A Glimpse Of Crysis 2 In Times Square

Pat from Videogaming247 managed to capture the first true Crysis 2 trailer when it was shown in Times Square last night. Check out his video below. There’s also still a timer on the teaser site.


  1. bildo says:

    That was not worth the advertising costs. Could have used that money for better things, like beer.

  2. Davie says:

    Well then. Exciting stuff! Although rather brief.

  3. Drexer says:

    Is it worth for me to say that for a moment there it seemed like it would turn into a Nike commercial? Specially when he seems to bend down to tie his sneaker.

    • bildo says:

      DAT ASS!

    • Uhm says:

      I think he was just concerned about the litter on the streets. It’s like a remake of Trashman.

    • Drexer says:

      @ Uhm

      It was obviously a map, he doesn’t know that area of the city.

    • Uhm says:

      He wouldn’t be very good at his trashman job then.

    • Gorgeras says:

      Nomad doesn’t know Times Square? Hasn’t he played ANY of the games that accurately feature Times Square and the rest of Manhattan?

      I’ve never been to New York, but I know how to get to Central Park from the WTC site.

  4. battles_atlas says:

    Yeah Crysis is looking fat

  5. Tyshalle says:


  6. Sobric says:


  7. blah says:

    Heretic II!

  8. El_MUERkO says:

    people “wooo” at that?

    not only was it boring it was also reminiscent of the photo’s of the missing in the aftermath of 9/11 and thus in poor taste

    • Drexer says:

      Poor in taste because it used a familiar image to obtain more easily a psychological response regarding a fictional situation? Geez, you must hate most movies then, because they are kind of based a lot around that.

      And that would be assuming that it was a practice that only appeared surrounding 9/11 when most historical events with disasters had similar responses. God forbid they try to be realistic and serious about that.

    • Sonicgoo says:

      Americans will woo at anything. It’s a cultural thing.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Sounds more like an ironic ‘woo’ to me.

  9. Vandelay says:

    Not really very exciting, but I’m sure it got the game a lot of publicity, so Crytek are probably pleased with it. Some actual in-game footage would be nice, but that would be asking a little too much judging by most modern game trailers.

    I particularly liked the way they asked you to dial a number to get the audio. I’m sure they were making a fair profit on those calls.

  10. TeeJay says:

    The shot from Crysis 2 looks like a deserted Times Square, so yeah – it would be kind of cool to stand in Times Square watching the same location ‘post-disaster’.

    Doesn’t everyone like to “location spot” when a film is shot in their home town and discuss all the “impossible” sequences when a character walks past well-known landmark A and somehow immediately teleports across town so that photogenic building B comes into shot (“28 Weeks Later” was really good for these kind of WTF moments)?

    • CMaster says:

      Prince of theives was hilarious for that too – they keep jumping their horses over Hadrain’s wall, including in the ride that only takes a single day from Dover to Nottingham.

  11. GS says:

    I loved the original to death but the more I see of Crysis 2 the more I think this is going to be a multiplatform flop. :(

  12. /V/endetta says:

    A dude picking up trash…….I nearly reached climax.

  13. WingNutZA says:

    Hahaha, this comment on VG made me lol:

    /moves dial on nano-suit


  14. Skusey says:

    His calf muscles are bigger than my face.

  15. whaleloever says:

    I like the way he’s facing away from the camera to hide his paunch. Poor ageing Crysisman.

  16. mbp says:

    What platforms is Crysis 2 going to be released on? Didn’t Crytek say they wouldn’ t make any more PC games because of ebil piwats?

    • Frankle says:

      Curse those evil Piwats. and there downwoading.
      I’m sowwy I don’t get out much…………
      “I’m soo Wonwey”

  17. Frankle says:

    on a more sewious note was that “woooooooooo” at the end, because that was really naff and it had finished. or did people actually get excited about people picking up litter?
    Maybe it’s an ad showing off a new breed of street cleaners?

  18. TeeJay says:

    Maybe that was the New York PR people shouting ‘woooo’ and thinking thank god that’s over now let’s go somewhere warm and have a drink.

  19. Jacques says:

    From the look of it, he’s picking up a photograph or poster of sorts, seemingly as if he doesn’t fully understand the depth of the situation that is confronting him, sort of like Gordon Freeman in HL2, but technically you have to choose to pick up odds and ends in that game, and few have as much meaning as wall posters and Breen speeches.

    Also, yeah, his calfs are friggin huge!

  20. Frankle says:

    It’s Just dawned on me. This is meant to be coming to consoles too. what do you do in cnsole games?
    pick up random crap lying around till you get an achievment.

  21. WimpoD says:

    “We’ll be in Nottingham by nightfall.”

    Good luck!

  22. WimpoD says:

    Hmmmm, I’ve yet to work out the Reply feature. The above comment was with respect to CMaster’s comment further up.

    • MWoody says:

      What causes reply to fail? It’s never happened to me. I just click reply, type what I want to say, put in the CAPTCHA and click “opinion, away!” Where does it go awry?

    • TeeJay says:

      @ WimpoD: “Hmmmm, I’ve yet to work out the Reply feature”

      > your best bet is to just type @xxxx : “quote” + comment

      or try adding:


  23. negativedge says:

    Oh look, it’s video games piggybacking on salient iconography for cheap thrills. Fuck off and die Crytek.

  24. Ardoris says:

    Is there any creativity left in the world of game trailers? I mean, come on, at least have him come out of the sewer with the Ninja Turtles….

    and then he picks up the trash…

    and then BAM! Splinter fight.

  25. prom gowns says:

    I would hope to be back tracking.