be a new, unexpected game.

    • Vinraith says:


      My problem with the redundancies in the Orange box is that they weren’t free. Were you unaware of the (canceled) Black Box?


      Good point. Something new would be interesting, simply because they haven’t done it in awhile. It doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, I’ll buy the thing for the single player components like I did the Orange Box, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed TF2 so another pleasant surprise would be welcome.

    • jsutcliffe says:


      Ricochet 2!

      More seriously, I could see them doing Counter Strike 2. CS: Source is fine, but it really is just Counter Strike with shinier graphics. I would be interested to see how the brainy people at Valve could refresh the gameplay if CS2 was on the table.

    • Britpunk says:

      You guys, y’know, read the article?
      “a full-fledged, standalone sequel.”

    • Vinraith says:


      I see people interpreting that as “not part of a package” but that would imply that Portal, for example, wasn’t a “full fledged, stand alone game.” It was, it was just packaged with a couple of other games. For that matter it WAS sold separately as well.

    • jsutcliffe says:

      @doubtful person questioning my text-parsing abilities

      Standalone means not an expansion. Full-fledged presumably means it’ll be longer than a 3-hour game. Neither of those points preclude it from also including other things.

    • Pantsman says:

      How do you determine that the regiftables weren’t free? By what mystical maths do you determine which parts of the Orange Box’s price were attached to its seperate parts? The Black Box was cancelled, yes, perhaps because Valve realized that the three new things had all the value of a full-price game, so they shouldn’t charge less.

      Saying that one component of a product was or wasn’t included in the price of the product is totally arbitrary. The only thing that matters is whether what you got out of it was worth the money you put in.

    • Britpunk says:

      “The fiercely independent studio is investing more time, more capital, and more risk into a stand-alone, full-price retail release. ”

      Link me do.

    • Vinraith says:


      Black Box, containing Ep 2, Portal, and TF2 = price 1

      Orange Box containing all of the above plus HL2 and Ep1 = price 2

      price 2 – price 1 = effective cost of HL2 and Ep 1. This is not a hard thing to figure out.

    • Vinraith says:


      “Full priced” is the modifier you needed there. Yes, sounds like it’s not part of a package after all. In that case I’ll join the “where’s Ep 3?” chorus.

    • Starky says:

      I think his point is that Valve clearly decided that the 3 new games you got in the Orange box were clearly worth full retail when combined – and I think they were right, the orange box was praised almost universally for it’s value.

      Just because there was going to be a cheaper version at some pre-release state doesn’t mean that valve ripped anyone off – when Valve planned the black box, Portal and TF2 might have been smaller, shorter affairs offering less value.

      So what happened in reality is that Valve decided to make them bigger and better – made a clear commitment with TF2 to expand it (and fulfilled it more than anyone could ever have hoped for) – and in return for that decide that it warranted charging full retail.

      They were right.

      Sorry but anyone who actually believes that the orange box was poor value for money is just crazy, or trolling.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      Comparing the price of a game that was released to one that was cancelled seems like a bit of dubious proposition to me. If they had never even announced the Black Box, would you still be angry?

    • Vinraith says:

      @Starky and PleasingFungus

      Do we really have to do this again? Let’s not. The math stands. You interpret it one way, I interpret it another. It was a long time ago, it was elaborated upon solely because of a factual inaccuracy in a post above, let’s move on shall we?

    • Starky says:

      The math doesn’t stand though, not one bit – it’s ignoring almost all of the possible variables and is a simplistic reductionist view that holds almost no meaning.

      You’re welcome to your opinion – you think they should have held to their intent to release them for cheap, no matter what happened between the idea of the black-box and the cancellation of it. That is fine, I simply disagree.

      I think the Orange box was brilliant value for money anyway, TF2 alone equalling the value 5 times over.

    • Vinraith says:

      you think they should have held to their intent to release them for cheap, no matter what happened between the idea of the black-box and the cancellation of it.

      Not really, but that’s not what we’re talking about anyway. We’re talking about whether HL2 and Ep 1 were free.

      There were two planned releases. The Orange Box and the Black Box. TOB had HL2 and Ep1 and a higher price point. This is before TBB got canceled, mind. So, clearly the difference between planned TOB’s cost and planned TBB’s cost was the value of HL2 and Ep 1, yes?

    • Pantsman says:

      Originally, yes. But any number of re-evaluations might have led to the cancellation. The Black Box was worth the price of the Orange Box. They may have figured, “we should charge full price for the Black Box! But then we’d have to charge more for the Orange Box, and no-one will buy it just to get some old games! Hey, let’s just throw HL2 and Ep 1 in there as a bonus! But wait, then it’s the Orange Box. Alright, call it that!”

      One more time: the distinction is arbitrary. Just because some people thought it had a given value at one point doesn’t mean that it objectively has that value. It’s just one way of looking at it. There is no real difference between being charged 50 dollars for all five items and being charged 50 dollars for three and getting the other two free. The difference is entirely in your mind.

    • Fumarole says:

      Yay, the Black vs. Orange Box debate. There’s something worth bringing back up. Thanks.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      This math is made possible by the English.

      Here in the land of Freedom and Alleged Torture, our games cost a pretty much set price. It would have been harder to sell more units at a higher price despite alleged quality (see: Wii VS PS3 debate) and honestly, you couldn’t devalue HL2 and HL2EP1 enough for the Orange Box to cost $50. Also, it makes sense to have the previous games in the series so people don’t have to go looking, they just activate the game and get more of the story.

      TF2 is worth 50 standalone. What more needs to be said?

      I mean maybe I don’t get it, I live under the rule of a democratically elected guy, as opposed to a bizarre system in which you pay tribute to a practically ancient hereditary line who has the power to dissolve government at any time. While still living under the rule of a democratically elected dude.

      Also I still only pay the standard fifty dollars for games, or less.

      Note! Valve is privately owned. Drop the arguments about companies being greedy, they do not apply here.

  26. James G says:

    Oooh, beautiful covers.

    Anyone know where you can pick up a copy of Game Informer in the UK? Or am I going to have to resort to reading blurry scans?

  27. Antlia says:

    I think the environment in this is gonna be exciting. If you look at the silhouettes, you can see that there are plants of some kind! Maybe we’re getting a more rundown and ruined science facility this time. That would be pleasant.

  28. yaster says:

    So, now we get a non-new-&–non-fresh-&-non-original portal instead of the past godness. Ben there, Don that. I’ll pass.

    • Bret says:

      Of course. Because Half-Life 2?

      Who needed that? We had Half-Life already. No room for growth there.

    • Fumarole says:

      Who is this Don fellow?

  29. Ketch says:

    I really want this to link Portal to the Half-Life universe!

  30. Bob says:

    I like how its all overgrown, but there’s a light on Glados, guess she is back!!!

  31. Ado says:

    Cool. I have much love for this game. I was looking forward to it the most out of the Orange Box selection (playing before Ep2) and am really happy this is coming.

    Also, everyone should check out the link the magazines website, as they have a doudle cover with the other aperture on the back cover. Nothing original there but you can see that GlaDOS is in some kind of jungle and you can see back into the new Portal level.

  32. jsutcliffe says:

    Looking at the Steam forums, I am liking the new suggestion (using the drattmann login, parsing data into an image) that there is going to be some kind of co-op in Portal 2.

    • Sobric says:

      link to

      EDIT: that link seems to have lost some of its photos.

      link to

      This is what I was linking to specifically

      strong suggestions from encrypted files that Portal 2 will include a co-op mode. Although everyone thinking “I fucking wish Portal 2 will include a co-op mode”, goes a long way to making the suggestion ‘strong’.

  33. vecima says:

    It doesn’t matter what a valve game is “worth”. It’s valve, so I will buy it. Note however that they are the only company that gets this kind of fanboy loyalty from me. At least they realize that you should give gamers the full fucking game up front, instead of releasing incomplete, and selling you the rest later. (I’m looking at you Ubisoft / ACII chapters 12 & 13)

  34. kalidanthepalidan says:

    Hopefully Portal 2 tells us how the Borealis got where it is.

  35. ThatBigChicken says:

    I haven’t even played the first one yet. Should I feel guilty?

    • Demon Beaver says:

      I pity thee, sad person!
      You should definitely go and play it! (:

  36. Demon Beaver says:

    I’m so excited!!! Portal 2, now with plants!

  37. Radiant says:


    • Britpunk says:

      If I recall, it was ‘The Ratman’ who left all the grafitti everywhere in the first game. I would guess D Rattman is the ratman

      Apparently this is a username/password for the ARG BBS.

    • Vitalis says:

      Scroll up.

  38. Noc says:

    Oh man. What a shock!

    And here I thought we were in for a new edition of Peggle.

  39. Noc says:

    Oh man. What a shock!

    And here I was expecting more Peggle.

  40. James G says:

    If Portal 2 does get a Christmas release I can easily see that one of the first games I play in 2010 (ME2) may be challenging one of the last, for GoTY.

  41. Luggage says:

    And yet it hasn’t occured to anyone that a supposed cover on some weird ass magazine most people have never heard of prior to this “spoiler” may be a hoax to lull people into some kind of false safety until 11 March?

    Come on, even if this was the most successful PC gaming magazine on the planet they would easily cooperate with Valve on this if in return they got the exclusive cover story for the real deal that will be announced on 11 March.

    I don’t buy it.

    The other stuff was done way to crafty to have an early spoiler slip through this clumsily.

    • jsutcliffe says:

      Game Informer is hardly a magazine nobody has heard of. It’s just not published outside of the States, and regarded with some suspicion since it’s published by GameStop. link to

      I fully expect there to be more than Portal 2 announced in the coming weeks though.

    • laikapants says:

      It is also announced/confirmed via Steam:

      Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike and Half-Life) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced Portal 2 for shipment this coming holiday season.

      Portal 2 is the sequel to 2007’s Portal, which won 70 industry achievement awards.

      For more information, please visit

    • Ozzie says:

      And it didn’t just slip through clumsily, the progress bar on the BSS filled up to the announcement.

  42. LewieP says:

    Going to have separate single player and coop campaign:

    link to

  43. assaf says:

    hehe, nice :)

  44. Wulf says:

    If it’s as puzzly as the first, then they’ve already got a sale here, and a guaranteed happy punter. Portal was a real fave for me, and I do like my puzzle games. It’ll be interesting to see where the sequel takes it, I hope it doesn’t take it to shootyshooty action too much, that’d ruin things a bit.

  45. M says:

    This appears to be the case:

    link to

    Left hand side – looking into the past (when the labs were fresh and new) from the old. Right hand side – vice versa. Overgrown and broken.

    • Abi79 says:

      Time travel then? That can lead to some interesting puzzles.

    • jsutcliffe says:

      I strongly doubt it’s going to be time travel (including simply that an overgrown environment contrasts nicely with a test chamber for promo images). There are plenty of other explanations for why one side of a portal might be overgrown. Time travel is already getting a little tired as a mechanic, and Portal has its own fabulous game mechanic that still probably has plenty of legs.

    • M says:

      No. On the left, you’re standing in foliage looking into a pristine test chamber. On the right, you’re standing in a pristine test chamber looking into GLADOS’ broken throne room, overgrown with plants. Strongly implies you’ll be travelling between the two timescales.

      There’s a “new mechanic”, we know this. Space and… time?

    • Taillefer says:

      You’d not just see yourself through the portal you created, but see yourself before you created the portal through which you see yourself.

    • Serenegoose says:

      you may have noticed, but Glados’s room gets blown the hell up, whereas the rest of the labs could have been left entirely intact. This does not evidence time travel even remotely. It just means some bits of the lab are damaged, and some aren’t, and you will travel between them.

    • Uhm says:

      The only logical conclusion is that portal technology was developed by velociraptors. A portal opens in the distance, then one suddenly opens in the wall beside you. “Clever girl”.

    • Fumarole says:

      I like the way you think. XKCD much?

    • Uhm says:

      If it involves portalling velociraptors, then apparently not enough.

  46. jsutcliffe says:

    More info from Game Informer (via Destructoid) and a hastily-removed product description at GameStop:

    Portal 2 will have a co-op mode with new playable characters and a completely separate campaign from the single-player game. GLaDOS (obviously) makes another appearance. GameStop lists a release date of October 26.

    Gamestop page with truncated product description: link to

    Original product description:
    “Coming this holiday. Portal 2 is the sequel to 2007’s Game of the Year and draws from the award-winning formula of innovative game play, story, and music that earned the original over 70 industry accolades. Features single and multiplayer co-op modes.Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and created a cult following. The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and a much larger set of devious test chambers. Players will explore never-before-seen areas of the Aperture Science Labs and be reunited with GLaDOS, the occasionally murderous computer companion who guided them through the original game. The game’s two-player cooperative mode features its own entirely separate campaign with a unique story, test chambers, and two new player characters. This new mode forces players to reconsider everything they thought they knew about portals. Success will require them to not just act cooperatively, but to think cooperatively.”

    • Vinraith says:


      Separate MP and SP: good. Co-op mode: good. Here’s hoping co-op only requires two players, but co-op puzzle solving with portals has the potential to be absolutely brilliant.

      Edit: I see from your edit that it does, indeed, only require two players. Brilliant, this should be awesome.

      • jarvoll says:

        SIGH. Well that’s this game ruined for me, then. Yes, yes, there’s a single-player campaign, and of course I’ll buy the bloody thing and love it, but I’ll only really be getting half a game, apparently. I don’t think anything could more easily destroy the atmosphere and feeling of being special that Portal engendered than by introducing some outsider. Aperture Science is a lot less exciting, threatening, exotic etc… if my fiancee, sister, or friend is there with me. It would become *just* a puzzle game, which would be fine, except Portal is SO much more than just puzzles.

        I can enjoy multiplayer in TF2 because there’s no story or world for other people to bespoil, and the class mechanic forces players to act like their character anyway. But to solve problems, one shall presumably be forced to talk a LOT with one’s co-op partner, COMPLETELY shattering the suspension of disbelief. I’m sure lots of people will be super happy, but I am not. I am sad. Not super-sad, after all it’s a new Portal, but still… sad.

        • Dominic White says:

          “SIGH. Well that’s this game ruined for me, then.”

          At this point, I think Valve could personally mail a solid gold life-sized statue of D0G to everyone who ever played HL2, and people would still complain that it’s not platinum and jewel-encrusted.

          • Clovis says:

            REPLY FAIL

            Dominic White says:
            “SIGH. Well that’s this game ruined for me, then.”

            At this point, I think Valve could personally mail a solid gold life-sized statue of D0G to everyone who ever played HL2, and people would still complain that it’s not platinum and jewel-encrusted.

            I’d be pretty pissed if I couldn’t order it to throw a car.

          • Bret says:


            Gold is LAME and everybody does gold.

            And D0g? Way to be OLD and SAMEY. Where are the new ideas?

          • DJ Phantoon says:


            Or made out of cake.

        • Shalrath says:

          So wait, if they DIDN’T add co-op, you’d be getting more of a game? I don’t get it.

          • jarvoll says:

            It’s not that I’m cursing Valve or irrationally demanding that they do as I command. I’m sure this co-op mode will be amazing fun for many, many people, and I am genuinely happy for those lucky ones. No, I still love Valve, will still (as I said) buy Portal 2 on day one/preorder. I just don’t like co-op, and it makes me sad that this means I’ll probably miss out on a significant chunk of the Portal 2 experience. Do I wish it were completely single-player? Yes. Do I expect Valve to cater to my personal desires? No. I really don’t feel this is a complaint on a level with the bitching about that other Valve game, merely lamenting the incongruence between my personal preferences and the direction they’ve chosen for a series I dearly love. It’s as much “silly preferences” as “silly Valve”, probably even more the former than latter.

          • Vinraith says:


            While I happen to disagree with him on this one, as I have someone to play Portal co-op with, I can understand where he’s coming from. Resources put into a mode you can’t play are resources that could have been put into the game modes you can play. Lack of co-op means more single player, for example. I’ve been similarly frustrated before, lots of games include MP modes I’ll never play after all. It’s not so much “damn them for including this mode,” it’s just “damn, I wish the resources they put into that mode had been put into a mode that mattered to me.” That is, it’s not an “angry” thing so much as a sense of missing out.

          • jarvoll says:

            Indeed. Thank you for actually reading what I wrote, as opposed to assuming I’m just another perenially dissatisfied fan with an inflated sense of entitlement, as others seem to have done. It’s a shame that people’s saturation of one complaint about a company renders it almost impossible to note almost any other down-side about said company without being lumped in with the wailers and teeth-knashers.

          • jarvoll says:

            …in reply to Vinraith.

          • Vinraith says:


            Yeah, the boycott has so sensitized some Valve fans around here that they’ve become downright zealous about Valve apologism. If you’re perceived to be criticizing Valve (whether you are or not, whether it’s valid or not) you pretty much get swarmed. It’s circular, of course. Fierce hatred leads to fierce love, which engenders more fierce hatred. I’m not sure what, at this point, could end the polarization and allow any kind of rational discourse about Valve, their games, or their business practices on this site again.

          • Dominic White says:

            The fact that it’s Valve really has sod-all to do with it. it’s more that ‘this game is ruined in my eyes’ is a completely insane and ridiculous reaction to finding out that it contains a whole seperate campaign for co-op. I’d be saying largely the same thing if it were any studio.

            The thing is, if it were any other studio, nobody would complain. It’s a decision that created nothing bt glowing praise when they did it with the 360 puzzle-platformer Splosion Man. Any other response would be bordering on lunacy.

          • jarvoll says:

            “The fact that it’s Valve really has sod-all to do with it.”

            “The thing is, if it were any other studio, nobody would complain.”

            Even assuming you’re not contradicting yourself here, it seems that with “[this] is a completely insane and ridiculous reaction”, you’re denying my right to an opinion. This. Is. How. I. Feel. Is that really so hard to understand?

          • Stupoider says:

            Nobody is denying you your opinion, we just think your opinion is completely confounded. :O

          • FunkyBadger says:

            Not aimed at you at all, but the internets would be a better place if a lot less people had opinions.

          • invisiblejesus says:

            I think that’s a bit of a one-sided interpretation; there were/are excessively passionate people on both sides of that particular argument.

          • Vinraith says:


            Of course there are excessively passionate people on both sides of the argument (hence “fierce love” and “fierce hatred” and the bit about polarization). The thing is, jarvoll isn’t bashing Valve, he’s explained that and I’ve tried to help explain it too. That he continues to be treated as though he’s a boycotter would seem to indicate a certain level of over-zealous defensiveness among Valve fans.

          • Dominic White says:

            Funny thing is, last Valve game I bought was the L4D1, and even then at a budget price. L4D just isn’t my style in the end, and even TF2 hasn’t brought me back often.

            So there’s no vested interest here. However, stating that a game is ruined because it has MORE content is crazy talk, no matter the subject. But you’ve got to bring out that boycotters persecution complex, dontcha?

          • Vinraith says:


            If Valve has “sod-all to do with it” and you have “no vested interest here” then stop saying things like:

            The thing is, if it were any other studio, nobody would complain.


            At this point, I think Valve could personally mail a solid gold life-sized statue of D0G to everyone who ever played HL2, and people would still complain that it’s not platinum and jewel-encrusted.

            It’s not like he’s blaming Valve anyway, so they really don’t have a thing to do with this.

            He said the game is ruined for him. Is that dramatic overstatement? Sure. But is it completely incomprehensible to you? Say a game your were very much looking forward to comes out and it turns out half the content of said game is going to be inaccessible to you as a result of the way you play games. This wouldn’t upset you? You wouldn’t be annoyed at the circumstances that barred you access to half the game?

          • Starky says:

            @ Vin
            Re: “It’s not like he’s blaming Valve anyway, so they really don’t have a thing to do with this.”

            It’s a silly opinion though – and everyone is right to pull him up on it.

            Now a much more reasonable opinion would be that as a gamer interested in only single-player portal, he’s lost interest in paying full retail for it, as half the content won’t mean anything to him.

            In which case the answer is to simply wait for a cheap deal some place (probably on steam via a weekend deal) – and then get the half you ARE interested in for a reasonable price.

            Hyperbolic nonsense is just that, along side “worst movie ever” comments.

            People acting like a co-op/multiplayer mode personally offends them is just plain ridiculous, that somehow valve should somehow cater just to them instead of (I’d wager) the vast majority of people who’d LOVE a portal co-op mode is equally so (granted the guy who kicked this off wasn’t of this latter opinion, but many people seem to be).

          • Vinraith says:


            that somehow valve should somehow cater just to them

            Except, of course, that’s not what he said. Nor, as clarified later, is it what he meant.

            I don’t dispute that the first line of the comment was hyperbolic and unproductive, but I do understand being frustrated by included content that you won’t be able to personally enjoy. It’s not a matter of being mad at the devs for including it so much as it’s a matter of being mad at the circumstances that prevent you from enjoying it.

            Plus, honestly, it’s not “pulling him up on it” I have a problem with, it’s people making this into another “everyone is out to get Valve” tirade when it really has nothing to do with who developed the game.

          • Shalrath says:

            “Resources put into a mode you can’t play are resources that could have been put into the game modes you can play. ”

            This is one of the largest fallacies of game development. Teams are created, size-wise, according to need. if you need to put multiplayer in, you add a, often literally, multiplayer team to make it. It’s not like there are 20 people, and when they add multiplayer, the poor lead designer is staying up 23 hours a day to make up for the new feature.

            In fact, adding additional features, ESPECIALLY at a creative company like Valve, means that things you hadn’t thought needed fixing become more fun, due to something you found elsewhere. It’s a creative industry, despite what Activision would have you believe, and the more things being done on a project, the more ideas get tossed around. Yes feature-creep is an issue, yes shoe-horning mutliplayer in can be a problem, but you have to remember that this is fuckin’ VALVE here. They know what they’re doing.

        • bill says:

          I know how you feel. I’m an almost 100% single player myself.
          BUT, i can imagine that 2 player portal puzzle solving would be pretty awesome. They could come up with some totally mindbending puzzles.
          It could be so awesome infact that i’m tempted to break my “no multiplayer rule” in this case.

          My worry is that as a puzzle game it’ll really only be good if the two players are both at the same point, so I kind of have to have a partner lined up before it starts. It’d suck for a newbie to play with someone who already knew how to solve the level.

        • Stupoider says:

          You’ll be getting all of the game, it’s just a matter of how long you can hold out not trying to co-op out. I was under the impression the co-op would follow along the same plot as the singleplayer campaign, but with puzzles to better suit multiple players. That’s how I’ve seen most co-op games handle it, you’ll only be missing out on some puzzles that aren’t even achievable in singleplayer.

        • Psychopomp says:

          Successful troll was successful.

  47. TCM says:


  48. Tyraa Rane says:

    @ Ketch

    HL and Portal are already linked, albeit by a thin thread. Black Mesa gets a few mentions in Portal (some slides detailing Black Mesa as Aperture’s competitor, and of course, “maybe Black Mesa / that was a joke, ha ha, fat chance!”). And the Borealis in HL2 is an Aperture Science ship.

    Though maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get even more info connecting the two in Portal 2. (Since that would just be the awesome frosting for this totally excellent cake.)