London Calling: Eurogamer Expo Tickets

Well, it is only across town. We can hardly not go. Tom Bramwell would do a very sad face.

Tickets have gone on sale for the Eurogamer Expo. It’s from October 1st to the 3rd and features stuff and things. What kind of stuff and things? Well, they haven’t announced anything yet. Pah! Still, by all accounts last years was good, and RPS are certainly planning on being there and doing – er – stuff and things. A big weekend for stuff and things, I suspect. Tickets are 8 quid each, but you can get them cheaper if you have an impractically large number of friends. Which means that all of RPS are screwed. And lonely. Oh, so lonely.


  1. BooleanBob says:

    Should have done another in Leeds :(

  2. Nullh says:

    Apparently Leeds was a bit sparse last year, with not a lot of exhibitors. It’d be much easier to get to, but if it’s a better show I wouldn’t mind the trip.

  3. Stense says:

    May pop along if I can be at all bothered, what sort of hijinks actually occours at these sorts of expo-majigs?

    • LewieP says:

      Big room full of consoles with games on them, hour long talk with developers showing off what they are working on, place to play Rock Band in public, and a fantasic indie showcase where you get to play some indie games and meet the developers of them.

      Also, drinking afterwards.

      Eurogamer expo is a tonne of fun, I’ll be there for sure.

    • Stense says:


      Sounds interesting enough. Plus drinks. That helps.

  4. James G says:

    Sounds like a bit of fun. Should be nearer London by then as well (possibly even living there) so getting there shouldn’t be too troublesome. Will probably grab a ticket. (At £8 its not a disaster if something crops up that means I can’t make it.)

  5. Lewis says:

    Worth mentioning, it’s £8 for a day, not for the full weekend. If it’s anything like last year, it’ll be the same games on the show floor, but a different schedule of talks and workshops each day.

    • Persus-9 says:

      I’ve just seen they’ve confirmed that on their twitter feed: “Each day will differ in terms of sessions (different developers etc) but the games will be the same each day. “

  6. Nathan says:

    Was worth going last year, may well go again :)

  7. Moni says:

    I’m thinking about going for the careers fair, has anyone had much success at one of those?

  8. E says:

    If you’re after a games industry job – get a good qualification, get a portfolio and sign up with some of the games industry agencies. That’s what I did (through Aardvark Swift). That way, they do the hard work of sending your CV round and chasing it up. They can also pay expenses for getting you to interviews (within reason).

    That’s not to say that careers fairs aren’t worthwhile, of course.

    • Vitamin Powered says:

      Thanks for that tip Mr E. Googling Aardvark Swift now.

  9. CMaster says:

    Went to Leeds last year.
    Was fun and all, but not worth trekking to London for I don’t think.

  10. Vitamin Powered says:

    Should we try to organise an RPS reader get together at the event? Or are the chances of it devolving into a drunken mob burning down the Ubisoft stand too great (too pass up)?

    • Persus-9 says:

      I’d be up for somethat (meeting up or angry mob, whatever). Something to discuss in the forum closer to the time me thinks.

  11. jon_hill987 says:

    Do they ever have anything like this at the NEC? (Excluding The Gadget Show Live, I have been to that two years in a row).

  12. Persus-9 says:

    Yay! I’ll be there again, all three days most likely. Two days solid entertainment, four free t-shirts (two of them very wearable) and a free copy of Uncharted 2 all for £12 meant last year was completely brilliant value for money. I’ll gladly stump up twice as much for three days of it this year.

  13. DMcCool says:

    Which day should I go to? Or all three??? AAAAHH!!!

    • Persus-9 says:

      Depends what you want to see. If you just want to play the demos then a day is probably enough. If you want to go to the developer sessions as well like I do then you best book all three. I went both London days last year but attending all the developer sessions meant I only had time to see about half the games on the show floor.

  14. Daffs says:

    Ooh, I should have free tickets for this, having worked last year’s.
    I’m a *little* bit excited.

  15. Frosty says:

    Will RPS be doing a get together in a pub again? I missed out on it last year, but friends inform me it was a jolly good night.

  16. Kua says:

    How quickly do tickets get snapped up for for this? Do I need to take IMMEDIATE ACTION?

  17. HarbourMaster says: