The Whispered World Demo (Not In German)

You may tell that I've been reading the Baron Munchhausen RPG rules this morning.

You may remember in September last year, when – among the other splendid happenings, such as the first communications with the people of the Martian canals and the discovery that ancient Egyptians were the inventors of the popular dance “the locomotion” – there was The Whispered World demo… in German. And now – in the month when lasers appeared mysteriously from the nostrils of all Welshmen of greater than four years – there’s The Whispered World demo… in languages other than German. As in, English. You can also buy it from GamersGate here, for Earth money. Not filthy Martian coin. Oh – trailer follows.


  1. tycho says:

    Can I just have it in German with subtitles instead?

  2. Chris Evans says:

    It is true, lasers did fire from my nostrils today. Hold me?

  3. And Triage says:

    people still make adventure games? wtf.

  4. Untitled says:

    The voice acting sounds terrible :( Like one man with multiple personality disorder doing all the voices

  5. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Oh splendind, thanks for reminding me to finish the demo…in GERMAN! Or I may as well just get the game…IN GERMAN! With the spectacular VO…
    *troll mode off*

  6. Rosti says:

    Alt-/Sub-text comment: The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron M√ľnchhausen rules truly are a fabulous read. As in, whilst the game can be ably explained in a couple of minutes, letting someone read a passage sets a marvellous mood.

    That, and the cover note on the use of gender gets me every time – of course the fairer sex could, perhaps, perpetrate some active role in a tremendous adventure. Bless their little hearts, etc.

  7. Wulf says:

    Well, despite the poor voice acting, I have the demo of this downloading. I’m used to poor voice acting anyway, I’ve listened to my fair share of audio books, so it probably won’t bother me as much as most people, and I’ll rather enjoy looking at the beautiful art.

    Can’t wait to give this a spin.

    • Wulf says:

      I’m playing the demo now and the voice acting actually seems quite a lot better than in the trailer, so I can’t help but wonder if some of it was a placeholder.

    • Wulf says:

      Also: It’s just as charming and lovely as I would’ve hoped it to be. You should play this! Yes, you, and you, even you, you too, and even you, the funny little man in the back row with the thing on his nose!

  8. Julian says:

    Great to have posts about adventures… only thing…
    looks like c*ra*p to me, seems brainless, perhaps im wrong but adventures must be smart and have good dialogs for me to be nice.

    • Pemptus says:

      I love opinions based on absolutely nothing. Have you at least tried the demo?

    • Wulf says:

      Totally agree with Pemptus.

      From what I’ve played of the demo, the voices in the trailer sound like placeholders, because the voices in the demo are of a much, much higher quality. I was actually impressed by Sadwick’s grandfather, who was handled incredibly well. The translation is amazing, too, and there’s one part where they do a play on words that sound like ‘compass’ and they pull it off perfectly. In fact, the script all around has impressed me, and I’ve rarely seen this kind of quality in a translation, this is good, better than Phoenix Wright good.

      So really, don’t just watch the video and jump to conclusions, because that’s the most silly thing you could do, and in doing so you’re only robbing yourself–and no one else–of a wonderful and quite fulfilling experience. If it was some dull looking mainstream thing that’s prone to having little to no story then I’d be a little dubious too, but usually adventure games–including the German ones–have pretty decent storylines.

      I did a little research into the script to find out why it was written so well, and I find that the English localisation was prepared by Steve Ince of Inceight fame. I love that guy!! :D He’s awesome. He’s truly wonderful, and you can’t help but really admire him once you get to know him. He’s responsible for some of my favourite games, one of my favourite indie games, and even a webcomic that I like. If you know who Steve Ince is, you’ll have high expectations for this script and that’s how it should be.

      If you don’t know who Steve Ince is, well, you probably haven’t played that many adventure games: link to

      I mentioned an indie game? link to

      And a webcomic? link to

      Not to mention that all the voices are recorded in the UK as well, and Deep Silver has talented UK voice actors. The voice acting was one of the few things I liked about Risen (which otherwise was a huge step back from Gothic 3).

      So if you watch the trailer and honestly believe that you know everything about the game, you’re losing out and you need to try the demo.

  9. TheMoo says:

    Wait wait wait. There’s an actual game like that? I’m only familiar with it as a drinking game, as in whenever someone interrupts if their absurd question has been answered properly they take a shot, if not the storyteller takes a shot.
    Makes for better stories!

    • Rosti says:

      @TheMoo – That’s pretty much the game ( “A role-playing game in a new style”…). Whilst the main rules suggest a system of coins or beads to ‘wager’ any challange, the Baron explains at length that such things are gaudy and unnecessary, he does suggest that drinking is the only civilised way to play:

      “But Baron *gulp*, how could you possibly have posted a list of mostly games-related links on a Sunday morning with a hangover and without the electric internet?”

      Either: “Well, ermm, quite right – I must have been confused..”
      Or: “But don’t you see! *gulp* The information wants to be free, yo!, so I…” etc etc

  10. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Hmm. I’m going to have to try this out. Later.