Join The Happy Crowd: Dracula Cha Cha

This is in the words of comment-thread bores everywhere OLD!!!! but who could resist beginning the day at RPS with this splash-screen looming over our palatial headquarters? Alec, probably. Or Jim. Or Walker. But not me. Dracula Cha Cha a one-button game of gleeful madness, being the logical collision between Canabalt and the wonderful Feel the Magic: XY/XX/Project Rub/I Would Die For You (i.e. Tomena Sanner! Doh!). Plus Green Door as a soundtrack. It literally can’t get any better. Go gets, or watch a video of it and – presumably – its in-progress sequel below…

And there’s also a video for Dracula Cha Cha: Venice. WHICH APPEARS TO BE STILL A WORK IN PROGESS.

Hurry up, Lobo.


  1. Dominic White says:

    This is actually a clone of Tomena Sanner, a one-button game which recently launched on the Wii/iPhone.

    link to

    That’s no bad thing, though. More people need to feel the glee.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Dom White: Ah, a weakness of not following Wii-stuff. Edited in.


    • Sagan says:

      I remember buying Tomena Sanner, playing the first level and then looking at the high scores. There were roughly 200 people on the high score list. Since everyone who bought it had to have had an internet connection, and since the game automatically posts highscores online unless you choose otherwise, I would guess that roughly 200 people bought Tomena Sanner in Europe.
      I may remember wrong about the 200, maybe it was 300 or 400, but I’m sure that it was way less than 1000.
      Btw it’s a great game. At least for an evening. Haven’t played it again since.

  2. Karacan says:

    It’s a shame the videos don’t seem to work!

  3. Vague-rant says:

    Did this make anyone think of Captain Planet?

  4. Robin says:

    Dracula Cha Cha is pure joy.

    Not sure if I can condone Dracula giving Horace the old chop suey though.

  5. sasayan says:

    Keep missing the trees, they look like scenery.

    Otherwise brightened my day, good fun.

  6. oceanclub says:

    I was wondering was it a game of the Kim Newman Book (with less cha):
    link to

  7. Setanga says:

    A sad rip off of a fun and well constructed game.

    • lhzr says:

      yes, tomena sanner is much much better, but this is prolly for people that don’t own a wii and are too lazy to download an emulator (dolphin, on which it works perfectly, for example)

    • Bhazor says:

      The creator also said it was made in a few hours.

    • Wulf says:

      I hate to say it but I prefer Dracula Cha Cha, it appeals more to my sense of humour, and I like the MS Paint aesthetics too which remind me of the months of entertainment that Solid Sharkey’s site used to give me.

      I fully expect to be chased off the Internet by fan(atic)s, now. >.>

  8. Bhazor says:

    Wait! Theres supposed to be music in it?
    I thought it seemed a bit bleak,

  9. Durns says:

    Yeah, the Vimeo vids never work for me either. Although I am at work. Its a weird one though as the work network blocks Youtube entirely so I just get blank spaces where those videos should be, but
    vimeo vids show up with the three blocks spinning and never load…..

  10. Setanga says:

    @Wulf, um, it’s a clone, I don’t see how you can find one funnier than the other, the visual style and the things you do are near identical, it’s just better animated in Tomena sanner and has more variety and well, pretty much more of everything. You only prefer this one because you’ve actually played it considering it’s a free rip off. For now.

    • Wulf says:

      Well, I disagree! It’s all opinions, hey! And if you disagree and you can’t handle my opinion, then you can go and soak yer head. ;p There’s no need to fight and patronise over opinions.

      But yes, your patronising comment aside, I’ve actually checked out the original (I even have a Wii, that’s barely used), and I can say that there are differences, slight as they are, in gameplay, aesthetics, and humour. And Dracula Cha-Cha appeals to me more, I enjoyed it more. I think it’s the superior of the two. And if that makes you explode with hatred, then that’s your problem! To each their own tastes.

    • RobF says:

      I bought Tomena Sanner and I enjoy Dracula Cha Cha more.

      Rock paper scissors with a Reindeer, man. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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