The Best Kind Of Zealotry: A StarCraft Life

I have discovered the magic-select-thingy-button in Photoshop. Is the end of an era of incredibly-shitty Gillen Photoshop? Evidently, no.

ChaosSmurf found himself inspired by the humanity of Starcraft commentator Day(9)‘s latest broadcast – a two hour confessional about his life as a gamer, and specifically Starcraft. He lobbed it over. I went to just briefly check its vibe, and all of a sudden I’m half an hour into it, just carried along with the enthusiasm and period detail. I suspect anyone who dug the hell out of Gaming Made Me series will find something to enjoy here. And I’ll agree that having a brother is one of the best peripherals a young gamer can have. You’ll find the footage below…


  1. Xercies says:

    Yep most of my early games that I played came from my brother, since the family wasn’t rich we couldn’t afford multiple consoles or PCs or games for that matter. So I always borrowed what my brother bought.

  2. Clovis says:

    This would be easier to listen to if the guy was being interviewed by Ira Glass. He keeps doing some kind of “radio voice” and trying to be entertaining or something, instead of just telling the story. Interesting stuff though.

  3. Hurion says:

    I never really though starcraft was all that great. The only time I played it extensively was on the N64 against friends.

    • Janxer says:

      Well I don’t blame you. The N64 version was starcraft 1.0 without expansions. Basically, a broken fucking mess. :>
      Also, console RTS lol.

  4. MasterBoo says:

    Ah! ChaosSmurf reaching the news on RPS. Now that’s nice :)
    Used to work with him in SC:Legacy 2 years ago. Great chap.

  5. KikiJiki says:

    The enthusiasm and passion really shone through on this Day[9]Daily. Frankly it reminded me as much of how awful most communities are on the internet as it showed how unbelievably positive about the game the Starcraft community is.

  6. ChaosSmurf says:

    Woo \o/

    I just think it’s a brilliant example of how games are awesome, just in general, and a lot of the stuff he says is relevant to life in general as well as StarCraft/gaming. Won’t be everyone’s cup of tea of course, but I’m glad Kieron found it interesting enough to post.

    There’s also an mp3 that I found after I e-mailed it here:
    link to
    link to (mirror)

    The video is literally just his face for 2 hours (though his expression can be quite important) so if you’d rather listen to a podcast while at work or whatever, there you are.

  7. Zaphid says:

    Yeah, Day9’s casts are always interesting if you want to know more about Starcraft. I mean, most people couldn’t do that stuff even if you paid them and here he he is, doing all of that for free. His live casts have usually around 3-4k people tuning in, which is for such a niche almost unheard of.

    • ChaosSmurf says:

      If he goes at an EU friendly time he’s topped 9k. For his 5am BST stuff, under 2k would be a bad day. It’s pretty incredible.

  8. Auspex says:

    My brother was a rubbish peripheral – he spent all his time playing Realmz (yes it really had a Z link to ) and Exile so never played any games with me :(

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    Just finished now. Well worth listening to.


    • Raum says:

      This was amazing.

      I was close to having to fetch paper, as some of it was really moving.

      Kieron should make John watch this and post a “reaction to Day[9]” video on YouTube.

    • Raum says:

      That wasn’t supposed to be a reply. Balls!


  10. mrmud says:

    Day9Daily is pretty great overall.
    His starctaft2 analysis is refreshing among youtube videos that otherwise just narrate the action.

  11. Brumisator says:

    I have never seen such an engrossing 2 hour video of just a dude talking to his webcam.


    And I suck at Starcraft, too, some of the stuff he talks about makes no sense to me, but the whole storytelling is just so captivating.

    • Daniel Klein says:

      If you have a sort of morbid curiosity about something in specific, ask and I’ll try to explain. I love all the weird stuff that goes on in Starcraft metagaming.

  12. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    The first thing I thought of after a quick glance at the picture was “Starcraft Evony?” for some inexplicable reason.

  13. Daniel Klein says:

    The part where he and Tasteless met in the first round of that tournament… yeah. I want to see the Hollywood version of that story.

    Day9 is amazing and an integral part of a balanced Starcraft diet. I get mine as daily as he puts his stuff up (which isn’t really all too daily, but daily enough). The man is amazing, and his brother came up with the word I use as my nick on all Steam-based games: PandaBearGuy. When Day9 recently referred to the panda bear guy as an Ursudon in his cast of those American college league games I was like, wtf! The Plotts do not call him an Ursudon! What are you doing?

  14. Web Cole says:

    That was really very extraordinary. The enthusiasm and passion he expresses make this well worth a look, even if you don’t understand Starcraft lingo :)

  15. TotalBiscuit says:

    Day9 along with the forums, are lynchpins of the current SC2 community. The talent and enthusiasm are obvious, he’s a self-made success and more power to him.

  16. Naug says:

    Day[9]’s nerd-charisma really shines through especially well in his 2 hour bio. If you’re remotely interested in starcraft, check out his casts, they’re the best brood war and starcraft 2 commentary on the net. Both in terms of analysis of the game as well as being educational and charismatic.

  17. Cunzy1 1 says:

    Oh. The humanity!

  18. 12kill4 says:

    Wow… that was epic… that guy just sat alone in a room and talked to a camera for two hours without editing- that in itself is a pretty big achievement…

    On a somewhat related note: I honestly can’t understand how people can remember so much detail… maybe it helps if interesting things actually happen to you.

  19. Sagan says:

    All I can say is wow…
    He is simply great.

  20. loeffe says:

    Funny, I just watched this clip with awesome and hilarious commentary by the same guy, just last week.

    link to
    (NSFW and full of Bear Semen)

  21. Bassism says:

    This was a very, very good video. I most certainly had better things to do with my day than spend two hours watching this dude tell me his life story, but it was most certainly worth it.
    I don’t enjoy Starcraft at all, but as an Eve player, or as a video gamer in general, I can relate to a lot of his sentiments. All the same, I have no idea what a Nine Pool or a Two Gate rush are, nor do I have the desire to find out :D

    I think he makes a really good case for why we consider it worthwhile to spend so much of our time and effort playing games. He’s obviously a huge nerd, and embraces being a huge nerd, but he’s also obviously well adjusted. He mentions missing tournament because of obligations for school and is charismatic enough to keep me fixated on his face for two hours. Meanwhile, he commits himself fully to becoming better at something that is rather difficult and rewarding.

    I wish I had a brother totally into Eve. My girlfriend will always listen to my tales of taking out carriers, but she doesn’t really grasp just how awesome that is :P

  22. Mike says:

    @Daniel Klein

    What do SC players and commentators mean when someone is a ‘baller’? Ive never heard that expression used outside of starcraft when describing someone.

    • ChaosSmurf says:

      Excellent, superb, brilliant, great, good, better than average, epic, legendary and/or quite acceptable.

      The only guy I ever saw use it back in the day was Tasteless, but it seemed to spread from there.

  23. Beanbee says:

    93minutes: I don’t think I’ve heard a more moving rallying call for competitive gaming in my life.

  24. SpinalJack says:

    He just keeps talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic

  25. StormTec says:

    …it’s really quite hypnotic

  26. Pani says:

    Fantastic watching/listening.

    Not a follower of Starcraft but I think someone like him could perk my interest.

    Who says video game geeks cannot have a personality. His charisma is phenomenal.

  27. hambone says:

    That was awesome. Really impressive how raw and emotional he was willing to be. I could relate to a lot of the stuff he had to say, as well.

  28. Mike says:

    The fact his families life revolves around Starcraft might seem sad to some people and that he should get a proper job instead of wasting his life away.

    But I think hes one of the most passionate people ive ever seen…he expresses his passion in a way that you really do sort of get why he does it. His mum, sorry ‘mom’ must quite literally be one of the coolest moms on the planet., to get their sons hobby so well. I mean, its just the same as moms and dads who support their kids passion for music by letting them skip days of school to go perform in competitions. Its the exact same thing. Nowadays, you probably have the same chances of becoming an amazingly good SC player who can make money out of what they do or an amazingly good solo artist doing the same.

    I suppose with the difference you cant play in bars to earn £20 for a whole nights work…

  29. Big X says:

    Phenomenal. Not much of a Starcraft player but I was engrossed the whole way through. Though I want another charismatic champion for the rest of gaming too

  30. bob says:

    baller is a pretty common term in SoCal, it means awesome, great, sweet, supersweet, etc.

    • HairCute says:


      Sorry, Bob. “Baller” is a pretty common term just about any where in the US.

  31. somnolentsurfer says:

    Man. That’s awesome. I can’t believe I just watched 93 minutes of some guy talking about Starcraft.

  32. HarbourMaster says:

    Shit. It’s the guy from Scrubs.

  33. luckystriker says:

    He articulates his passion for gaming in a charismatic and absorbing manner. Well worth listening to even if you don’t follow the starcraft scene.

  34. Eire says:

    I will say I dont understand a lot of the Starcraft jargon, however the webcast was great. I enjoy seeing his passion about somethint that he enjoys and it really resonated with a lot of what I feel whenever I game. I am not a professional by any means but some of my best friends are gamers and the bonds and links we create through gaming are quite strong and last forever.

    Good luck bringing e-sports to the US, I wish him the best of luck with that campaign and he’s definitely gained a fan for his webcasts.

    Happy gaming! -E

  35. z3r0 says:

    That was something..special. Sir, I salute you.

  36. Hobbes says:

    I had no idea what he was talking about for 40% of the time, but it was still fantastic. Really human, funny, passionate, intelligent. Top Hat!

  37. Lenny says:

    This video makes me slightly less ashamed to be so into video games

  38. geoff says:

    panda bear guy is from mightyboosh series one, bob fossil says it, he is the zoo keeper but doesnt know the names of the animals, calls the python the windy man and the long mover! etc. day[9] awesome though, respect!

  39. Magic H8 Ball says:

    Written word vs. Audio podcast:
    – It takes twice as much time to listen to audio podcast than to read an article.
    – Interesting bits of an audio podcast cannot be copied and forwarded.
    – Audio podcast cannot be searched to quickly find the bit you need.
    – Audio podcasts take thousands of times more space than text.
    – Audio podcasts are not very online-friendly. Any site can display text; few can play sound. Audio podcasts usually need to be saved locally and then played.
    – Podcasts are mostly made by nerds who usually don’t talk much so they are not very good at it. This is only a problem in an audio podcast.
    – Audio podcasts with several people always end up with them getting in each other’s way.
    Audio podcast vs. Video podcast:
    – Video podcast takes hundreds of times more space than audio podcast.
    – Podcasts are mostly made by nerds who generally are not pleasant to look at. This is only a problem in a video podcast.
    And that is why I didn’t watch the podcast despite the fact I am a SC proscene fan.

  40. ralo says:

    what a terrible argument. so you don’t watch tv then, on principle? you must really hate reading books, since it takes twice as long to read a whole book than to read the sparknotes. really idiotic to boycot something because of the medium when the medium is a bloody -video-. i could understand if he transcribed his thoughts by stitching together the skins of unborn uteri and inking them with kitten-blood, but come on. being morally opposed to videos over the internet is the stupidest thing i’ve heard in a long time.

  41. Rane2k says:

    Wow, I just watched the whole thing, and 2 words come to me:

    Passion. Dedication.

    This guy is awesome! I have been that passionate about only a few games that I ever played. Quake 3 and Magic the Gathering come to mind.

    It´s quite refreshing to hear someone talk about the experiences that you have as an aspiring player in a competitive game in such an honest way. To recognize some of the things that you did yourself;
    Driving through half the country for a qualifier tournament and then getting blown out in the first round;
    Winning against a player that you thought was several leagues above you, just because you played the tightest game that you could;
    Totally throwing away a game that you already won, by giving your opponent the one (and only) chance to turn the game around.
    Stuff like that. :-)

    I wish more gamers were like that guy, and not the random griefers, spammers, whiners, quitters, hackers and general a-holes that you meet in 90% of the games you play online (in whatever competitive game)…