Destructilism Part 3: Breach

The studio behind the Close Combat series, Atomic Games, have announced that they’re doing a multiplayer combat game with destructible tech along the lines of RF:Guerrilla/BFBC2. The game is called Breach, and it’s going to hit this summer for a budgetly pricing of $15.

Virtual warriors can punch holes through floors to get the drop on enemies below, breach both interior and exterior walls, crush enemy fighters by collapsing ceilings and balconies, and even shoot away individual bricks to create “shooter’s holes.”

“Shooter holes”. Yeah. I’m basically posting this because I like that comedy screenshot of a man falling through a ceiling.


  1. Hargrimm says:

    Yeah, that’s gonna be fun; snipers shooting away single bricks and killing undetectably.

  2. Ian says:

    Wait, do you actually fall down like that guy in the picture? Rather than feet-first?

    “Hehehehe, come to pap-ARGHSHIT” *falls down face first*

    That sounds awesome.

  3. jsutcliffe says:

    That is the wrong Breach, people. I am going to sue Jim for getting my hopes up.

  4. SpinalJack says:

    Is it me or is that guy’s crotch being grabbed by a giant tentacle?

    • lhzr says:

      no, he’s actually trying to grab the ceiling through which he fell by using his prehensile crotch tentacle.
      it’s a feature which will serve to counter the floor-crashing stuff.

    • Gap Gen says:

      My first impression was that his rifle had an underslung gravity gun on it, and he was making the guy float the roof.

    • Tei says:

      I have read it like this:
      Village People’s Warriors can Punch Holes through floors to get the drop on enemies below, breach both interior and exterior walls, crush enemy fighters by collapsing ceilings and balconies, and even shoot away individual bricks to create “glory holes.””

    • TeeJay says:

      “Is it me or is that guy’s crotch being grabbed by a giant tentacle?”

      It’s the Half Life 2 “Hydra” all over again!

  5. Torgen says:

    Ok, I will buy this just in memory of the Close Combat games, but it *does* look like fun. :)

  6. Richard Beer says:

    This sounds like a technological idea (destructible terrain) being mistaken for a game. Didn’t we already get that with Red Faction?

  7. Sergio says:

    It’s only for xbox? no PC?

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Breach also aims to disrupt the way video games are priced and purchased. Breach can be downloaded through the Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. On this platform, Breach offers the kinds of innovation and features expected in a full packaged game.

      Lets hope so. Sounds perfect for consoles thus far.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      It most likely wouldn’t be on RPS if it weren’t for PC.

    • Web Cole says:

      Hmm, most likely I suppose… anyway, it’s Jim, and he’s probably the most competent of the RPS 4.

      Haha, I kid of course. You’re all equally competent!

    • Phried says:

      “It will be made available on Xbox Live Arcade early this summer and on PC shortly thereafter.”

      from Atomic Game’s website.

  8. BeamSplashX says:

    Will this one interlock with a new version of Rules of Engagement?!*

    *I’m not actually that old-school, I just remembered reading about that on Home of the Underdogs years ago.

  9. shalrath says:

    So it’s an awful attempt to make a Bad Company 2 clone.

    Also, where the fuck are my Close Combat strategy games? Goddamnit, make a new one please :(

  10. mcnostril says:

    There’s some impressions up on shacknews.

    I’m somewhat curious about this if only because it’s being made by Atomic Games.
    The glorious days of Close Combat are not forgotten (except by them it seems).
    I’d love to see a CC game with an engine like the one in Men of War or something. The amount of interaction in MoW + CC mechanics would be rather awesome (or fail to translate and be an utterly miserable experience).

  11. Alexander Norris says:

    You know, what with Shattered Horizon, Lead & Gold and now this, I wonder if $15-20 multiplayer-only XBLA/PC releases are going to be a new trend. They seem to be more free to do something original and less down in “what AAA games do,” although that doesn’t always mean critical or financial success.

  12. Stromko says:

    Assuming you have 60 dollars, and you can get an okay game for 20$, or an awesome game for 60$, what would be the point of the former? You only have so much time to play games. Of course, tons of 60$ games aren’t nearly as good as 20$ games, a lot of them aren’t even as good as free games, but there’s been a lot of good stuff lately.

    More to the point, why would I buy Breach when I can get Red Faction: Guerilla for 20$?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Because they’re completely different things? Breach is a multiplayer shooter, RF:G is a single-player sandbox game with a multiplayer component that might as well not exist, courtesy of matchmaking.

      Your comparison is like going “Why would I buy Bad Company 2 for $20 when I can get Red Faction 1 for $20? RF1 did destructible terrain first!”

    • Ninja says:

      Because you could buy 3 20 dollar games for 60.

      Considering well mad 20 dollar games are as long lasting as 60 dollar ones (As a comparison, I bought Uncharted 2 for the Ps3, which is a great game, for 60, and got TF2 for 20 two years ago. I quit playing Uncharted after about a month, while I still play TF2 once a day usually).

      They lower the price not only for the people who only have 20 dollars, but for the people who want to get a few games to tide them over.

  13. Freudian Trip says:

    When you say ” with destructible tech along the lines of RF:Guerrilla/BFBC2″ Do you mean RF: Guerilla or BFBC2. One had an entire world that would could blow up according to proper physics. BFBC2 has very specific pieces of cover that can be destroyed with artificial shatterpoints.

    Both of them are fine just wondering which one this is supposed to be. I assume the latter?

    • mrrobsa says:

      @Freudian Trip: This is my question. BFBC2 isn’t what I would consider a game with destructable tech, hope this is more like RF:G’s PHYSICS glory.

  14. Bored says:

    Shooting a brick out of a wall. People are just going to accept that, I guess? They don’t make walls (or bricks) like they used to, I suppose?