Battefield: Conquest vs Rush vs Issues

So, Plans A & B may have failed. That leaves us Plan C. That’s the one where I stop using broad strokes to paint a picture of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for you, and whip out the single horsehair brush to start filling in all the minor details. This is where the highlights and lowlights are done, chaps.

Unsurprisingly, the new Battlefield game is doing rather well with fans of the series. It’s providing similar thrills we’ve found before, on a slightly smaller scale, but with far more attention to detail. We’ve got destructible environments, prettier landscapes to kill each other over, and an EA Server system that lets each little bit of contribution to your side get logged and added to the overall tally system of unlocks. This is roughly the third iteration of Battlefield (so long as you ignore stuff like Battlefield Vietnam, or Battlefield 2142, or Battlefield 1943. Oh alright, it’s Battlefield Mk 6, although it’s not Battlefield 3, that’s still to come.)

Let me break it down for you. This is the breakdown, broken down into bits of broken words:

There are two game modes, and the first of these is Conquest. This is typical Battlefield; you fight over a set number of control points, each a distinct area, and sometimes a front line forms around the ones that were closest to your base at the start, the ones closest to the enemy, and the one, maybe two, that sit in the grey, mostly bombed out area in between. It’s an interesting process because while there may be a natural line formed between the two sides, it allows for flanking, sneaking, conniving and hero antics where you manage to break through and steal their safest point right from under their noses. The maps also tend to be more square because of this, enabling lots of movement both forward and side to side, like a car in an empty car park.

The problems arise in the unfocused nature of drop-in server Conquest games. Because any point can be captured, and does get captured, it’s pretty easy for a match to turn into one large game of tag, with you chasing down a rogue squad in your base that’s moving from point to point capping each one before moving on. You don’t know where they’re going to strike next, you can’t pre-empt them, and you can’t cover all your bases because they’re too large to take out.

The second mode is Rush. This is for the more military-minded players. And pretty much everyone else, really. Basically you’ve got a defender team, and an attacker team. The defenders must defend a pair of M-COM (yeah, I don’t know what they are either) stations from being bombed/shot/collapsed on by the enemy, which involves a frenetic, if static, mode of play that relies on you working with your team to set up a defensible position, call out targets and generally not just doing your own thing. If you do you’ll be a) dead and b) unable to serve as a human shield for your team. Which they need, otherwise they’ll also be a).

The attackers are the shrapnel Ying to the Defender’s Kevlar Yang. As the defenders attempt to protect the thingy stations, the Attackers make attempts to destroy it. It’s a simple concept, but when you factor in that some maps have tanks, which can destroy the very buildings that protect the stations, thus obliterating them, you can’t just hide in the building waiting for some unfortunate to come bursting through the door. Defence, therefore, is proactive. You must HOLD THE LINE. You’ve also got stuff like secret mountain paths, soaring Black Hawk helicopters, sneaky UAV drones, speedy quad bikes, assaulterific Humvees, and lots of different people doing lots of different things. Rush becomes quickly becomes a kind of deathmatch sprint in which you push a trail of devastation through the map.

It’s by far my preferable play-mode, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. While solving all of Conquest’s problems of an unfocused play-style, Rush has the opposite problem of not offering nearly as much potential hijinks. The objectives are very clear, and because of that there isn’t a huge deal of room for improvisation. In Rush your job is very clear. Deviate and you doom the team. Rush – to return to the previous analogy – is a car on a country lane; unable to turn or do anything but follow the poorly maintained tarmac and throw up a lot of dirt as it rips along the road.

Oh and there is a squad deathmatch mode, and we don’t talk about deathmatch modes. (Because we haven’t played them.)

OK, so that covers the many different ways you can play the game. The many two ways. Basically, this is a typical Battlefield game but with a few improvements that serve to focus the conflict and create the tense, edge-of-your-seat sort of stuff that you’ve come to expect. Also: the flattening of the buildings.

And now for some other issues.

The Browser: I’ve not really seen a browser this bad in… I actually can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a server browser this bad. It’s slow. I’ve got into the habit of minimising the game and browsing a few news stories online while I wait for it to pick up the server information. Admittedly, one of the recent patches removed the game’s annoying presumption to immediately start searching for servers as soon as you started the server browser (that might sound a little counter-intuitive, but the game doesn’t provide you with the ability to save preferences, so you’ll want to uncheck ‘full games’ and ’empty games’ before searching, just so you’re not wasting your time.) Even then, quite often it’ll just come back with the message ‘Unable to login to EA Servers’, despite the fact that you are logged in.

Hell, I’ll throw this under this heading too; the friends system is a bit of a shambles, too. Quite often it won’t even register that a friend you’re trying to add exists, let alone allow you to add them. Then, once you have added them, it might not bother sending that request to them, and so you’ll think you’ve added them when you haven’t. More than once I’ve ended up getting said friend on chat so I can check that it’s gone through after multiple failed attempts. It’s not good.

40mm Grenades: This one might come across a little whiny, but bear with me. So the assault class starts with an underslung grenade launcher on his assault rifle. It fires 40mm grenades, that have a small, but powerful blast with whatever they hit. They’re great for taking out walls, or blowing up that encampment of snipers hiding behind a dumpster or whatever. The problems arise when the grenade has two major boosts to its effectiveness. Firstly, it kills on impact. Secondly, you get two of them on spawn, and your ammo box can provide you with more indefinitely.

That might sound fine, but when an underslung weapon, which is effectively your alt fire, is more effective than your primary, something is wrong. In BF: BC2 you get stars when you achieve a certain amount of kills with a weapon. First you get Bronze, then Silver, then Gold, then after ten golds, you get platinum. I think they’re at increments of 50, 100, 200, 300, and so on. I’ve seen a few people with gold stars, but they’re the dedicated hard core. I’ve only got a few silvers, and that’s on the guns I’ve been using since the beginning of the game.

Nearly every time I’m killed by a 40mm grenade (roughly 30% of my deaths are from this airbourne bastard) the killer has at least two or three golds. I’ve seen a few platinums, and to add insult to injury, most of them have a set of perks that a) increase the power of their grenades, meaning even if they miss, they don’t miss, and b) increase the number of grenades they can hold. They’re turning themselves from useful members of their team to grenade lobbing dicks.

And that’s why I hate the 40mm grenade.

The M60: Something’s gone wrong when a medic has the most powerful gun in the game, powerful and accurate enough to rival the sniper rifles, while being fully automatic. If the 40mm grenade kills me 33.3% of the time, the M60 takes up another 33.3%.

Team Imbalance: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has a team balance system automatically in it, and most servers are running it. The only real problem with this system is that it does nothing. At all.

I’m not entirely sure where it goes wrong, but it might well have something to do with the fact that when you join a game through your friends list, you automatically join their team. With BF:BC2 being a highly social game, most people are trying to play with friends. And so you get ridiculous situations where you can have 5 people on one team and 27 on the other. Yes, that’s happened.

The whole problem is compounded by a system in place to stop people switching to the winning team all over the place. If you manually switch team, you’re not allowed to do it again for a good ten or fifteen minutes. This ordinarily wouldn’t be an issue, but it looks like the game does a team switch when you join server. So you join, see the teams are woefully unbalanced, and attempt to switch, only to be told you can’t.

Those are the main problems. And they wanted to make you play, right? No? Then how about some of the many, many things that BF:BC2 does right. Here’s the highlights to the previous lowlights. This is going to be like an oscillator, with some kind of awesome retro display.

The Awesome:

Explosions: They’re so very versatile. And hot. And boom! etc. Explosions are the glue that sticks together all that is great about BF:BC2. Or maybe they’re the can opener that opens the awesome stack of features the Frostbite engine brings to the latest installment. Whatever supplementary tool they are, they’re great, because they blow stuff up. The the blowing stuff up in BF:BC2 is the best blowing stuff up I’ve yet seen. Because stuff actually blows the hell up. Walls explode outwards, buildings collapse, tanks erupt into hollow husks that used to be tanks, slowly smouldering in the middle of the battlefield. Also, the after effects of the explosions are almost as good as that instant jubilation of seeing something explode. Pieces of whatever you just blew up scatter all over the place, sometimes killing those nearby, and a huge cloud of dust the colour of whatever you blew up stays in the air for a few seconds, making whoever you blew up but didn’t kill have to choke and not see. Which is basically the next best thing to blowing someone up. Oh, and you probably deafened them too.

Team Play: I drew comparisons to Team Fortress 2 in the last piece, and they were completely deserved. Bad Company 2 manages to incentivise team play in such a way that you play with your team because you’re selfish. Because helping your team gives you delicious points that all add up and increase your score with that class and then you get goodies to play with and then you get to get more points which get you more goodies and… oh you get the point. Basically, if you heal team mates and revive people as a medic, you’ll get more points than if you tried to just shoot people as medic. Which is a great way to turn selfish players into contributors.

The Sound: God, it’s incredible. It’s almost a shame that so much of it is going on at once. I want to be able to clearly hear the sound my rifle makes when I squeeze off a shot, but I’ve got so much gunfire and explosions around me that it just adds to the cacophony. The sound warps depending on location, too, so if you’re inside a house your gun will have more bass to it, due to the acoustics. Man, I just got to talk about acoustics in a game, that’s got to be worth something.

The Maps: I’ve heard these be slammed elsewhere, but really the multiplayer maps for Bad Company 2 couldn’t be more apt or perfect. They’re a varied mix of snowy, Russian, rural towns filled with bleak, nondescript buildings and pine trees, to Middle-Eastern desert areas, complete with roadside checkpoints and shipping containers. There’s also some great little Southern American levels that are full of lush forest and water. They’re great because they’re so normal. These are the places where wars are fought these days; little towns that no-one has heard of, in countries that we wouldn’t care about unless they had something we want, which they do. They work because they are just boring enough in look to feel real, but exciting enough in layout to make for a great gaming environment. There’s a couple whose topography leaves things in favour of the defenders, perhaps, but it’s not fatal.

So that’s the details of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, missing out all the bits that weren’t completely pertinent, or had slipped my mind today. I mean, if they slipped my mind, they’re probably not important, right? I think that’s how it goes…


  1. Latedave says:

    Completely agree with the M60 comment although slightly less so with the grenade round, its not the most accurate thing and I’ve seen far more teams made up virtually of medics with M60’s. Both also suffer heavily from an inability to take on vehicles (although the grenade launcher is ok against the lightest of the light), also the assault would be very underpowered without it. There’s also a couple of very imbalanced maps, nelson’s bay’s last two MCOM stations are incredibly easy to defend and the last two stations on Isle de innocents?? has a Hind which is absolutely damn well impossible to kill unless they have an incompetent pilot and degenerates rapidly into spawn killing:(

    Those gripes aside its a fantastically enjoyable game, not as good as MW1 in its heyday but vastly better than MW2. The fact that even those without twitch aiming skills can still make a contribution is something to be lauded and the destructible scenery does cut down on camping.

    Really think you should give squad deathmatch a go as it encourages teamwork and the 4 v 3 teams format makes it interesting.

    P.S. no comments on the M95 or mortar for recon?

    • Latedave says:

      Thats an awful lot of also’s my English teacher would be very disappointed in me:-D

    • Stupid Fat Hobbit says:

      It is maybe a little too easy to get cheap kills with the grenade launcher, but I agree that Assault would be underpowered without it. The assault rifles seem quite weedy, though admittedly I haven’t unlocked the later ones yet; maybe they’re better.

      And yes, that Hind can be a right bastard in good hands. Though I’ve racked up many many points repeatedly reviving its victims as a medic, so I can’t complain too much. Also, the one time I got to sit in the gunner’s seat was lots of fun.

    • Lobotomist says:

      Sorry but as medic player i must say that M60 might be OP.
      But you forget that medics are also supposed to be heavy weapon / support class.

      Also medics have no way dealing with vehicles , or blowing up anything. So its evens the things out.

    • Latedave says:

      Agree Lobotomist but I did mention both assault and medic aren’t too great against vehicles, medic in particular suffers but an awful lot of the maps have very little need for medium to heavy armour and there’s always the the stationary AT’s and Heavy Machine Guns.

      Hobbit, unlocked all assault rifles and the best I’ve found is the AN-94 closely followed by M16. Wouldn’t bother upgrading XM8 until you reach the Steyr -Aug and even then its a close thing.

    • Latedave says:

      Sorry couple more, not enough points for detonating/ staying near/ defending MCOM stations and flags. Many people camp on the maps because the incentive to have a high probability of sacrificing yourself isn’t enough.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      But there is an incentive to sitting inside the house with the M-Com station, and it’s that every team has two or three people with a hero complex. I’m not a great shot, so when I play defender on Rush maps, I will often set up inside the M-COM room as an engineer armed with a shotgun and stab people when they come in the door. If they enter from the other direction, the USAS-12 makes mincemeat of them. It’s the easiest kills available in the game.

    • suibhne says:

      Recon mortar could stand a longer cooldown, sure, but the M95 is anything but OP.

      The M60 may be fully auto, but it has ridiculous recoil that rapidly gets increasingly random as you fire. It has to be fired in very short bursts. (That said, it could still stand a damage nerf.)

    • Joseph says:

      M60 is definitely OP. If you think it has a decent amount recoil/spread you must have been using a different gun – it seriously needs more (I have platinum with it). It ruins the balance of the BFBC2’s gunplay by being significantly more powerful than any other gun to the point where others dont have time to react (shoot back with a small chance of winning) before dying – and it can be spammed longer than any other gun before reloading, and you can do it in bursts for even higher accuracy. It’s definitely OP.

      Explosive Mark 2 perk should be removed also. It makes 40mm nade and M2CG far too easy.

  2. Alex Bakke says:

    I like this ‘Phill Cameron’ Fellow. Everything you’ve said is pretty much spot on, I love just pausing for a minute in the fighting, and just listening to the sounds. So, so realistic.

    Modern Warfare 2? You can’t hear someone firing a block away. Yeah.

    • Alex Bakke says:

      Now if only I could find a clan/group of fun people to play with…

    • Jakkar says:

      I can vaguely recommend the group ‘Steelbacks’ if you’re in the UK – active on teamspeak each evening. They’re a bit preoccupied with collecting dogtags and teabagging one another, but honestly that’s the best I’ve found so far..

    • Spork says:

      Funnily enough it looks like the hivemind just launched their own server. Guess I’ll have to start using the server browser.

  3. Metalfish says:

    I play this on 360 (boo, hiss! etc) where player counts are lower and connection issues are rarer. 40mm grenades are rarer ‘cos the precision is lower with a pad, but the M60 is as exactly as annoying as described. To be fair to the 40mm it’s not really any more dangerous than a Carl-Gustav against men and you at least have to be in the same area code as your opponent, unlike the mortar.

    • DrGonzo says:

      “connection issues are rarer” LOL

    • Ybfelix says:

      Yep it is rarer on 360. I played both version each for 5 days. Dunno what’s the situation on PC side now.

      I think medic revive could use longer cooldown, or heal 50-80% health. As of now a team of red hat’s are unstoppable if they managed to sneak into M-Com cottage.

  4. Jockie says:

    Well, presumably one of the advantages of dedicated servers is you can find ones where grenade launcher spammers get kicked right? When I played the original MW most servers ended up outlawing GLs and RPGs, which was a very good thing.

    • Antsy says:

      Not a good thing in this game though. Half the fun of the game is taking out the wall covering the sniper with a 40mm or bringing down a building on a squads head.

      There are issues with the explosive weapons to be sure. Personally I’d like to see a minimum range added to the 40mm. The game would only suffer from their total exclusion though.

    • Walsh says:

      There is a super short minimum range on the 40mm. Fire at your feet and it will just bounce away without exploding.

      I think the 40mm is balanced, some players are super sharp with it and you’ll run into that problem in any game with a weapon like that. The seemingly brutally long reload time on it, I feel, balances it enough. If they miss, you should’ve shot them dead before they have time to throw another round in the pipe.

    • Stupid Fat Hobbit says:

      There is a minimum range on the 40mm; they don’t explode if they impact within 10 metres or so (at an estimate, might be less). You can still kill people if you get a direct hit within that range, though.

    • HermitUK says:

      Problem for me is that having direct hits at close range still be an instakill is that it makes the underslung shotgun a mostly worthless unlock. So you need to learn to be a bit more accurate at close range to kill with the tube, but you have the added advantage of flying death explosions.

      Really, though, it’s whoever put in the explosive damage upgrade and the refillable tube ammo that made it overpowered.

    • Spork says:

      Problem is it’s against the rules to ban specific weapons on ranked servers. Same thing for snipers.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      The advantage of the shotgun attachment is that of the reload if you miss with the 40mm. The few kills I get each map are usually people that fire a 40mm that goes over my head, and you can gun them down when they’re reloading.

      Spork, you’d want to ban sniper rifles and 40mm grenades? Who would ever play assault and recon then?

    • Nick says:

      the 40mm shotgun attachment has the same reload as the 40mm grenade, it has a slightly wider hit radius but it is pretty easy to 1 hit kill at close range with the 40mm grenade.. you can even do it with the smoke launcher, although its quite funny when that happens and not nearly as bad asit has little offensive power at any other range.

      Sniper rifles are fine unless you play hardcore, but hardcore is rubbish so why would you.

      The M60 is being balanced at some point, along with the m1911 (y’know, that pistol that is much more powerful and accurate than the assault rifles) and apparently the AA.

      The Car Gustav is a real annoyance too, if the 40mms are ever adjusted it will probably see more use, its nearly impossible to miss with and has a much larger kill radius, capable of killing whole squads but still useable like a shotgun with little skill.

    • Wisq says:

      One of my favourite moments was passing by a window out of which an enemy was firing a 40mm GL and getting randomly headshot by it at point-blank range.

      Just the concept of being headshot by a grenade had me laughing for a while.

    • Joseph says:

      re: 40mm reloading time…

      you can start firing your assault rifle as soon as you’ve let off a 40mm nade >_<

  5. MarginWalker says:

    I swear that DICE completely forgets that they’ve had a browser in any previous iteration of the game. By the time that BF42 was patched to 1.6, the browser was pretty good. Out comes BF Vietnam and we are back to square one with all of the improvements added to the BF42 browser completely gone and nowhere to be seen. Same thing with BF2, and probably BF2142 (I didn’t buy that one). At least DICE is consistent. You can expect an awful browser, some way overpowered class, and nade spam.

    That being said, I’m generally a huge fan of the battlefield games and it’s taking considerable self-control (and/or a really crappy PC that can’t run the game) to keep from buying the game.

  6. Schaulustiger says:

    What annoys me most – besides all the things you mentioned – are the unreliable servers. I mean, seriously DICE, a server software that crashes 90% of the time when you change maps in Squad Rush mode? Does this shit even get tested? And EA is not better with their stupid login server thatbecomes wonky pretty much every time there is a bit more load (read: on weekends).
    I may sound a bit raged, but last sunday it took us 1 1/2 hour to get an organized match going.

    Balance-wise, there is imho not that much to worry about. The M60 will probably get fixed soon enough and that is (imho) the biggest issue. 40mm nades are fine, it’s just that they’re overused by a lot of people that don’t know how to aim otherwise. I’ve seen a guy with 8 gold stars for the tube… the only thing that makes the tube slightly overpowered, however, is that with 2 assaults you can basically spam those 40mm non-stop. If that is taken care of, overall spam will likely be reduced.

    I may sound a bit negative, but it’s just that I really like BC2 whenever I manage to get on a server. It’s intense, it’s violent, it’s just good. Oh, excpet when you get rushed by 3 squads of M60-empowered medics. YOU CAN KILL’EM, BUT THEY KEEP GETTING REZZED!

  7. the wiseass says:

    Nice article. But there are some things I don’t really agree with:

    1. I have yet to play a BF iteration where server browsing did not suck. It was especially bad in BF2 until they made it suck less (but only slightly) with numerous patches.

    2. You don’t like conquest, which was actually THE core mode of every previous BF. Hating conquest is almost the same as hating Battlefield, I guess.

    3. BC2 is a good game but it doesn’t really feel like BF. I can’t really put my finger on it but I think the lack of a prone function contributes to that. Also the maps feel a little small and crowded and the vehicles don’t feel the same any more. Honestly I can’t wait for the real BF3.

    But so far I’m enjoying BC2 for what it is and I’m glad they did not turn this into a BF3, because that’s exactly what it’s not.

    • HermitUK says:

      Actually, hating on BC2’s conquest mode is fair enough. Some serious issues with the mode. My two major issues with its design, as opposed to previous BF games:

      1. Holding the Flags offers little incentive. There’s little indication of what benefit holding points bestows. Presumably having fewer drains remaining tickets, or holding more refills them, or something. But the effect is so minimal. You lose a ticket for every death, so I’ve seen games where we’ve held 2-3 of the flags (out of a total of 3) for the entire game and still lost because the enemy team can Deathmatch better than us.

      2. Base Rape. In older BF games, losing all the flags quite quickly lost you the round. In BC2, all the conquest maps have an uncappable spawn. Fair enough, but should the enemy team push you back far enough, they can simply sit and repeatedly kill you as you are forced to spawn in your poorly defended starting areas. Noone likes to spawn INTO a mortar strike, instantly die, and have to wait another 10 seconds to repeat the process.

      Not complaining here that teams are unfair, but at this point it’s CLEAR one team has won. Why prolong the agony for all involved? The problem is made worse because when this happens a good 30% of the losing team will teamswitch to the other side due to the lack of balancing and teamsize limits.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      I’m honestly surprised to hear you say that holding flags doesn’t effect who wins. In my experience with Bad Company 2, The team that holds the flags wins more often than not.

      I’m with you about the spawn points though. It’s gotten slightly worse in Bad Company 2 from what I can tell. In 1943 you started out on the Aircraft Carrier, which meant you had some AA guns, boats that could access pretty much any flag, and some airplanes. Plus the enemy tanks were out of range. in Bad Company 2, if you lose control of the flags or have unbalanced teams, tanks can just roll right up to the home base, while choppers rain down fire on anything that tries to get off the ground.

  8. dartt says:

    I would like to point out that Phill is to Choppa pilots as Walker is to healers.

  9. Hentzau says:

    I find you have to leave a grenade on top of the corpses, kind of like sprinkling a vampire with holy water.

  10. HermitUK says:

    It’s a greatly entertaining game, overall. They just really need to sort out the technical issues. Balancing is a lot easier – make sure ammo boxes don’t refill explosives, for instance.

  11. Spiny says:

    Spot on post. Although having levelled a bit the M60 wielding medics seem less of a problem. (I usually play assault).

    Probably speaks to the greatness of the game though, that despite all the technical niggles, it’s still So. Good.

    The latest patch seems to have improved the server browser a bit, although you still need to run the game as admin to get pings to show up. Sigh.

  12. Toyoch says:

    “Rush becomes quickly becomes a kind of deathmatch sprint ” *nitpick*

  13. El_MUERkO says:

    Join us on the :: The Halibuts Bigger Boat. IP Address:

    We’ve disabled crosshairs which definitely lessens 40mm and Gustav spam, we also have lots of server admins to force team balance.

    The server holds 32 players, has punkbuster enabled and is ranked, we also switch between Rush and Conquest regularly :D

    • Sobric says:

      Beaten to the plug by a better man. My hat off to you El.

      Though now we look like a pair of right dicks for both plugging our own server.

      (Mods can remove my plug if they feel two is too many)

    • Senethro says:

      Ugh, faux realism. Pardon me while I break out my cling film and marker crosshair.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      And what’s your soldier tag?

      /finger hovers over ban button

  14. Walsh says:

    The counterbalance to the M60 is any assault rifle with optics (either the 4x or red dot) esp. AN-94 or M416 , I can take down m60 medics with super accurate medium/long range fire before they can finish emptying their box of overpowered shooty bullets into me, usually…..

    • Zyrxil says:

      The counterbalance to the M60 is any assault rifle with optics (either the 4x or red dot) esp. AN-94 or M416 , I can take down m60 medics with super accurate medium/long range fire before they can finish emptying their box of overpowered shooty bullets into me, usually…..

      Then the medics you were shooting against were terrible. The M60 can use the red dot or 4x scope as well, and can snipe better due to better accuracy, spread, and damage than any of the assault rifles, along with a 100 round so they can kill 8 of you without reloading.

    • Latedave says:

      Beat me to it Zyrxil, the gripe is M60 with 4x scope or red dot becomes a very lethal automatic sniper rifle. Combined with their ability to revive each other it makes a group of medics far too overpowered. It also leads to desperate assault squads and engineers spamming explosives from cover to avoid getting killed adding to the 40mm, carl Gustav overpowered comments…

    • GRIMDARK says:

      I’ve sniped pilots out of choppers with the m60

    • sexyresults says:

      I’ve won rounds and broken womens hearts with the m60

  15. Sobric says:

    Great article Phil, I agree on basically every point. M60 and 40mm grenade spam will probably get worse as time goes by: it’s simply a factor of online FPSs that people gravitate towards the most effective guns – and those two weapons are very, very effective.

    Also on that point: @Jockie – although BC2 runs on dedicated servers, they are rented from DICE (or DICE approved providers anyway), which means that server admins must adhere to a set of rules. Those rules specifically state that server admins cannot ban the use of particular weapons. I believe that the aim is to stop pistol-and-knife only servers, but obviously this will extend to the use of 40mm grenades and the M60.

    For what it’s worth I think those rules are a good thing. I help admin a server, and I think a lot of players would up and leave if you attempted to ban weapons.

    *Shameless self-plug* As I said, I help admin a server. Come join us on The Halibut Big Boat provided by We are nice people honest guv.*

  16. Soundofvictory says:

    Rush is my more played mode, but that is mainly because the pace is constantly way crazier. I really like both Conquest and Rush equally. Also, I do not think there is much to complain about on the balance side of things. The only thing I would change is the m60’s damage. Even then I would only make it something like 95% of its current stats. Some weapons/tactics are more immediately powerful than others, but in the long run there are always other ways to counteract them.

  17. Tei says:

    Mines: mines are OP, but since few people use then, are a good way to ninja farm points. Its also very efective to protect your side.

    “Radar mine”: The “radar mine” that recons have is OP. If you get in a team that drop ammo, your recon can spam radar mines, making the other team life miserable.

    Vehicles: Since 2142 we have seen a huge nerf on vehicles. A tank is still a good way to kill 20 dudes in a single life. It works somewhat like a powerarmor you can repair. But all vehicles are doomed, since the infantry has lots of tools to destroy a tank. Hell.. even the assault class can choose explosives. On maps where the rush objetive is in a destroyable building, I just Destruction2.0-it with my tank.

    Artyllery call: a “game changing” ability of the recon. The world is different with it.

    Wen I play as medic, I miss my mines, wen I play as engineer, I miss the m60, playing as recon I am not very efective at killing. Wen facing medics, I change to assault, the 40mm grenade seems the only tool that can remove a group of medic reviving each another.

    I am entusiast of OP weapons :-)

    • Yargh says:

      Tei, if you want to be a more effective killer as a recon I suggest you ditch the sniper rifle, take up an auto-shotgun and make friends with a medic. Combined with the sensor balls, the shotguns can be devastating.

    • Nick says:

      The VSS is prety good for a close/medium range recon too. Although obviously not as effective at close range as the semi or auto shotguns.

  18. Doctor_Hellsturm says:

    Anyone care to tell me how this works on a medium-specced laptop. Like a 2,2 dualcore and Nvidia 8600 GT. Can’t find any performance guides for us who don’t have a gaming rig.

    • Zyrxil says:

      It runs badly on bad laptops. I don’t think this should be a surprise. It’s also more processor dependent than most games.

    • Edgar the Peaceful says:

      I’d imagine it sucks. This game is making me consider ditching my x1950xtx dinosaur behemoth for a coltish 5770 or something

    • Doctor_Hellsturm says:

      Haha, right, then i just have to wait for BF3 and tech up when that hits.

    • DXN says:

      @Doctor_Hellsturm: My desktop is a dualcore 2.2 with 8800GT — it’s only just playable on low settings. I’d guess a laptop with a 8600 probably couldn’t handle it.

    • Forscythe says:

      @Doctor_Hellsturm (in case reply doesn’t work)

      I actually play it on my Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz laptop w/ Geforce 8600. With forced DX9 mode, with all settings on low, the latest drivers from NV, and 1280×720 resoluion, it just about maintains 30fps most of the time.

      The graphics look pretty bad, but I still find it super fun to play. Recon is harder with lower fps though.

  19. rocketman71 says:

    Sadly, still (and we’re not getting otherwise) no public dedis or LAN support. So no support to DICE from me.

  20. krepno says:

    To counter all the nadespams do what EL_MEURKO says: go for the hardcore games. They don’t have crosshairs and bullets have more impact, so the m60 is still too powerfull but all weapons get more of an even chance.

  21. Shadow Aspect says:

    Re. the M60, this info has popped up in a few places:
    link to

  22. TheGeek says:

    Spot on article.

    I too have been victim to the “noob tube” far too often. It boggles the mind why even lvl 1 Assult have this overpowered one-hit-kill weapon from the start, and the next unlock is “Smoke”. Who uses smoke grenades nowadays? IMHO, the “noob tube” should be the last Assult unlock, and you start with smoke grenades.

    Also have to mention dedicated servers here. Sure the server browser is the worst yet, but at least it HAS dedicated servers. I can’t believe they expect to make a multiplayer game WITHOUT dedicated servers, especially on PC’s. I boycotted MW2 for that very reason.

    • Edgar the Peaceful says:

      I can’t hit anything with my ‘noob tube’. …sob

    • suibhne says:

      Smoke is bugged right now, too – it often doesn’t detonate when fired. This has led me and many others to ditch the smoke attachment even tho we’d actually prefer it to the 40mm nades.

    • Zyrxil says:

      Who uses smoke? How about people who’d like to advance and accomplish objectives in Rush, when there’s a lot of open space and 10 snipers waiting for you to make a run? As for smoke not detonating, smoke nades have the same arm distance as 40mm nades. You have to shoot them in front of you.

    • GRIMDARK says:

      oh my god, smoke grenades are unbelieveable. They can be the difference between victory and defeat for attackers. They cover your position, so your team can advance. You can plant on M-COMs safely with smoke.

      Best feature: The fact that campers and K:D whores on the attacking team can’t see to shoot either. That forces them to move up towards the effing objective.

    • Nick says:

      You can shoot smoke grenades directly at your feet and they WILL go off, assuming they don’t bug out. Honestly, I have done it plenty of times. Sadly you really need to fire both in roughly the same area to get any decent coverage, they are handy to remove tracers from friendly tanks though.

  23. frags says:

    The Carl Gustav’s are way more irritating than noob tubers. Essentially a sniper rifle with a warhead. Despite the balance issues, still having lots of fun.

    • GRIMDARK says:

      Carl Gustav is my gay lover.

      but seriously, you are right. I’ve spent many a round just launching rockets at enemy bases racking up kills and destroying m-coms

  24. Sobric says:

    We’ve just disabled crosshairs, it’s not a fully hardcore server.

  25. latterman says:

    Squad Deathmatch is plain awesome if played with some friends and VOIP. Squad Rush probably too, but I didn’t try that yet.

    Anyways; nade spam is annoying yes but somewhat eased by always picking body armor instead of loveable magnum ammo.
    M60 is extremely powerful, even at long range but Carl Gustav and Nade Tube Spam are more annoying imho (but i’m biased, i’m usually playing medic).

    But the most annoying thing in every game (especially on inocentas): 3/4+ of your team confusing “recon” with “sniper” and not even doing a decent job with mortars, spotting or motion sensors.

    a decently played frontline recon with shotgun/VSS/thompson, C4 and motion sensor spam is awesome, though and lots of fun.

    Funny stuff everyone should try:
    – plant c4 on a squad and race towards the enemy.
    – plant mines under a squad, sit on it and let it launch hundreds of meters into the air.
    – plant c4 on a uav and use it to ‘splode the enemy MCOM
    – annoy all those campers on your side by planting tracers directly on their faces
    – this: link to
    – those: link to
    – that: link to (yes he sound’s like a douche)

  26. latterman says:

    Squad Deathmatch is plain awesome if played with some friends and VOIP. Squad Rush probably too, but I didn’t try that yet.

    Anyways; nade spam is annoying yes but somewhat eased by always picking body armor instead of loveable magnum ammo.
    M60 is extremely powerful, even at long range but Carl Gustav and Nade Tube Spam are more annoying imho (but i’m biased, i’m usually playing medic).

    But the most annoying thing in every game (especially on inocentas): 3/4+ of your team confusing “recon” with “sniper” and not even doing a decent job with mortars, spotting or motion sensors.

    a decently played frontline recon with shotgun/VSS/thompson, C4 and motion sensor spam is awesome, though and lots of fun.

    Funny stuff everyone should try:
    – plant c4 on a squad and race towards the enemy.
    – plant mines under a squad, sit on it and let it launch hundreds of meters into the air.
    – plant c4 on a uav and use it to ‘splode the enemy MCOM
    – annoy all those campers on your side by planting tracers directly on their faces
    – launching ammo boxes/med kits with c4 across the whole map
    – search for “Bad Company 2 Funtactics” (yes this guy sounds like a douche)

  27. Medina says:

    Another reason to play rush over conquest:

    You dont have to listen to that fucking horn if your team sucks!!!

  28. latterman says:

    Regarding maps:
    I’d really wish for a rush or conquest map that would focus on infantry only in a huge city complex; maybe with a chopper and light vehicles. the chaos c4 and mortars would cause if the buildings started to come down makes me drool.

  29. darthpugwash says:

    Excellent summary, agree on all points.

    I’m actually kinda glad at this point that Infinity Ward / Activision made such a balls up of Modern Warfare 2, as it was the subsequent search for an alternative that first turned my attention onto Bad Company 2.

  30. Flappybat says:

    The shotguns are very strange. The pump action shotguns are fairly safe up close but they really don’t give you an edge, at best they are equal to any other weapon. The semi-autos give you more leeway on accuracy at the expense of taking longer to kill someone, giving them more time to pump you full of lead. The sabot rounds give a lot more range but require you to stand still to use them and up close don’t make much of a change.

    Assault needs an overpowered 40mm to actually have a purpose. Their assault rifle is no better than an engineer SMG or medic LMG and they get precious few points from resupplying ammo. Nerf the 40mm and there will be precious few assault players as they all move to medic.

    The 1911 does more damage per bullet than an M60 which is why you see everyone and their dog using it as a secondary. It’s great fun being killed by recons with it whilst you use an assault rifle.

    The M93R is hilariously crap. Give it a try, it’s like tickling someone to death. It does less damage per bullet than the minimum damage for any other weapon.

    Perhaps the stupidest thing is you don’t get any points after death, even though the game shows them to you. They said this is a design issue to stop suicide tactics but it’s easily punishing tons of regular players, those medic boxes or mines give you no points whilst dead. Also don’t get a gold star or pin as you die, the points aren’t counted.

    • Nick says:

      I’d say the SMG/Carbines are better that most assault rifles at the moment. The XM8c, AKS74u and the pp-2000 are all lethal and accurate at close and mid range, even long range they aren’t bad either. They lose less accuracy burst firing than assault rifles and when moving.

  31. Fatrat says:

    I don’t get why ‘hardcore’ is named as such. The lack of crosshair, fair enough. But the lack of spotting/tagging takes away a lot of team/tactical elements. You just run around fragging until you die, never worrying to spot a guy that’s flanking your team to warn them. The lack of minimap also makes it impossible to know there’s a dead ally nearby as a medic that you can res.

    I agree with the grenade/rocket spam too, it’s so annoying that half my deaths come from a rocket or grenade. Have people forgot how to use bullets? Maybe it’s just because i play medic, with my OP M60. ;D

    Which by the way, isn’t that OP unless you equip the marksman perk thingy.

    • Fatrat says:

      Also, how is it hardcore if both teams have it. If anything i think it makes it easier when you kill a single shot as recon, or if you know you can run around and flank people without anyone being able to spot you out for their team. It’s the perfect solo player server, or for people who want to level their Recon rank, imo. But that’s it.

    • Tei says:

      Hardcore fix the “bullet sponge” problem, but add other problems. Is not a perfect system. It mostly break the game tryiing to make a more PC experience.

  32. x25killa says:

    Oh, what’s this? A Rock, Paper, Shotgun BFBC2 Server? Splendid. :D

    Search for “Rock”

  33. EGTF says:

    I’m still the only one annoyed that they’ve taken my prone key away. Oh Z, how I miss you.

    I really do love this game though. When it works. And there’s no medic squads attacking me. And the teams are balanced. And when the browser works. Basically, it’s got alot of crap messed up but I will gladly play it for hours at a time.

  34. Mavvvy says:

    Any other server admins see mad player joining habits? Allow me to explain. More times then nought im playing with 4 of my mates for about 2 hours on our server with no one joining. Next minute the server gets spammed…. ie in a split second the server goes from 4 to 32 players.

    I have a feeling it is something to do with the roulette of the mysterious play now button or how the queue system works.

    Ps has anyone else experienced diffculty with punkbuster and the server being visible. I’ve read many conflicting post’s about it.

  35. Doctor Doc says:

    I’ve had no problem with the 40mm grenades. However the M60, browser and broken team balance is terrible. It’s not so much that the team balance does not force players to switch, it’s that there’s no limit on how many members there can be on a team. Why would you ever want to allow more than 16 players on a single team on a 32 player server? So that we can play 29 vs 3? Yeah, great fun… and there’s actually idiots that make this happen.

  36. Joe says:

    Does anyone else have the problem of the view ports on the Heavy MGs with the shields being not see through?

  37. Peterköpf says:

    Phew, I was afraid that RPS had jumped on the BC2 anti-CoD-hype-train there for a second.

    Those are all very valid and accurate points. Personally I’m sticking to squad deathmatch. I’m an old BF2 player, but the vehicles this time around are just too overpowered, specifically the armored ones. I really don’t remember feeling that way with the previous game, and I definitely can’t be arsed to fire 10 rockets into a tank everytime someone decides to go for a ride in a Godmode-wagon.

    And while the spastic weapons ballistics are as fun as they are annoying (usually depending on whether you’re doing the killing or the dying) they do ruin a bit of the sense that you’re supposed to be a real soldier. It feels like you’re a 16 year old firing poppas rifle, and while it’s good comedy, it still feels kind of awkward. I’m pretty sure those cartoon ballistics are also the prime cause for a lot of the 40mm abuse.

    Then there are the bugs. Once in every second match or so, my screen just starts flashing black, or even staying black for up to 10-20 seconds, which feels a bit like being blindfolded while everybody takes shots at you. Why is something like that not fixed within a week of release? (It’s a known bug, mind)

    If you go into nitpicking, you also have a game that gives you light machineguns and sniper rifles, but doesn’t allow you to go prone. Yes, really.

    Overall though, it’s a fun game. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the arcade-style complement to CoD rather than some sort of arch enemy, but it’s just filled to the brim with those kinds of paradoxes.

    • Nick says:

      The vehicles are OP? What? They were far more powerful in BF2, they had higher constant RoF and splash damage both. More maps have TOW missiles too, not to mention you tracer one and every engineer nearby will be shooting rockets its way. Outside of gimps in tanks camping on hills, you’ll rarely see an armoured vehicle last very long. Even the attack choppers are nowhere near as bad, in part thanks to AA that actually works, albeit not that powerfully.

  38. Spork says:

    Arthur Barnhousesaid:
    Spork, you’d want to ban sniper rifles and 40mm grenades? Who would ever play assault and recon then?

    Not at all, just making the point that those are the most common weapons people want nerfed or limited in number.
    I’d prefer some sort of (optional to server owners) limit on the number of each weapon in game. So no more than 6 with sniper rifles on a 10-man team (say).
    I disagree with Squig, I’ve fired the M60 at snipers for ages and it stays fairly steady. I may have been using the 4x or red dot sights though.
    Edit: I’m in the server browser now and I can’t find RPS.

    • Nick says:

      I don’t think people want sniper rifles nerfed at least, they shouldn’t, they are pretty well balanced in the way they were in BF2, although you can get 1 shot body kills at like 40m with the m95, its not the ideal range to snipe at. They just get sick of 6 recons who suck at sniping sitting on the same patch of ground.

    • suibhne says:

      I’m not arguing that the M60 shouldn’t be toned down a bit – and DICE appears to agree, since it’s looking at both the M60 and the M1911 – but what you’re describing really isn’t accurate. The M60’s “amp” stat is huge – its recoil gets increasingly random, pretty quickly, as you fire in long bursts (or “for ages”, as you say). It’s basically useless in long bursts unless you’re at fairly close range, and in BC2 that limitation isn’t modified by optics.

      It’s excellent when firing 2-3 bullets at a time, tho, and can easily take down targets at long range if used in that fashion.

    • Nick says:

      Every single gun is also useless when autofiring for any extended length of time outside of short range, other than MG emplacements/vehicle MGs.

  39. Primar says:

    A good Medic never fires full auto with the M60, unless they’re literally up in your face. Single shots are horribly accurate especially combined with the HMG Accuracy and Red Dot specs, hence why it absolutely shreds things at mid-long range.

  40. DXN says:

    The BF2 mod Project Reality had a nice, simple solution to the ‘Conquest’ problem: they changed it to ‘assault and secure’ where CPs have to be captured in a specific order (like granary in TF2, but not symmetrical). Bam: problem solved. Front lines, supply/transport routes, flanking positions, defences, they all form naturally and spontaneously because of that simple change.

  41. Flyspeck :. says:

    Squad Deathmatch is my favourite mode. Sometimes its nice to have no clear objective except shooting the other guys while protecting your own squad. And the fact that there are three other squad adds an exciting feeling of never knowing exactly where the enemy is. I’ve had some pretty epic last stands with my squad holed up in an attic with enemies all around.

  42. Guhndahb says:

    Hardcore mode has a lot going for it, unfortunately, because snipers can be so effective in hardcore (since you can pretty much kill a person by hitting them once in the toe) you end up with massive numbers of snipers. Then the rest of us run around just getting sniped over and over and frustration sets in. I don’t mind the damage level of the snipers, I just wish each team were limited to 2-3 snipers (of course that presents the issue of how to deal with recon players who aren’t snipers).

    AT weapons are problematic. Far too many folks use them in a way much more annoying than 40mms. They arm immediately unlike the 40mm so people use them in close range. I try to remind myself though that the Carl-G is an anti-bunker weapon and should be effective against infantry. When I play engineer, though, I use the RPG-7 for it’s better damage to tanks, which is what I consider my job (whether repairing or shredding them).

    When I play assault I use my 40mm, but it’s definitely my secondary attack. I’m sorta decent with it so I get called a noob tuber sometimes, but I feel I use it when it’s appropriate. I use it when I see someone taking cover behind a wall or I see 2-3 people in a tight concentration or occasionally for indirect fire (although the hand grenade is better for that). I do not use any of the 40mm perks though, so I don’t use increased damage and I only can carry 2 at a time (but can reload from my own ammo kits of course). Not using the 40mm perks and trying not to use it at inappropriate times makes the 40mm plenty balanced, in my opinion.

    Also, don’t count out squad deathmatch. I played tons of Rush and Conquest, thinking DM was, I don’t know, too mundane? too something… Then I tried it. You’d think the lack of goals would make it seem pointless, but it doesn’t really. It’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot more of trying to hold structures with house to house fighting between squads. It’s a little more intimate as the teams only have 4 people – your squad is your team. I really like it.

  43. Petërkopf says:

    Well, I can only go on my own experience with both games. In BF2 we’d attack the tanks at every opportunity and reap some easy points. In BC2, when a tank comes rolling, people just tend to exploit its limited field of view and go around it. And when people do attack, it still takes 2-4 engineers lobbing rockets at it to be effective, since the first two guys will probably be taken out before they make it.

    The exception being mines and TOWs as you say, which, while they’re far more effective, certainly don’t cover much of any map I’ve played. And I can count the times I’ve seen tracer darts in action on my hand.

    I don’t know anything about specific armor points, so I’ll leave that open, but the way I remember it, I wouldn’t have wasted 4-5 rockets on a tank in BF2, and that’s what it seems to take now.

    • FunkyBadger says:

      As a tank driver, I’ve noticed that a lot of players are really awful at fighting them – tip: the top-gun has a better zoom and is more accurate for anti-infantry work, ducking behind a corner, then popping out doesn’t work.

      Aaaah, the joys of seat-hopping. (Nothing compares yet to Verdun, for the full “I drive tanks, son” effect)

    • Jason Moyer says:

      When taking out tanks a.) use the tracking dart b.) use the RPG-7 since it’s the most lethal anti-vehicle weapon and c.) aim for the treads or the rear of the tank. Should take like 2-3 rockets tops.

  44. Corbeau says:

    I disagree about the 40mm launcher and M60, at least partially. They both look overpowered until you unlock the last few Assault-class rifles and the last couple of Medic LMGs, which can compete quite handily with them (not that people have figured that out, since they’re too busy spamming out of habit). Because of their power relative to all that comes before them (which I totally wouldn’t mind seeing get reigned in a bit, but isn’t as bad as people say), they do get spammed: roughly 70% of my deaths come from either the M60 or 40mm. Yet I’ve found myself gravitating away from both as new options unlock.

    I play Assault and Medic far more than the other classes. While the 40mm launcher is very good, I find myself unable to get as many kills with it against other assault players now. Why? Because they’re now packing the higher level rifles that can drop me almost as quickly from much further out. And visa-versa, I have ~3 gold stars on the 40mm (from all my time with Assault-class rifles) and 5 gold stars on the Obokan rifle (which I’ve only gotten recently). The 40mm is still an auto-kill at medium range if you have a height advantage, but it’s more situational than people think. In fact, I now frequently use the 40mm smoke grenades in Rush instead of the frag rounds that everyone complains about.

    Similarly, the M60 is strong… but the MG36 allows you to play Medic more effectively. You’re not going to win a duel against an M60 Medic packing combat perks, but you are going to help your entire team more effectively since you can pack the healing perks instead. Plus the MG36 is still very, very good thanks to its built-in red dot sight. And just like the 40mm launcher, the M60 starts to show its weaknesses against the later Assault rifle unlocks. As an Obokan-toting Assault, I feel that I win otherwise equal shoot-outs versus M60 Medics (which was NOT the case with earlier rifles). The huge magazine size of the M60 isn’t as great as it seems compared to the later rifles. I can go through three kills with a single Obokan magazine, and if three kills isn’t enough to buy reload time then you’re pretty screwed anyway. The Medic definitely does not get the best direct-fire weapon in the game, even if it does have a contender among the ranks.

    So while the balance isn’t quite right, it’s not far out of whack. Other options can and do compete successfully with the “overpowered” equipment.

    • Kestrel says:

      I agree. Later assault rifles do the trick. M60 really isn’t all that.

      I tend to play Hardcore, and 40MM spam is much harder without a reticule, unless you pick a camping spot and zero in your killzone like artillery or something…

      Smoke grenades on Hardcore Rush are more useful than 40MM because you can hit the box under cover as both attacker and defender.

      Meanwhile, though, if you want to talk OP then you should see what happens when you play Rush in a squad with 2 engineers who both have upgraded explosive pouch and explosive power – if they make it to the box they can unload 12 anti-tank mines next to it in a few seconds, without starting the alarm. Toss a grenade on top of that and gratz, you just blew up a station.

  45. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    I’m going to add another comment about the 40mm grenade, because it’s so frustrating and so endemic. Here’s the comment:

    Those people, with the platinum stars for the weapon, they have no excuse. They are bad people.

    The one, only excuse for all those people with the gold stars sitting there spamming the 40mm is possibly that they just really want to get a platinum star for something so they can get the award you get when you get two of the aforementioned stars.

    After they have that, well it just becomes … THERE ARE OTHER WEAPONS. TRY THEM. YOU MAY EVEN ENJOY THEM.

  46. Inferno says:

    40 MM nades are killing this game at the moment. That and the magnum rounds/GOL sniper. The rest of the game is utterly fantastic.

    Squad deathmatch is RUINED by 40MM nades though. It’s a great mode but is totally ruined by the broken weapons.

    Conquest has issues with exactly as hermit said, the roudns I’ve played we’ve held 2/3 of the points the entire game and lost because the other team just hide and play deathmatch sniping. This did NOT happen in BF2.

  47. Shalrath says:

    “The Browser: I’ve not really seen a browser this bad in… I actually can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a server browser this bad.”

    You can’t remember Borderlands? Come ON.

    Also, and I’m not calling you liars, but out of 148 deaths I’ve died three times to 40mm nades.

    I must have some weeeird luck.

  48. sexyresults says:

    A pro, it handles alt-tabbing surprisingly well

  49. Farewell says:

    BFBC2 is filled to the brim with tiny issues that don’t affect the game play much directly, but makes me grit my teeth each time I start the game.

    -Pointless publisher logo (even though this is the first EA game with skippable logos I can remember playing, it doesn’t make it alright to play the damn logo each and every time I start the game)
    -Pointless manual EA login prompt
    -Pointless manual profile select prompt
    -Text boxes empty their content whenever you click on them (for example the cd-key prompt when you install the game)
    -Text input cursor is a confusing underscore instead of the traditional pipe
    -Server browser gives you a prompt stating if servers are full, which you have to close manually
    -Server browser doesn’t allow you to enter an automatic queue to join servers
    -Server browser doesn’t store previous server list
    -Server browser doesn’t store filter settings
    -Server browser missing filter settings
    -Server browser name filter is case-sensitive
    -Server browser seems to have some weird limit of how many favourite servers you can add, or doesn’t add some servers at all
    -Slooow server browser refresh
    -Can’t bind different mouse wheel directions to different actions
    -Can’t bind toggleable weapon zoom
    -Can’t bind non-toggleable crouch
    -Can’t bind single button to toggle between primary weapon and sidearm
    -Game frequently crashes to desktop from server browser
    -Game doesn’t remember class loadouts
    -Game always defaults to assault class when joining the server
    -Scoreboard/squad lists don’t show your squadmates’ classes
    -ALT+F4 doesn’t work
    -Game insists on loading the next level after a round, before allowing you to quit
    -Game doesn’t allow you to quit, only “exit to menu”
    -Game reloads the map even if you’re playing another round on the same map
    -Enemies and squadmates appear as the same colour on the hud and map for colourblind people.
    -Mouse sensitivity goes all wonky when operating vehicles
    -No strafing allowed while sprinting
    -Reloading while sprinting allowed (why is there even a sprint button?)

    Sorry about the nitpicking, but the only relief I can get is whining about this somewhere..

  50. EtsSpets says:

    The “best” annoyance i have found is that you apparently need kits more then to defuse a bomb. So i am defending in rush, there are 5 people around the crate trying to arm it, i through a grenade ant shoot the people that survive it, Yay ! Then i rush to disarm the M-COM, i run there and press E. And what happens ? I pick up one of the dead peoples kits, great ! Then i try to run around the crate to find a place where there are no kits, but i cant, the damn dead people have “mined” the place with kits, i cant disarm the bomb ! NoooOoOo ! BooOOooM !

    And of course i am laughing my ass of on the retarded situation, but it gets old, especially when its a close match between the teams.