(Short) Interview: Revenge Of The Titans!

Unlikely-named Puppygames developer Caspian Prince has answered some of our questions about the splendid-looking forthcoming not-actually-a-tower-defence-game, Revenge Of The Titans. It looks proper brilliant, and you need to watch the videos I’ve posted below, as well as read the words. You need to. If you don’t then something will happen to your glands.

RPS: What is Puppygames? Explain yourselves!

Caspian: We’re a desperate little indie studio in the UK! Well, not even a studio. Or in the UK. I work as a contractor doing horrible tedious drudgery all day, and by night I spend all my remaining hours writing games. Chaz lives in Spain at the moment, and does odd jobs on the side.

RPS: Tell us a bit about why on EARTH you are developing a tower defence game?

Caspian: Because it’s not a tower defence game. Well, it is. Except it’s more of an RTS really, with TD roots.

RPS: What makes Revenge of The Titans interesting aside from those neat retro stylings? Tell us a bit about how it plays, please.

Caspian: It’s not really retro any more, it seems to have developed quite a modern look and feel to it now. It plays a little bit like a tower defence game, in that a horde of gidrahs approach from various edges of the map, and try to pummel your puny Earthling base into bits. You build stuff that gets in their way and shoots at them, as per normal, and upgrade things by placing other buildings nearby which connect up. However, as you build things, the gidrahs take note and attempt to adjust their route to avoid getting shot – they don’t follow a fixed path. Some of them are cleverer than others. Some of them are even a bit strategic, attacking the defences to let the others go for the base unmolested. All the while you’ve got to manage reloading your guns, and collecting money from your refineries. And you can manually fry the little buggers as well.

Along the way you get a steady stream of new and cool things, and the gidrahs get nastier and armoured and gain special abilities etc, which you need to deal with.

RPS: When is the game out? And will you offer some kind of amazing discount for the awesome army of RPS readers?

Caspian: Oooh, looks like summer 2010 now. We’ve got the Earth and Moon levels done, only 3 more worlds to go. And RPS readers will qualify for a lovely 50% off coupon code. We might do one of those fashionable 50% off pre-order things too now we’ve more or less got the demo done. And we’re going to do some merch, too. How’s that for awesome?

RPS: Sounds okay to us. Thanks for your time.


  1. SAeN says:

    That second vid sold it for me. I want it now!

  2. Schaulustiger says:

    Oh, count me in.

    There is something about the idea of Tower Defense and all its variants that still appeals to me. Watching bazillions of enemies walk into the DAKKADAKKADAKKA of your mounted guns never gets boring somehow.

  3. gou says:

    mega-lo-mania music brings back so many great memories

  4. Robert says:


  5. westyfield says:

    @ SAeN
    Same, that video is full of all kinds of awesome.

  6. HarbourMaster says:

    That second video made me laugh so hard. Or it could be something to do with the picolax I’ve taken today.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    But RTS’s are so 1993. He should turn it into a squad-based FPS.

  8. JuJuCam says:

    Funny thing is I was always a turtler in RTS games, but I was never that sold on TD… I think I might like this though. Hopefully it has a good demo.

  9. The Innocent says:

    Sure, I’ll get it.

  10. Cian says:

    Definitely like what I’ve seen of this, I really hope it shares a few of Harvest’s (marvellous) mechanics when it comes to constructing and connecting your base.

  11. GetOutOfHereStalker says:

    evil pacman ghosts!

  12. Marcin says:

    I thought I recognized those little guys wandering around; Puppy Games are the guys behind the brilliant and clever Droid Assault (link to puppygames.net), where you split your time between straight out top-down shooty and minion brain control.

    I’ll probably be picking this one up just based on that pedigree (well, the trailers help).

    • mujadaddy says:

      Ha, that’s EXACTLY why I clicked on this story. And Droid Assault always reminds me of Paradroid on the C64… good times…

  13. IvanHoeHo says:

    Aww man, thought it was Moonbase Commander for a second, there.

  14. MajorManiac says:

    I love the way base-building is becoming really popular right at the same moment many AAA RTS games are abondoning it.

  15. amishmonster says:

    Looks interesting – and is the dev’s name actually Caspian Prince? I can’t decide if that makes his parents cruel or clever.

  16. PopeSeanV says:

    The art style reminds me of Samurai Jack.

  17. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I fear it’ll end up being way too frantic for my taste. Click this, this, this, place there, there, there, upgrade that, that, that.. But I could easily be wrong. I love the art style, though.. I did purchase Droid Assault from them.

  18. Vinraith says:

    Asymmetric defensive strategy with an adaptive AI? Sold.

  19. Wulf says:

    I love this.

    I really dig that people are doing it, too, taking old style critters and making them ominous and terrifying. Other games have done it well, too, and it really stands out. Sometimes a sense of terror can be induced just by a horde of monolithic things bouncing along and staring at you with their one, unblinking eye. In fact, the minimalism does a lot for the imagination, much in the same way that VVVVVV works.

    I see these and my mind does interesting things with it. It’s like Another World, I saw a bear and Tail saw a lion, it was probably a little bit scary for both of us being chased by that thing the first time, because at least in my case my imagination was trying to fill in the blanks of what it was, and my imagination is very, very good with night terrors. Too good, in fact. I imagine the same was true for Tail, though, because anyone who took to Another World like that has to have had the imagination for it! I just don’t like speaking for other people, but in this case it’s okay, I hope.


    It’s a dark fog, these creatures are all black, and the only things that seem to be clearly defined are the player’s forces. It’s like Minecraft, you know? The Creepers in Minecraft aren’t all that detailed, but if I ever hear *ssssSSS!* my flight reaction kicks in immediately and I’m gone like a rocket, you don’t need Doom 3 or Res Evil visuals to do that. And Minecraft could sometimes be mildly scary to play alone, at night, when your home is besieged. Especially the first few times I played and I had massive holes in my defences…

    Yes, I’m a wuss, I know.

    But I’d much prefer this than gory visuals, which I find to be much, much more boring. None of this is probably going to make a lick of sense to anyone, but I’d much rather have a nameless, faceless horde, with very few details to go on, than something explicitly detailed. I suppose the closest I can come for most people is Aliens. You never saw the alien often, so your mind fills in the blanks, and it does a really great job, because it creates terrors which are tailored to you.

    So yes, I really love the look of this. This might look really hilarious on the surface, but if you’re playing it alone, at night, and with the lights dimmed… who knows?

  20. PleasingFungus says:

    I was just wondering what’d happened to this game! Will have to keep my eye out for that 50%, the game looks promising enough to take a risk on.

  21. Joni says:

    I tried the demo, its awesome fun.

  22. Hypocee says:

    Man, I thought I liked the art before but that’s just lovely. Very World Of Goo, say I, while also diametrically opposite in every way.

  23. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Wait, so is that 50% off the 50% price, or does that make it free? SOLD!

  24. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Also, thank goodness! I first read “glands” as “glans”!!11!!

    Either way lucky I read on eh?

  25. PixelProspector says:

    great to see that a release date for this one isnt too far away… finally! :)
    i love their art style and their translation of oldschool game concepts into extremely polished “neo-retro arcade games” as they call it. awesome stuff!

  26. paneon says:

    I love the past games from PuppyGames to death, and I was rather distressed that my polite email to let RPS know about these (rather exciting) videos was ignored… back in November last year.. .when they actually came out… so this interview makes my cold and barren soul just a little warmer and fuzzier inside.

  27. Cas says:

    It’s permanently 5 months away from release, bastard thing. We just keep on having to make it *more perfect*. It’s been in development for, erm, 4 years or something now. I don’t think we’re very efficient.

    It took me 20 years to get used to my name. Now I’m glad of it :)

    There is an alpha demo around, but it’s slightly secret. Pre-order demo in a few weeks with any luck! Just making another massive change to the game first. Bah.

    Cas :)

  28. adonf says:

    why are all the games $20/£13 on puppygames.net when the article about droid assault says it’s $10/£5 ? am i missing something ?

  29. Cas says:

    We put ’em all up to $20 ages ago, as it didn’t make any difference to sales (square root of bugger all -> square root of bugger all)

    Cas :)

  30. Jesse says:

    Movie in the trailers is actually the theme of Mars, as composed by Gustav Holst, for his Planets suite.

    Its classical music originally: link to youtube.com

  31. Jojoh says:

    There is a beta version, but it is not available from the puppy site. I guess he will make it available when the mechanics is finalized. I have tried the demo/beta and it is really quite brilliant. It is already a fully functioning game, but as you see from the previous releases, they will tune and polish it till it shines, and then release it!

  32. nature shit says:

    That shits all over anything of a similar nature.

    If it runs on any of my pcs I’m sold.

  33. Ratinox says:

    It’s excellent fun, I heartily recommend it. Definitely one of those “just one more go” games :D

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