Bad, Bad Company: Broken Battlefield?

Looks like the new BFBC2 patch (which just rolled out on Steam and has been available to non-Steamers for a couple of days) is chock full of problems. Tom Francis over at PCG has collated some of the problems people claim to be having, which includes crashes and connection problems. I can report that it’s crashed to desktop for me since I patched on Steam this morning, although I’ve had stability for three games in a row now, so maybe it’s okay. Hmm. (You can opt out of the patching on Steam, but that means starting it up offline, I think.) Which is probably a good thing, because I have stacks of work to and an interview to transcribe, but…

Anyone else having any issues?


  1. Tei says:

    It could be a good idea to disconnect the computer from internet before starting it. Then activating offline mode in steam, and set BC2 to “not update”. Then connecting again internet, and entering online in Steam.

    It seems this pach is backward compatible, and only introduce a few GUI enhancements, much less fix for what is needed. So maybe could be a good idea to wait for the next pachs. Unpatched people and patched people can play togueter.

    • sexyresults says:

      perhaps this is just a steam version problem, my retail has had no such issues

    • Nick says:

      nah, lots of people non steam were complaining abou the bugs introduced. They rolled it out on Steam anyway.

  2. HermitUK says:

    Patched the other day when it came out and I’ve had no issues. But yeah, you don’t have to install it if you don’t want.

  3. Dan(WR) says:

    Yup. Updated last night and my (non-steam) game now crashes whenever I try to resume my single-player campaign. Didn’t test the multiplayer. I sloped off to play some Dirt 2 instead. VROOM.

  4. Trousers says:

    I was happy to see my multiplayer worked fine last night for me after updating. CTD as soon as I tried resuming my single player game though.

    • Spiny says:

      Same here, Single player resume = CTD, Multi OK, but (subjectiveley) seem to be hitting more laggy servers.

    • lhzr says:

      if you get a crash when trying to resume your single player campaign, try restarting the level (start->load level, or something to that effect). you’ll lose the progress made in that level, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    • Maskatron says:

      Seconding what lhzr said – in SP if I tried to a resume game: CTD, but starting over at beginning of level I was fine and then subsequent saves were fine as well.

    • Nephilim Rising says:

      Same experience with me and my BC2 team. The 8 of us haven’t had any problems with MP, but all 8 of us have experienced insta-C-to-D with Singleplayer

  5. Rich says:


  6. Badly Disappointed says:

    After the patch began to have rubber banding issues in game. Which means I would be running to a certain spot and unable to spot an invisible wall which would then push me backwards to where i first began running. This process would happen over and over.

    Crashing to desktop still occurs for me as well.

    • Clovis says:

      I thought you were going to say that you were running away from enemy soldiers, but then they suddenly starting running faster and caught up with you. Then you made them trip on a banana, but then one of them got a purple shell, and you were like, “Oh noes! Will I make it to the finish line in time?”

      What were we talking about?

    • PleasingFungus says:

      A “purple shell”? What heretical madness is this? Begone, heathen!

  7. Tei says:

    Yet another trick, seems to “de-authorize” your Steam copy, and register that CD-Key again with the EA store. That way you will be able to install new patches as soon are available, and not wait for a Steam version of the patch.
    I don’t recoment such thing, because I don’t trusth EADM.exe for this type of thing, but.. he!..
    I hope future patches don’t introduce “artificial downtimes” to my Steam version. Its somewhat outrageous to wait for a Steam version of a patch, wen everybody else is already playing on his EADM.exe version.

  8. Heliocentric says:

    Paradox game sword of the stars naval shipyard had its patch delayed by valve for weeks over “concerns” which were seemingly impossible to reproduce. But EA gets to send a incredibly broken patch out?


    • Harley Turan says:

      Well, that’s the problem with the whole ‘gatekeeper’ model of digital distribution. It’s a similar situation in the iTunes App Store, where multi-national companies get precedence over smaller developers when it comes to submitting updates. Admittedly, Valve has a great track record when it comes to things like this (hence the fanbase and overwhelming support for the service), but it wouldn’t take much for them to loose it.

    • frymaster says:

      valve has an apalling track record with third-party patching. Once case I remember is when the steam patch of a game took two weeks “because the guy at steam responsible for that is on holiday” and there’s cases of games going months without patching (though I’m not convinced that’s not the publisher’s fault)

    • Tei says:


      I can only imagine two reasons for Valve to care about a ‘bad patch’:
      – One that enable to run the games withouth Steam. Because want people to use Steam to launch games, so have some oportunity to sell more games.
      – One that generate lots of trafic to the achievement servers of have a potential to corrupt Steam files.

      I doubt something sile a turn based strategy game can have problems with the second, so maybe is the first. Maybe theres a way to launch this game withouth Steam…

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      You can launch any game purchased through Steam without using Steam itself. Simply browse to the executable & launch it. Steam even has a “Create Desktop Shortcut” option for all your games which do exactly above but without having to browse.

      Don’t worry about things like facts getting in the way of your vitriol though. As you were.

    • Heliocentric says:

      @stacey you are misinformed. Some games when launched direct will run as say a copy from a disk, or gamersgate. But many will boot up steam before launching, essentially handcuffing you to the time limits imposed by steam offline mode. But the games which launch indepentently? Like say mount and blade will run long after offline mode has died.

  9. Pew says:

    This is the same patch that was delayed for a day because it led to crashes right? Well done!

  10. Jason Moyer says:

    I was playing for awhile last night and the patch seems to have fixed all the problems I was having with the server browser and random CTD’s in multiplayer.

  11. Larington says:

    I haven’t had any problems, but then I did finish the single player campaign before trying multiplayer.

  12. Ravenger says:

    It was working much better for me last night. Connected quickly, refreshed the server list ok when I selected some filters, and I had no problem finding a server to join. I didn’t get any ‘failed to connect’ messages like I was frequently getting before.
    Not had it crash to desktop either, which is used to to all the time in the server browser.

  13. Bowlby says:

    I don’t know whose fault this is – DICE or EA’s – but I do know it’s completely unacceptable.

    In some ways they’re really being progressive in combating piracy and second-hand sales, but then I see this crap and the C&C4 always-online requirement. Sometimes it feels like the company has a split personality.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      What does this have to do with combating piracy?

    • Bowlby says:

      I was referring to Project Ten Dollar and the removal of the secuROM DRM from BFBC2. Sorry, I didn’t make it very clear.

  14. Dan says:

    I have a store bought copy and used the built in updater to patch the game. I have not had any issues.

  15. DazzeL says:

    Mine, tenatively, is working absolutely fine…..

    I’m on the retail version though – perhaps there are more issues with the steam version?

  16. Nova says:

    Couldn’t resume my single-player but starting from an earlier checkpoint worked. Since then no problems resuming the SP or in multi-player.

  17. gulag says:

    Had a problem with Singleplayer. Kept CTD when I tried to ‘Resume Campaign’.

    Copy and then Delete the BFBC2 folder in your My Documents folder.
    Start the game and it will rebuild this folder without your saves. Exit game.
    Copy back in your Playersettings file (the largest one).
    Restart the game and your progress should be restored, but it may still CTD.
    Try restarting the level you are currently on. This should fix the problem.

    Worked for me. No problems with multiplayer, and I got my first top of the round pin last night! Woot!

  18. Woop says:

    No problems for me (boxed copy, not Steam), but I’ve only played mp since the patch. Any potential issues aside, great game!

  19. Johno says:

    Arguably a bigger blight on the game is the abuse of 40mm grenades…*sigh*…what’s a medic to do?

    • 12kill4 says:

      Medics havent got it so bad… I get destroyed by squads of medics who die and get resurrected so often and rapidly they might be using their defibulators as pogo-sticks…
      I think that each class has their potential for spamming. Snipers are obvious, Assault has their 40mm, Medics have their machine guns and ability to survive blood loss by applying electrical current, and engineers with the extra explosives can spew out rockets all too often.

    • Johno says:

      Personally I find the most frustrating thing is going for a knife kill only for someone of the Assault class to drop a 40mm on their toes and survive it without so much as a scratch. Perhaps if assault class couldn’t feed themselves ammo it wouldn’t be so prevalent but changing that mechanic brings other problems for the ride.

    • Latedave says:

      Medics and M60’s, nuff said. Its the most op gun in the game

    • Johno says:

      Oh I agree with you 100%, the M60 definitely needs a nerf due to which I’ve made a point not to use it but 40mm grenades are mechanically broken. Using explosives at close range should have some element of risk/reward of which there is currently only reward.

    • battles_atlas says:

      @ Johno – you can’t detonate a grenade by your feet, it doesn’t arm in time. Anything within about 10ft wont work.

      You can one-shot kill someone with a non-detonating grenade at close range, but that’s probably resonably accurate of real life. Though having never shot someone point-blank with a 40mm grenade I can’t be sure.

    • Nick says:

      The fact you can also 1 hit kill at close range makes the shotgun attachment pointless. For balance reasons it shouldn’t be a 1 hit kill non detonated.

      Although killing with smoke grenades in that manner is hilarious.

    • Larington says:

      I don’t quite get the M60 hate, when playing as a medic I much prefer the M249 with laser dot sight over the M60.

    • battles_atlas says:

      Well it is 189 louder

  20. 12kill4 says:

    MP is working fine for me most of the time… finding servers is a major issue in Australia, things are getting steadily better however.

    I still cant shake the feeling that the game needs some serious re-balancing, though I wouldn’t know where to begin- its more of a persistant feeling that I’m playing with a pea-shooter while everyone else has the real guns…. (Clearly this is because I’m a shit at games/ don’t appreciate the motives of the developers/ etc)

    • Walsh says:

      Part of this is a server connection issue I’ve noticed, if you have a bad connection to a server or the server is overworked, you can never seem to kill any one.

      Another thing that has helped me is when I started using the red dot and the 4x scopes, it’s easier to tell when you are missing and helps you control your fire. Instead of holding down the trigger, you are more likely to pause because the scope will move off target due to recoil.

    • Larington says:

      Several of the guns, assault rifles especially, work much better when firing quick bursts aimed at the head than when you just hold down the trigger and spray and pray. The XM8 P or whatever in particular seems to love being fired in bursts.

  21. Walsh says:

    The patch improved things for me, and it seems to run significantly smoother. The browser click to join, then no join nor error message thing was fixed for me. I’m using the Steam version, it’s possible the cause for rubber banding is you are connecting to bad servers?

    Are folks running Steam as Admin and BC2 as admin if you are using Vista or Win7?

  22. Skurmedel says:

    I can’t get this update as I hit the download cap this month and I’m now on a horribly slow connection- Weirdly enough I can still play online with the old version, and it works pretty well despite my connection, just that patching doesn’t.

  23. Orteko says:

    I had the single player CTD whenever I tried to resume my saved game, restarting from the beginning of the level worked for me however.


    I have exactly the same issue balance wise, however I prefer to blame it on the MW2 style “the more you play, the better guns you get” shennanigans.

    Sure, it gives you something to work towards, but it also means that any new player has a whole lot of work today before they can get even vaguely comparable equipment to those that have played it a little more.

  24. Tzarkahn says:

    Downloaded via the updater executable, running through steam but not from steam, err, non steam game thing.

    Worked fine for hours.

  25. Dirtyallen says:

    I played for a few hours last night after updating (the steam version) and ran into no difficulties. The whole experience actually seemed to be smoother. Minus complaints from my gf.

    March + Law School + Small Apartment + Gunfire = anger.

    Although playing civ4 and acting as dj seemed to alleviate any tension!

    Also, the cussing filter in the chat filter is completely ridiculous, considering every round you loose ends with “where the f&$# is everybody, I’m getting the f&^# out of here!”

  26. Latedave says:

    Nope only thing broken is the stupid medics and their M60’s:(

  27. Ffitz says:

    I was playing last night and a little this morning, and I’ve been having a couple of post-patch problems.

    Usually stable UK servers seem to be laggy now.

    I’ve lost my recon balls! No idea if it’s just the servers I’m playing on, but my little motion sensors have completely vanished from my recon loadout.

    I’m having trouble with the steam overlay. it’s begun to be flickery and intrusive, generally indicating that there’s something going on, like a new chat message, but when really there’s nothing happening.

    Other than that, BC2 seems to be quite playable for me. The server browsers are much more responsive too.

  28. discordance says:

    the majority of games don’t even use steamworks yet, although admittedly valve would be more interested in patching in this case as it directly impacts their own systems. As for enabling a game to work without steam, only games with steamworks are steam authenticated. Any game without steamworks once its downloaded you can quite happily launch the .exe directly without steam running.

    • discordance says:

      Gah speaking of bugs can rps fix the broken replies! My post was in response to Tei further up

    • Clovis says:

      Re: Broken Reply System

      You must be new here.

  29. clive dunn says:

    I must be some sort of moron. I read all about the patch problems yesterday and decided to patch even though i had had precisely ZERO problems up til now. Guess what?

    Yep, the game still works perfectly.

    I feel bad for all those people with CTD’s and server drop outs but is there any way of knowing what percentage of players who had problems now have them fixed, what percentage had no probs now have them and what percentage are like me and never had any. (that’s not to say i never will).
    Isn’t it always the way with games?

    Maybe we should have a rule that if over 25 percent of players report game breaking issues then we can describe the game as broken.

    BTW, best game of the year so far for me. If you havn’t already i would recommend everyone has a go at ‘stealth tanking’. Creep about dark alleyways in a tank, peeking in the windows. Occasionally an enemy will peek out a window and you give them the shock of their life. They really need to patch in laundry lines so my tank can get covered in pajamas and bed covers!

  30. Ginger Yellow says:

    I’ve been having almost all the pre-patch problems Tom listed, so I was really hoping for a quick patch. Oh well. I may install it anyway, as finding and starting a lag free multiplayer game is a real hassle at the moment.

  31. TwistyMcNoggins says:

    Well, the game was kind of a bit dodgy on the connection issue front when I bought it, but it seems the latest patch has fixed it all up nicely.

    I haven’t seen any balance problem with the M60’s so far. I don’t even use it that much myself, and I mostly play as a medic. In close combat, the assault and engineer’s rifles tear an M60 to shreds.

    That said, I just unlocked Magnum Ammo for my guns, and boy is that unbalanced.

    • Nick says:

      Um, in close combat the m60 is still massively better than the assault rifles. And at long range.

  32. Ghiest says:

    I’ve actually give up on the game and gone back to MW2, I thought no one could foul up the connection to servers/other people as bad as IW did, but I was sorely wrong on that count. Spending five plus minutes just to try and actually log into the EA servers, then a further five to ten minutes actually trying to find a server that is stable and doesn’t kick me every 10 seconds, just really isn’t my idea of fun. I will put up with the higher pings of MW2 when I can jump in a game within 30seconds.

    I don’t find myself trying to spot people all the time in MW2 now though.

  33. Fillem says:

    I have had no problems whatsoever since I bought this 3 days ago.
    Patched it and still experiencing no weird issues.
    I did have to manually set directx to version 9 though and am also using the non steam version.

  34. Evernight says:

    No problems for me – I played for about 2 hours last night (m-player) and logged in two separate times and played on 4 diff. servers without an issue.

    Didn’t try singleplayer. Running Windows XP, did not have the beta

  35. phumps says:

    The only issue I had with the beta was black spots and lack of support for SLI. However, since the patch installed yesterday on Steam BFBC2 has crashed 3 times, my frame rates of dropped significantly (had to switch back to single card mode), there’s a bit of rubber banding, and the hit radius for the 40mm grenade launcher has gone from completely reliable to utterly undetectable. Everything was peachy until this patch.

  36. rocketman71 says:

    Of course it’s broken: it has no public dedicated servers, and no LAN support.

    Less broken than MW2, but broken nonetheless.

  37. battles_atlas says:

    Patch is fine for me. So seems Jim is the only person in the whole world for whom the MP element has been broken by the patch. SP is lame anyway so who cares? And yet now RPS and PCG are reporting the patch as broken. These goddamn media elites make me sick.

    • Alex Bakke says:

      You make me sick. If you had read Jim’s post, then you would have seen that yeah, he had problems after the patch, but the latest update of his was that it seemed to be working ok after three rounds.

      BC2 is unreliable for me, and several of my friends. Rubber Banding, failing to connect without a message, and so on.

      Your game is fine, therefore Jim’s the only one having problems? Grow up.

      PCG aren’t just reporting problems they’ve found, they’re reporting problems that fellow gamers have also experienced, laying your ‘argument’ to rest.

    • battles_atlas says:

      Error Code 0000×6: Your humour.dll file has not been found. Please update your sarcasm detection drivers and try pulling your head out of your ass.

    • Alex Bakke says:

      No, at the time it seemed like a perfectly stupid post. The unfortunate thing about the internet is that there’re people who actually say what you just mocked.

  38. Alexander Norris says:

    No problems for me. The server browser is causing a lot less CTDs and it hasn’t crashed at round’s end once since the patch went through. Patch seems to have improved stability a fair bit and I haven’t run into any new issues.

    On the other hand, retarded sniper pubbies and 40mm GL spam are still shit.

  39. RC-1290Dreadnought says:

    Electronic Arts figured, now that Ubisoft is being a bigger [annoying person] than us right now, we should just make our games crash a lot.

  40. Mr. Reality says:

    DICE released a broken patch?! WHAT A SHOCKING REVELATION!

  41. Brendan says:

    Steam version here: Before the aptch I had randomly CTD 4-5 times in my 22 hours of play. After the patch I have played another 6 hours without a hitch. Server browser is extremely fast, I can add favorites, friends and the “connecting” message doesn’t just disappear without telling me why I’m not in a game. It’s all working great.

    Bad luck to everybody else. There really isn’t any excuse for this kind of fuck up.

  42. deluX3 says:

    The patch is working fine for me, but I still have major disconnect issues, it’s literally an act of God if I can play two rounds in a row without losing connection, sometimes even one is too much to ask. And it’s been like this since the release of the game, with no signs of improvement. But hey, they are “are aware of the issues and are actively working to resolve it”. Yeah, right.

    • suibhne says:

      Have you tried playing on servers without Punkbuster enabled? Me and my clanmates have had no CTDs in non-PB servers, and DICE apparently agrees with this approach since they’re temporarily allowing “ranked” servers to run without PB.

  43. lafinass says:

    No problems for me. I think I might have had one crash to desktop in a five hour stretch of gaming, but besides that it seemed to vastly improve the performance of the server browser and joining games was a lot smoother.

  44. Lucas says:

    This is typical for a DICE BF game, though usually they don’t get WORSE. It takes them years to fix seemingly trivial but annoyingly game breaking things like players having the wrong color names sometimes (causing teamkills) or keeping your class customizations from game to game (2142). I might even have bought BC2 already except that there isn’t a PC demo (I skipped the beta test).

    This is completely unsurprising, and I’ll be keeping my money for now.

  45. suibhne says:

    Patch is working great here, and that PCG article was really shoddy. Is it really acceptable journalism nowadays to report on a few forum posts? That was especially disappointing when there are so many real problems to report; the indignant ending of the PCG article was actually justified, but not because of the patch or whiny internets people posting about it.

  46. RoTapper says:

    I had alot of the mentioned problems before the patch, fewer after it. Running the game as admin seemed to take care of having to open taskmanager to close the .exe. The server browser seems a bit quicker too.

  47. wokjraslnfsa says:

    Played for two hours today before class, and I didn’t have any problems online.
    I’m sure some people have this problem as reported by RPS, but not here. The only thing I noticed is that I now get a “server is full” when I try to get into a full server through the “play now” function.

  48. Lobotomist says:

    I played hour. On steam version. No problems so far. Even a bit smoother performance.

    Had problems connecting as usual , so nothing fixed there. At least it appears not to be more broken than before.

  49. Frools says:

    Cant say its any more or less buggy than before tbh, but at least the server browser doesnt try and load every server as soon as you click on it!

  50. Carra says:

    Releasing patches that make your product terrible is one of the worst things you can do.

    What are they thinking?