Free Stomping: Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries


Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Stomp. Following up from Jim’s post a little while ago, The Thing That He Said Was Happening Has Now Happened. To whit, a reiggered version of Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries can now be downloaded and played for no-pennies, courtesy of proactive fan/developer collective MekTek. Yep, they’ve priced this juicy bone from the very jaws of the slavering Microsoft hound, which means all it now costs you is 1.7Gb of bandwidth. It comes with a clutch of MekTek’s improvements and additional units, weapons and the like too. Yeah, you’d better be grateful.

Download links and setup guides await you here. Stomp. STOMP.


  1. BeamSplashX says:

    Bleh, torrent stand-in programs seem like a waste of time but I’d rather not wait on a mirror.

    In other news, YAY Mechwarrior 4!

  2. Torgen says:

    Yes, I”m such a Mech whore that I installed their whatever and let it have its way with my computer, just to get Mechs. I hope I don’t regret this…

  3. mandrill says:

    Downloading now! Who’s up for some stompy stompy then? EU based. I can make wednesday nights :D

  4. Psamtik says:

    Am I doing something wrong? I followed the instructions according to what they mentioned on their press release, and I installed MTX, their steam/impluse-like program, but I can’t see it listed under “Games Available”, nor does any other game for that matter.

    • Torgen says:

      I thought maybe the downloader needed to reboot, and I no longer have MW4 or Assault Mech listed under available games either.

    • Retrofuture says:

      It’s just AWFULLY slow at updating, especially if you interrupt it. If you have a properly set up torrent program, go into the Yourdrive:\mektek\MTX\temp\games\torrents folder, grab the torrent and download it that way. Much faster.

  5. Vinraith says:

    That’s the best news I’ve heard all week, I’m off to download some stompy goodness.
    On a related note, I was always a bigger fan of Mechwarrior 3 than of 4 (3 felt truer to the tabletop game). Anyone know of any good mods for 3 to bring it up to some kind of modern graphical level?

  6. Fitzgamon says:

    *GASP!* Does this mean I can once more gallivant about in a catapult filled to the brim with copious numbers of missiles and rockets, unleashing an unending torrent of explosive rain from the safety of a hill top as my comrades stomp about in atlases and madcats? If so, huzzah!

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:

      I’ve always been a big fan of the Solaris maps, especially in a little Uziel.


      Nothing says victory like smashing up all your torso armour by crushing the cab of an atlas :D

    • Mr Labbes says:

      My best results I always got when piloting an Uziel. Maybe it’s just because I find the design the coolest, but it’s still a great mech.

  7. Doug F says:

    I just finished a certification exam that had taken over my last 2 weeks of game time with studying, and my wife is out of town for the weekend.


  8. Torgen says:

    Hmm, seems to be no seeds, as I’m sitting here at “Infinity Min” left to download.

    • Torgen says:

      Ok, restarted a third time and connected to the seed. Yeeha!

      (goes to dig out his HOTAS)

    • Veret says:

      As I sit here waiting for the client to actually connect, I noticed some interesting output in the log: “[4/30/2010 7:13:05 PM] Downloading and installing new game. This will take sometime. Please wait.” I thought it was a typo at first, but they’re really just being extremely clever. “Sure, all your attempts to download will actually take. Eventually.”

      Oh grammar, how I love you.

  9. Veret says:

    Ooh, can’t wait. STOMP STOMP STOMP SHOOM Target destroyed! Target destroyed! Target’s dead. Target down. Target-is-terminated! Target eeee-liminated!

    These are the sounds of my youth.

  10. moyogo says:

    Hmm mechwarrior… raven with flamethrowers heating people up until they explode or i explode from overheat! good times

  11. Theory says:

    Is this tied to their MTX thingy? I’m hoping on a standalone download.

    • Dominic White says:

      MTX is just a reskinned torrent client that checks for updates. It’s no big deal.

      What IS a big deal for me is that while I have the whole thing downloaded, and it works fine initially, the moment I try to begin a mission it bombs out to desktop for me with an (apparently unique – nobody else seems to be having this problem) error message.


    • Theory says:

      I went ahead and installed it. The UI is even more horrid than I feared, every mouse click so far has locked the whole thing up for a good few seconds, and to add insult to injury it requires admin privileges to run.

      Get the torrent directly here. It’s performing abysmally even in a proper download client, of course. Grr.

    • Lobotomist says:

      Is this valid torrent file ?

      Dont want to DL it for nothing :S

      Anyway , Yay ! Finally Mech Warrior 4 free !

    • Theory says:

      610 downloads from all over the web today, don’t know how many more yesterday. I’d say it works. :)

  12. Psamtik says:

    Not sure what happened, but it now works. I had restarted the client before twice but it still didn’t appear. I guess 3rd time’s the charm. Thanks though!

  13. Oneironaut says:

    I used to have Mech Warrior 2 and it’s expansion. Haven’t played any of the series since, but I’ve got the download for this one started. Should be fun.

    • Jad says:

      That’s exactly my experience as well. MW2 and MW2:Mercenaries and no further in the series.

      I do feel like I was more diverse in my tastes as a kid, as I didn’t read up on the gaming news and I didn’t buy my games, my parents did. I got Mechwarrior 2 for my birthday because a friend had it (and he had it because his dad liked sim games), and then a month later I got Warcraft II for Christmas because somebody at my dad’s job had offhandedly mentioned playing it. Two games that really couldn’t be more different, and I loved them both.

      Nowadays I don’t really play either type of game, because I know that while I’ll enjoy a RTS, I’ll enjoy a FPS or RPG more, and my free time is much more limited than it was when I was young. I do feel like I miss out a bit on diverse gaming experiences that way though.

      Guess I’ll rectify that somewhat by downloading this tonight.

    • ExplosiveCoot says:

      I’m in this boat as well, although MW2: Mercenaries was one of my all-time favorite games. I’m guessing that MW4 will be twice as good, right?

  14. Ed from Brazil says:

    WHOOOOOO It’s running so fine.
    Guys, if your download is slow, just open the MTX folder, in one of the sub sub folders there’s the .torrent file. then just use that on utorrent or something. After it’s done, copy the big file back to the Temp folder in MTX and restart the silly app. It’ll verify the big file and install the game.

    Nice things: MW4 Mercs now has full widescreen support and you can also use all the new mechs and guns in the Single player too.

  15. cdm says:

    MTX is currently some buggy shite, unfortunately.

  16. DMJ says:

    I need this game because in real life I inexplicably don’t own a sixty-ton stompy robot armed with enough weaponry to conquer France.

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:

      I go to bed every night with melodramatic depression for this very reason.

  17. Freudian Trip says:

    Is there a LAN function for this game. I’d love to blow my friend away [/nohomo]

  18. Magic H8 Ball says:

    rofl, .NET Framework required. gg.

    • MD says:

      Isn’t the .net framework required for all sorts of things? It always seems to be one of the first things I have to install on a fresh windows installation.

      Anyway, hooray at this! Shockingly I’ve never played a Mechwarrior game before, but I’ve been hoping for a new multiplayer game lately, and the enthusiasm of almost everyone here is infectious.

  19. Guus says:

    I’ve never played any of the MW games before so this’ll be a fun intro, let’s see what all the fuss is about eh?

  20. the wiseass says:

    Unfortunately their horrible horrible HORRIBLE client doesn’t work and keeps crashing. So I guess that’s that.

    • the wiseass says:

      I seem to be stuck in some kind of update loop. No stompy stompy for me :(

    • RetroFuture says:

      Kill the mtx process, go into your mtx folder and copy the files in the temp-loader folder over the top of the ones in the mtx folder. Run mtx.exe. Should eventually start up and start downloading the patch for you :)

    • Sam C. says:

      Kill the mtx process, go into your mtx folder and copy the files in the temp-loader folder over the top of the ones in the mtx folder. Run mtx.exe. Should eventually start up and start downloading the patch for you :)

      @RetroFuture: Thanks, that fixed it for me! It might have to update more than once, just repeat the copying procedure. Wish it was just a standalone…

    • the wiseass says:

      Yes, thank you, that worked! Maybe I’ll be stomping around after all :)

  21. Mac says:

    Ugh this MTX shite is shit. This is going to be a long download, sigh. Yeah, if anyone sees a proper mirror for this, please post ASAP!

  22. Rich says:

    Wow, the single-player campaign is in supposedly in there.
    That’s more than I could have hoped for.

    • Dominic White says:

      Not only in there, but you can find/buy all the new mechs and weapons during the campaign as well.

      As for the slow downloads right now, the torrent I’m looking at shows no less than 5500+ people downloading, and that number is rising steadily. I think it’s safe to say that it’ll have a decent sized multiplayer scene.

  23. Kovah says:

    Holy shat! I’m getting 5kb/sec at best on the download. Says it’ll be done in around 3000 minutes. So maybe I’ll have something to do on Sunday.

    • CMP5 says:

      @Kovah I’mgetting the same thing… Dunno if I have 3,000 minutes to spare

  24. wedge98 says:

    I downloaded via utorrent and loaded the utorrent file(File->open File
    Then click install on bottom right
    the go through updates if needed
    Also, Under options change from toreent to http(www) method for updates as it seems to be faster.

    This new variant ROCKS!!!!!

    There is NO online lag, tons of servers and the play is just great. YAY!!!! Mechwarriors UNITE!!!

  25. Davie says:

    Yay, Mechwarrior! I got into video games a little later than most, so now I can finally see what everyone’s on about.

    …if I could get the fucking downloader to function properly. This thing constantly freezes, takes hours to update, has a horrible and ugly interface, and generally is poorly designed and a pain in the ass to use. You’re not going to outdo Steam, people. So why subject me to this nonsense? What’s wrong with a good old mirror?

  26. DeepSleeper says:

    So, wait. Are they still putting out Black Knight and that other campaign? I admit I don’t care a bit about the rest of the stuff they’ve crammed in, I wanted the three expansions in a way that worked decently in Win7. They seem to be focused entirely on Mercenaries. What gives? Did I misremember their original press release?

    • EthZee says:

      The Mechwarrior 4 Free release contains MW4:Mercenaries, the content from the DLC (and supposedly from Black Knight), and the additional MekPaks. It doesn’t contain anything from Vengeance, other than what is also in Mercenaries.

  27. Flakfizer says:

    Is their program just a downloader or does it need to run alongside the program?

  28. Hesp says:

    Why are so many poeople complaining about something thats free?

    If MTX is such a hardship, dont download.

    If its sooo hard getting it DL’d, maybe you should of started it last week when the client became available, with copy protection still on it, then just waited a week for the copy protection removal patch.

    • DeepSleeper says:

      We’re complaining about it because it works poorly. Perhaps if we complain, they will make it better instead of leaving it half-assed.

      If there’s no outcry nothing gets changed. Don’t sit and take poor quality, it’s a bad thing all around, even for free things.

  29. Arca says:

    Echoing all the calls of ‘MTX is a load of arse’, etc. etc., but using the other torrent link works just fine. So I recommend that if you’re having problems with MTX.

    It seems to me that they spent more time making MTX pretty than they did making it functional – it takes longer to get it’s arse in gear than most other apps on this computer.

    But anyway, this is the Talk-About-MW-4-Topic not the Bitch-About-MTX-Topic, so on to MW4:

    Solaris = fun. Should be a lot more interesting with the Clan/IS/Mekpak mechs and weapons officially supported. There are some setups I’d like to test in the full game but just couldn’t before because of the lack of proper combined support, and the Instant Action doesn’t really cut it. But no more!

    Also: Do the Trial versus the clanners (rather than the night base attack) and take whatsherface prisoner. She is a FANTASTIC lance leader and mech pilot. Plus Spectre telling Castle to stick a sock in it is priceless.

  30. Coded One says:

    I’m absolutely lost… So I DLed the torrent file. Now I have a file called Does anyone know where I’m supposed to put this to get MTX to recognize it?

    • Davie says:

      You have to open MTX and go to the Available Games tab; MW should be in there.

    • Coded One says:

      SO! I got it to install, but now it says I need to insert Disc 2!

      I tried replacing the core.mw4 file, but that didn’t seem to help. All I can say is that this MXT software, is the absolute shittiest software I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I honestly can’t think of one piece of software that was worse than this.

  31. Lemon scented apocalypse says:

    “TRULY MTX IS BALLS” – thus spake Zarathustra

  32. Serph says:

    I downloaded the whole thing on uTorrent, but when I try to run it from MTX, the entire thing freezes. Nothing shows up on the available programs list when I open the file. It’s like they are actively trying to get LESS people to play the game.

  33. Coded One says:

    All I wanted to do was play Mechwarrior… Now, my very soul is crushed. Will you at least keep us posted as to when it becomes not a royal pain in the ass to download this?”

  34. Pode says:

    From what I’ve been able to learn at great cost of time and frustration, the free release is version XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.00000000000000000020 (SRSLY, x.20 was too fucking hard?). MTX must download version .0000000017 (after 20 minutes to start up), then restart in order to detect the existence of patch version .000000000018, download that (after crashing), and only then will you finally be allowed to start downloading version .0000020

    It is absolutely critical that you under no circumstances attempt to play version .0000000018. This version requires a MW4 CD and will bitch at you to insert disk 2. If you go to their home page and follow the directions about copying the file, you will break your version of .00000000018 so that it fails checksum and CANNOT be updated. This in itself wouldn’t be so bad but for the minor inconvenience that programs installed thru MTX can ONLY be removed via MTX, and MTX crashes when you attempt to uninstall anything. SO you get one and only one attempt ever to install successfully. I have FINALLY been able to purge my system of any trace of the accursed crap, including registry entires, and can now hope to begin the process all over.

    I love me some Mechwarrior, and that I’m willing to go through this for a game that may very well not run on my box (old CD version has video card incompatibility) says a lot about how grateful I am to these guys for putting it out there, but I swear to God if I meet the MTX programmer I’m going to light him on fire.

    • Coded One says:

      Goddammit… That’s exactly what happened to me. MXT is truly utter bullshit isn’t it?

    • Pode says:

      “MTX is truly utter bullshit isn’t it?”

      In ways I never knew were possible. It refuses to size itself to the primary monitor and insists on starting up across both, causing my video card to hang for minutes at a time as it struggles to render that hideous UI on two screens. It’s not a new card by any means, but I get decent frame rates in 1-2 year old games, a STATIC fucking black, grey and red box shouldn’t bring my PC to its knees. Is the texture a fractal or some shit? Why? Why is this so F-ING difficult? What was wrong with “click here to download an installer?”

    • Serph says:

      I have a sneaking suspicion that MTX was programmed by Satan himself on a computer of blood, steel and disembodied screams, then brought into this world by a creature so monstrous that anyone who beheld it would lose all sense of reality. It is meant to strike sheer terror into the heart of gamers everywhere.

  35. Kovah says:

    Gah, I’d decided to try and start the download again before I went to bed with the hope that I’d have better luck later… but no, the downloaded program itself will no longer work, related to the entire site going down I assume. Oh well, guess I’ll try again in the morning.

  36. bergotronic says:

    Hmmm – ENTIRE Site is down and MTX does not work when the mek tek servers are down. Grrrrrrrrrrreat.

  37. DarkNoghri says:

    Hmmm. Tried starting the download yesterday (before update). Program seemed okay, if a bit slow. Fast forward to today. Having updated MTX a couple of times, it pretty much locks up when I open it. Reinstall. Locks up when it asks what folder to install games to. Website is down, so I can’t even go download the new version.

    And to top it all off, the .torrent, which I’m downloading in utorrent, is getting me 2 KB per second. :/

    I am disappoint.

  38. tycho says:

    How NOT to launch your mod:-

    1) Require a shitty client gateway program that crashes all the time.

    2) Require the program to connect to your website to do pretty much anything.

    3) Host your website on a budget connection that folds when your mod turns out to be popular.

    4) Sit back and wait for the Inbox vitriol.

  39. Zogtee says:

    Does anyone know this? And is able to answer without going into a nerdrage?

  40. Magic H8 Ball says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    I’ve never played any of the MW games before so this’ll be a fun intro, let’s see what all the fuss is about eh?

    While a fun game, MW4 is nowhere near the greatness of MW2. Controls are simplified and the bobbling is very toned down. Sometimes you feel like you’re just flying a helicopter on a fixed altitude, not walking in a fifty ton mech.

    (Unless they tweaked it for the free release – but I guess thanks to MTX we’ll never know)

  41. Robots are Metal says:

    link to

    here a mirror for you to open in your own tool until mektek comes up again.
    I’m one of 300 seeds in my part of the cloud right now, sending to 100 of around 3000 people.

  42. Sarlix says:

    So no one managed to get any stompy action then?

  43. Dworgi says:

    Jesus Christ. I downloaded the file through uTorrent, but it’s not showing up in the available games, even after doing the whole “Open File”. Is this because the website is down or what?

    Also, I don’t understand why MTX is required, or why it has to be fucking skinned, or why it’s so incredibly terrible. Linking to a torrent file is not that difficult – people CAN figure it out… Proprietary downloaders are completely pointless, especially when it’s just running a BitTorrent client underneath it all.

  44. bill says:

    Hmmm… I think I’ll wait until next week and hope someone breaks it out as a stand-alone installer or torrent.

    Waited one year for it, I can wait a few more days if it saves all this grief and messing up of systems.

    If anyone figures out a nice stand-alone install, please post it on RPS.

    • gulag says:

      My thoughts exactly. Another week of Bad Company 2 won’t kill me.

  45. Quijote3000 says:

    I have some good memories of the oooold tabletop game so I thought it would be interesting to try. After suffering the MTX program, I finally got it installed, but I only got the message “please place disc 2 of merchwarrior 4: Mercenaries into the drive”

    And the forums of mektek (and the whole site) are down. Anyone knows how to fix this?

  46. Ghiest says:

    Mektek has bastardized Battletech beyond words, not only that it’s not a real mess to install and play, utter ballsup. I’ll go back to MWLL instead.

  47. Sunjumper says:

    So, I let the installer run over night and today the game was installed and in its .0020 version.
    My initial impressions were rather negative as all the intro movies a choppy as hell and the sound is disaster of cut offs and bad synchronisation.

    The game it self though seems to run fine without graphics or sound glitches. And while the abominable MTX is need to download the game and its patches, the game it self seems to run fine without it.

  48. IncredibleBulk92 says:

    Using MTX really makes you appreciate how awesome Steam is.

  49. HexagonalBolts says:

    (I think) my university has stopped torrents from working, I know they stop things like limewire, is there anyway I can get the file without using a torrent?

  50. wolf74 says:

    The Site is down due to the 8000+peersI show 1100 seeders. I’m seeing swarm speeds of 45kb/s to 500 kb/s. If you download the Torrent outside of MTX to install it you have to open MTX click on file / Open File (*.mtx) point it to your torrent that finished to install it could take a bit to install. This will get you the Core file installed

    Version .0017 Core install
    Version .0018 adds the Unseens back in game (If you don’t know what Unseens don’t worry it just more mechs to you)
    Version .0020 Removes the Disk 2 CD Check and Fixes a lot of minor bugs