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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Demand Perfection

I failed to compile a bargain bucket as early as usual this week. I did however succeed in helping my Sister move house, so that’s something. I was absent last week too, since I was no way near a computer. I still love you though! My sister asked me to find some cheap games for her as a moving in present, and I though I might as well share them with you lovely people. I’m not going to be around next week either, since I am at pax (PAX!). If you’re going to be there, make sure to tell me via twitter and you can say hello, and punch me for my constant assault on your bank balance (please don’t punch me). SavyGamer, as always, is you hub for cheap gaming. Onto the bargains.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – 125.73 Mexican Pesos
Sorry, is Peso not a useful currency for you? Here, let me make it easier for you:
33.0650 Malaysian Ringgits.
Still no good? gosh you are hard to please. How’s this:
1 pound, 12 shillings and 11 pennies
I’ll convert it to something useful, hang on:
0.124 barrels of crude oil

Bad Microsoft, no working link for you.

EverQuest Starter Pack – £1.99/$2.50/€1.99
Of course I’ve never played this, I don’t like MMOs, and I certainly didn’t when I was 12. I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking “I am considering this, but it probably comes with 14 expansions or less”. But no sir/madame, you are incorrect. This small chunk of spare change gets you the original game plus a whopping 15 expansions. It doesn’t contain all of the expansions, since Wikipedia tells me that there has been 16 expansions released. Someone who cares more will probably point out what is missing in the comments (please).

Europa Universalis: Rome Gold – £3.33/$5/€3.69
This pack contains the original game, and the very Roman sounding “Vae Victis” expansion. It’s a grand strategy game from Paradox, and if you like grand strategy games from Paradox, you’ll probably like this. If you don’t, you probably won’t. If you’re unsure about them, you’ll probably be unsure about this, and if you are still reading this paragraph you should probably move onto the next one.

Sanitarium – £3.32/$4.99/€3.69
I know very little about this one, but I’m intrigued. I think videogames are potentially a fantastic medium for dealing with insanity and mental illness. When games do a good job of creating a set of consistent rules, and break them in the right way, it can have a pretty profound effect on the player. Any fans out there?

Deal of the week
The Longest Journey – £3.32/$4.99/€3.69
The big surprise here is that I actually beat John to posting about it. Last year he told us about how this game went a long way to making him:
“It wasn’t perfect. But it was human. So incredibly human in a way I’m not sure any other game has come close to. You may have been playing a stroppy late-teenage girl who was friends with a talking crow… in the future. But you were playing a real person, interacting with other real people, in real ways, despite the hover-cars, alternative realities, and rubber-duck-themed puzzles. April’s stroppiness was a facet of her complex character – a person also capable of enthusiasm, love, fury, fear, joy, optimism and a wry, sneaky humour. She was someone with whom I engaged very strongly.”
Sorry, no sale. I DEMAND PERFECTION.
You should also check out his retrospective here, and see Kieron’s making of here.

Also of note:
Sega impress no one by reducing the Steam price of AVP to what it has been available at (Steamworks) retail since launch.
World of Goo – £6.62/$9.97/€7.36

Either of these could have been deal of the week if EA wanted dirty foreigners’ money:
Mirror’s Edge – $9.99 (North America only)
Mass Effect 2 – $29.99 (North America only)

For for cheap games, go to

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