FYI: GameCamp 2 Tickets At Noon

Do you remember last year when I went to the Gamecamp “unconference”. Go read about it. It was a lot of fun. They’re doing another one this year on May 8th at Whittaker House (Ebay/PayPal/’s headquarters) in Richmond, London, and the first bunch of (free) tickets for the event go live at Midday today. As in, noon. They’ll disappear pretty quickly, so consider this your advance warning. You’ll be able to get them from here.


  1. AVarotsis says:

    Events make me feel awesome :)

  2. Greg Wild says:

    Sounds excellent.

    I shall get my beret ready.

  3. Daniel Klein says:

    It is noon and there are no tickets! BURN DOWN THE INTERNET!

  4. Daniel Klein says:

    There they are; early bird gone already, got a middle bird for myself. Wtf. Birds are weird.

  5. caged_devil says:

    I’ve got my ticket, sounds like a really interesting event, and I don’t get left out ’cause I live in South London. YEY!

  6. Greg Wild says:

    Tickets: acquired.

  7. AVarotsis says:

    Wow, that went ridiculously fast!

  8. Lewis says:

    Awesome. See you folks there. I have two talk ideas already. But the rules say I’m not allowed to prepare either of them, so whatever I end up saying will be an epic ramble on the scale of my Develop rant.

  9. cliffski says:

    I got emailed weeks ago about this, having gone to the last one. Plus its round the corner from relatives I could visit… and I was too late.
    Grrrr. Must find a way to get tickets…

  10. Daniel Klein says:

    Cliffski, won’t they just let you in because you’re… you?