Prettisaurus: Primal Carnage GDC Trailer

Pausing YouTube can't really do this justice.

We mentioned Primal Carnage last month, the mod-gone-commercial multiplayer FPS that pits humans versus dinosaurs. Which is awesome even just to type. At the time we had a couple of videos of dinosaur movement, and some impressive screenshots. We all got appropriately excited about it. And now, crikey. You really should watch the video below. Twice.

Lukewarm Media really couldn’t have chosen a more inappropriate name based on the work they’ve shown so far. In fact, watching the Ungine-based video below, it seems almost wrong that something so beautiful is going to be the site for brutal battle. Take a look. (Or watch it in giant HD over here).

Oh please can they make a version where you don’t fight, but instead just sneak around the landscape watching the dinosaurs getting on with their business? I think that would be enough. Clearly there’s no example of how the game itself will play as yet, but at this point I think the indie team have offered us plenty of reasons to be very keen to find out.

Lukewarm are at GDC this week, and if you’re there you can see it running at the Ungine book. Team member Ashton Anderson is on Twitter here, for those wishing to stalk. But most of all what people can do is donate to the project to help it get made. (I’ll stress, they’ve not asked us to ask you to do this.) So to make donations, head here. There’s a bunch of bonuses for people who donate, and for $10 minimum you get a place on the (currently not dated) closed beta.


  1. Reverend Speed says:



    More dinosaurs.

    …Mannn, that sound track. Goes on a bit, yeah?

    And dinosaurs. And look at the polygons on that rock.

    The music’s picking up! To reveal–

    Dinosaurs! Yes, I guess they’re cool.

    Gosh. There’s basically nothing there but landscape, a few creatures and some orchestral swells.

    Donating whyfor again?

    • Petethegoat says:

      To quote you;


    • westyfield says:

      @Reverend Speed:

      You’re missing the point, the point being DINOSAURS!

    • Monele says:

      I sadly agree… I got bored after two minutes. I don’t mean the game wouldn’t be nice, but the video itself didn’t do anything to me. We’ve seen that kind of scene done way better when Jurassic Park came out.. and it actually had a *bit* more action (things running around for example). This?… Nothing happens. And I’m not asking for a shoot out. Just… something… happening!

    • kallewoof says:

      As a game trailer among game trailers it’s nothing special. As a video demonstrating the current state of a game in development by indies… holy shitman!

    • DrazharLn says:

      I thought the same: yes, very pretty, but where’s the action. If you look at the title of the video, however, all is revealed. This is just a tech demo video, not a trailer.

  2. Plagiarism says:


    I wholeheartedly agree with the ‘sneak-around-play-nice’ idea, but I’d actually throw my vote for a ‘Messiah’ like mechanic:

    You are a small angel who is bored waiting for the humans to arrive, so you head down to earth and take over some dinosaurs for a while, just to run about and admire the scenery.

  3. diebroken says:

    If it’s not zombies, it’s dinosaurs! Not that I’m complaining… *hugs JP:Trespasser*

  4. Chris R says:

    To run amok in that beautiful landscape and keeelllll the dinosaurs of course. That looks better than crysis at certain points. More please.

  5. AndrewC says:


  6. seras says:

    Slow Camera Pan – the game!

  7. Fumarole says:

    I eagerly await this game, though I will be sad if it doesn’t somewhere include the words:

    “She’s tenacious, isn’t she?”

    “You’ve no idea.”

  8. Jimmy says:

    Why not say to hell with “humans vs dinosaurs vs zombies vs vampires” and just rework this as an educational project? I’m sure there is public and private funding for that. Get some palaeontologists involved, talk to biologists and animal psychologists, use the latest greatest engines, and so on. Match gaming talent to research and industry. EA anyone? Make it for the consoles, too. Bring peace to the world. End poverty now.

    • Urthman says:

      They’re probably better off with fantasy dinosaurs. Real dinosaurs are kind of disappointing. T-Rex was probably a scavenger that never stood upright.

    • Jimmy says:

      Dunno, the robotic T-Rex and robotic small scavengers at the Natural History Museum of London are pretty impressive.

    • ulix says:

      Your concept might actually work, even financially.

      I mean look at “Endless Ocean” (and its sequel) for Wii.

      All you do in this game is swim arround, look at animals and plants, take a photo here or there, and thats it. You can somewhat interact (peacefully) with the animals, but nothing more.

      Of course there is also “Africa” for PS3, which has a similar concept, but in a Savannah instead of an Ocean.


      Why the fuck not? It’d be awesome!

  9. the wiseass says:

    Glorious trailer!
    It was like jurassic park all over again. Want MOAR, NAO!

  10. Urthman says:

    Dragon Age: Origins finally loses the crown for most obnoxious soundtrack in a game trailer.

  11. Schaulustiger says:

    Epic tracking shot!

    I wouldn’t expect a multiplayer FPS from this trailer, though. And seeing this footage, I don’t want one. They should make a dinosaur life sim. Hell, I’d pre-order that for 50 bucks!

  12. redpanda says:

    meh …
    oblivion with dinosaurs

  13. simonkaye says:

    There’s an eight-year-old me inside who is going completely crazy because of this video.

  14. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Welcome… to Jurassic… Park!

    • Wulf says:

      BOLAS (JP 1 SNES)! Triceratops that whined “BENZINE” when shot with tranquilliser darts (JP 3 SNES, I think it was, or a Mega Drive one)! Oh the flashbacks.

  15. Skusey says:

    I still want to fight them. Don’t care how pretty they are I’d get bored watching them. Unless they were fighting each other, which would be super.

    • Jimmy says:

      And why not? Look at the A-Life system in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., or GTA. That works pretty well. You just build a sort of Jurassic Park simulator, or some other sort of enclosed space with stuff running around eating each other. An ecosystem simulator. It would be far more illustrative to children and adults alike than any textbook account.

    • TimA says:

      I want to be a Diplodocus.

    • Howl says:

      If it had the same A-life simulator that Stalker has then you would regularly come across Diplodocus stuck on some piece of geometry with several others trying to follow it around and clipping through all the scenery whilst flickering back and forth.

      I bought Stalker COP recently and saw this kind of thing over and over. At one point I tried to hide from a storm in a shed (sorry game doesn’t allow that, it has to be the scripted cave) and there must have been about 10 angry men in there all stuck against the wall and jiggering up and down on each other. I was like.. “oh hello? What on earth is going on in here then?” Before they shot me in the face.

    • Fumarole says:

      At least it was with a bullet. I’m assuming.

  16. Koozer says:

    And that is why there should be a 3D Pokemon game.

    A proper one that is, not those silly Gamecube ones.

  17. jon_hill987 says:

    /me hums Jurassic Park theme

    Dum Dum, Dum dum Dum, duh duh dum duh dum dum Dum!

  18. Dinger says:

    Imagine if you could talk to the dinosaurs.

    • Ffitz says:

      The dinosaurs are dead.

    • Tei says:

      Re: Dinosaurs are dead

      get a copy of Italo Calvino “Dino” _now!!_

      heres a babelfish translation:

      Everybody but me, because I too, at one time, I was Dinosaur:
      say, for about fifty million years, and I do not regret:
      then, being dinosaurs was conscious of being in the right, and
      one was enforced.
      Then the situation changed, it is useless to tell you the details,
      started all sorts of difficulties, defeats, errors, doubts,
      betrayals, pestilence. A new population grew in the earth, the enemy
      ours. We were falling over everywhere, not acertábamos none. Now
      some say the taste of extinction, the passion of being destroyed
      were typical of the spirit of us since before the dinosaurs. No
      was: that feeling I’ve ever experienced, if others knew, it
      because they felt lost.
      Prefer not to report back to the era of the Great Dying. Never
      would have thought getting rid of it. The long put me safe migration, the
      I through a graveyard of fleshless bones, in which
      only a ridge or a horn, or plate armor, or a shred of skin
      scales all remember the ancient splendor of the living. And on those
      worked remains peaks, tusks, sales of new
      masters of the planet. When I saw no more traces of the living nor dead me

  19. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    During the origins of the canadian superhero group Alpha Team, Wolverine tells the X-Men is going out to hunt. Ororo express shock that Wolverine would kill animals like that in cold blood, at which point he tells her he doesn’t do that – he just sneaks up simply to touch them. It’s sport in the sense of self-improvement, not competition or killing. That might not be a bad idea: forget the hunt, focus on the thrill.

    “Survival of the Fittest” nods: an online co-op game up to four players where each selects a species then goes through a lifecycle within his own specific group. From birth to hunting to understanding the pack, to migration and territory control and possibly ensuring a safe habitat for the rest of the pack. The idea is to simply survive against harsh conditions while learning to adapt oneself to the rules of the species, the hierarchies and quirks of each species, and ultimately survive. Whoever lasts the longer wins. And then starts the next round with jetpacks (just kidding (but it would be awesome (but we already have Jetpack Brontossaurus (sp?)))).

    Like the above but a guy who’s simply stuck in the dinosaur age and just, y’know, explores and interacts with the dinos.

    Not another shooter plz, kthnxbye.

    • Wulf says:

      You know what I want? A modern Cadillacs & Dinosaurs game. Jack Tenrec is really the kind of hero I could get behind. He’s a hippie who drives a cadillac, and is just as rugged as any other 80’s hero. That I can get behind, I really can.

      Though playing as a dinosaur, exploration, and studying dinosaurs all work, too.

      i completely agree though, we have too many shooters. Why is it that when faced with marvellous, magnificent, exciting, thrilling, and beautiful things we have to put a gun to them? Is that all that defines humanity? Shame on you, humanity. SHAME! Can’t we just sort of sit around and appreciate them, maybe interact with them a bit, follow them around, and enter into their world with them, live their lives, and just enjoy them for what they are without having to mount them on a wall?

      I dislike any kind of killing, really. Whether it’s killing humans or animals, but I’m less bothered by humans because violent humans are usually driven by ego, greed, corruption, and hatred as opposed to base hunger. Hunger I can understand, but none of the others, and power to the writers of that Alpha Flight tale for having Wolverine realise that. The thing is, there are so many things we can do without killing, so many. Look at Knytt and VVVVVV, platform games but you don’t kill a thing, not by jumping on them or anything or the sort. Even Sonic embraced this idea, you’re freeing imprisoned critters. I just feel better about that.

      Put a gun in my hand though and tell me to shoot a potential innocent, human or animal, and I won’t do it, I’d look at the person handing me a gun as if there a remedial idiot, and I’d frown at anyone who took up the request. But then again, not everyone has an understanding of ethics or cares to. Still, I am tired of games pandering solely to the “DURR HURR HURR… GUNZ GO BANG N MAKE BLUD N GUTZ” crowd.

      I find myself thinking of Albion now, like Cadillacs & Dinosaurs it wasn’t afraid as portraying the aforementioned crowd as the bad guys, because they are the bad guys. In most games that pander to the “DURR HURR HURR” crowd, you’re hardly a good guy, are you? Most of those games have total bastards as the protagonist, and that’s the only way one can go with it. But I like seeing that crowd being the bad guys, and playing a character who shies away from that sort of mindset.

      In Albion, the ship’s computer was programmed with that sort of mindset, and there were a few people who followed it up too. They were the bad guys. The player took the role of an open-minded hot shot pilot whose best friend was a Scientist. Why can’t we do that more often?

      Must we, as gamers, most often be relegated to morons who like ‘boomsticks’?

      I hope those devs are reading this. >.>

    • Tom OBedlam says:

      “Must we, as gamers, most often be relegated to morons who like ‘boomsticks’?”

      is that a trick question?

  20. nuggnugg says:

    blergh..a shooter…

    • Fumarole says:

      Unless you’re playing as a dino. Then it’s a TPM – third person masticator.

  21. cqdemal says:

    Playing as dinosaurs in species-specific mini campaigns would be indescribably awesome.

    • Wulf says:

      I second this!

      I’d also love to play as some of the more less known dinosaurs, too, that way it could even be an educational experience. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

    • terry says:

      T-REX asks you to obtain RED KEY CARD!

  22. The Diddler says:


    Dinosaurs are SO 90’s (Turok, Trespasser, Jurassic Park). Then again, their company’s name seems to be their motto.

    • Wulf says:

      Blurst would care to disagree.

      Dinosaurs aren’t just for the 80’s, they’re for life! Or something.

      I still dig ’em, anyway.

  23. Wulf says:

    Play as a dinosaur?

    So very yes! </Orz Voice>

    Be sort of like Jack Tenrec, upholding the Machina tu Vitae, and looking out for dinosaurs, protecting them from the evil poachers, and corrupt politicians?

    – Hm, okay, sure! I’m down for that. Count me in! Yay hero!

    Sneak around and observe dinosaurs as a Scientist-type person?

    – That sounds good as well!

    Survival, doing what’s needed to survive?

    – Hm, maybe, not that interested. Done that to death with Robinson’s Requiem, don’t want to do it again. It wasn’t too fun there, after all.

    Run around killing dinosaurs like an idiot poacher?

    – Meh. No thanks.

  24. rebb says:

    Don’t get your hopes up, before you know it they will change it into a Tropical Island Mercenary Shooting Romp with Mutants. It happened before ;_;

  25. Smokingkipper says:

    Dinosaurs are the new Zombies? Not a lot you can do with a dinosaur though. I imagine it would be a tough sell to create ninja or pirate dinosaurs.

  26. Smokingkipper says:

    Could a dinosaur RTS work?

  27. WCG says:

    A first-person shooter? Tell me that’s not so!

    I don’t want to shoot dinosaurs. That would be lame. But I’d love to escape from them. How about dropping a modern human – no guns or any fancy equipment – down there and making a survival game out of it? You’d have to explore to gather food and find water, maybe even make some primitive weapons, but basically, you’d be the prey, not the predator.

    Grab some dinosaur eggs, if you could, but always be looking for an escape route. Scavenge from a dinosaur kill, when they were distracted by other scavengers. Find a secure place to sleep. Lots of possibilities.

    • Ballisticsfood says:

      There is no escape from Raptors.

      They can accelerate at 5m/s/s up to a top speed of 25 m/s.
      They can open doors in 5 minutes or less.
      They know no fear.

      There is no escape from Raptors…

    • Ballisticsfood says:

      On the other hand, loving the idea. Reminds me of a survival game I played a while back, but with dinosaurs instead of monkeys.

      I much prefer dinosaurs to monkeys.

    • Petethegoat says:

      Arcade Survival perhaps, with online leaderboards for people who survived the Raptors long enough. I’d buy it!

  28. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    What was that Flash game about a dinosaur at the very moment the meteors were coming down and he had to run for his life? That would be interesting, in a sorta somewhat Apocalypto way: a guy running for his survival but instead of setting off traps or hunting dinos, he would just run. Like Canabalt, survive through continuous motion, running away from dinos (who may also be running away from something), while marvelling at the unfolding background story in motion: meteors falling, dinos being taken down by them, the entire environment collapsing and you barely jumping over obstacles.

    Or hey, do a shooter. At least put swastika armbands on the dinosaurs so we won’t feel half bad.

    • Wulf says:

      Dino Run by Pixel Jam!

      I was in the beta for that, I still have the downloadable version around somewhere. I donated to them and got hats out of it! I was a black Raptor in a top-hat and proud of it. I played that game until I could play it no more, and got really good at it.

      Every now and then I go back to it and play it again because it’s just that good, so very good, in fact. Even better is that it has multiplayer, and I and my partner have had quite a few races in it. Glorious stuff, simply wonderful.

  29. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    And hey, just about every idea here is more interesting than a shooter.

  30. Jim says:

    Clever girl.

  31. Grunt says:

    This is absolutely a Jurassic Park moment! Just…wow!

    But yeah, anyone trying to sell people on the idea of a Humans vs Dinosaurs deathmatcher has royally shot themselves in the claw with this stunning video…unless they’re planning to allow both the combat AND a completely peaceful ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ safari mode.

    For the record: I’d buy this purely for Safari Mode. I probably won’t if it’s just combat.

  32. Ricc says:

    It’s “Unigine”, isn’t it?

    This game is bringing up horrible memories of the 2008 version of Turok. Don’t play that on the PC… or anywhere.

  33. Urthman says:

    Ok, here’s the game I want out of this. Something that rips off the plot of Avatar, where you are able to take the form of various dinosaurs and lead the other dinosaurs to victory over the human poachers.

    And then when you win and kick the poachers off the dinosaur planet or kill the last one and stomp on their time machine with a giant brontosaurus foot, you get to play Part 2, which is a dinosaur ecology sim where you get to observe dinosaurs living in their natural habitat.

    And then Part 3 is after the comet hits, and you have help manage the ecology and the environment so that the dinosaurs survive, changing history so the DINOSAURS RULE THE EARTH FOREVER!

    • amishmonster says:

      If Venture Dinosauria ever comes out, you may get your wish. I’m really looking forward to that one too.

    • Fumarole says:

      Rips off the, ahem, plot of Avatar? You mean Fern-Gully-Meets-Dances-With-Wolves-In-Space?

  34. Alphabet says:


    Why don’t they buy the licence? I’m sure Rebellion would cut them a deal. I’d certainly be first in the queue to play such a game!

  35. Clovis says:

    What’s “Ungine”?

  36. amishmonster says:

    It would be Paraworld, and it would be glorious in a b-grade game kind of way.

    • amishmonster says:

      Supposed to be a reply to the “dinosaur RTS” comment up further.

  37. DarkNoghri says:

    I think I’ve seen Jurassic Park maybe once. Honestly, the landscapes in this (+ the lone pterodactyl) remind of a cartoon called Beast Wars (Beasties in Canada, I think).

    Which is awesome.

  38. Eamo says:

    While I love the premise those graphics are horrible.

    Everything is incredibly low poly, the massive abuse of bloom effects is horrific, the mid air shadows on the trees (I cant remember the technical term for it) just doesn’t happen in wide open spaces.

    Maybe if its a strategy game it is meant to be played at a wide zoom hence the horrible low polyness of it all but then why waste effort on reflective water and sky bloom effects?

    • PeopleLikeFrank says:

      I was a bit confused about all the hyperbole once I watched the video. I mean, dinosaurs, yes, exciting. But that engine looks a bit like Far Cry? 1? With some God rays?

    • stahlwerk says:

      Blarr, Polygons? Imagine what they could’ve done with points…

      …zillions and zillions of points!…


    • ulix says:

      What in this video, except for the rocks, is low-poly?

      Just asking, because the answer is: nothing.

      At least not “lower-poly” then 90% of recent commercial releases, and this is an indie-game!

    • Jaffo says:

      I liked the way the ground appeared to roll like waves while the lake was as flat as a witch’s tit.


    • Fumarole says:

      That grass did undulate an awful lot.

  39. The Right To Arm Bears says:

    Yeah, you guys are thinking about this all wrong. The joy of videogame death comes from man-killing, specifically, the “evil-man-killing” variety, not “baby-brontosaurus-killing.” Have a game where a group of gerrymandering, pork-barrel politicians somehow manage to be translocated in the Jurassic period and attempt to turn dinosaurs into processed meat to be fed to other dinosaurs for the purpose of making oil 4 million years later. Then, naturally, dinosaur rebellion, etc etc, you are a lone triceratops/TRex/pachycephalosaur hell-bent on revenge, on the run from hunting packs of republicans/democrats/Kennedies (very dangerous, very clever hunters in a pack, those) and you have yourself a proper game! Or any number of the other fine ideas expressed here (pacifist mode sounds just fine to me). Or, whatever, make me shoot dinosaurs with a flak cannon, just color me excited :)

    • The Right To Arm Bears says:

      Also, FYI, I rather guess that the Jurassic period was more than 4 million years ago, but I am lazy.

    • amishmonster says:

      More like 150mya, but your concept remains pretty neat regardless! Like using a time machine to game the stock market, only with prehistoric geo-engineering.

      Mainly I just want a DinoRiders game, as I find myself typing each time news of a dinosaur game shows up :P

  40. cw says:

    An RTS based on the Dino Riders cartoon/action figures might be cool :)

  41. cw says:

    aw amishmonster beat me to it :P

  42. Finn says:

    Screw humans, make it Dinos vs Dinos and i’ll pre-order it.

  43. Spliter says:

    I’m glad to finally see a game where you control the dinosaurs instead of just fighting them (who the hell wants to play as a dino hunter anymore? seriously?)
    I’ll follow them for a bit, see if it actually catches on me enough to buy it.

  44. Jimbo says:

    It does seem a waste to only use this as a multiplayer FPS. A single player component with the focus on just surviving and eventually escaping the island (rather than shooting everything you come across), could be pretty special. Gathering materials for shelter and fire, making your way down a moonlit river on an improvised raft whilst scary dinosaurs stalk you along the bank, that sort of thing. A bit like Cast Away (or ‘Hatchet’ I guess if anybody ever read that when they were a kid), but with dinosaurs.

    Does anybody remember ‘Lion’? Something like that would also be an interesting direction to take with it… or just remake Lion.

  45. Lucas says:

    Offroad Velociraptor Safari HD had a test release for pre-orders. Has anybody played it?

  46. Finn says:

    Anyone remember old Wolf?
    link to
    Basically it’s a sim where you are a wolf and need to survive.

    Now imagine Primal Carnage being a sim where you can play as a flying/land/water dino, herbivore or carnivore, large or small, and you have to survive… just that.
    Now THAT is a game I’d love to play.
    Oh! and you can’t talk to other players, only interact physically, kinda like deer simulation free game minus the whole emo-schizophrenic setting…

  47. jsdn says:

    I can’t say that that video really screamed “Primal Carnage” to me… at all.

  48. Finn says:

    *high fives Jimbo*

    Seriously, so many talented indie developers out there and not one of them felt interested in creating a animal sim? There are so many oldies i’d love to see remade but keeping the same idealistic feeling, stuff like Sim Earth, Celtic Tales – Balor of the Evil Eye (kinda like King of Dragon Pass but even more obscure but equally awesome), Sim Life, Populous, etc…

  49. Tei says:

    Can we talk again about Cadillac and Dinosaurs, please?