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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Better Than Never

Running a little late today folks, sorry, chalk it down to my being unprofessional if you like. Three big with a capital B games on offer this week, a relic from years gone by, and a game that manages to keep getting featured in the bargain bucket time and time again. For more savings on your games, head to (maybe even check out the recently relaunched SavyGamer podcast whilst you’re there). On to the bargains.

Men of War – £1.95/€1.95/$2.50
I hope you ignored me telling you to get Men of War gold for £14.99/€14.99/$17.49 the other week, because that wasn’t a very good deal compared to this one. Bargain bucket regular, Men of War, is back again for extra super mega cheap. There’s even the expandalone Red Tide for £3.95/€3.95/$4.95 too. Wot Alec and Jim think here and here, demos here and here.

Modern Warfare – £9.99/€12.49/$14.99
For less than the price of a map pack for the sequel, you can buy the original Modern Warfare. It’s pretty crazy to see it this cheap to be honest, I remember thinking it would never be available for under a tenner. The single player campaign is a little better than the one from Modern Warfare 2 I think. It certainly helps that it doesn’t have no Russian (or should that be “it has Russian”?). According to Xfire‘s activity chart, it’s even being played in multiplayer a lot more than Modern Warfare 2, although I didn’t check those figures before it went on sale. It supports dedicated servers too, which is obviously a bonus.

Left 4 Dead 2 – £13.39/€20.09/$20.09
King of the zombie games? Maybe that’s a controversial claim, but I’m going to make it. I can’t think of any game I more enjoy killing waves and waves of zombies in. You can’t go all that wrong with Valve games. It works out even cheaper (£10.05/€15.07/$15.07 each) if you split the 4 pack with some other people. You’ll also be getting the brand new “The Passing” stuff for free, which adds a new gameplay mode, a new campaign, and new weapons. Remember when all those silly billys were boycotting this? John did a review of it. A review? Like what proper web sites do? Crazy stuff.

Descent 1+2 – £2.72/€3.13/$4.19
The discount comes off during checkout. I remember playing this when I was young. I really liked it, it had big missiles for me to shoot at the baddies. It didn’t have an up, and coincidentally didn’t have a down. It probably hasn’t aged all that gracefully, but there’s not really anything that plays much like it around these days, or if there is let me know. You’re in a space ship, in the middle of a three dimensional labyrinth with doors and keys and baddies to shoot. You have to find your way to the end of the level. It’s kind of surprising how Doom became the game that everyone made clones of, but not descent. I can imagine some alternate dimension where the market is flooded with Descent Clones, and the EFF PEE ESS is an undeserved genre. The 3rd game is available for the same price in GOG’s Sci Fi sim promo, as are Freespace and Freespace 2.

Deal of the week
Grand Theft Auto 4 – £3.95/€3.43/$7.50
The big daddy of open world car drivey, gun shooty games for the cheapest I have ever seen it. The PC port may not have been brilliant at release, but the recent patch should have at least fixed some of the problems, namely the Rockstar Social club nonsense. GFWL is still there. It’s a big game, rockstar seem to apply the kitchen sink design philosophy to the GTA games, where if they have an idea for a thing, then they should put it in the game. My biggest problems with GTA, any of them really, is that I don’t particularly enjoy making my own fun with them, and when it comes down to it the actual missions are pretty bad. You can feel the hand of the scripting all over them, and you have to repeat so much tedious stuff if you fail. Still, GTA4 is certainly an impressive piece of game world, and a bargain at this price.

For more cheap games, get yourself over to

Thanks to John (Arr) for the top image. Cheers!

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