Retro News: Crysis 2 Trailer

I will defend this Burger King until my final breath.

In our excitement of posting Pat’s shaky-hand-footage of Crysis 2 we didn’t actually post the full thing when it popped up on the 9th. We’d normally rather be never than late, being obsessed by appearances and fearing being mocked by our cool blogger friends, but we’ll make an exception in this case. Basically, because it looks pretty lovely, doing the Gears-of-War-esque SAD SAD SONG OVER RUINED LANDSCAPE thing and featuring shit getting real. I love it when shit gets real. When shit remains fake it’s distinctly inferior. Er… trailer follows.


  1. Magic H8 Ball says:

    That was a bad trailer. Just bad. Flying helicopters/planes in between buildings is one of the dumbest ideas Hollywood ever came up with. It’s also good to see the main character is more preoccupied with checking out flying trash than saving lives of fellow soldiers. And as a final nitpick, that’s a mighty tactical position there Nomad, standing in the middle of the road.

    I see aliens are humanoids with guns now. You know a lot of bad things could be said about Crysis’ aliens but at least they had interesting design and consistent theme. Which, you know, looked kind of… alien. Good to see all that is being dropped in favor of Generic Humanoid Bad Guys.