Holiday Kefling: Kingdom For Keflings Demo

I do love this screenshot.

A Kingdom for Keflings is popular on the 360, so I’m sure it’s exactly the same as Gears of War (Note to self: Please Check). And now it’s on the PC! And there’s a demo of it! Okay, it’s not a Gears of War clone. It’s a city builder game where you play as an enormous giant, constructing a settlement for – oh, I don’t know – Keflings, probably. The full thing costs 20 dollars and you can get the demo from here. Time unlimited but only some access to the features allowed – so very much like being trapped in a loveless marriage where you’re staying together for the sake of the children. Except less soul-crushing.


  1. Spoiler Duck says:

    Hrm. Part of the appeal on the 360 was seeing your dashboard avatar stomp around inside the game as the resident building god. It was a nice chillout game, but not very deep. I’m uncertain if the game will be as appealing without seeing a cartoon version of yourself.

    Also, considering the original game’s age, $20 does seem a tad expensive for this port.

  2. Mac says:

    $20 – no thanks

  3. Ginger Yellow says:

    Definitely not worth $20, if it’s the same as the Xbox game. The original was OK, but as Spoiler Duck says, not particularly deep. And hit has basically no replay value. Also, if you thought Anno 1404 was a slow game, wait till you see Kingdom for Keflings. Actually, don’t. Just go buy Anno 1404, which is vastly superior.

  4. Rocktart says:

    Good to see you’re getting in the married life mindset. Start putting pennies in the jar…

  5. Heliocentric says:

    As I’ve been ranting to anyone who will listen Settlers 2 10th Anniversary is bloody lovely, and currently available for about a quid. If you enjoy this, just the demo of 10th anniversary.

  6. Gutter says:

    I bought this game on my 360 because I though that it was multiplayer.

    It wasn’t

    I still played though, I built everything and it didn’t take more than 2-3 hours to do so.

    This game is *not* worth 20$.

  7. Anonononomous says:

    It is multiplayer, though. You can go into other people’s kingdoms or invite them to yours. Two of the achievements require you to do so, in fact.