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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Explorathon

Bargain time, wallets at the ready folks. We’ve got the highest density of games the bargain bucket has had for a while. It’s bursting from the seams. There’s a mega bundle from a big name developer, a collection of another developers recent output, a large game made bigger with multiple expansions, a trilogy, and a whole damn galaxy. For more gaming bargains get yourself over to Here’s this week’s deals.
X3: Terran – £9.99/€9.99/$9.99
Also available for a bit more is X3: Gold, which includes “Reunion”, but my research says that Reunion is pretty much redundant if you have Terran. Confirm/Deny? This is game where you pilot a spaceship around the Galaxy. You trade with people, fight with people, and modify your ship.

Guild Wars Trilogy – £14.99/€17.49/$19.99
It’s missing Eye of the North for some reason, but you get the original game, Factions, and Nightfall. Now, I’m not qualified to talk about games that are, or maybe not quite are, MMORPGs. I don’t play ’em. Take it away Rab.

RPS coverage here, including an interview with Eric Flannum about the sequel.

Civilization IV [Complete] – £4.95/€4.95/$7.56
The whole shebang, this is the complete version of Civ4 Complete, including Warlords, Beyond the Sword and Colonization. I’ve still not got around to playing Colonization yet, but I’ve spent hours and hours and hours playing Civ4. It’s a really good version of Civ, probably the best so far. My biggest single criticism of it is that it isn’t Alpha Centauri 2, but then it can’t help that. I actually didn’t realise quite how old Civ4 was until I checked after they announced Civ5. It came out in 2005, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Kieron Euroviewed it back at release an entire half decade ago.

Rockstar Collection – £29.99/€42.49/$42.49
This is a bundle of everything that Rockstar have ever done for the PC, with a few exclusions like Manhunt 2, all packaged together nicely for about the price of a new game. If you are planning to get them two episodes wot John think’d about the other day, it’s not really much more to get this package, and you get Rockstar’s back catalogue too. I’ve spoken before about how I don’t really like the GTA games, but whatever way you look at it, this is a great offer. It’s a shame my favourite Rockstar games don’t have PC versions, Table Tennis and The Warriors would be ace too play on the PC. It’s worth noting that if you’d like to play GTA, GTA2 and Wild Metal, they are also available as freeware direct from Rockstar.

Deal of the week
Codemasters Racing Pack – £12.50/€16/$17.50
Check this out. Watch me go. Fuel is a open world racer set in a devastated post apocalyptic wasteland. The game and the races are playing second fiddle to the gameworld. GFWL was a bit of a bitch, but if you like the sound of an interesting looking world to drive around, it’s worth a pop. Grid is track racer, and it is as stylish as hell, everything is *swoosh* *woosh*. It’s really forgiving, at the start at least, you have the sands of time and you don’t even need to win races at first, just finish. Dirt 2 is a rally game. The menu system is all MTV, and I think it’s a little over the top. I found the best way to play it is jump into the rather phenomenal in cockpit view, turn off the HUD and try to splash in in as many puddles as possible. I wasn’t caring about the race, I was just having fun careering around the track, bashing in to other cars and doing jumps. Even turning is plenty of fun. So that’s it, I had worthwhile inputs on three, count ’em, racing games. These are all available in this pack along with Dirt the first and Toca Race Driver 3, or you can get each of them at a similar discount separately.

Also of note:
Giants, MDK & MDK2 back on sale at GOG.
Trine – £4.25/$6.49
X-Com Complete Bundle – £2.95/€3.39/$4.51

For more cheap games, head over to

This week’s image by John Roberts.

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