Even More Total: Free Napoleon DLC

Creative Assembly seem pretty determined to court back all the guys who got a bit antsy with them about the state Empire was released in. Napoleon scrubbed up well, which seems to have upped the good will quotient, and now as an extra thank-you-please-thank-you, they’ve chucked out a free DLC pack for it.

The Imperial Guard pack contains six new units – the Polish Guard Lancers, the Dutch Guard Lancers, the Guard Chasseurs à Cheval, Dutch Grenadiers, the Guard Seamen (giggle) and the Empress Dragoons. There are some eyewateringly-detailed biographies of all these fine fellows over here.

Also! You can play through an alternative version of the Battle of Waterloo. I became slightly excited when I read that, hoping it meant an alien invasion or a steampunk Napoleon, but no, it’s just that you can play it from the British perspective. Alternative? Pah. I see everything from a British perspective as it is. I don’t need DLC being all polite, repressed and cynical too.

Not a bad gobbet of free, anyway – and it’s rare positive example of DLC, though perhaps it’s in the same vein as Dragon Age / Mass Effect 2’s kill-the-resale market policy. On which note, some guy’s suing Gamestop for selling second-hand copies of Dragon Age, arguing that because you have to stump up for the ‘free’ DLC on resale versions, the total cost winds up being more than buying a brand new box. Which is an interesting argument. The net result, I suspect, will be big red stickers slapped onto second-hand games which loudly declare this is the case.

Oh, and back to Napoleon quickly – it’s currently selling for a 10% mark-down on Steam.


  1. Vinraith says:

    Creative Assembly seem pretty determined to court back all the guys who got a bit antsy with them about the state Empire was released in.

    If that’s true, they know full well one of the best good will gestures they could make would be to open up Empire and Nappy to substantial modding. At a minimum, they should do so with Empire, being as they seem to be done selling unit packs for it now.

    • jti says:

      Maybe that is just too much. It’s a shame though, modding could make this one shine.

      I liked Shogun a long long time ago and Empire was the first one of the sequels I tried and I was disappointed in a major way. I’ll keep to Europa Universalis on this era of games, thank you. Still hope they would honor the subject with more than pretty graphics.

    • Po0py says:

      I’ve been hoping that once the dust has settled games have sold as much as they are ever gonna sell that Creative will simply patch the two games open so that modders can finally have their day.

    • Collic says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath on them making the games more moddable. It’s a consequence of how they make their games now, not the reason. From what I’ve heard them say, they moved away from the more transparent plain text lists and the like to make producing the games easier.

      I don’t know if ‘unlocking ‘ the files is even that easy, but I can’t see them going out of their way to do it. Things like the (upcoming) unit editor just make me more sure they aren’t going to attempt to open up base files more than they are already.

      It would be nice, though. I enjoyed some of the big Rome mods.

    • Gorgeras says:

      Alec, what do you mean ‘state it was released in’? I’m pissed at the state it’s still in. I started a new campaign recently and all the cities and buildings on the campaign map disappear five seconds into the intro and don’t come back. Restart, the same happens again, and again, and again. Verified the integrity of the game cache on Steam. It happens again.

      This is just the latest in a long list of bugs I’ve had with Empire as it is now. Goodwill would be if CA could be arsed to fix the problems rather than delete every thread on their forums that complains.

    • Vinraith says:


      Oh, I certainly don’t expect it, but that’s what it would take for me (and I suspect a fair number of other people) to give a damn about the TW franchise again.

    • Weylund says:

      Gorgeras: You’ve got an Nvidia card, right? One that’s on the list of those affected by Nvidia driver issues? Driver issues that’s Nvidia hasn’t fixed despite the fact that it’s been a known bug for a year?

      Yes, that’s entirely CA’s fault.

      Vinraith – I’m modding NTW right now. As in, I have the database open and I’m modifying what’s inside. The patch database from yesterday was quite enlightening. Yes: we know exactly what the patch contained. Neat, all this access, huh?

    • Gorgeras says:

      Except that this is a recent bug Weyland and like most driver issues I’m not so sure that this is something CA can’t just as easily fix on their end as easily if not easier than nVidia can with a driver update.

    • Vinraith says:


      Yes, modders have done wonders with what minimal access they’ve been granted, but the sad fact is that the great mod projects of past TW games have required far more access than is possible with Empire or Napoleon. We’re never going to see the equivalent of a Rome Total Realism, a Europa Barborum, a Stainless Steel, or a Third Age: Total War for these games and that’s a damn shame. Considering that Empire was also touted as “the most moddable TW game to date” before release, you’ll forgive me if I don’t give CA any points for leaving a few files unencrypted.

  2. Peter says:

    Ya, this all came for the wrong game.
    I am a die hard Total War fan, and i dont ever see myself buying another of their games in the future.
    Im gonna live in beautiful denial with Medevial 1+2.

    They have done so much to harm such a great series, its actuall almost impressive.

  3. Langman says:

    Like many former die-hard TW’ers, I didn’t even remotely consider purchasing Napolean after the still-rather-astonishingly poor Empire, so this is all too little too late I’m afraid.

  4. Serious J says:

    Napoleon: Total War is a huge improvement over Empire in the efficiency of the engine, graphics, presentation and feel. Unfortunately, it has made playing Empire a pain as it’s really noticeable how slow and inefficient the engine was then. N:TW doesn’t have a grand campaign though, and only 5 playable factions.

    If CA really wants to apologize for the sorry state that Empire was (and still is) in, they should allow the same level of modding that we’ve seen in M2:TW/R:TW and give us E:TW’s grand campaign with N:TW’s vastly improved engine.

  5. Wooly says:

    I thought Empire was pretty good… Not as good as Medieval II or Rome, but still quite good.

  6. Alexander Norris says:

    I’m not convinced that “pay £40/$60 for the game that we stopped supporting Empire to work on” is that good of an argument for buying another CA game, to be fair.

    Especially not anywhere near release. If I ever bother to get Napoleon (considering I find the period boring and neither Empire nor Napoleon are likely to get any mods that make them worth owning), it won’t be until at least a year from release.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      I forgot to add: amusingly, aside from the period, the thing I dislike about Empire isn’t the bugs or technical glitches – of which I’ve had absolutely none, mercifully – but how fucking retarded the diplomacy AI is. I could overlook everything else if they’d just use a Paradox-style warscore system (complete with buying provinces out of your warscore when offering peace).

      That’s the only thing that really makes it broken beyond being playable, as far as I’m concerned. Sure, there’s stuff like the battle AI being incapable of defending or attacking forts, but that’s not as important as a diplomatic system that makes it impossible to to anything other than completely wipe out someone as soon as they declare war on you.

    • Fumarole says:

      When was Napoleon $60?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      The Imperial Edition is. Normally, it costs $67.

      The regular edition is a more modest $45. It’s still $45.

    • Fumarole says:

      That may be the price in Euros or Pounds, but in USD it was never above $50 for the uber edition, and $40 for the vanilla.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Good for you; and? I’m not paying for it in dollars or pounds, so its price on the UK/US stores is not something I give a damn about. I did, however, do Americans and British people the courtesy of converting its price over here into their respective currencies so they didn’t have to expend the mental effort.

      I’m not sure what your point is; or are you somehow suggesting that just because US people pay US prices on the US Steam store, the EUR to USD conversion rates somehow magically don’t exist?

  7. Rich says:

    “Creative Assembly seem pretty determined to court back all the guys who got a bit antsy with them about the state Empire was released in.”

    Oh yeah? Then how about releasing a patch that does actually fix the damn bugs that they claim to have fixed with every bloody patch since release, but still remain regardless. I don’t care if the AI is a bit dumb, what I really care about is making the sound work in cut scenes; a problem that had been fixed by the community, but has subsequently been re-broken by an official patch, or stopping the game from locking up and scrambling the UI in every land battle. I can play the campaign map and sea battles but that’s it.

    Where’s my free DLC Creative Assembly, WHERE?

  8. Babyspice says:

    I enjoyed Empire, for a while anyway, but I can’t really say it was good. There were so many broken bits and pieces that never really got fixed. That, combined with the relative difficulty to mod the game compared with past titles eventually soured me on the game.

    I must admit, though, that if Empire had instead been set in a time period I find more interesting (Rome II, come to me, yesssss), I probably would have been more willing to forgive the flaws.

    • Rich says:

      I’m the opposite. I find the period represented in Empire and Napoleon really interesting; it’s close enough to now to see historical causes and effects that carry on through to the 20th century, also I’m interested in the kind of combat. Unfortunately, I can’t play the bloody game properly because it’s so full of bugs.

  9. Starky says:

    I’ll pick up this and Empire (which I’m so glad I skipped on) once they hit £5 on steam (not interested in a physical copy, even if that cheap), or when they open up full modding and such.

  10. Zwebbie says:

    It’s still a bit hard for me to understand why some people think this time period is so suited for a game. I can understand that it’s interesting to study, but the troop choice is limited as heck.
    In Rome, the elite guys were Spartans. In Medieval, the elite guys were clad in a suit of Gothic plate mail. In Empire, the elite guys reload faster.

    Aside from that, I vowed never to buy another Total War game after Empire. Sure, Napoleon may be Empire as it should have been, but I sort of figured I paid for that when I bought Empire.

    • Fumarole says:

      So you don’t play any games that take place after the 16th century or so?

    • archonsod says:

      And in Rome and Medieval the entire combat boiled down to who had the most pointy sticks. While it was nice to be able to end the epic siege of Cairo by simply right clicking a bunch of guys while selecting all my guys and going off to put the kettle on, it didn’t half make for a dull game.

    • Zwebbie says:

      Fumarole: It gets fun again when the elite things are 60 ton tanks :p

      What I’ve found is that, especially in Rome, there was diversity between the factions. Romans had their heavy infantry, Carthaginians had elephants, Gauls had masses of warbands, Germans had morale breaking troops, Greeks had phalangites, and so forth. In Empire, everyone has Line Infantry. Their cheap units are Line Infantry but worse. Their elite troops are Line Infantry but better. And if you compare faction rosters, you’ll notice that the European factions have got mostly the same troops, even if some have gotten unique names and skins in patches. Foreign factions, too, use units that are only all too similar to Line Infantry. I’m very well aware that that’s more realistic than Rome’s ninja Arcani, but it doesn’t really do the game any good.

    • Andrew Dunn says:

      People who don’t like 18th and 19th century warfare are no joke the worst people on the planet and should be made to wear a Zouave uniform until they learn the error of their ways.

  11. Qjuad says:

    The AI is still dumb as a box of rocks. No buy.

  12. GetOutOfHereStalker says:

    that’s nice, but i’m not playing another CA game until they really get their act together this time

  13. Sceptrum says:

    Meh I say. While CA should be lauded for rewarding those who purchase N:TW, its too late for me. And I’m not convinced they will make the next Total War title better. DLCs is the new craze and they seem to view mods as competition to their new revenue stream.

  14. battles_atlas says:

    The entire saga of Empire must rank as my most disappointing experience of games in 15 odd years of playing. Even after most of the bugs were fixed (a year after release), every element of the game is a letdown, save the admittedly pretty visuals. Such an epic fail for a once great series.

    Its a shame that the gaming press seem almost universally unable to grasp why fans of the series are so pissed with it. Alec seems to be following the industry line on this: first they all managed to miss the bug issues when reviewing it; then once the patch list got embarassingly long they shifted to talking about the game’s problems as if it was just bugs, bugs that are now fixed. Well most of the bugs are now fixed, but there’s still plenty that aren’t, and more importantly there is still terrible AI and even worse diplomacy. It’s this crux of the game which has always been weak, and yet its not been fixed in nearly a decade.

    Instead Creative spent the time on secondary issues like adding tedious naval battles, and replacing the invisible grid on the campaign map with with a much more fine-grained invisible grid. Which addded nothing to gameplay but seemingly added a whole lot to the complexity of programming it. Also, of course, they found the time to work on a full price new game.

    So if they want to court me then they could start by making Napoleon a free DLC for Empires owners. Then, for gods sake, fix the basics before you start adding any more cherries.

    • archonsod says:

      I haven’t had any problems with Empire, and the AI and diplomacy are certainly the equal to, if not slightly improved on, Rome. It’s not perfect, but then TW has always been about the battles rather than empire building.

      Only complaint I have in fact is that the naval battles are rather tedious.

    • Jimbo says:

      According to Steam I played 70 hours of Empire, so I got plenty out of it, but in that time I played 2 campaigns and they both corrupted and became unplayable half way through. That’s pretty much the cardinal sin for this type of game.

      I still caved and picked up Napoleon the other day though and it does seem a lot more solid this time around. They’re just double-dipping on Empire of course – it is essentially the same game just re-released – but the first two Napoleon campaigns I played were entertaining enough to justify the purchase. I’ve had a handful of awesome battles, each better than anything I had in Empire. The AI is still only competent, but that’s a huge improvement over Empire.

      I really think the next one needs to be Rome 2, with a more focused campaign/s similar to Kingdoms or Napoleon. Until they figure out the ‘steamroll’ issue, I don’t really have a lot of interest in playing another Grand Campaign in any setting.

    • Tim Ward says:

      I agree with what you said, but I really don’t understand where you (and all the other people have criticized them) are coming from attacking the naval battles. I think they’re great, well implemented (minus the insipid ‘balance’ changes they insisted on making for no good reason).

      Of course, I’m a warship fetishist and have the same sort of basic, beginners level understanding of naval tactics that most gamers pick up for land combat, so I sort of ‘got’ what you’re supposed to do with them without too much fuss. I think a lot of people who had problems with the naval battles were treating ships like sort of floating pike-men regiments.

    • battles_atlas says:

      @ archonsod

      I’m not claiming that AI and diplomacy are worse than Rome, but Rome is 6 years old, and about 5 releases ago. I’d like some sense of progress in the game design, beyond better graphics. There’s only so long that you can overlook such flaws. And I don’t see why you think TW is about battles and not empire building. Clearly its about both – thats what TW does. Its just one side is ruined by lame AI and diplomacy.

      @ Tim Ward

      I just don’t get how you’re supposed to play naval battles. They look awesome, but in any engagement with more than a couple of ships I end up either micro managing everything, and playing most of the battle paused, or I just do a couple of clicks and leave the auto-management to do the rest. Neither is that fun for me.

  15. Snall says:

    You people do know there are some good mods for Empire already right?? twcenter.net somewhere or other.

  16. 12kill4 says:

    I had a mixed experience with Empire… I bought it soon after release without having heard much of the bugs, played through an epic campaign as Russia and then I haven’t touched the game since- insteadi returned to Rome. I did notice the ridiculous ai and a few ctd bugs but otherwise fine.

  17. Navagon says:

    Has anyone complaining about Empire tried it again lately? I went back to it and the patches have vastly improved the speed and stability. No more crashes during battles and loading times on par with those in Medieval 2 and Rome. Yeah, sure it was pretty bad to begin with and it took them too long to fix it. But in my opinion it’s fixed now and well worth playing.

    • Andrew Dunn says:

      And Napoleon is an order of magnitude better. Mod tools aside – and that’s a big aside in some ways, obviously – CA is making amends in every way.

      There’s absolutely no reason to complain about this DLC, it also activates four King’s German Legion troop types for the British.

    • Navagon says:

      Certainly in terms of performance and interface it’s vastly improved. I also appreciate the smaller improvements such as the lack of green splotch denoting where troops can move to on the campaign map. It’s much prettier now. The lack of Grand Campaign is the only downside. But as long as that makes a return in the next Total War, Napoleon bodes well for the series.

    • Andrew Dunn says:

      Why do people keep saying this? There is a grand campaign. It’s just that it takes place in a far more detailed Europe instead of having multiple theatres.

  18. DMcCool says:

    I’m in a weird situation with Empire. I actually loved it to death on release, it totally bought me in with its setting in a way only the original Medieval really had (and Shogun, obviously). I had giddy fun making the British Empire a republic, letting certain units and generals become legend before shipping them off to another continent to wage war again (the man that single handedly conquered India having to be shipped back to Blighty with all his men in preperation for the invasion of Spain being on example). I didn’t really have many crashes (well in some naval battles), the game played like a dream and was excellent fun.

    And then I heard about there being no naval invasions, and my heart sunk. Then I learnt that I wasn’t just bad at diplomacy, it didn’t work for anyone. Then I learnt there was no way to mod Empire, and my heart sunk lower. You don’t just play Total War games once, you go through their campaigns again and again as different factions, and through different total conversion mods. After learning that I hadn’t expericned a series of coincidences, that the game really wasn’t finished yet (and CA were never going to let us finish it), I couldn’t stomach going back to play it again. We were sold half a Total War game, basically.

    So, despite loving Empire, I like others really want Napoleon Total War to fuck right off. It fixing alot of the problems of Empire is just adding insult to injury. Napoleon is a game with nothing of what I love about Total War (the crazy remaking of history, the huge, sprawling campaigns), but all the things I didn’t mind about the game improved. Better combat? Uh, great, I quite enjoyed Empire’s. Better Graphics? Since when did your audience actually care about that, CA?

    As far as I can see the cardinal sin for any developer is to suddendly drop mod support in a series. Why can’t they understand being able to modify the game is half the fun? Its like giving a child a new toy but this time only letting him play with it in the ways you dictate. Some fun he’ll have with that toy. the next Elder Scrolls game could comit twice as many development sins as Oblivion but if they give us another Construction Set that powerful I’ll find it in my heart to forgive them; I’ll still be getting the game I want, hell, I can help make it (and gladly will).

    I’m not saying every game should have mod support, but once you give a group of people something, they are going to get pissed off when you take it away without explanation or warning. It shows a deep lack of respect for the people that’ve loved your games, and it can make even the kindliest fan turn ANGRY INTERNET MAN in a heartbeat.

  19. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    Am I the only one who didnt really mod my games? I was very young when i had them, with no internet, but still….

    I played those games to the death, regardless of new mod content.
    In medevial i played so many different factinos on the different difficulties, and each really did add enough that i never even considered modding.

    And, Rome was woeful, i thought. Annoying spear chucking units, having to play a campaign before getting a choice….

    And now the graphics issue.
    Medevial 2 was way way too big. I dont care that each unit looked different. I never ever zoom in, im the commander, not the director. I actually want to go back to medevial 1’s graphics, perfectly informatve and not too heavy on the computer.
    Allow me to play medevial on a laptop without making it a super computer, and taking up half the drive.

    So when these are the issues they are fixing in their new games;
    I really dont care.

    Make Napolen on FreeLC for Empire, and ill forgive you.

    • dadioflex says:

      The only way to play the games is with mods, imo. Rome Total Realism sopped up hundreds of hours of my life. I reinstalled it about a month ago after RTW was on sale on Steam and I have over 90 hours logged on it so far.

    • Collic says:

      Totally with you on those points. Medieval remains their best game – and I never felt I needed to mod it, either. It still has lots of features they’ve never put in any game sense, and the best map.

      The later games needed ‘fixing’ far more, imo. The downhill slide started with Rome. (though I did still like Rome, I must admit).

      Lots of new features (and great ones inexplicably missing), but no AI to play against is the current story of Total war games. Oh and appalling battle AI – even in napoleon from what I’ve seen.

  20. dadioflex says:

    Imperial edition is under 17 quid on Amazon.co.uk at the minute. I’m not sure I want it even at that price but it’s in my basket…

    It’ll download through Steam just fine once your serial number is entered.

  21. Joe Duck says:

    Empire was a huge, huge letdown. Rome os one of my favourite games of all time, and I was a vocal fanboy of CA up to the release of Empire.
    Most of the problems in this game can be considered consequences of the ambitious design, and this we could eventually forgive, or try to work around.
    However, on one subject, CA outright lied to the customer. We were promised a multiplayer campaign mode. When the game came out, there was none. It was promised as a patch. It did not come. It was announced as a beta. It did not come. It was hinted for a release after Napoleon. It has not come.
    I am sorry, Empire was a mix of excessive ambition and dishonest marketing and CA lost my confidence. So the got none of my money for Napoleon, and even if Rome 2 came in the future, I very much doubt I’d buy it.

    • Pema says:

      ETW has a beta MPC.
      NTW has a working MPC.

    • Joe Duck says:

      My point exactly, there’s no multiplayer campaign for ETW.

    • Collic says:

      And the MPC was always promised as an upcoming patch for Empire. The game was marketed with that as a future feature.

  22. Pema says:

    NTW, although very similar to ETW, is way better than ETW.

    For starters, it IS rock stable, while ETW was a crash fest.
    The game engine has been polished and improved.
    There are no more the boring siege battles.
    The new replenishemnt system and building swaps decrease the amount of micro-management.
    Attrition works in the gameplay.
    Repair in naval battles is handy

    It is not a perfect game but to even compare it to ETW is a disservice. They are worlds apart.

  23. Andrew Dunn says:

    Napoleon is also more different from Empire than Medieval 2 was from Rome, but Medieval 2 was full price and no-one complained about it being a glorified expansion pack. Funny that.

    Of course, Napoleon does appear to be what CA wanted Empire to be in the first place, with regard to implemented features and such. Which can’t be said for the Rome-Medieval 2 comparison.

  24. Langman says:

    Empire:TW will always go down as one of the great mysteries of PC gaming; not just because of how poor it was, but how so many leading gaming publications totally dropped the ball in judging it (it’s unfair to just criticise the PCG review, nearly everyone else was equally at fault).

    Napoleon may well be the better game, at least that’s what I gather from hearing various feedback, but I’m simply not going to consider buying it. I’ve already wasted money on the last CA game, therefore as punishment they won’t get more of it for this one.

    If they get their act together in the future I’ll consider buying a game from them, although I won’t trust any reviews for a TW game ever again.

    • Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

      PCG dropped the ball on Napoleon, kind of.
      They absolutely slammed it, i mean if i had skipped Empire, and thus still loved CA, i would never have bought Napoleon.
      And then they go give it a score of 80.
      The words and the number at the end are totally at odds. Its like they have to give the game a good score merely because it comes from pedigree.

    • Tim Ward says:

      I think they were just mindful of everything they’d failed to mention for Empire and made sure to pick up on everything for the Napoleon review. The score was probably accurate (still one of the lowest they’ve ever given a TW title) given what I’ve heard of Napoleon: it’s much better, for what it is, than Empire.

  25. Hmm says:

    CA, use Impulse Reactor for your future Total War releases and release them in a rather unbuggy state.
    Sorry to say it again, but I don’t want another bug-ridden product plagued with Steamworks.

    • Collic says:

      You know, Ironically, it coming with steamworks was why I gave them the benefit doubt with Empire; they’ve always made games that needed a few patches to be up to scratch.

      What I got instead was a game released in such a bad state having the patches served through steam made no appreciable difference at all. Lesson learned.

  26. IncredibleBulk92 says:

    I didn’t know you guys were on Steam. I just got here through a link in Napoleon’s store page. Awesome!

  27. Redoubt says:

    I would never suggest not purchasing TW games in the future. I was the one, prior to the migration at Totak War, who envisaged a progression of games starting circa 1812 to WWI all the way to WWII with games split intotwo (saleable) theaters: European, Pacific.
    To the point: Napoleon TW is well crafted. Two week cycles is all well and good, but the training of the various units is so slow (having to fill the time via diplomacy and managing my ministers) that I once fell asleep: one unit produced in 3 turns; sometimes 8? Same for ships. You either need to spend everything on infrastructure, or conquer a region rather quickly–with three units? The Defense to Offense ratio does not permit winning any battles with 3 units.

  28. Redoubt says:

    I would never suggest not purchasing TW games in the future. I was the one, prior to the migration at Totak War, who envisaged a progression of games starting circa 1812 to WWI all the way to WWII with games split intotwo (saleable) theaters: European, Pacific.
    To the point: Napoleon TW is well crafted. Two week cycles is all well and good, but the training of the various units is so slow (having to fill the time via diplomacy and managing my ministers) that I once fell asleep: one unit produced in 3 turns; sometimes 8? Same for ships. You either need to spend everything on infrastructure, or conquer a region rather quickly–with three units? The Defense to Offense ratio does not permit winning any battles with 3 units.

  29. tech121 says:

    Guess i’m one of the few that actually loved Empire but was disappointed in napoleon.

  30. antred says:

    No more crashes? Speak for yourself. My games still crash way too frequently. Sure, many of the bugs have been fixed, but there are still too many problems for a game that has been released more than a year ago.

  31. wade says:

    i’ve played the whole series and empire was the worst but all in all what i hate most is steam, what a sucky system for someone who just wants to use there game without playing online, i have been waiting 2 full days with computer online for an update to napolean to download. ditch steam and just sell a game that i can play out of the box!

  32. DNA says:

    Rome total war Blows. ETW is better then all of them.

  33. Daemon says:

    What I want to know is how you download the free downloadable content, isn’t that what Free DLC means? Where the hell is the link to get it????

  34. firesword says:

    Empire was great, you cannot blame graphic card issues on CA, thats up to you the owner or the maker of card. I love the naval combat, people moan about the ships speed, well we are using sail not steam or nuclear fusion!!!. Instead of moaning about it, train to become a games designer and join CA instead of sitting in the spare room ranting