Mod News: Cry Me A Spider

There are only two pieces of Half-Life 2 mod news in this week’s round-up. This must be some kind of low-end record. To compensate, I’ve gone and linked to stuff relating to a few more. The balance must be maintained at all costs! Read on for updates, videos and exciting CryEngine 3 news…

– Project Reality, in its ultimate megaquest to be the most expansive mod never to be actually finished, has a new version out. Having been first released in 2006, it’s now at version 0.91. It’s still brilliant.

– Half-Life 2 mod Demons Vs Humans, which appears to be exactly the same as Aliens Vs Predator, has a couple of early gameplay test videos available. It’s looking a bit shaky at the moment, if I’m honest, but these are very much work-in-progress.

– More HL2, a new single-player mini-mod called Red Avenue is out. I’ve not had the chance to play this yet. It’s getting mixed feedback. Grab it, and the hasty patch, here.

– Develop Magazine reveals that there’ll be a free-to-use version of the new CryEngine. Which strictly speaking isn’t mod news, but is probably very interesting to the same types of people.

– Promising Half-Life 1 mod Cry of Fear will have exclusive content for people who donate some money to the project. An interesting idea. More details here.

– Remember very strange “utopian poetry” mod Arcadia: Rise and Fall for Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne? The guys behind that are back, making something called Chernobyl: Lost Riddles. Less artsy this time, Chernobyl’s dubbed a “dystopian action-adventure”. So very much a videogame, then. Here are some screenshots. Given how colourful Arcadia was, its desaturated gloom immediately feels impressively stifling.

Call of Pripyat: Redux version 0.8 is released. It “aims to redefine your S.T.A.L.K.E.R experience both graphically and gameplay-wise,” as literally all the other Stalker mods do.

ModDB has T-shirts.

Yang does more Liner Notes on Radiator: Polaris. Still awaiting my super-early-mega-copy of Radiator Part 3.

– GamesRadar inflates my ego by listing my mod, Nestlings, in its Top Ten Games That Break The Rules feature. Also included are Radiator and Dear Esther. Much higher up the list, natch.

More, as always, at UserCreated. Oh, and would you do us a favour? If you read UserCreated even semi-regularly, would you fill in a feedback questionnaire? Thanks, dolls. See you next week.


  1. ChaK_ says:

    I need somewhere to shout



  2. Ricc says:

    From the Cry of Fear news post:

    “Simply put, those who have donated to the mod 10 dollars or more will be rewarded with an extended version of the mod upon release. Those who don’t donate, still obviously get the full mod with no reduction in anything except EXTENDED features”

    How is that any different than charging for your mods content? The “free” version is obviously not the full mod. I’m not criticizing them, because I’ve been following Cry of Fear for so long (or at all), but this sets a very bad precedent and also sounds kind of fishy.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      The free version is the full game; people who donate are just getting something more content made for them.

    • frymaster says:

      it still boils down to charging for mod content, which is very much against the terms and conditions of the SDK

    • MWoody says:

      Hey, just today I donated $5 to Subway and they gifted me a sandwich on top of the free cup of water I usually enjoy; how cool is that?

      Seriously, though, I hope they get slapped down hard for this one.

    • Barnz says:

      It’s okay to ask for donations. They’re not the only one: Black Mesa, Half-Life: Decay for PC, and many other unofficial addons have donation pages. James (Minuit) is a great guy, I know him for a long time. They deserve to have some money for their hard work.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    Project reality finally gets a mention.

  4. Sagan says:

    Chernobyl: Lost Riddles rang a bell for me, so I went and checked where I heard that name before, and look here:

    link to

    In 2008, they released a version 0.5 of the mod. I think I played it back then and it was pretty good but I don’t remember much. Anyway, they now say that “this old version is dead and does NOT represent any quality of the new cLR.” (source) Still I remember it as a good map, and if it’s still playable in the new version of WC3 then give it a chance.

    Also @Lewis: Could you also cover RPG mods? You had something from Dragon Age in there once, but I think Neverwinter Nights probably has the larger modding community. It’s just that I have gotten out of the habit of checking the nvwault regularly but I would still occasionally like to know if something cool comes out. I realize that you may not be a fan and I don’t expect you to follow a community that you aren’t interested in, so it’s totally cool if you say no.

  5. Wulf says:

    That top 10 is interesting, though I’ve experienced most of them, most are worth going back for another go and some I haven’t. Thanks for that!

  6. zzzzzzzz says:

    Yeah, PR is great. Started it with the new version and its pretty much eating all my MP Game time.
    Hints for those who are interested:

    1. Read the manual,or u will be very confused for a very long time.

    2. Get a microphone,because Team communication is essential,and most Hardware (Tanks,IFVs,Gunships) needs several guys to crew.

  7. mod the world says:

    Empires mod just released an update, you should check it out LEWIS.

  8. Web Cole says:

    “Project Reality, in its ultimate megaquest to be the most expansive mod never to be actually finished, has a new version out. Having been first released in 2006, it’s now at version 0.91. It’s still brilliant.”

    Damn right Denby, you tell it like it is! :P