Tyrantsaurus Hex: WWII Global Conflict Demo

Ooh, doesn't look good for the forces of Democracy. Will they turn it around? Let's hope so. I've got a bad feeling about that Hitler fella.

By putting on my Tim Stone hat – which is a handsome cross between a deerstalker and a camoflaged Brodie helmet – I can bring you news of the Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict demo’s release, in advance of the full game. It features the whole world circa 1942, at the high water-mark of Axis power. Will the allies pull it back? Well, they won’t in the demo, as it’s limited to two months of game time. Poor Western Democracies. Sad face.

Er… tralier follows.


  1. qwegfsdv says:

    I thought this game would be about dinosaurs… All I got was a TBS for WW2.
    I want a good dinosaur game.

  2. HermitUK says:

    So all the RPS contributors are just Kieron in various different pieces of headwear. Who’d have thunk it.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Oh god, it all makes sense now.

      Kieron never survived the Monster. That’s not Kieron.

      It’s actually Kirby. Kirby was the Monster. Kirby ate all of RPS. Kirby is wearing their heads as hats and using their journalistic powers to run RPS.


    • Bret says:

      Well, I must say Kirby’s writing style is a bit more sophisticated than I anticipated from his speaking roles.

  3. MarkN says:

    Is a dearstalker someone who follows old ladies?

  4. Dan says:

    I didn’t think that trailer was any tralier than other trailers.

    • Antsy says:

      I think it was less tralier! Boring stock footage..more trailer trailer next time please!

    • Warth0g says:

      I disagree… it was one of the traliest trailers I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot, believe me..

  5. Web Cole says:

    I’m not seeing any dinosaurs… or hexes!

    I feel this is very misleading.

    (Though your hat sounds splendid.)

  6. Senethro says:

    World War: Global Conflict is one hella tautologous title.

    Still, at least its not World of War or Global of Conflict.

  7. Lacero says:

    I’m confused. I’ve not loaded a game and been presented with the enemy killing me before. The player usually goes first.

    This must be what it’s like to be an AI.

  8. Noc says:


  9. Burp says:

    This looks like the gaming equivalent of “Simpsons already did it” (and better), with Hearts Of Iron II and Arsenal Of Democracy being the Simpsons.

    Also, trailers with movies instead of gameplay = teh suck.

    Case closed.

    • TC says:

      SC is expensive bu it is IMO by far the best and most enjoyable grand strategic WW2 game out there….mainly because it has just the right level of abstraction to keep you involved in tech and production decisions but actually is accessable and can be played in a few hours with a satisfying result.

  10. Bonedwarf says:

    I have the earlier Strat Com games and while overpriced they are awesome.

  11. Shadrach says:

    Looks a bit too old-school for me. But seriously if RPS covers this, they should do something on Gary Grigsby’s War in the East coming out this year from Matrix Games. Really looking forward to it.
    link to matrixgames.com