New US Battlefield Server

International man of mystery Skeez187 has kindly donated a North American-based Battlefield: Bad Company 2 server for your gaming pleasure. It’s called Rock, Paper, Shotgun US Ranked [RPS], it’s currently a standard settings Rush server. (Still no hardcore, sorry! We’re a bunch of softies.) Thanks to Mr 187 for that, and I hope our North American ranks have a fun time slugging it out on there.

Incidentally, the UK server sponsored by Multiplay is back up after it fainted earlier. We’re going to password it in the evenings to make sure it’s an RPS readership on there. I know it fills up fast, so sorry if folks can’t get on, but do try again later if it’s full. See you on there!


  1. RiptoR says:

    I was wondering where the server was. Glad it’s back, now can have a decent game of BFBC2.

  2. Tunips says:

    How about an Australian (or thereabouts) server? No right to beg, of course, but as a suggestion to gentlemanly minded Aussie admins.

    • RedFred says:

      Hey may as well do a New Zealand one while you’re at it! Or we could share but that doesn’t bode well for us kiwis as the average Asussie is a terrible thief. Terrible I tell you.

      Now if only I could get my ping under 150 ms…

      (P.S. Seriously with my 8 Mbit connection I get a ping of 160+, any ideas?)

    • Nephilim Rising says:

      Being one from New Zealand, my experience with NZ servers is kiwi’s think they’re great, and Australian’s get horrible ping when they go on them, but I generally think New Zealand is underrepresented with servers, so I vote NZ.

    • Latterman says:

      Hey may as well do a New Zealand one while you’re at it! Or we could share but that doesn’t bode well for us kiwis as the average Asussie is a terrible thief. Terrible I tell you.
      Now if only I could get my ping under 150 ms…
      (P.S. Seriously with my 8 Mbit connection I get a ping of 160+, any ideas?)

      The way BC2 calculates ping is kind of odd. I read the exact method somewhere but can’t remember it.
      But ~150 to ~160 is a rather decent ping.

    • EaterOfCheese says:

      +1 for an aussie server :) plenty of aussie rps readers out there. Represent!

  3. Alex Bakke says:

    All this BC2 coverage/gaming makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. Michael says:

    Wonderful news for us yanks. This pretty much seals the deal on the 4-pack for me.

  5. westyfield says:

    I’m not from the mighty continent of Canada (apparently there are other places attached), but I’d like to say thanks to Skeez187 for this.
    Thanks, Skeez187!

  6. Zyrxil says:

    If you’re in a mood to try Hardcore, the Ars Clan + Ars Technica Official Server is hardcore Rush. It has its own set of problems though, even if the Rubber Bullet syndrome is alleviated. I blame DICE for not hiring me, a random stranger on the internet, to balance all their weapons and design hardcore mode.

  7. Beerio says:

    You guys should really start playing Hardcore – I find the game a lot more fun when someone I shoot at actually dies. Emptying a full magazine (mostly) into the chest of some dude in a beret and having him not die frustrates me enormously – which is compounded if he then stabs me in the chest and I die.

    • Matodda says:

      Oh come on. It takes about 6 his on normal to kill someone. Hardcore is half that. Normal mode is pretty standard battlefield gameplay, what did you expect?

      Not to mention HC had 10 minutes of thought put into it, evidenced by the awful balance, nonsensical hud removal choices, etc.

      Catering to CoD fans

    • Beerio says:

      I’m actually ok with the HUD removal choices – the only time it bothers me is not having a cross-hair for mounted guns.

      In terms of balance I don’t think it’s broken at all – yes it’s more sniper friendly, but I haven’t found that it is excessively so. The games seem faster paced, and armoured vehicles don’t tend to dominate quite so much. I definitely prefer Hardcore, although that might be coloured by my doing better on those servers for some reason.

    • Nick says:

      Hardcore makes sniper rifles a 1 hit kill in any location, which isn’t fun.

    • Senethro says:

      Hardcore is baby mode for people who can’t hit a target more than once.

    • battles_atlas says:

      My beef with hardcore is losing the minimap, which nerfs a lot of the teamplay aspects like healing. Also getting rid of all information about ammo is stupid. It may be hardcore to not know how many magazines you have left, but its also retarded.

  8. Cymril says:


    I will try getting on later this evening.

  9. Fitzgamon says:

    I seem to be unable to find this new Yankee server for me and my Yankee friends, due in part that its name is apparently too long for the search box. Any suggestions, advice, or magical fairy dust aid that anyone could give or recommend?

    • Skeez187 says:

      A partial search should work fine, try “Rock” or “RPS”.

  10. Alexander Norris says:

    Do everyone a favour and never, ever put hardcore on any of the RPS servers. It removes 90% of the HUD elements that make teamwork desirable/functional (and without teamwork, this is just a rather bad military-themed FPS), and also makes all snipers one-shot body kills. It’s in every way worse than the regular mode and is something they unfortunately inherited from CoD4/Modern Warfare 2 (where it was also shit).

  11. Skeez187 says:

    RPS has saved me from being productive at work for years now, just giving back. Have fun guys!

  12. Lars BR says:

    Given the horrible ui-choices made by DICE (will they ever learn? do they know there’s an actual discipline called usability?), could we perhaps have a shorter password on the uk server? “oi” should do nicely.

    • Surgeon says:

      At least when you remap the keys, the mouse cursor doesn’t reset back to the middle of the screen anymore.
      Man! That used to drive me up the wall.

      As an aside, seeing as usability has been mentioned, does anyone know whether or not proper User Centred Design is used by any games developers?
      Or does it just not fit into the ‘we have an idea, we build it, people who like it buy it’ method of designing and creating games.

  13. shalrath says:

    Where in the US is it? I get dashes and 999 for my ping numbers, and I seem to get entire lists of East Coast servers.

    It’d be awesome if it was West, or even Central.

    • Skeez187 says:

      Its in NY, makes it convenient for the UK’ers to connect if Multiplay’s server is down.

  14. FAT HOT TOPIC DIVA says:

    Man, I like playing with you guys. Me and this other dude rode a Hind into the battlefield one time, and while he dodged enemy fire, I let dirt suckers have it with the mounted cannon. Sometimes two or three at a time.

    Teamwork makes everything lovely!

  15. Heliosicle says:

    Thanks a lot skeez!

    Shouldve said when we were playing earlier

  16. Cymril says:

    I’m on the server right now, and no one is on! Sadface.

    Also, has anyone had any luck actually adding a server to their favorites list? Because I’ve tried with a few servers and none of them actually went on the list.

  17. Drexer says:

    I’ll be honest, you guys servers are the biggest temptation I have to get BC2.

  18. Schaulustiger says:

    Had a good time tonight on the server. We steamrolled the other side for quite some time, though, my apologies for that.

  19. Senethro says:

    Is there any chance someone can host a mumble or vent or an equally pleasant voice chat app for playing on?

  20. Goodnessme says:

    Jolly good fun this eve on the uk server. Though I’d love a teamspeak channel
    so we could all be efficient soldiers and giggle at fails… anyone any thoughts?

  21. Goodnessme says:

    Oh senethro just had the same thought. Wowser. I’m goodnessme in game, btw

  22. Tony M says:

    Last night I was playing on a public server and someone with the [RPS] tag ON MY OWN TEAM roadkilled me with a quad bike.

  23. Spiny says:

    Having bought a PS3 last year I wasn’t anticipating to upgrade my PC again. BFBC2 just changed that though, made me drop a load of cash on a new graphics card. It’s lovely now.

    The PC is dead! Long Live the PC!


  24. Latterman says:

    Do you consider putting a password on this server?

    And: did we see the Autobalance Tool at work?

    • Skeez187 says:

      I will password it when the UK one is passworded (peak times) and it’ll be the same password. And yeah I have a 3rd party Autobalancer running on the server, it’s a tad rough around the edges (kicks the last person or two who joined) but it works.

  25. l1ddl3monkey says:

    I’m in the UK and played on this server much of yesterday (while skiving off work) with no appreciable lag and an equally awesome bunch of proper team playing folk as I encountered on the UK server, which I joined a bit later in the day.

    I’d like to thank Skeez187 for offering this valuable service (and for his dog tags :D – I’m pretty sure he took mine too) and to the global RPS brotherhood in general for making BC2 as much fun to play as I’d hoped it would be.

    Look forward to shanking you all in the face regularly.

  26. DW40 says:

    This is excellent news for me, here in NYC. I was playing on the UK server yesterday, which was great fun when it was up.

  27. Frankle says:

    Hey Guys have you thought about adding a message when people join the server to visit this website while it’s open to the general public?
    Might get a few more to visit the website.

  28. You rebel scum. says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to the peeps on the US RPS server last night for the first decent games I’ve had all week. Even with a less than ideal ping it restored my rapidly waning enthusiasm for this game after a retardedly long string of shit games with shit people.

    Was very disappointed with the shacknews server, I was surprised to find it full of sniping/camping/m60 allstars.

  29. IvanHoeHo says:

    @Skeez187: Isn’t it depressing to watch you beloved server slowly filling up with idiots, people dancing their tank around like it’s their fucking first-born, and others rushing around trying to shoot people, entirely ignoring the objectives?

    Maybe you should put up a password… for you! Of course. ;)

    It was going so well for your team, too, just the round before…

  30. ElArabDeMagnifico says:

    Thanks for the server Skeez! Its got a super low ping (it must be nearby, I’m in TX), 32 players, and the best game mode. Had a great time and when I look at my dogtag collection, I will look at yours with pride.

  31. ConnyT says:

    Nice work last night everyone on the UK server. Some damn epic games.

    I love it when two or three squads all charge into the point together. Glorious.

  32. szlevi says:

    Checked the US server few times on Sunday, never seen more than one person playing…

  33. Douken says:

    In Hardcore is so much more easier to kill people… that’s why I play normal mode, which is more fun and where real man play.

    • Rive says:

      With all that legal wallhacking and easymode-minimap reviving. Manly as hell!!!

  34. Chele says:

    Woah, disappointed! I join, was automatically put on a team and in a squad, knifed a sniper in the back and got kicked by admin. Reason being team balance, the teams may have have been unbalanced I didn’t get a chance to look. No warning? Just kick the last few that joined till it’s even? That’s nice.