The Magic Number… Witcher Mega-Hint

EDIT: Now with trailer, below.

There’s a big number ‘2’ on the front page of I think it might mean something. But what? I’m pretty sure it’s related to the number of eggs the CEO of CD Projekt RED likes in his ham and mushroom omlettes, but then I’ve been know to be wrong before. I mean, some people think could be something to do with there being a sequel to quietly huge RPG The Witcher, but c’mon, who makes sequels to videogames these days?

The site forbids any interaction at the moment, but I suspect it’ll relax that very, very soon. (Now, in fact.)


  1. Mischa says:

    I liked the ‘hidden’ text in that trailer: “immune to corporate policies” indeed! What corporation would allow that text in a trailer?

  2. Enoch says:

    I gave up on the first game somewhere shortly after getting into Vizima and casing out what there is to do there. There just didn’t seem to be anything worth playing for.

    The game didn’t offer a single interesting character, or any real reason that I should care about the task it set out for me to do. (Yeah, some mysterious dudes stole something from some people who claim to remember me and killed some dude I just met. So?) Without any character or story based motivation, the game offered little more than repetitive rhythm-game-style combat (not tactical enough to be intellectually interesting and not challenging enough to be fun in an actiony sense) and rampant mysogyny.

    • Leonard Hatred says:

      Don’t forget the dialog so badly translated it swings wildly between merely breaking any immersion that has accidentally formed around your in-game antics, and being completely unintelligible.

      That nobody in the popular gaming press stood up and pointed out that it was actually quite shit was massively disappointing to me. well-executed shit, but shit regardless.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yes, yes, nobody really liked the game. It was actually terrible and nobody in the press had the spine to ‘tell it like it is’.

      Why does this pile of bullshit get wheeled out every single time somebody likes ANYTHING?

    • Droniac says:

      Yes, the gaming press must be wrong. After all, it rates in at a mere 9.2 in user score on metacritic (versus 8.4 in press score). Obviously the game must have just been a pile of stinking crap with horrible dialogue, terrible combat and shit storytelling. Gamers clearly noticed this and gave it an extra 0.8 points as punishment!

  3. disperse says:

    …dramatic events ensue…

  4. MadMatty says:

    I only played the Witcher a few hours in- while technically it seemed fine, Gerard seemed like an annoying superhero goody-two-shoes pansy and the story left me stone cold ( are the books any better?).
    The fights weren´t that interesting either…. should i give the 1 another go you think?

  5. Taillefer says:

    Fair enough. I listened to the wrong comments.

  6. MadMatty says:

    They really should have more ugly to average-looking people in computer games…. i sometimes feel like im watching some cheesy american daytime series wank. Which ofcourse, it kindof actually is sometimes.

    • MadMatty says:

      Apart from that, i did kindof like the trailer for the 2- and if its grimmer, darker type of fantasy, im definetly in for that…. the intro section of witcher 1 definetly sucks (although pretty), but i cant help feeling i might be missing something neat later on in the game. Gonna load up the Special Edition at some point and see if it was really that awful.

  7. JohnDoe says:

    Its fantastic that The Witcher did well. CD Projekt earned it.