Spooks: Sniper Ghost Warrior Announced

The trees are alive!

There are occasions where you can only desperately hope that a game’s name is literal. It’s a bit of a shame that’s not the case for the recently announced Sniper Ghost Warrior, which rather than being about playing a spectral sniper, who presumably uses his invisibility to excellent effect when using poltergeist skills to assassinate targets, is in fact about being an elite sniper carrying out missions in the fictitious South American island, Isla Trueno. In fact, it’s so contrary to my supernatural assumptions that City Interactive‘s game is focusing on creating something as realistic as possible.

According to the press release, the game “accounts for the distance of a shot, fall-off of the bullet’s trajectory, and environmental factors, such as wind direction.” It’s squad-based, your sniper surrounded by similarly skilled commandos, whom you can use to help you locate enemies for your targeting. “Spotting”, this is called. You even have to worry about your own breathing.

If this were Just Cause 2 you'd just blow that stuff up. This is now how I see the world.

We’re assured it will be a smart game, the release explaining, “Sniper Ghost Warrior represents a clever take on the military simulation genre, and also allows users to hone their sniper skills in a series of unique multi-player modes, wherein up to 16 players can compete simultaneously.”

It’s out as soon as June this year, so there’s not long to wait to find out if this is the super-hardcore sniper sim you’ve been waiting for. I, meanwhile, am going to have a cry about it not featuring ghosties.


  1. Fumarole says:

    What a shame, I’d buy the poltergeist-as-assassin game.

  2. Rob says:

    If it’s at least half as good as Sniper Elite, I’ll have to give it a try.

    • shalrath says:

      I know someone who worked on that, I’ll forward your praise for the game :)

    • D says:

      Oh man forward my praises too, and buy the man a beer for gods sake! He deserves it.

    • starclaws says:

      Yes for what I saw of the game it was truly amazing. Old and tough engine. But amazing.

  3. westyfield says:

    Oh great. 16-player multiplayer where everyone is a sniper. This can only end well.

    • EthZee says:

      Well, given how realistic this game purports to be, I imagine the sniping will be very difficult.

      So, 16-player servers, filled with people who aren’t very good at sniping. I’m imagining that, and it’s hilarious.

    • HermitUK says:

      Some sort of Hidden-esque mode, where the sniper is outnumbered by soldiers, could be awesome.

      Provided you don’t give the soldier infinate grenade ammo, or the sniper a mortar strike.

    • westyfield says:

      @ HermitUK

      No-one would be stupid enough to do that.

  4. Vinraith says:

    A good military sim is a rare and beautiful thing, here’s hoping this works out.

    Speaking of which, was Sniper Elite any good?

    • GYAD says:

      A bit too linear for my tastes but on the more realistic settings it was great fun. Like the original AVP you were very weak which made every decision important. Crossing a street was suddenly a major choice. Great setting too. But there were bugs, stupid enemies and the story locked you into following fairly straightforward procession. It’s one of the few games that would have benefited from being sandbox. Like many of Rebellions games it’s a flawed gem. I’m sure its cheap now though, so probably worth a punt.

    • JuJuCam says:

      Too bad this didn’t come up a couple weeks ago when Sniper Elite was $2 on a Steam Midweek Madness sale. I picked it up with no expectations and found it enjoyably intense, and fairly satisfying when you get a nice long range headshot on an unsuspecting target.

    • hapax legomenon says:

      Seconding Juju here. It’s a solid game– the AI is strong enough to keep things interesting– for example, enemies respond to sniper attacks by sending troops to your last known location (which you have of course left covered with tripwire mines, and are currently in the next room with a silenced pistol to finish off stragglers). Solid game that rewards inventive play.

  5. Rich says:

    Oh great, snipers.

    Does anyone else find avoiding/being a sniper one of the most annoying parts of FPS games?
    Generally any stealth bit is a real pain, unless done very well. Combine this with a checkpoint system and you have my idea of hell.

    Obviously all of the above is trumped by babysitting missions, but it’s still a pain in the arse.

    • Jesse says:

      Yes! As a non-sniper, my perfect multiplayer FPS would have no sniper rifles at all. It’s too asymmetric for me to have fun as the sniper’s prey.

      Granted, I am biased from speaking mostly from my experience in Halo. I still play Halo 3 with a friend once a week and in that game being a great sniper means you’re at the top of the food chain. Your weapon reaches across the map with a scope that means no real drop in accuracy, there’s no bullet drop, the bullet speed is very nearly instantaneous, player speed is very slow, the crouch is almost useless, and there’s no dive and roll, cover mechanics, camouflage, or sprint to help the sniper’s target. If a good sniper sights you, you’re meat. I notice Bungie’s added a dive roll and a dash in Halo: Reach. About time!

      So that’s all about Halo, but it’s not any more fun to get sniped in Bad Company 2. Call me old fashioned but I believe moving around should be part of the gameplay in an FPS. WASD: learn it, love it, use it. If this game draws off even part of the dedicated snipers in the FPS community, I say more power to it.

    • D says:

      The best counter against snipers in BFBC2 Rushmode is ignoring them, I’ve found. As such, the class adds another layer to where you can go, in addition to the vehicles which also occationally block off large parts of the map. I think its a good layer to have and I think it prevents the game from being too arcady, even if it is always annoying to die to unseen enemies. Also in Red Orchestra, this idea of covered areas where you just can’t move freely, is deeply embedded as everyone is playing, to some degree, a moving sniper. And in Red Orchestra, I would much prefer if noone had automatic weapons. I think a full on sniper vs. sniper game could achieve some remarkable fun, as (‘real’) sniping is a quite complex affair that also requires a lot of patience.

  6. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    I, meanwhile, am going to have a cry about it not featuring ghosties.

    There, there John. At least console yourself with the fact that at least Ghost Recon has proper ghosts in it this time around.

  7. Ricc says:

    “Sniper! Ghost! Warrior!” would have been a better title.

    • EthZee says:

      …They fight crime?

    • HermitUK says:

      He’s a veteran sniper suffering from Vietnam flashbacks. She’s the ghost of of a french resistance soldier killed in WWII. He’s 13th century knight dragged through time to the present day. Together, they fight terrorists and ultranationalist Russians in the jungle.

    • Thiefsie says:

      I’d buy that…

  8. clive dunn says:

    hmmm, the devil on my shoulder suggests this might be a fun game to run around manically determined to not sit and hide and just melee all those cowardly snipers. Snipers deserve nothing more, the bastards!

  9. Jad says:

    Those are some really nice graphics in those screenshots, if they are actual gameplay.

    Skimming through Gamespot’s list of City Interactive reveals a lot of budget titles, so we’ll see if this game actually looks that good, and plays the way it should.

  10. jsutcliffe says:

    I wonder how many fictional islands have been made for videogames out of cowardice about offending people from whatever real location people are trying to set their game in. I wonder what a map of the world that includes all these fictional land masses looks like.

  11. cliffski says:

    another game that sounds like the product of a random game name generator…

  12. beloid says:

    Vinraith said:
    Speaking of which, was Sniper Elite any good?

    mixed bag, the shooting mechanics are excellent but the mission and map design is pretty mediocre. You mostly stay on ground level and snipe your opponents from not-so-far-away distance, instead of scouting through desolated attics and taking them out by surprise. But maybe it’s just my expectation being too high.

    • D says:

      I think it was the sniper chapter of the CIA guerrilla manual that adviced snipers to stay close to the ground, as there are more objects to obscure the angles. If you’re in a bell tower its pretty obvious to everyone where to look.

    • GYAD says:

      On the other hand all the WW2 urban terrain manuals say you should never cross the street but instead move from building to building by smashing/blowing holes in the walls. It would have been a better game if you could have moved by street, by building or by sewer all the time.

  13. Jahkaivah says:

    With ever popular multiplayer mod Snipers vs Ghosts vs Warriors.

  14. The Diddler says:

    >City Interactive

    DO NOT WANT!!!

    • Springy says:

      Hey, they’re the KINGS of the 3 for £10 section of my local GAME store.

  15. In the Eye says:

    Sniper Elite was good (not great). There’s no other game available where you can pull off crazy shots like this.

    It’s a frequent Steam weekend sale (only $2 last time, IIRC) so you won’t lose out much.

    • Fumarole says:

      I once scored a kill at about 1,000 meters in the original Delta Force during a multiplayer game. It took several shots, but I got that bugger eventually. Usually I was on the receiving end of those.

  16. Brumisator says:

    John Walker must have either too good or too feeble an imagination, can’t be sure which.

    When I read the title, I immediately thought “oh, cool! a sniper simulator!”
    I hope it’s better than that sniper game set in WW2.

  17. Brumisator says:

    I really need to figure out what’s wrong with my logging in and stop posting as a guest

    Sniper Elite was the game I meant, and having played it after arma2, I just laughed it off as a feeble attempt at realism.
    It was fun for about 2 maps, but then the overall sloppiness, ugliness, and boringtude (?) set in.

    So maybe Sniper Elite was a good game back in ye olden days, but nowadays, there are games that just make it feel so old and clunky that it’s pointless anymore.

    So in a nutshell, yay Sniper Ghost something.

  18. Clovis says:

    So, with the breathing, do they do that inaccurate thing where you hit a button to stop breathing, or do you have to accurately time your shot to when you are breathing out?

    • D says:

      Nobody knows is obviously not the answer you’re looking for. But I want to question why you think the button-holdbreath is inaccurate. The holding of breath is always being actively controlled by the shooter. Changing this to a timing minigame in a game would not be more accurate (but I’ll give you: maybe more interesting).

    • Brumisator says:

      Well not to seem arrogant or anything but I have completed one year of military training (yes, in real life), and if you want to shoot a rifle accurately, you indeed do hold your breath, you don’t time your shots waiting for the next time you’re going to exhale.

      Really, IRL there’s nothing to it, you just…hold your breath, it’s as easy as pressing a button, so a minigame would feel very superfluous imo.

      Now of course, the right way to hold the weapon, the right squeezing of the trigger, these are all important factors, but I really can’t see how they could be implemented into a videogame without having ludicrous addon peripherals.

  19. wererogue says:

    I’ve not complained about the ads on here before, though some have been pretty crude or exploitative, but I’m seeing one now that asks “What is your level of intelligence”, and follows it with a colourblindness test (a circle composed of smaller circles, in which most of the circles are red, but some are coloured green in a pattern resembling the number 74.)

    Colour recognition has nothing to do with intelligence, and while I am not myself colourblind, I find the ad particularly offensive.

    So there :P

  20. Tei says:

    A Sniper Ghost Warrior enter a bar…

  21. Hmmmm says:

    So I decided to go to the Video Game Name Generator and it randomly gave me this result:
    “Spooky Sniper Spies.”


  22. Catastrophe says:

    The title to that game is horrendous.

    Its like a 5 year old child is trying to name themselves in a make believe game they are playing.

    “Super Sonic Laser Man Assassin Ninja Pirate”.

    “Oooo one better… Super Sniper Ghost Warrior…… of DOOM!!!!!”

  23. Dreamhacker says:

    Wow and here I thought there were too damn many snipers in BC2!

  24. Frye says:

    That should be exciting: 16 guys in cover, mumbling : i’m a rock. At least nobody will notice when they’re disconnected.

  25. Wolf says:

    I think the only people who have a problem with snipers are idiots who are too stupid to use actual tactics and end up running around with their LMGs blasting away at everything that moves because they couldn’t hit the broad side of not one but two elephants even if they were humping each other.

  26. enemyatgate says:

    cant imagine 16 snipers on a map. unless their spread over the globe…must be like that sniper training mp map in Far cry… hope its nothing to do with towers like in far cry that look like Light towers when some cowboy is scooping u…….. at least now there will be no one complaining, Hiders win!

    the title didnt inspire me ether… makes it even hard to Google.. is it that why sniping games r so few. Cant someone come up with a name. Im not happy with mine but I have no choice. Perhaps the developers askt their kids. Seems they took it from a legend or a tale. I mean what the hell has a sniper to do with a warrior or a ghost….. beside form being stealthy…

  27. ceebee says:

    LOVE sniper Elite to..

    Best snipe: 1001 Meters.. beat that ;)

  28. mihai says:

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