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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Civil Gaming

Some of the prices I’ve quoted here, as usual, are conversions from one currency to another. What with the political landscape in the UK being like looking at a Kandinsky through a kaleidoscope, who knows how much these prices could change over the course of the weekend. It’s not my fault, I voted for Kang. Keep your browser on for video game bargains, as always. Here’s the cream of the crop of this week’s digital discounts.
Civilization IV [Complete] – Cheap!
This is the package including all three expansions, Warlords, Beyond the Sword and Colonization. It’s available cheap from both D2D (£4.95/€4.95/$9.95) and Steam (£6.25/€10/$10) at the minute, so you can choose which you prefer. Steam also has Civ3 complete for pocket change, although a word to the wise: At first I thought this would be a great netbook friendly game, but apparently Civ4’s meagre minimum specs and better resolution support means that Civ4 is actually better for most netbooks.

And Yet It Moves – £3.99/€4.47/$4.97
Gravity shifting puzzle platformer made out of paper. Alec said is has “Simplicity and cleverness in classy abundance”, and I think he is probably not lying. Demo here, RPS coverage here.

Mass Effect 1 + 2 – £23.50/€27.28/$34.95
Two entire galaxies for the price of one. The first Mass Effect took me maybe 3 hours before I fell in love with it. It is really slow at the start, but it’s mostly world-building. The combat is in the upper echelon of “good combat in games which are not really about the combat”, and the sheer density of the fiction is impressive. The sequel is an interesting one. I definitely enjoy it, and it is a good sequel, but I think they might have been a little eager to trim the fat. They fixed a lot of the minor issues of the first game, like the terrible inventory system, and cumbersome inventory management, by removing them completely. They got rid of the long lift loading times by making a lot of the areas smaller. The combat is a bit better, and when you punch a guy it feels a lot more like you have just punched a guy. You get to work for an organisation that is somewhere between S.H.E.I.L.D. and the BNP. Both bloody fantastic games and the PC versions are measurably superior to the 360 versions. RPS coverage here.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – £7.22/€8.32/$10
Here you get to preorder and interesting looking game direct from the developers, for half price, and according to Jens from Frictional games “You can preorder from our store and then on release you will be able to get activation for Steam on request.” Which is a pretty classy offer. This is the next thing from the makers of Penumbra, the thoroughly contemporary take on classic point and click adventures, with a brilliant first person interface. Speaking of which…

Deal of the week
The Humble Indie Bundle – £Whatever you want
Remember: Don’t be a dick. Give ’em a fair amount. £10 for the five games seems very fair, £20 seems generous. For your money, you get the ‘So good everyone and their mum already own it’ World of Goo, relaxing underwater exploratory metroidvania Aquaria, silly amorphous platformer Gish, brutal rabbit murder simulator Lugaru, and Frictional Games’ Penumbra Overture. You’ll also get a coupon to get the rest of the Penumbra Series for cheap too, if you wish to have the full set. This is a really competent take on the pay what you want model. They are sharing the money with some charities, and let you decide how much goes to who, so if you want you can even give 100% of the total to the charities. At time of writing they have raised half a million dollars, which is rather amazing. Hopefully we’ll get a detailed post-mortem analysis of the sale. All games are DRM free and work on Windows, Linux, and toy computers.

Also of note:
Mirror’s Edge – £3.95 (UK only)
AI War: Fleet Command + Zenith Remnant – £5.60/€6.50/$8.28
Scary Tank promotion on GamersGate
King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame – £17.47/€19.97/$19.97
Shattered Horizon – £11.24/€14.99/$14.99, or less with a 4-pack
The D2D Spring sale is on it’s final week in the UK, EU and USA.
Modern Warfare 2 still fails to deserve a working link.

For more cheap games, go to

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