Black Prophecy Closed Beta In Motion

Remember hyperbolic space MMORPG Black Prophecy? Well, having had a really rough ride with finances and so forth, it’s now all set to be released, and is in closed testing. You can sign up to the beta over here. I’m not sure what your chances of being accepted are, as I understand there is limited space. If you need to recap on why this game is interesting then check out this old interview we did. It’s a bit PR-speaky, but the slightly blurry game footage (below) backs a lot of it up. It’s going to be really interesting to see if Reakktor can pull this one off. I fully expect broken stuff on release, but maybe, just maybe…


  1. Isometric says:

    Registered, this looks very pleasing to the eye.

  2. the wiseass says:

    This reminds me, what ever happened to Jumpgate: Evolution?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Jumpgate got bumped back to the summer. Expect a new round of press on that soon.

    • John Peat says:

      I seems to be stuck in a timewarp – they did an update back in March which suggested they were nowhere near done and that’s 12 months after they put “Pre Order Soon” on their website.

      Aren’t the same developers doing Lego Universe? THat might explain the lack of motion??

    • Lobotomist says:

      In case you didnt register – the main developer and man that created original jumpgate quit the company , and that was few months ago. If Jumpgate is not vaporeware i dont know what is

    • Malcolm says:

      That’s rather a shame, I was (just about) still looking forward to Jumpgate evolution. Maybe it will yet survive – it still has codemasters backing it doesn’t it?

    • snv says:

      Which is too bad. I got to play a demo of JG:E last summer, and it looked and felt quite alright ( for an arcade space shooter). It was only local though, not really MMO (only connected to the other – say – 12 PCs on the booth)

    • the wiseass says:

      @Jim: This is excellent news, thanks for the heads up.

    • remover says:

      black prophecy will be about 9000x better than jumpgate, if they were both to be finished and launched.

  3. Dan says:

    I like space. I really do.

    However, they could do with making some of these games a bit more human. There’s so much UI that it makes it feel like some sort of imaginary stock taking exercise.

    The combat looks fun, especially fights in teams (Anyone jumped on the Counter-Strike in space idea yet?), but still, it seems a bit hollow as an experience.

    There haven’t really been many games that manage to capture the mystery of sci-fi space exploration like sci-fi novels do.

    Hmmm, maybe I’m a bit too critical.

    • kikito says:

      I’m with you on that. I would extend it to being “more corporeal” instead of just “more human”. I’d like to see the main character interacting with things, even if it is a horned giant purple slug instead of a punny human.

      Star Trek Online (or whatever it is called) seems to focus a bit more on meatbags. I don’t know if it is any good.

      Regarding the Counter Strike in Space, there’s Alien Vs Predators Vs Marines, which is more or less that. There’s also Tremulous. I haven’t tried any of them, so I can’t comment.

  4. Isometric says:

    Talking of other games in space, it’s already been posted on RPS before.

    Naumachia: Space Warfare looks really good.
    link to

    • Mistabashi says:

      Yeah, I noticed that one ages ago, unfortunately I haven’t seen any significant updates on it’s progress for a long time. I hope it hasn’t turned into another case of space sim vapourware as it was looking like being a great balance of shooty-fun with a little bit of upgrading / tactical play.

  5. dafire says:

    funny that there is a 10tacle logo in the beta trailer … since it gone into insolvency in 2008

  6. Malibu Stacey says:

    Signed up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago & recently got an e-mail asking to migrate my sign up to the new system. Guess this is why.
    No invite for me though (yet, still hoping). Being an EVE veteran who’s been out of the pod for a few years I’m very interested in this & probably the demographic they’re hoping to appeal to.

  7. CMaster says:

    Once again, can I quickly mention The Prophecy Network. We’re the biggest fansite for Black Prophecy, with all the staff having played the previous MMO by the same developers. Updates flagged a little recentley as we (the staff) got a little tried of waiting, but you’ll find links to almost all the coverage of the game with new information, a “developer watch” series and some exclusive interviews with outsourced developers.

    Anyway yeah, the current closed beta is only 100 people, so don’t expect to be in any time soon.

    Also, don’t expect anything like EvE. This is a highly (though not entirley) instanced action-MMO, recentley announced to have a real money-ingame items shop.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Any news on when the closed beta will be expanded or go from closed to open & anything like an estimated release date?

      I get it’s nothing like EVE which is probably a good thing. I was a long time player of Earth & Beyond before it was closed & I moved on to EVE so I’m hoping this will be like the best of both worlds (it certainly seems like it has that potential).

      Not keen on real-money items though. Hope they have dual currency and/or the real money items are only cosmetic. It’d suck if someone can be the best around if they’re happy to throw real money away on ships/weapons/ammo/upgrades & just constantly buy the best. Will have to wait & see I guess.

    • snv says:

      highly instanced and realmoney ingame shop

      It is so easy to make each of those wrong. Suddenly my expectations took a huge drop.

    • CMaster says:

      Gamigo/Reakktor are tentatively talking of an October/November release target, but you can expect that to slip.Their beta plans to this point haven’t been explained, so I’m afraid I can’t enlighten you on that.

      The game isn’t entirely instanced – the randomly generated PvE and PvP missions are instanced, other bits, including player-capturable territory aren’t. They seem to have attempted to add more “open world” elements after a fairly hostile community reaction to the early indications of an almost entirely instanced game. Knowing several of the developers, some of them did believe that the lack of instancing was one of the major failings of their previous game.

      As for the “cash shop” situation, we’re being assured that you won’t be able to buy a PvP advantage, that items will be either cosmetic or convenience (other Gamigo games have a lot of “convenience” items). How it actually plays, we will have to wait and see.

  8. Jimbo says:

    I really like that ‘WELCOME’ effect. They should go further and have the stations covered in loads of neon advertising and clan tags and so on, or allow the users to do it themselves. Get some intergalactic Warriors action going on.

  9. utharda says:

    this is oddly making me feel dirty…

    like i’m cheating on eve…..

  10. westyfield says:

    Can anyone in the beta tell us if this game is DESTINED!!! to be a success?

    (A friend and I have kept that joke going on for waaaaay too long.)

    • CMaster says:

      Beta is limited to 100 people (possibly all german?) and under a fairly strict NDA (including a “can’t tell anyone you are in it”) clause). So while I’ve seen plenty of people breaching beta NDAs on RPS before, I wouldn’t expect anything yet on here.

    • westyfield says:

      Wow. That is one closed beta all right. Thanks for the info.

  11. the army of none says:

    Well. This looks like Freelancer, the MMO. As such, I want it. Badly.

  12. vine says:

    I hope they sort out that UI by release, looks dreadfully unintuitive in its current state.

  13. CMaster says:

    Oh also, there is a newer trailer:
    link to
    Dare say there are flash versions out there if you want it in your post, Jim.

  14. Redd says:

    Is that a bunch of people all manning different stations/guns on one ship towards the end of the first vid?

  15. jsdn says:

    Too much red, but I guess Eve already took blue. I’m getting the same vibe from this, looks gorgeous but the gameplay is probably permeated with holes, and not the black kind.

  16. Hyperion says:

    Another awesome looking space trade/combat game that has the MMO sticker slapped onto it. I tried to like EVE but honestly (to me) theres no gameplay. not worth paying monthly for.

    Wish I could get this one but as a single player game. I’ve about played Dark Star One, Freespace, and X2-X3 to death.

  17. Malcolm says:

    I remember this one now – it’s the one where docking at a station offers about as much immersion as changing your display settings. Maybe they’ve improved that bit.

    Be nice if it was good though, I quite fancy a decent space sim of the action kind.

  18. Alexander Norris says:

    There’s a distinct lack of SUPERVOICE in these trailers. I am saddened.

  19. DMJ says:


  20. WiPa says:

    The ship building aspect looks pretty cool!

  21. Ace says:

    I have been trying to sign up for several weeks, but it keeps giving me an error in the e-mail field with every e-mail address I try. The support has been no help.