Leaden Clouds: Bulletstorm

Ah, painted art. Remember that?
People Can Fly (they of Painkiller) are going to be producing a new Unreal 3-powered shooter called Bulletstorm. It’s the subtle tale of two futuristic mercenaries stranded on a world of flesh-eating mutants. You can expect some fancy shootin’:

Players step into the role of Grayson Hunt complete with an arsenal of over-the-top combat moves and outrageously large guns. Bulletstorm’s array of distinct ‘skillshots’ produces unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay and yell-inducing satisfaction. The skillshot system rewards players for inciting mayhem in the most creative way possible. The more insane the skillshot, the more points players collect to upgrade their character and unlock weapons, which then allows them to execute even more creative moves and exaggerated skillshots.

So yeah, it’s looking Old Skool, like poppa used to play. Bulletstorm going to precipitate in 2011.


  1. Ian says:

    I expect smart character development.

  2. the wiseass says:

    Hell yes, a beardy game for beardy gamers!

  3. Clovis says:

    yell-inducing satisfaction

    My wife hates games featuring this …

  4. TRS-80 says:

    Don’t tell me orange/blue is going to infect games now. Even though it would be an improvement over the brown/grey of current games

    • Raum says:

      You have a beef with orange/blue?

      I think it looks cool. Looks like the colours of the Doom cover.

      Not to mention it’s an obvious reference to the Wolfenstein 3D cover-art in the composition.

    • Wulf says:

      I don’t think it’s so much orange & blue as brown & blue, since the background colours represent the usual colourlessness we’re used to seeing in shooters, and the blue is just used to imply powers, which stands out like a sore thumb.

      I could never stand colourless games, so I can see me passing on this one all ready.

    • MWoody says:

      link to theabyssgazes.blogspot.com

      I believe this would be the phenomenon to which he’s referring.

    • TRS-80 says:

      MWoody: Yep, that’s what I’m talking about, I was too lazy to link it.

  5. EvaUnit02 says:

    Has this even been confirmed for PC?

    • subedii says:

      That’s what I was wondering. I mean, do Epic even do PC games anymore? I thought they were done with the platform after UT3 failed to sell on the PC due to piracy (and failed to sell anywhere else because er… we’ll get back to that one). CliffyB was quite… emphatic on where Epic’s at on that one.

      Perhaps I’m being a smidge too cynical, but is this a case that it’s confirmed as coming to PC, or is it one of those “oh it’ll DEFINITELY be on PC” things like, oh, I dunno…

      link to rockpapershotgun.com

    • Wulf says:

      It’s not Epic developed though, is it? I thought it was being handled by People Could Fly, not that I’m particularly excited about it thanks to the lacklustre pic above.

      So what he of plastic gun-humping fame has to do with it should be irrelevant. There are plenty of projects using UE3 on the PC, but I think that there are business and development elements who convinced Cliffy that it would be a good idea to keep this on the PC, and explained it to him as “MOAR MONEEZ”.

    • subedii says:

      PFC was bought by Epic some time ago. With Epic’s current views on the platform, even if it does come to the PC I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ubisoft levels of DRM backing it up, followed by Epic levels of complaining when it doesn’t sell again.

      Pessimistic? Moi?

    • subedii says:

      Bah, PCF I mean. That’ll teach me to use unnecessary abbreviations.

    • Essell says:

      Yes, it will be on PC :)

  6. Chiller says:

    Well, I know nothing about what has happened to People Can Fly all these years, so a bit of disclaimer is in order:

    IF this game is made by the SAME people who made Painkiller, it will likely be AWESOME.

    • jarvoll says:

      Seconded. The cries of “not as joyful as Serious Sam” that are so often sounded here tend to assume, it seems to me, that smiley faces on the enemies are a prerequisite of joy. Some days, sure, I prefer the clown-vomit art direction of SS, but others the regular-vomit art direction of PK. They are equally joyful in gameplay, which I enjoy every day, and more of which, therefore, I will always welcome, regardless of chosen vomit-palette.

  7. vecima says:

    art analysis:

    Electric lasso whipping, mutant stomping steampunk VS … uh oh… rolling dinosaur shotgunner

  8. ChaK_ says:

    I don’t like much brainless and frantic shooters.

    Though I play bad comp 2, weird

    • Wulf says:

      I can understand Bad Company 2.

      RFG had a similar lack of colour and smarts, but I forgave it for two reasons:

      1. It’s set on Mars and Mars is indeed rather red.
      2. It has a highly destructible environment, and that’s like a siren’s song to me.

  9. DJA says:

    Did anyone else think this was the same title as the game that Bart steals in the early Simpsons episode? I think that was Bonestorm (a porn parody title in waiting) but still made me do a double take.

  10. DJ Phantoon says:

    I can see this title getting old due to lack of varied… stuff (like animations for ridiculous killshot whatever they said stuff)… and being artificially long.

    Multiplayer game modes besides just “shoot everything” and “shoot everyone not your color” would help it, I’m sure.

  11. Clovis says:

    That looks like the cover of an Atari game that features a stick person who shots a pixel out his hand. I used to stare at Atari cover art for hours wishing I could experience the game as depicted. However, this is probably what this game will look like, and I’m not interested at all in playing. There is something really bizarre about it – like how he’s doing three things at once and just has that stupid grin on his face.

    • Gutter says:

      I though the same… that guy isn’t in a frantic fight for his life, he seems to be taking a stroll in the park non a sunny day, like some sort of giant stomping puny insects. He even have his pet dude on a leash.

  12. RedFred says:

    Looks like Doom crossed with Just Cause. Should be called ‘Just Doom’.