Love Spreads: Free “Avail” Expansion

Steenberg has announced that there’s going to be a free expansion for his mini-MO, Love. It’s called Avail, and it’s going to allow players to benefit more from their progress within the game, specifically in a player advancement system and in being able to extract a number of precious resources from the landscape. Progression will be based on standing with other players who are online at the time. Co-operate with more people and your standing rises. Resource, it seems, will be used to upgrade certain tokens and produce better equipment and tools. No release date yet, but more info here.


  1. Tei says:

    “Progression will be based on standing with other players who are online at the time”

    This is a dificult point, poorly made on the early version. What make the author so confident he will do better now?
    Any system, even the Perfect one, will be gamed, because gamers are gamers, and systems are there (for some people) to get exploited (read: gamed).
    Only a natural system is somewhat safe from get gamed, … mostly because will be gamed, but gaming it will not feel artificial (like… almost all competitive games where 1 kill = 1 point, hare hard to game).

    What I would do? make soo colonys have levels, horizontal and vertical levels: Colony Survive 50 Hours, Colony Maxed Energy, Colony Collect 4 Items… Make so if a colony gets one of these achievement, all the players get the achievement. Make so these achievement make some sense and are not “the bigger the better”. Maybe even make so these achievements give “bonus”, but you have to choose to activate only 3 of the ones you have collected.

  2. durr says:

    Hmm, I still have to check this out. It’s just… an MMO. With a monthly fee. I never payed a cent of MMO fees in my life, because I hate the idea of every day you do not play being “wasted”.

    • Alastayr says:

      Interesting reasoning you have there. Personally, I’ve never seen it that way before and it’s rather… odd.

      Assuming you’re on a broadband subscription and expanding on your logic a bit, would you then say you feel every minute you’re not using the Internet being “wasted”?

    • Tei says:

      Normally people feel the other way. With a hourly (or daily) fee, the more that play = more expensive. While on a flat free, the more that play = more cheap… to a point is practically free enteirnament.
      Also, the ability to predict how much money you will dedicate to it is usefull. If you know the flat free for internet is X, and for wow is Y, you know a month playing with wow is X+Y, if your budged is Z, then you have Z-X-Y=?? to buy beer or food. With a “flexible” system, you never know how much that will cost you. Maybe you willl play much more than you really can pay. A flat fee is a good system to be able to say, I am goint to waste X on this, but never more than X.

    • Pani says:

      I’ve felt that way before too. When I added another 3 months to Age of Conan and got a bit bored with it, I felt like I was wasting my money by being inactive.

  3. Stephen says:

    I’m totally with durr there. I have unlimited internet and surprise, surprise I use it for some hours every day. It’s not odd at all, it’s common sense – if you’re paying for something and not using it that’s a waste of money.

    If you buy a standalone game you buy the box, keep it on your shelf (for years, potentially) and as long as you eventually come back and play it for 20 – 30 hours you’ll get your money’s worth out of it. If you’re playing WoW you need to get your £8.99 worth of value out of the game each and every month or else you’re wasting your money. That turns it into a part time job instead of a fun distraction.

  4. qrter says:

    How is Love doing, does anyone know? Does it have a decent playerbase? I really have no idea.

  5. Kovah says:

    Last time I played LOVE (a month ago) there were few people on lineand the servers got to a point that the NPC’s lagged everyone out so badly that there was up to a 10 second delay from when you pressed the shoot button and when you actually shot.

    I wasn’t impressed.

  6. Anon says:

    Love is horrible. I regret buying it. All you do is just hunt for tokens (which can take hours) and bring them back to your home base, which some troll just messed it up for everybody.

    Love seems more like a cheap joke. The community doesn’t seem to exist anymore anyway (at least in Atlanta#1 server).

  7. R Brackstone says:

    Bought some more time on Love recently, and while a few things have changed it’s still largely annoying. On top of getting a friend to play when their eyes hurt from the art-style, the AI can climb and dig making almost any base configuration simple to get into, and you can guarantee that if no one is left at your base it will be destroyed within an hour. It even makes cooperating hard, it’s impossible to locate other people without external chat of some kind and even then it’s difficult.

    That said, it’s utterly unique in the MMO space and the thing that saves it is the configure tool as it’s just so versatile. Rerouting power or changing the direction of a turret or hooking up two ski-lifts using binoculars to access an AI base feels really rewarding.

    Looking forward to the expansion to fill some of the gaps and hopefully bring more people in.

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