The RPS BFBC2 Server

Hurrah for the UK’s excellent online gaming service Multiplay, for they have given us a Battlefield Bad Company 2 server of our very own. They’re one of the companies hosting servers for the game, should you be interested in such things, and they can be rented here. Read on below for more RPS server stuff.

Okay, the easiest way to get onto the server is to type Rock, Paper, Shotgun into the server browser’s search bar. It should pop right up. It’s a 24-man Rush server at the moment.

I’ve passworded it for now to allow RPSers to get on, the password is: sundaypapers

It’s all default settings and stuff, but I imagine we’ll tweak it over time. So, thanks again to Multiplay, and go have fun.

EDIT: Regarding passwording, I’m going to leave it off by default and password at peak times to reserve it for RPS readers. The password will remain the same.


  1. x25killa says:

    As the spy would say in Team Fortress 2: “Top shelf!”

    See you on the battlefield.

  2. Toby says:

    Yay! I’ve always been jealous of the TF2 RPS crowd having never really gotten into the game, so this is excellent news. Bravo, RPS!

  3. Schaulustiger says:

    Great news, will definitely be there from time to time. is indeed quite good, we rented our server there, too. The admin backend seems a bit bugged, though, I recommend the BFBC2 Guardian.

  4. HexagonalBolts says:

    I’ll be on there soon and make sure it’s a regular

  5. HexagonalBolts says:

    (p.s. good choice on 24 man rush server – the best kind there is)

  6. Stupid Fat Hobbit says:

    Had a quick couple of rounds earlier, before being rudely ejected by an apparent EA server hiccup or something. I’m sure I’ll be spending plenty of time there in the future. (Soldier name is Butterbumps, by the way).

    Oh, and speaking of TF2, has the RPS server disappeared, or just moved somewhere else?

  7. TimA says:

    Yay, awesome! I’ll pop on soon.

  8. gingerpembers says:


    Long time lurker, first time poster, and this post broke my silence.


  9. Po0py says:

    Thanks Multiplay.

    I’ll be on there from time to time. Username: PunchInTheNutz

  10. Mistabashi says:

    Wait, there’s an RPS TF2 server?

  11. Sweedums says:

    tried searching for it but couldnt find it in the server browser, i tried all sorts of variations of rock paper shotgun and RPS but no luck, its probably just the browser being retarded as usual

    • Sweedums says:

      oh! found it! just realised i had the no password filter on :P

  12. HexagonalBolts says:

    I can’t find it, the filter is entirely clear and I’ve tried both searching ‘rock, paper, shotgun’ and just hunting through the server list

    I remember reading something before about turning off servers automatically for a while if there was inactivity? But it’s probably just me being an idiot.

    • Sweedums says:

      make sure you put capitals at the start of the words, this does actually make a difference, so Rock, Paper, Shotgun…… not rock, paper, shotgun

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      Well at least my prediction of idiocy was correct.

    • Thants says:

      What kind of terrible person would have a game-server search be case-significant?

  13. Richard Beer says:

    Man, I’m so there! When I’m not working! Or with the girlfriend! Or any of that non-gaming milarkey that keeps intruding into my life! It will be nice to finally shoot some of you in the face.

  14. latterman says:


    you could consider using this (but password probably does not make it necessary…)
    link to

    it’s closed source but browsing the german forum it seems trustsworthy

  15. The Hammer says:

    OK, I cave, I cave. I better get this game! I haven’t played a BF in so long!

    • Jockie says:

      I caved as well, it feels like half the websites I read were screaming at me to buy it and I could no longer drown out the cacophony.

  16. Brulleks says:

    Excellent stuff. Will check it out tomorrow night.

    I realise it’s an RPS one, but if people on the PCG server forums want the password is there any chance we can invite them? There’s no PCG server for it yet and a few folks over there have shown interest in getting together for a game. (Assuming they aren’t all RPS-ites as well that is…)

  17. Fatrat says:

    Will add to favourites next time i play, ingame name: Fattox. I will probably be stabbing you up in due course.

  18. RC-1290Dreadnought says:

    Yippy! The Rock, Paper, Shotgun server in TF2 is always great, so I’ll be sure to add this one to my favorites.

  19. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Already in a clan but some of my brethren and I will no doubt pop in and say hi (and shoot you in the face/get shot in the face).

    Is this an adminned server as I’ve noted an unfortunate number of whiney bellends who appear to have escaped from XBox live turning up on the game servers.

  20. peter says:

    server seems to be down :/

    and i just had such a good time :D

  21. PuddingSenator says:

    Hmmm…I wonder what my chances are of getting a playable ping from America. I’ll probably hop on tonight and give it a shot.

  22. Schaulustiger says:

    Aw, it just crashed before we completed our rush towards victory :(

    I go under the name “kell0r” there, btw.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      That was so annoying. The six or so of us would have destroyeeedddd them.

    • peter says:

      true that :D
      my ingame name is weltraumaffe

    • Schaulustiger says:


      You’re not by any chance the same Weltraumaffe as the one from TF2’s HERR clan?

  23. latterman says:

    i usually end up joining the losing side, so this made me smile.

    seconds before the crash i blew up a starting helicopter with c4. which made me smile.

    obvious ingame name is obvious.

    • Flimgoblin says:

      were doing pretty well smashing our defences (and latterly, the enemy defences) in your tank when I was playing…

      Private Makhail Stolich reporting for duty SAH!

  24. Ffitz says:

    Excellent! See you in hell, meatbags!

  25. Flobulon says:


  26. Doctor Doc says:

    That’s great!

  27. latterman says:

    This being RPS, why not try to have some events? Thinking of racing games, flying lessons and commandos – reenactments.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      races and general stupid games were the best part of Battlefield 1942 – doesn’t really work that well in this game though because of the much smaller scale

    • latterman says:

      true. but you could still jet ski in island nocentas or quad through harbor. conquest maps would be an viable option too.

  28. Frankle says:

    cool. I’ve been looking for a regular server for bad company 2.

  29. Frankle says:

    Cool. I’ve been looking for a regular server to play Bad Company 2

  30. Heliosicle says:


  31. gulag says:


    I had work to do tonight. Important work. Work with the promise of money and acclaim, and a seat in high office. Now I’ll be manning up and fighting harder. Maggots.

    Look out for ‘Twistedinc’.

  32. IvanHoeHo says:

    Yay! Normally I only play in HC, but I’m just in the mood for being generous with bullets.

    • IvanHoeHo says:

      Oh, and even though I have the M60 unlocked, I don’t use it unless I’m stuck with a squad of snipers in [that watery map with the dam].

      I’m such a nice guy.

    • IvanHoeHo says:

      … except that their master servers are broken, again. That’s nice.

  33. jackflash says:

    Jim, you need to start a North American RPS subsidiary.

  34. Isometric says:

    This is excellent news to hear as I was just trying to find a decent server, or at least a server that wasn’t full of people spamming those 40mm grenades at me.
    I think i’ll certainly be making an appearence. Hope to play with you all soon.

  35. Rob says:

    Hey guys, the ‘crash’ you saw was just the brand new server update going online – no need to panic! ;)

  36. Daniel Klein says:

    Awesome! I’m going to bring my best noob game. Which is not very best at all. It is actually most unbest. Like my English!

  37. Alex Bakke says:

    That was fun. Alex_Augmented in game.

  38. westyfield says:

    Does anyone else have problems adding servers to their favourites?

    If anyone here has been fortunate enough to look at the server browser when the planets align and the gods are smiling, and has had it actually add to their favourites, could they please post the server code. It can be found in ‘documents – BFBC2 – gamesettings’ (open with notepad), then look for ‘favouritegames=’ near the bottom of the list. It should be a series of letters and numbers followed by the name of the server and then a semicolon. Example and server plug: 3196769692,04c0c226-550a-4e42-8c04-1857455a9cec, – BC2 #1 – Mixed Rush/CQ [FF=on];

    • latterman says:

      getting this:
      2800986656,1da67b97-5e9c-49fe-a846-b730921d7738,Rock\, Paper\, Shotgun BFBC2 Server;

      it went offline some minutes ago btw; i found it by searching for “Rock” (with a capital R)

    • westyfield says:


  39. Daniel Klein says:

    Also, is there a statsmod for BFBC2? I LOVE numbers. And experience bars. They must grow longer and fuller! Until they burst out into an ejaculation of levelup. And then they’re small again. And you start over.

    I mean, you have that in game in multiple places, but still, I love having my stats tracked somewhere else as well. Which sounds naughty now–would you like to come round to my place and track my stats? Track ’em HARD.

    • Ffitz says:

      Here’s one I’ve found:

      link to

      That’s me, of course, but instead of mine and you’ve got all the numbery goodness you could want (after it’s updated).

    • Spork says:

      There’s this as well: link to
      Though it took about 3 days to add my player by spamming the search button. I’d recommend the other one.

  40. Lobotomist says:

    Yay ! See you in combat !!!

  41. Doug F says:

    I’m going to have to give this a try, assuming the overseas ping isn’t unbearable and the time zone difference doesn’t put me in an empty server.

  42. Flaringo says:

    If only I had some sort of helicopter-killing device…

    • Alex Bakke says:

      You mean a tracer/RPG combo, or a heavy MG?

    • latterman says:

      heavy MG does nothing against the heli itself, only hits crew (but a good pilot will avoid this). M65 is the only handgun thats able to actually damage the hely or any other vehicle besides the UAV.

      the best against enemy helicopters is a better heli-pilot on your side..

    • x25killa says:

      I need to learn to snipe better. I did kill a pilot in the air one time…

    • Alex Bakke says:

      Latterman: Heavy MG, not Light MG. The Heavy MGs are the fixed position ones, that take off around 2 health per shot on the copter itself.

  43. Chizu says:

    I can’t find the server. I am sad. :(

    • Flaringo says:

      It seems to be very, very picky on how you type it. Case-sensitive and all that. So you need it to be “Rock, Paper, Shotgun” exactly

    • Chizu says:

      Yeah, I got it eventually searching “Rock” with a capital R

  44. shalrath says:

    Do you guys know how the hell to get your ping to show up (in ze Server Browser) in Windows 7/Vista? I have a steam copy, so the Admin Rights thing doesn’t seem to work. Goddamnit.

  45. M says:

    Who are the server admin? The RPS writers?

  46. Monkeybreadman says:

    Consider me there and prepare to get shotgunned in the face.

    If its passwordeded wouldnt that mean its unranked? Might be why some of you can’t find the server.

    When they fix voip, we can whine about nade launchers and m60s together, THE FUN!

  47. WarSarge says:


  48. y2rich says:

    I shall be along once the foot-to-ball has finished under the name y2rich

  49. ChampionHyena says:


    See y’all there.

  50. Spiny says:

    That’s going straight in the favourites – hoo raa etc.