Battlefield Heroes V2 Mode

There’s a new game mode arrived for free-to-play cartoon shooter, Battlefield Heroes. It’s live on a new night-time map. EA says:

In this fast paced game mode you and your allies must capture and hold the rocket and keep it from enemy hands. Jump in with gusto or rocket fuel and make sure your enemies do not get the upper hand and claim the rocket for themselves.

You can see a bit more about it in the trailer, which I stuck down there in clickland. (Grumbling about the cost of micropayments continues, it seems – anyone familiar with current state of play?) Also: JETPACKS!


  1. Shadowcat says:

    God, I love jet-packs.

  2. Lord_Mordja says:

    I’ll be honest, any time I see an article on this game I’m just surprised it’s still alive.

  3. Dan Sunderland says:

    I was very put off this aftter the first time I played. It seemed frustratingly simplistic, combat felt very “floaty” and just generally a bit crap for anything brandishing the Battlefield name.

    Anyone still playing this? Has it improved?

    • Senethro says:

      Ah, you’re one of the floaty people. What does floaty mean and why have none of the others been able to describe it except by repeating floaty?

    • MultiVaC says:

      People usually use “floaty” to describe the feeling of things in game that don’t really have the sense of being “there” in the game world, like when something is interacting in a way that’s jarring in comparison to other things in the game or the player’s perception of how it should work. It can be caused by bad animation, unrealistic physics, control latency, poor sound choice, among other things. It’s usually not easy to identify why something feels that way, which is why it’s hard to fix.

    • Senethro says:

      MultiVAC: Thats the most clear and comprehensive explanation anyones ever come up with. Well done.

  4. sredni says:

    I played this for a little while, and it was a lot of fun – if one had the inclination it was possible to fill a jeep with soldiers, drive it onto a plane, and then crash the plane into the enemy’s base for a gigantic wtf moment. But then they changed the micro-payments thing and it meant you basically had to pay or play dozens of hours a week to keep up a competitive loadout, so I just went back to CoD.

  5. fulis says:

    You should embed this instead. It’s priceless

  6. er910 says:

    They lowered the price of the permanent weapons. I spent $5 to load my Soldier with weapons and I got a pair of sunglasses with the change. I think the game is fun. I enjoy the powers and silliness.

  7. Monchberter says:

    @ Senthro

    I’m a fellow ‘floaty’ derider. What I mean when I say floaty is that there’s no tangible sense of heft or momentum to the movement of your character. You change direction instantly, there’s no sense of weight. Compare this with Source games such as TF2 and Half-Life 2 where there’s a brief slowdown and not a sudden stop to your movement when you change direction, but a more realistic simulation of changing your speed and direction. Crysis pulled this off really well too.

    It also doesn’t help Battlefield Heroes that the player models are so rudimentary animated that it seems that the only pivot point they have is at the waist and everything above that remains rigid while rotating like a puppet while the legs flail away beneath with no sense of purchase on the ground.

    Hence floaty

    • Will says:

      So THAT’S what floaty means! That was a good description, and also means that I’m someone who loves floaty. I want to turn on a penny, change direction instantly, no weapon recoil. I want a purely mathematical shooter. I loved Unreal Tournament.

      Now I know what to look out for, when someone says they don’t like a game because it’s floaty, I should play it! Of note: I really like the ‘feel’ of battlefield heroes, and played it quite a lot for a week a month or so ago until I got bored of the maps.

      Note: Not an attack on the person I am replying to, everyone is allowed to like and dislike whatever they choose to.

  8. Film11 says:

    In addition to the reduced prices as er910 states, there’s also daily missions you can do which give a steady flow of VP (the free currency used to purhcase weapons). Also you get about 700 BF (the paid currency) free if you play on an account which also has BFBC2 registered to it. That’s enough to purchase about 2 or 3 weapons permanently I think.

  9. dethgar says:

    This is more of a game for casual gamers. The type that play WoW or the Wii and think they are hardcore. I played it in beta and a few times after launch, and the disparity between people with default kits and people who had kits was very daunting. As a spy I had to stab heavily armored players 15-20 times to kill them, where as a spy counter-part with upgraded gear could one shot them. It really took the fun out of it. It would be a great game for wasting time if it weren’t for the levels and the item mall. I suppose they’ve hit their target market though, and that would explain why it isn’t discussed much around here. We are serious business after all.

  10. Film11 says:

    I also notice that they have added the Rippin’ Rocket and Thor Turbojet costume sets. They used to be exclusive to PCG readers. I will no longer be a unique and wonderful snowflake *sniff*

  11. Kevbo says:

    I stopped playing this game a long time ago so it may have gotten better. I was very disappointed with the gameplay but I guess I can’t complain too much for a casual free online shooter. I won’t go back to it but glad others are enjoying it.

    I will agree the game is for casuals but saying a whole platform or console is for casuals shows that you are not a ‘true’ gamer. Sorry but just my opinion and you are missing out on some good hardcore games ;)

    • dethgar says:

      I didn’t mean to lump the console as a whole in as casual, I apologize for that. The console has some innovative and fun titles. But there are quite a few people that play the Wii but aren’t truly gamers, yet they try and take on the label, same goes for all consoles and some pc users, but it’s more common with the Wii.

  12. Burny says:

    Oh… We’re talking TRUE gamers here.

    I guess there is no chance I will ever be a true gamer having played and enjoyed Wii Sports (Resort).

    I’ll just leave then and let the truest of the true make up their personal, narrow minded and f***** up definitions of the true gamer.

    • Thants says:

      It’s not that you aren’t a hardcore gamer if you’ve played Wii Sports, it’s that you aren’t a hardcore gamer if you’ve only played Wii Sports. You’re reading more into it then was there.

  13. Simonkey75 says:

    The floatiness was bad enough when I tried this, but added to that the fact that it was lagtastic just made me throw in the towel. Hard to summon up any reasons to play this when the mightiness that is Quake Live is just a click away.

    Such a shame, before it launched I was really stoked about it, but there really doesn’t seem to be owt to it.