Driving The Nail’d In?

The last Nail’d in the coffin? Nope, I’ve got pun-blindness on Techland’s “ATV Racing Game” – that means quad bikes and motorcycles – and I feel like a bit of an old duffer even posting about it. Where’s my truck simulator? Anyway, it’s called nail’d, all lower case, which is just silly, but okay. It’s out in the last quarter of the year, and “through its insane bursts of speed, “nail’d” will catapult you from one adrenalin boost to the next.” The same is true of my driving in a quite normal car.

I dunno, these youth racing games. It’s not cricket. And besides, weren’t Techland supposed to be making zombie action affair Dead Island? Whatever happened to that? I see the site has been replaced with a mysterious “under reconstruction” notice. Interesting.


  1. LewieP says:

    Ooh, looks nice. Like Excite Truck but with extra pretties and angry metallica.

  2. /V/endetta says:



  3. BobbleHat says:

    Sadly that screen on the Dead Island site has been there for at least a year now.

  4. clockwerkgoblin says:

    Oh how much i wish we had something like this 2 years ago! A quad racing game, with good graphics, and giant racetracks in the mountains with huge jumps! I would definitely give it a try!

    Hmm…OH WAIT! We had! Pure. 100% match..

  5. Rob says:

    This looks exactly like Pure.

  6. Divebomb says:

    yeah, they’ve got chrome 2 and warhound the more hardcore mil sim in development aswell.. aswell as dead island. the racing studio might be a separate thing or something though. not sure. they’ve got two xpand rally games, gti racing and fim spaceway gp 3 the motorbiking thing in their past aswell, so chrome engine going racing isn’t exactly new. these came out 2008 2006 and 2004. so it fits

    • Divebomb says:

      speedway. not spaceway. good mix between speedway and raceway there

  7. Sev says:

    I was really looking forward to Dead Island. Sadpanda.

  8. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Too. Many. Zombie. Games. Period. :P

  9. Vague-rant says:

    I think they might have finally nail’d driving physics with this game once and for all…

  10. perfectheat says:

    I’m not trying to compare it to any other bike game but it would be nice if it had a deformable terrain feature like in MX vs. ATV Reflex. Just makes it so much more interesting, at least if they don’t go over board with it.

  11. Oak says:

    I’m interested, if only because Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood proved Techland is very good at creating gobsmackingly pretty environments and zipping around one on a quad sounds like a good time.

  12. Boult Upright says:

    Dead Island looked so good…. in 2007. Maybe they realised they’ve missed to boat….