Robots Undisguised: 80s War For Cybertron

I’ve already giggled about this on Twitter, but the urge to nerd-share remains strong. I remain somewhere between cautious optimism and Great Fear about upcoming Transformers-does-Bad-Company action thinger War For Cybetron, but the below fan video switched me over to a big huge Want on the spot. All the stern-voiced macho posturing is removed and replaced with pew-pews, synth piano and Looney Tunes voices from Sunbow’s 80s Transformers cartoon. Is it too late for the devs to patch an optional G1-sounds mode in? Say it isn’t. Please say it isn’t.

Happy sigh. I wish someone would invent a hyno-ray that’d stop me from still loving Transformers at the age of 31. Then I could be a real boy at last.


  1. Ging says:

    I’m with you Mr Meer – G1 audio toggle is required!

  2. HermitUK says:

    Still can’t decide if the final product here is going to be awesome or another flop like the movie tie ins.

    But those sounds are still awesome. Give me the option and I’d use them in a second ingame.

  3. Jakkar says:

    I expected to laugh.

    I didn’t expect it to actually make the trailer 10x more atmospheric and exciting ._.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I’d have to agree with this. Man, those voices.. the nostalgia..

  4. Grunt says:

    +1 for G1 audio toggle/Mod!

    If it helps you feel any better, Alec, I’m 34 and still love them very much indeed (all apart from those live action movies) and see no reason to give up now. You keeping up with the IDW comics? ‘Cos Last Stand of the Wreckers is turning out to be a bit special…!

    Unhappily, I’m at work so the video is blocked but I’ll have a gander later on. But from what I’ve seen of the game I’m cautiously quite excited. Okay, cautiously REALLY excited. If it tops the PS2 Armada-verse effort it should be a blast!

  5. col says:

    Glee! That was brilliant. I too still <3 Transformers (Michael Bay notwithstanding), and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

  6. Node#1006 says:

    Wow. I’d definitely get this if it sounded like that.

  7. R. says:

    Oh god, that is just so perfect it hurts. I watched it with a moronically dumb grin on my face the entire time, it was glorious.

  8. Colthor says:


  9. Tei says:

    I have read that as “TRANSFORMERS: War Tiberium”.

  10. bill says:

    See, now this is the kind of thing that might make DLC worthwhile.
    (though of course it’d be better as a free patch).

    • Wulf says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Bill! Though if they set it up to allow for mods, someone will rework the entire game, you can count on it, sounds, graphics, everything, and if they allow for custom shaders a la Oblivion then we’ll even have cell-shaded 80’s Autobots!

  11. Masked Dave says:

    I’m 25 and still get nerdish glee whenever I see something Power Rangers related.

    So yeah, I feel your pain.

    • Grunt says:

      Power Rangers? Pfft. Those were just toys.

      Fun fact: one of my friends used to make love with that theme tune playing in the background. Nostalgic for it now…? (hehehehe)

    • Colthor says:

      link to

    • Wulf says:


      This is true of Transformers, too. Except for the movies and the comics (which were both brilliant) it never had exactly the greatest plots, did it? The cartoons as I recall were mostly an advertisement for the toys, and little else, so Power Rangers are indeed a modern form of Transformers, just retrofitted for what the kids of today like.

      It might be saddening to hear but it’s true, it’s all just hyper-marketed toys, Transfomers and Power Rangers alike, and eventually there’ll be a new Power Rangers, something for the kids of tomorrow, and the fans of the Power Rangers will be the ones saying “Psh, those are just toys!”

    • HarbourMaster says:

      Rewatching the Transformers animated series at the ripe age of 37; enjoy the nostalgia, but sad to discover the plots were rather stupid and hideous. Optimus Prime turns out to be the worst leader ever, contrary to memory. Still, I miss Shockwave. Nice to see multiple-part stories which felt rare back in those days.

    • Wulf says:

      I didn’t mind the plots so much, they were banal and trite to be sure but it featured giant robots, and anything with giant robots in is fun to watch (something the Japanese seem to have milked to excess). And at the end of the day, as bad as it was, it can’t have a plot as gut-wrenchingly awful as Evangelion’s.

      The great thing about it though is that the movies were actually pretty decent, the comics were even better than that, and a rare couple of the later series (Beast Wars and Animated) actually managed to master the art of crafting a proper ongoing cartoon storyline. Saying that, I’d love to see Beast Wars and Animated done in the style of the original series, because the visuals of G1 simply win out over all.

    • HarbourMaster says:

      Although I have plenty to complain about Evangelion, I did enjoy. Although I was trying to watch it in the original Nihongo as part of my study.

      So it seems that you and I are destined to fight. I will don my Eva-01, and you will – er – transform into a Headmaster’s head, I guess. Fight! Shinde!!!!

    • Wulf says:

      Woah, hold on there! We don’t want to get Trypticon involved in this!

      I didn’t say that Evangelion was actually a bad thing to watch, just that it had an awful plot, but sometimes with cartoons that doesn’t really matter if there are other worthwhile things about it.

    • Grunt says:


      If you stick to the cartoons then yes the plots were (mostly) shit and designed to sell toys, hence the animated movie’s wholesale slaughter of a whole heap of classic characters in order to make way for the new toys Hasbro wanted to shift.


      We in the UK had a very special comic that transcended the obvious marketing gimmicks and steadily built the characters into more, much more, than met the eye (sorry, I just couldn’t avoid it). For Americans G1 is all about the cartoon, frankly because their comic stories were half-baked, badly coloured junk (Bob Budiansky slipped into a writing coma shortly after issue 40, never to recover) – in the UK we barely saw half of the cartoon episodes that were made. Our version of the comic became everything we lacked in TV form. While the American comic was spewing up the Car Wash of Doom (no, seriously), the UK was giving us the deeply plotted Time Wars, trans-universal Transformer origins and doing it’s best to imbue every character with as much richness and depth as they could squeeze into 28 pages.

      Does power rangers have the same literary effort going into it beyond framing stupid fights with ever-increasing amounts of “HA!” exclamations? I think not. So no, I doubt future generations will have the same fondness for those gaudy, hyper-adrenalised plastic faeces as ours does for one of the greatest fantasy universes ever imagined.

      @Colthor. Yes, I’ve seen it but you’ll have to take my word for it that reports of my friend’s love-making music pre-dated the birth of the modern internet. I can’t prove it, but I absolutely stand by it.

    • Grunt says:

      That’s absolutely where it started, TCM. But along the way it grew into something more. THEY grew into something more. Which is precisely what the live action films completely failed to understand, that after 20 years of development Transformers weren’t quite the same dumb gimmicky toys they were when they appeared.

      Check out the huge disconnect that appeared when Lucas decided his new films and series would cater for children, alienating large swathes of fans who had grown up idolising the original films. For true Transformers fans the new movies are exactly the same kind of childhood-rape.

    • TCM says:

      Actually, they pretty much are still the same dumb gimmicky toys.

      But now they have decently competant storywriters (various recent Transformers TV series), much better design (still not as good as some of the highest quality toys out there, but well beyond the orginals), and nostalgia.

    • Grunt says:

      You’re mistaking living breathing characters for inanimate lumps of cleverly designed plastic. An action figure of Alan Moore’s Rorschach is a dorky plastic toy but the richness and complexity of the character as described in the graphic novel (and the world in which he inhabits) simply cannot be captured by crude, brightly-coloured hydrocarbons. So it is for Transformers. The toys still exist but the characters have long since outgrown them.

      And kindly don’t use the word ‘Nostalgia’ like it’s a derogatory term. Not all nostalgia is rose-tinted fantasising about a reality that never actually existed. Sometimes it genuinely WAS better in those days.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      The thing about that Transformers is that the Generation 1 toys were pretty neat, and all the marketing tie-in stuff was about as lame as could be. The only thing, even as a kid, that I wanted to see them do with the toys was make a decent videogame, and it never happened (in the 80’s or otherwise).

      The people who made the Transformers cartoon (Toei Animation) are maybe the worst animation studio that’s ever existed. Either them or Filmation or maybe Hanna-Barbera when they started treating cartoon creation as assembly line work. Just to rattle off 4 examples of their incredible work – Transformers, Voltron, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Dragonball Z. Ok, that’s 5. The stuff they’ve done that you haven’t heard of is just as bad.

    • Wulf says:


      I actually mentioned the comics, but I guess you didn’t see that.

      Anyway, are you familiar with Super Sentai and have you watched much of that? It’s the Japanese variation of the Power Rangers and–as far as I’m aware–quite a little bit more rich in the plot department.

      At the end of the day though, both are franchises designed to sell toys, and to brush aside one in favour of the other is just base snobbery and you’re coming over to me as more than a bit like Comic Book Guy (of Simpsons fame) because of it.

      You like what you like, but you don’t have to slam someone for liking something different to you. especially when what they like is just a modern version of what you like.

      I mean, really, is this an inferiority complex or something? :p

      There’s no doubt in my mind that Transformers are awesome. I loved the originals, Beast Wars, Animated, and the British comic books, but Transformers itself is lessened by this sort of rabid fan behaviour.

      Let’s not be Comic Book Guy, eh?


      I completely agree. As much as I loved the original Transformers visuals, I have to say that I thought that Beast Wars and Animated both had far, far better plots than any of the previous shows or even the British comics.

      But at the end of the day, it’s still a franchise to make money off parents who need plastic junk for their kids, and that’s all that it’ll ever be. Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all but I just don’t like turning it into some religion or holy thing when it’s not.

    • Wulf says:

      Also, Animated got Weird Al to voice WreckGar, and that’s just incredible.

    • Dave L. says:

      Wreck-Gar was Eric Idle, you heathen! They used Weird Al’s ‘Dare to Be Stupid’ as the theme song for the Junkions. Who lived on Planet Junk.

      And it’s always kind of bothered me that apparently in the Transformers universe, Earth is the only planet with organic life (pre-Beast Wars/Beast Machines, anyway).

    • Grunt says:

      I’m comic book guy?? Ouch. :)

      Yes, ok, I missed you mentioning the comics. My bad. Here endeth the experiment of commenting at two in the morning after a drunken night out on a company budget.

      But with respect, making a value judgement isn’t quite the same thing as snobbery. For me, PR has far fewer redeeming features then TFs. There’s an enormous amount of passion behind that statement, true, and I don’t doubt that there are people out there somewhere who will look back on the various hyper-charged series with fondness but it just isn’t possible to ignore the fact that PR has never tried to be anything other than a 30-minute sound-and-light show for children (except for the movie which was a 90 minute sound and light show for children). Whereas Transformers has repeatedly broken out of that mold in various mediums. I’ve just been trying to explain the difference. I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone and sincerely apologise if it came across that way.

      PS: I heartily concur: Animated was chock-full of Awesome. :)

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Grunt: Though don’t worry. While I wouldn’t phrase it as dismissively as you did, the Brit comics were totally the best thing connected with TF.

      (One of the funnier parts of my Comic Book writing career so far was getting Simon Furman’s nod of permission to allow me to use Death’s Head in my S.W.O.R.D. book for marvel)


  12. Tom O'Bedlam says:

    Great big stupid on my face the whole way through!

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:

      GRIN, stupid GRIN

      thats how stupid that made me, and I like it!

  13. Brumisator says:

    I don’t have a single ounce of nostalgia for Transformers, and I’m glad.

    It was boring in the 80s, it’s boring now.

    • AndrewC says:

      It was He-Man for you, right? Thundercats? Cadillacs And Dinosaurs?


      Care Bears?

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:


    • Sonic Goo says:

      Candy, obviously.

    • diebroken says:

      Transformers, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Ulysses 31, Starcom, … ah, those were the days. :)

      I feel sorry for anyone who missed out on the 80s.

    • Corporate Dog says:

      Jem and The Holograms?

    • Wulf says:

      Galaxy Rangers! I remember those! They were the ones with the silly robot horses in space, right? This also reminds me of Bravestarr, which I also loved and found equally hilarious. Of course, the best thing about Bravestarr was ThirtyThirty.

    • HarbourMaster says:

      And once Transformers is finished, I will advance to my Thundercats DVDs. And in the process dismantle yet another part of my childhood memories, as if I were Johnny Mnemonic making way for important digital downloads, and review them in harsh light of 21st century day.

      If you love your childhood – don’t go back! For God’s sake DON’T GO BACK!

    • Wulf says:

      I’ve gone back many a time and I haven’t regretted it once! Though I suffer a different sort of jaded than the average spod, I became jaded and critical in regards to people rather than old memories, there I am still a child again and I can quite enjoy an old cartoon or two. It wasn’t that long ago that I watched Ulysses 31 again, truth be told, and with a greater understanding of what was going on I actually appreciated it even more, a cartoon of a particularly high calibre, that one.

      If you can set aside the critical eye and just enjoy things for what they are, then even old cartoons can be just as enjoyable as the day you watched them, and I’m not buying into societal taboos and believing that I shouldn’t be doing this, either, nope! Screw taboos, cartoons are fun and I’ll watch them at any age! If anyone has this sort of mindset then old cartoons are just fine.

      Well, except maybe Captain N. But I found that one to be painfully bad as a kid as well, only barely tolerating it for the admittedly amusing Simon Belmont.

    • Grunt says:

      Dammit, Wulf. We were doing just fine sparring and all and now you go spoil it all by loving Ulysses 31 which, in my never-humble opinion, is possibly one of the most brilliant and imaginative animated series ever committed to celluloid. I own the series and watch it regularly, enjoying, as you describe, being able to more fully appreciate the mythological basis behind the stories. It’s unique, and utterly phenomenal. I feel privileged to have been just the right age to appreciate it at the time it aired.

      ?Half the fun of watching these old shows is challenging yourself not to be adult about their content. Yes, half of Transformers is shite but other bits are pure gold. Thundercats gets f**king annoying constantly preaching to you with overly moral messages, and the tediously slow vocal delivery really drags at you after the first 70 episodes, but by god when it works there’s nothing else like it!

      You just have to keep your inner child nourished, and know when to get your outer adult the hell out of the way! :)

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Grunt: About half of any given episode of Ulysses is unwatchable, but the other half remains as fucking demented as ever. The first time I made Delightful Girlfriend watch one it was eyes-roll until the apocalyptic end which made her inner-8-year old burst into tears.

      (The Sisyphus one, for the record)


  14. Spinoza says:

    AndrewC said:
    It was He-Man for you, right? Thundercats? Cadillacs And Dinosaurs?


    Care Bears?

    For me ? Simpsons. sorry :-)

    • AndrewC says:

      I’m afraid I can’t believe you when you say the only cartoon you liked as a kid just happened to be the best one ever.

    • Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

      That’s taking the easy way out.

  15. Mr Labbes says:

    I didn’t realize that the sound effects were edited. Thought the music was kind of unfitting – admittedly though, I have never seen Transformers.

  16. Theblazeuk says:

    Man the Transformers music rocks, the tone delivers the right sort of dramatic tension and overblown spectacle.

    The laser noises are perfect. The voices, so fitting.

    Can’t understand why you would do anything else.

  17. Wulf says:

    Alec being such a rabid Transformers fan at 31 makes me feel not quite so bad about my fantastical particulars.

    Also, G1 Transformers > all other Transfomers (except maybe Beast Wars).

    “It was He-Man for you, right? Thundercats? Cadillacs And Dinosaurs?


    Care Bears?”

    I did love those, especially Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. I seem to remember more stuff like The Raccoons, Dogtanian, Willy Fog, Ulysses 31, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, and the one I always want to forget: Captain N (“MEGA HI!”).

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      The Raccoons – ooooohhhh baby

      It’s all about moomins as well.

      What have you unleashed lords of RPS? As if the site were note drowning in a sea of nerdery already

    • Rinox says:

      Why hasn’t anyone mentioned what was quite possible the greatest show on Earth?!

      DINO RIDERS baby!!

      link to

    • Wulf says:

      I don’t remember Dino Riders, so I pulled it up on YouTube…

      link to

      The first thing I notice and probably the most shocking thing I take away from it? The primary big bad of the series is Baron Greenback! He of Dangermouse fame! Well, the voice actor anyway.

      And now I want to watch Dangermouse.

    • Rei Onryou says:

      I remember DinoRiders. I still have the VHS of that first episode. Much better quality than the TV version: link to

      Dinosaurs, plus lasers = AWESOME!!! This and Transformers made me the 23 year old I am today.

  18. Muzman says:

    It’s sheer madness how much better that one is. Hell of a job. He could have just dubbed over what there was, instead he hunts through for heaps of character quotes in context. And music. Quite remarkable.

    (They’re telling too much in the trailer though. Any time the Autobots pull out Omega Supreme, they win. End of story).

  19. Pew says:

    Me Grimlock likes his buddies G1 style! Except for Buzz, me Grimlock gets tired listening to him.

  20. Fillem says:

    I agree with the above posts.
    I expected to giggle and laugh, in stead it made me very, very excited.
    All those voices took me back to a simpler time :).

    First time I saw the (original) trailer I wasn’t excited at all, now, with the changed voices and sounds it looks and sounds so very much cooler!

  21. Triangulon says:

    That was literally the best thing I have ever seen. If that was in the game I would buy it now for silly money. Please please please!

  22. Jason Moyer says:

    Hasn’t the same dude been doing the Optimus Prime voice since the G1 cartoons? I haven’t seen the movies (an American movie about an American cartoon made to sell Japanese toys…yeah) but I was under the impression Peter Cullen was the only person who did his voice.

  23. 3klsadjgklmw says:

    The only way this is a 1rst day purchase for me is if those sounds are in. Oh. My. God. I would give my left kidney for that game.
    Unfortunately, the game developers won’t deliver. VERY BIG SAD FACE.

  24. Mattress says:

    I would also buy the shizzaz out of that game, but having seen the actual sound from the original trailer, the game itself dull, characterless, unexciting and uncharming. NO BUY!

  25. CampbellDH says:

    Starscream is still my favorite cartoon voice ever.

  26. Dan says:

    Hell. Yes.

    PS: link to (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors had a classic intro tune).

  27. Psychopomp says:

    I don’t even like Transformers, and that was AWESOME

  28. Moni says:

    Except when the Decepticons pull out Trypticon, of course. He could squish Omega Supreme and not realise it.

    • Moni says:

      Argh, that was supposed to be a reply to Muzman.

    • Muzman says:

      Boy you better shut your fool mouth (they had to write him as Clint Eastwood roaming around doing other stuff, or some great inert guardian who never got involved. The other big dudes they just used to conveniently break all the time)

      nb: I actually don’t care, in case that wasn’t apparent. Incidentally, the Transformers wiki is pretty funny. I had no idea.

  29. Orin says:


    I am always overcome with something not unlike joy when anyone knows who ThirtyThirty is.

    • Wulf says:

      I can’t blame you, he was a grand character from a glorious era of cartoons. And I loved how cartoons used to be, plots might be more liberal these days but characters aren’t, the 80’s and its comics/cartoons saw some of the most interesting characters one could have experienced.

      Today things seem exceedingly bland by comparison. I’ve not seen a modern ThirtyThirty that I can recall, and more’s the pity.

  30. Carra says:

    All it misses is a “Autobots, transform” shout!

  31. the_fanciest_of_pants says:


    Those lasers! HELL YES!

    I’ll mod the G1 sounds in myself if someone else doesn’t.

  32. drewski says:

    I want an Astro Boy 3D brawler.

  33. Gabbo says:

    That makes the trailer so much better. They would lock up the nostalgia crowd alone if they went that direction. Sadly, not being able to get Starscream’s original voice would ruin it in the end. Cullen and Welker could come back though

    • R. says:

      Have you seen the Professor Smoov piss-take videos, Gabbo? A couple of guys do a very respectable job in mimicking all the original voice artists, Latta included. Just chuck a few quid their way and you’re set.

    • jarvoll says:

      That, or they could just reuse all his old dialogue in creative ways. I mean, there’s enough of it, and it’s not like he ever said anything earth-shatteringly profound, anyway. IMO, even a combination would work, with all his “almighty Megatrons” taken from Latta, and any new-plot-specific dialogue done by an imitator.

  34. Pariah says:

    Think you all have it bad? I’m 36..and a girl..and I would absolutely whore myself for Optimus Prime no questions asked. I don’t care what anyone says about Michael Bay, he is my hero for bringing Transformers to the big screen and making it look so real I can live in fantasy land instead of the real world any time I want to pop in the DVDs. This video was awesome! Peter Cullen has the best cartoon voice ever. He should be the movie announcer guy too. That would be great.

    Power Rangers just makes me want to punch kittens.