Band Of Gold: Mount & Blade: Warband Trial

Too late for a Warband Of Gold to tie into its finalization for duplications thing, alas. Still! A fine record about impotence, sez I.

We mentioned it was released earlier this week, but Mount & Blade: Warband now has a trial version (Or here). It’s basically the full game, which you can advance your mounted, bladed one up to level 7. After that, you’ll need to pay to unlock the full version. Honestly, if you’ve never played Mount & Blade, this is an ideal chance to start with its Horsey-Horsey Elite-meets-Rohan-isms, and a fine thing to spend your Easter weekend on which doesn’t involve eating your bodyweight of chocolate Jesus. Trial here and launch trailer follows…


  1. tigershuffle says:

    wooohoooo!! been playin the beta and just ordered for delivery.
    So this should see me right for a few days :) until Asda do their post thang


  2. parKing says:

    Even if you do not hit the level 7, the demo ends after thirty game days. Whatever… I am buying it tomorrow anyway.

  3. tigershuffle says:

    oh and ive just found out the ‘COLLECTORS EDITION’ is a load of bs. Lazy retailers or cynical distributors… decide!!
    mind you pc ‘special editions’ are normally pants anyways……extra cash for some postcards and a slightly bigger box



    Mount and Blade Warband is stand alone up to 64 mp.

    All UK sites listed Warband as “Mount and Blade Warband Collectors Edition” as they picked up an error on our release schedule last year.

    Apolgies for the confusion as we made an error …. we did not want to mislead anyone…

    Roger at Ascaron ( the UK distributor for this release)”


    link to

  4. Tei says:

    What mods you guys recomend? I have downloaded “The Eagle And The Radiant Cross” and “WW2 China Battlefield”, I don’t know if these will work..

    • tigershuffle says:

      not sure any mods working with Warband yet??!

      best check the Taleworlds forums tbh…………

      I would guess most of em will be ported over eventually . A bit like the Arma to Arma2 mods

  5. Dain says:

    None of those will work with Warband. Warband is completely standalone.

    Which is slightly disappointing to those of us who bought the first one. This started out as an expansion, then turned into a standalone with the devs saying that those who bought the first game would get a discount and finally it just turned into a standalone. You’re paying for a game you pretty much already own with some new shinyness added. Which is the definition of a sequel I suppose.

    Remarkably similar to Napoleon: Total War in that regard though. Same game with some new features and graphics, release as new game.

    Cheap enough from Amazon though it seems. Not going to pay the 25 quid steam asks, or the 20 quid the devs ask for a game I mostly already own.

  6. tigershuffle says:

    £17.99 digital download………not bad :)
    link to

    ive already ordered for retail from asda for £16.93

    • Jimbo says:

      As an aside, Chaos Rising is also £10 cheaper on GamesPlanet than it is on Steam or THQ shop. They just send you a key which you use to activate and download it through Steam.

      I guess they’re worth checking out whenever you find yourself shouting “How much?!?” at Steam.

  7. WoopK says:

    Loved Mount and Blade. Played the Warband demo (single player) having played a bit of the multiplayer during beta. Agree that if you own the original – and you like the single player game – there’s not enough here to warrant another dip into your wallet.

    If you haven’t already got M&B however, now is definitely a great time to do so,

    • disperse says:


      Another way to look at it is I got more than twice my money’s worth out of Mount and Blade so Warband gives me a chance to support the developers again…

  8. 532sa says:

    I dont know why a lot of RPS readers have such a hardon over this game. I’m sure i’d understand if I actually engaged in quests, or talked to lords and what-not but I dont want to spend a majority of my time navigating through towns or castles finding these assholes only to be greeted with walls of text. No thanks

    So, what I did was raise an army of whoever I could find from any town, and then dominate one faction at a time. I took castles, razed towns, pillaged and sold to their rivals. I swore myself to a king only because it was convenient, and I plotted a road to destruction all the way to my kings castle.

    Overall, worth 3ish hours of entertainment before it gets stale. So, to reiterate my point, I don’t think this game is worth money. Why am I wrong?

    • disperse says:


      You may not be wrong. There are two kinds of gamers: those who get bored with the lack of direction of open world games, and those who thrive off the freedom given. If you are looking for structure and want a concrete storyline, Mount and Blade won’t deliver. For those of us who want to create our own stories, Mount and Blade is pure gaming gold.

    • durr says:

      Complaining about a “lack of story” in an open-world game like M&B is like complaining about it in Sim City or Civilization. It really is a game for people who like the depth of micro-managing inventories, doing side-quests, reading “walls of text” and seeing the advanced gameplay options as a challange rather than an avoid-worthy burden.

      M&B is on its way to becoming one of my favorite games of the past decade. I just started playing a short while ago and I’m completely blown away.

    • sinister agent says:

      It really is a game for people who like the depth of micro-managing inventories, doing side-quests, reading “walls of text” and seeing the advanced gameplay options as a challange rather than an avoid-worthy burden.

      Sorry, what game are you talking about now? Because none of those sound like Civ or SimCity or Mount and Blade. M&B isn’t about ‘advanced gameplay options’, whatever those are. It’s fun because it’s a medieval combat game where you actually need some semblance of skill to fight people, rather than just having clicked on more rats than your opponents. And the fighting of people is fun.

    • JuJuCam says:

      “So, what I did was raise an army of whoever I could find from any town, and then dominate one faction at a time. I took castles, razed towns, pillaged and sold to their rivals. I swore myself to a king only because it was convenient, and I plotted a road to destruction all the way to my kings castle.”

      If you managed all this in only 3 hours then you’re a better player than I am. You also sound like you had a heck of a good time. Frankly I’m not sure if I should read this comment as a criticism.

  9. Shadowcat says:

    So to clarify, this IS (effectively) the complete original Mount & Blade game and feature set, but with additional features?

    i.e. If you were to buy Warband, there would be absolutely no point in also buying the original?


    • Dain says:

      Got it in one. No reason to buy the original unless you REALLY wanted to play some of the mods.

    • Andrew Dunn says:

      And it’s a fair bet that most of the mods will be ported over to Warband fairly soon, with the exception of that big Lord of the Rings one that hasn’t even been ported to M&B 1.0 yet.

  10. durr says:

    I just bought the original M&B on the Steam sale a few weeks ago and, what can I say, this is the most fun I had with a bold, fresh, genre-mixy game since the original XCom. The battles just *feel* right, with amazing, natural flowing movement and animations among hundreds of fighters. Horse combat, especially, is something pretty much unlike anything you played before. Graphics are beautiful for an indie game, the worldmap gameplay is keeping you buzy on the long run and after sinking nearly 20 hours into the game so far, I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of its depth.

  11. Orange says:

    it really is a wonderful game. I like the improvements they’ve made as well since the original and I imagine there will be the usual great mods and maps from the community.

  12. Chiablo says:

    I paid about $5 for the original game and got more value from it than most games I spend $50 or more on (I’m looking at you, Modern Warfail 2.) So I feel justified spending $26 on a game that I haven’t even had time to boot up yet.

  13. Al3xand3r says:

    If you have M&B my advice is to wait for a price cut as this isn’t worth the money asked compared to the original.

    I really loved the original game which I bought for $20 or $25 many years ago yet this one cost more Euros than that and is only slightly fresh, just about enough to play again, but it probably won’t last as long. The new features (other than MP, which I personally find to be very sloppy and a glitch hell) sound substantial on paper but the game’s more or less the same as the original in terms of how you progress through it, while other features had been done already by user modifications (like kingdom management, making lords out of your party and ordering them around Calradia, etc). Though some of them, like rooting enemies, are handled better in Warband (enemies actually exiting the battle map when they retreat, unlike the morale mod).

    If however you’ve never played M&B before then this is the version you should get, obviously. And it will be damn worthwhile. Have fun.

    I also hate they spent resources on visuals and tried to hype them up as upgraded, when the game’s just butt ugly either way. Waste of resources that would have been better spent on gameplay.

    • Davie says:

      Yeah, I agree with you on the visuals. I guess they added HDR and some bumpmaps, which admittedly makes the game look nicer. However, the models are still very low-poly, and the world map still looks rather poor–and who knows what they could have done if they spent that money on improving the physics, hit detection, etc.

      Still an excellent game though, and I’m loving the demo. I never bought the original, but this is a definite purchase.

    • Dain says:

      Re: Graphic improvements not being enough.

      Well, I think I’d rather have graphics which are below triple AAA standard, but allow a hell of a lot of troops on the battlefield at once..

      I think the ideal thing to do would be to hack up a TW engine to allow hundreds of soldiers on the field at once and still look pretty good.

  14. damien says:

    *thanks mr. gillen: every morning should begin with a freda payne pun.

  15. SpinalJack says:

    Played the trail none stop for the last couple of hours, it’s a fun game, I can see many more hours sinking into this game and I’m already pretty attached to my character. Although I kept losing fights and all my men XD

  16. Chaos says:

    Looks like the download link for the demo is broken – there’s no file there now.

    However, it seems you can down load the game from, the Taleworlds site – which is the demo, paying for it just let’s you keep advancing past level 7.

  17. Aaron says:

    if you are interested in playing multiplayer, then DON’T wait for a price cut. there may be far fewer servers up by then, and those still playing will be ungodly good at the game. best to jump in now while it’s hot.

    M&B multi is some of the most fun i have had online in a long while.

  18. manveruppd says:

    Is that a Tom Waits reference you snuck in there? :)

  19. Al3xand3r says:

    @Dain, eh, where did I say I wanted better graphics? Sure, the game looks like a 2002 title, so it would be sweet to get better visuals (you most certainly can do far more pleasing results even without increasing the load on a machine, as most of the M&B content is not merely below spec, it’s simply crudely created from non professionals (the guy’s wife for the bulk of it?), but that’s not at all what I said in my post there.

  20. Xander77 says:

    Now that Beta is over, is there some freely available version of the game that has multiplayer? The trial version kicks you out for having the wrong serial number.