Mass Effect 2’s Kasumi DLC MIA

She's VERY enigmatic.

BioWare do seem to be having trouble keeping a leash on their DLC. The 6th April was supposed to be the day we were given a new character to join our team in Mass Effect 2, Kasumi Goto. The Kasumi DLC is out now! The tech-specialist enigmatic thief can be seen in her trailer below.

The PC’s DLC page is completely out of date, and the general page for the DLC on all formats still has the deadline as “early April”, despite being available on one format. Oh, please don’t let this be a repeat of the Return To Ostagar furore.

Of course, the reason this is such a pain is because the games are so good! Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age have been highlights of the last few years of gaming for me, and certainly a great number of others. Just a bit more effort put in to let players know when the game is due (and if it’s delayed, just say so – it’s far better to know to not expect it, than wait around not knowing either way) would go a long way. I’m off to bed now, without having played it. SADFACE.

Anyhow, enough moaning. Here’s the trailer for the new content, and hopefully we’ll be able to play it soon enough:


  1. LewieP says:

    I’m still holding back from Dragon Age. I got it for Christmas and I am definitely going to play it, I am just waiting for all the DLC to come out first. Especially for a relatively open ended RPG, when the DLC gives you fun toys for the rest of the game, I don’t want to complete it and then get the stuff made available to me afterwards.

    I am done with Fallout 3, for example, I really really enjoyed it, but there is no way I am ever going to play the final piece of DLC.

    • Premium User Badge

      DollarOfReactivity says:

      It’s true. I bought the Fallout 3 DLC after I had exhausted myself on the main game and after an hour couldn’t bring myself to keep going.

      I think DA is too long for me to go back. ME2, on the other hand, will certainly get another playthrough.

    • Vinraith says:

      In Fallout 3’s case, it’s easy enough for me to replay the game several times. The openness of the world, diversity of things to do, and availability of some fantastic mods make for one of those games I’m probably never going to stop going back to (just like Morrowind). Consequently, I’ve played through the game twice now, once with DLC (and Fallout Wanderer’s Edition) and there’s still a ton of stuff I’ve yet to see and do (even before I start adding things).
      ME2, on the other hand, is going to be a much tougher nut to crack in this regard. I’m always going to see the same places and do the same things on another play through, there are no mods, the only differences are narrative ones (which are interesting, and undoubtedly well done, but don’t vary the gameplay much). As with ME1 I intend to try to get through it again at some point to go the Paragon route (I probably shouldn’t have played Renegade first, always save the fun play through for last I always say :)) and see what changes. At the point that I get around to that (it’ll be a year or two, as I basically need to forget the game) I’ll have a look at the DLC. By then I imagine it’ll be cheap, so I suppose that works out for me.

    • bleeters says:

      Dragon Age’s DLC so far has varied between appropriately-excellent (the stone prisoner, in particular) and tiresome-grind-fest. Most seem content to pass themselves off on the promise of powerful items you can equip, though they continue to annoyingly assume everyone plays a human warrior, much to my dwarven frustration. Massive Armour looks ridiculous on dwarves, y’know.

      Point is, I’d highly recommend grabbing the stone prisoner and ignoring the rest, rather than holding off on a playthrough until they churn out some more. Neither of the others fundamentally improve the experience, and you could largely obtain what they offer (improved loot, a storage chest, so on and so forth) with some third party mods.

      Also? Avoid return to ostagar, if you’ve yet to play through once. For some mind bogglingly irksome reason, they saw fit to shameless describe the events that unfold there in the sodding description, outright ruining one of the most important early game plot moments. Just don’t go anywhere near it.

    • Morph says:

      Has anyone noticed the new Dragon Age DLC available? They are two sets of ‘Festive Day Gifts’ which seem to be new gifts to give to your party members and… well that’s it. A few quid for some gifts. Right.

      The more I think about this, the more I get the feeling I imagined them. Surely no-one would pay for these?

    • fuggles says:

      The thing with the dragon age april fools DLC is that it completely negates the relationship dynamic by giving love gives which give full approval and hate gifts which give no approval. Good luck not cheating and using those on your first play through.

  2. Lurch Kimded says:

    Well, the DLCs are there for me, and I could buy it (although I can’t afford it… darn self employment), so it seems she has appeared at last

  3. gp says:

    Im just gonna out and say it. can you bang her

    more importantly, can you bang her with female shepard

  4. Nathan says:

    Yup, the DLCs are there for me too, now.

    Good timing, John!

  5. jti says:

    Dragon Age did teach me one thing, never go for DLCs.

    Played Mass Effect 2 without any of the extras and never missed them.

  6. capital L says:

    This “purchase points” thing is unadulterated bullshit.

    • Springy says:

      Glad I’m not the only one grossly offended by it beyond all reasonable context. It’s just deceit, advertising the game for a certain amount of magic beans which you can’t actually buy it for. Grrr.

    • Springy says:

      Okay, a little further exploration revealed that if you click to buy ‘BioWare Points’ from the Mass Effect 2 DLC page or the Kasumi DLC page, the only available options of purchase are 800, 1200 and 1600 points (for content that costs 560 points).

      However, if you go to buy points via the Dragon Age portal, you can buy quantities of 400, 560, 800 or 1600. link to

      That’s just naughty.

    • Dodo says:

      Luckely, you don’t have to buy more points then you need. Then again, why even have points in the first place:S

    • subedii says:

      I just went to my profile and added points to it. Precisely the number of points that the DLC costs. I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise.

      In all it comes to about £4.50 ish.

      Still stupid to charge in a points based mechanism, but hey, at least they aren’t charging me for extra points that I’m not using in an incredibly pithy marketting attempt at getting me to either spend more or else waste my cash (Microsoft).

    • LewieP says:

      Also, the thing about MS points: buying them digitally is always more expensive than buying a retail code.

      So whilst 500 points costs £4.25 when bought digitally, 2,100 points often cost under £15 when bought via retail.

      It is silly silly silly, and again silly.

    • gp says:

      It’s not that silly. MS pay a fee every credit card transaction they make, so the points system means they pay less overall. Besides aren’t they scrapping that anyway?

    • Christian says:

      I fully agree. While I do understand the concept behind that sort of thing (making more money, and binding the customer to the site and the company, obv.) I don’t see any real benefit for me..except paying more and maybe some convenience when wanting to buy more stuff later (no more typing in CC-numbers for each purchase etc..).

      But I really don’t like it and refuse to buy some imaginary points..that’s just plain silly and nobody using that system gets any money from me. Converting currencies (between Euros, that strange currency from that island and those funny dollars) is tiresome enough..why would I want to add another layer to that?

    • MacQ says:

      The points are there for the sole purpose of screwing the customer.

      1. They use them, ’cause the customer doesn’t need to know right away how much money they spend on some digital Barbie costumes.

      2. They can make bundles of e.g. 1000 points and then sell stuff at an obscure value, so you then have some points left over. Because you don’t want to lose them, you then feel inclined to buy some more, just so you can spend them all and not have a feeling you’ve been screwed. But that just takes away the feeling. ;-)

  7. Bhazor says:

    OK that would be much better if the Thief class was playable as the main character. At the mercy of the computer AI? Not so much.

  8. TCM says:

    No idea what the issue is here, I just started downloading it.

    So yeah, it’s up. Maybe the treasonous Europamen get it later?

  9. bill says:

    she’s a sneaky thief?

    She seems more like a combat brawler from the trailer.

    I’ve really gotta finish Bioshock so I can play Jade empire, so I can play Mass Effect 1 so i can play Mass Effect 2. too many games…. not enough time.

  10. Karthik says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there are a couple of news announcements made about Kasumi at various news terminals in the vanilla game?
    I can’t help but wonder how much of this DLC was complete before the game shipped.

    I just finished playing ME2, and the narrative is complete, pristine. What a wonderful, gripping game! This is how I want to remember it when ME3 rolls around; I just can’t imagine going back to play this. Feels like a retcon.

    On the other hand, If I forget enough about the game in an year, I’ll look forward to playing it through with a new character, with all the DLC they release by then.

  11. Klaus says:

    I wish I could be interested but after reinstalling Windows and a bunch of other crap, I’m just not in the mood to install ME2. Kasumi will have to wait until I’m ready to install.

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  13. Isometric says:

    I’ve not seen anything worth intalling and going back to do it all again yet. I’ll wait till they’re done releasing all the DLC.

    • Isometric says:

      That is *Installing and Please go away GHD Hustler. You’ve got the wrong target audience surely? A website about PC games? Really? GHD STRAIGHTENERS FOR ALL. I need to go to bed, so tired :(

  14. Hunam says:

    Apparently the content can be clocked in about 30 minutes with 45 being top estimate.

    I don’t get why Bioware make a 30 hour game then release 30 minute DLC. Dragon Age was the same. 60 hour base game, 25 minute DLC. They need to go back to their NWN DLC quality. That stuff was better than the main game and had some serious playtime to boot.

    • skalpadda says:

      Took me just over an hour, granted some of that time was spent making coffee. I can’t see how you’d do it in 30 minutes unless you seriously rush it and/or play on the easiest settings.

  15. Devan says:

    Hmm. So she’s like the best thief in the universe then. Just like almost every other person on your team is #1 at something or other. So it means she turns invisible in combat and uses tech powers. Aside from whatever narrative this DLC contains, her special thief powers aren’t really going to make a lick of difference. Just like your world-class assassin isn’t really better at killing people than your world-class scientist, I don’t think this world-class thief is really going to add anything to your crew.
    If (as some people are saying) the extra content isn’t that long, I don’t see the point in buying this.

    To each his own I guess.

    • Wulf says:

      I feel much the same way. I enjoyed Mass Effect 2 and thought it was worth what I paid for it, but £4.50 for 30 minutes of content is on the “Uh, no.” end of my fairness scale. Not that I think that Bioware DLC is bad though, because as has been said, their NWN DLC was quite decent (and that’s what I think establishes a fair content to price ratio).
      The way I look at it is this… £5 x 5 is about a mainstream game price, but who’d pay £30 for a game that’s only two and a half hours long (5 * 30 minutes)?
      (Edited: Okay, no more posting things involving any numbers when suffering sleep-deprivation. Though weirdly it seems to help my number crunching when coding. I’ll never understand that. Brain, you make no sense! Anyway, I had to correct that.)

    • malkav11 says:

      The NWN “DLC” was for the most part created by third party modding teams offered a chance to make some money by creating premium content for the game. And although the premium modules are quite good – in many cases, better than what Bioware themselves made for the original campaign – that program flamed out and isn’t likely to be repeated.

    • Wulf says:

      That’s sidestepping the point, though.

      The point is this: 30 minutes for the price isn’t at all worth it, the premium modules (yes, I bought one or two of them, so I knew what they were called and understood their nature, I was just using DLC as a catch-all) showed that paid content for a game could be more fair and offer more than just 30 minutes play.

      All I’ll say is that I won’t buy it. I don’t like milking of any sort. I’d kind of hope that no one would buy this, just to try to teach Bioware that if they’re going to charge that price for something they need to put more effort into their offerings. Isn’t substantial, worthwhile DLC that really adds to the game something that we all want?

    • Wulf says:

      The truly ironic part is that the free Firewalker missions lasted longer than that.

      Give me a Firewalker pack with varied gameplay that lasts 1.5 hours and I’d pay what they’re asking now for that.

  16. bleeters says:

    I’m honestly not convinced that Mass Effect 2 even necessarily needs any more recruitable team members, or that it’s a particularly good idea to add them just for the sake of it. It honestly started to lean precariously towards making them seem expendable as it is.

    Or maybe I’m just cold hearted. All I know is, three of my team didn’t walk away from the final mission and since none of them were Garrus, Tali or Thane, I wasn’t losing any sleep over it.

    But anyway, given that extra characters won’t have any fundamental impact on the result of the suicide mission – the preperation for which being the focus to the whole game, after all – anyone new really ought to have more going for them than being an extra body to fill a room on your ship. Like, say, dialogue. Or backstory. Or personality. Cough, Zaeed, cough.

    Oh, also? All these trailers seem to feature combat footage where Shepard blasts away at various enemies whilst walking slowly in the open, which I’ve always found curious. Any time I actually try that, I get riddled with space bullets.

  17. DazzeL says:

    I have to say that I agree that this sort of DLC is an absolute rip off. £4.25 for a short piece of content that does not really add to the main story, because that’s already finished, does not represent good value. This is even more relevant for ME2. We get one more recruit in a game about building a team for a final misson that we have already done…..

    Whatever happened to that Valve ideal back in the day. The idea that you could expand upon a game in a meaningful way with episodic content that actually propelled the plot forwards. I know that they had boxed releases in mind but the comparison still stands. If Bioware releases three pieces of dlc that’s nearly £15 for a few fragmented missions. Who in their right mind would not exchange this for a 6-hour story that bridges the gap between ME2 and ME3?

  18. Wrong says:

    @Wulf (in case of reply fail)

    Except the Kasumi DLC isn’t 30 minutes, not even on the easiest difficulty. On Hardcore it took me about an hour to complete the loyalty mission and the initial dialogues on the Normandy. In fact, her loyalty mission is probably the best out of everybody’s.

    She’s exactly like Zaeed in that she doesn’t have a conversation wheel, but is far from mute. She’s just as conversational during the course of the game as any other character during the main plot, meaning she’ll pipe up with opinions in the same spots they would. She has far more dialogue than Zaeed does on the Normandy, you just can’t talk back.

    She also isn’t useless in combat. Her signature move involves her stealthing, backstabbing an enemy for a large amount of damage (including shields/barriers), restealthing, and returning to cover. I haven’t gotten to try her loyalty ability yet, but between the backstab and overload she’s far from terrible.

    $5 would be a much better price, but considering she’s a fully integrated character (she even has unique dialogue if you leave her behind with Archangel during his recruitment mission) it’s a little easier to justify. You’re being so over the top and ignorant it’s laughable. How about actually finding out what’s in the DLC before spouting idiocy about how the Firewalker missions, which clocked in at about 5 minutes a piece for me, lasted longer?

    • Alastayr says:

      Thanks for typing this up so I don’t have to. It’s a bit of a shame that when a particularly useful piece of DLC comes along, people still grab forks first, ask questions later.

  19. TeeJay says:

    I’m only going to return to Dragon Age to play wierd-and-wonderful user-created missions if any appear. I have no interest in replaying any of the original/vanilla game or minor offshoots from it, but I’d like to see how far the game engine and construction set can be stretched and corrupted by evil minds. :)

  20. MrTrent says:

    I’m just going to xome right out and say what i’m sure a lot of people are thinking.

    I’m going to download this dlc…as soon as it starts showing up on torrent sites. No way i’m paying any money for it.

    The funny thing is, if i had to i probably would have paid money for the firewalker pack. God-damn, i’m glad i didn’t. I never thought i’d say this, but it actually made me miss driving around in the mako and shooting up the same building a hundred times.

    • bleeters says:

      Any justification will do, huh?

    • Devan says:

      Hey, if you’re going to epitomize the worst stereotype of PC gamers, please don’t pretend to speak for “a lot of people”.

  21. Latterman says:

    Edited for posting in wrong thread.

  22. Nerd Rage says:

    @Wrong – because I don’t see the click here to cancel reply thing I seem to remember being present in a successful reply

    I have to agree with that. The new loyalty mission is one of the better ones, more involved than most of the others and definitely more than 30 minutes (Not to spoil it, but just the first section took me close to 30 minutes, overall it was close to 2 hours for me on insanity – incidentally return to ostagar took about 2 hours as well on… nightmare? insanity again? Whatever the hardest one is, because I’m stupid like that). The loyalty power is pretty darn useful to my soldier. No not as a bonus power, I’m still hooked on Crippling Slam there, but as a squad power it’s nice to have that around when a clump of enemies pour through a door or passageway.

  23. skalpadda says:

    Just played through this and I quite liked it. The loyalty mission was good fun (the bad guy’s accent is among the weirdest things I’ve ever heard btw, in a good way), and she seems handy in a fight.

    I am a little disappointed that she doesn’t have more proper dialogue though. On board the ship she acts like Zaeed, but she seems to have more lines. Having some more back story and dialogue to flesh out the character would make it easier to care more about her.

    Since the discussion on whether it’s worth it or not is on, I’d say that yes, it’s probably worth it if you’re making a new play-through and want some more variety. She acts fairly differently to the other characters in combat situations and the quest is a fun diversion (she also looks cool, which doesn’t hurt). I don’t think I’d buy it to just play through it in a game that’s already finished though, the loyalty quest took me just over an hour so the value of that alone is questionable (although it was a lot of fun).

  24. cjlr says:

    I wish there was some way to know beforehand whether this was worth the $7.95. I can buy a lot of other things for $7.95, thanks. But consider… I had ME2 for ~$65 after taxes. My first playthrough was around 28 hours; that included the death march of planet scanning to make sure I didn’t miss anything. So $65 gives me a run-through of ~25 hours. $8 adds about… 30 minutes? 1 hour? More? I dunno… to the experience. Worth it? On a pure numerical basis, no. That’s one-eighth of the purchase price for (generously) one sixteenth the gameplay material. All dollar values are Canadian dollars.

    Screw it. I’m curious. Let’s see how this shit flies.

    By the way, we can all agree that BW/MS points are total horseshit, right? USD$1 for 80 points? Horseshit.

    • skalpadda says:

      As I said above, I really wouldn’t buy this if the loyalty quest was the only thing that interested me. On the other hand, if you like the idea of having a new character with new combat mechanics to do a play-through with then it might be worth considering.

  25. PromoteViolence says:

    cljr…if you beat ME2 in 28 hours on your first playthrough than you really must have rushed through it and not completed everything so just stop right there. And the Kasumi DLC is a whole let less than 1/16 the total game; it’s more like 1/40 of the game. Don’t know what vesion of ME2 you played. The abridged version?

    My opinion is that 560 points was way too much. The flashbang bonus power is really cool but with the whole universal cooldown thing it of course will probably never be used. Ammo powers are really the only viable ones for any class although the defensive ones have their uses.

    Kasumi’s mission may take an hour the first time because you want to look around and explore but on subsequent playthroughs it should only take 20 minutes or less. I wish I never purchased it but any true fan would just to support Bioware.

  26. Vinraith says:

    $7 for an hour long mission and a character with no dialogue trees? So it’s basically Zaeed but for money? Well, that’s at least easy to ignore. I was planning on forgoing the free DLC the next time I install/play ME2 as none of it was really worth bothering with.