Gobbets! Marvel Super Hero Squad

Cryptic’s Marvel Universe Online project may have been cancelled (probably a good thing, given how uneven the one-time City of Heroes creators’ recent output has been), but looks like we’re getting a Marvel MMO nonetheless. It’s developed by one Gazillion Entertainment and its, y’know, for kids. Super Hero Squad is based on the popular animated series for rugrats, so don’t expect any Christopher Nolan grit from this. It also seems to be hung around a digital collectable card game ethos, so there won’t be much direct action. I imagine it’ll fall somewhere between Free Realms and Pokemon battles – looks cute though. The first trailer is below, heroes, and it’s a remarkably strange thing. HULK EAT TOAST.

If the game looks anything like that in action, I am so there. Here’s a press release too:

SAN MATEO, Calif. – May 13th — Gazillion Entertainment, a leading developer, publisher and operator of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games for wide audiences, today unveiled the first glimpse of the eagerly anticipated Super Hero Squad Online. For the first time, players worldwide will have the chance to be their favorite Super Heroes in a living online world. Based on the Super Hero Squad intellectual property that has spawned a wildly popular action figure line and smash-hit animated series, the game draws upon the 5,000-plus iconic heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. Super Hero Squad Online offers players the chance to team up with friends as they engage in exhilarating combat, show off their decked-out squad in the game’s social spaces, collect thousands of items, and explore interactive environments based on classic and new Marvel worlds.

Developed by Gazillion studio The Amazing Society, Super Hero Squad Online allows gamers to unleash their imagination and lead their handpicked squad of Super Heroes on unforgettable adventures. Players will blast bad guys with Iron Man’s repulsors, slice through waves of robots with Wolverine’s claws and smash villains with Hulk’s huge fists. Master the talents and amazing powers of Spider-Man, Iron Man, War Machine, Invisible Woman and dozens more Marvel heroes. Discover new locations from the hit Super Hero Squad TV show, including the sewers of Villainville and the streets of Super Hero City, while also exploring classic Marvel landmarks such as the Daily Bugle, Baxter Building and Stark Tower.

Super Hero Squad Online also offers a fully customizable headquarters where players can show off their collection of trophies and design their own unique Super Hero hangout. Players can even invite friends over to their headquarters to watch as their squads interact with the environments they’ve created.

Super Hero Squad Online is the first game released under the 10-year exclusive publishing agreement signed between Gazillion and Marvel Entertainment. “Super Hero Squad Online perfectly captures the unique mix of action, humor and customization that make the franchise a massive hit with fans of all ages. The team at The Amazing Society is creating a Super Hero Squad MMO that does justice to this extremely popular IP,” said Ira Rubenstein, Executive Vice President of Marvel’s Digital Media Group. “Gazillion is proving that its capabilities in MMO development, operations and publishing make them the ideal partner to deliver a breakthrough Marvel online experience.”

“Everyone who has wanted to be Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Captain America or any of the amazing Marvel heroes and villains will find the game has something for them,” stated Jason Robar, Vice President and Studio Manager for The Amazing Society.

Jay Minn, Creative Director for Super Hero Squad Online, says: “In Super Hero Squad Online you are not a nameless sidekick! You’ll swing through Super Hero City as Spider-Man or zap the bad guys with Cyclops’ optic blasts in high-voltage missions. Or you can just hang out in a high-energy, immersive world filled with other Marvel fans!”

Additional details on Super Hero Squad Online’s features, gameplay and release date will be announced at a later time. For more information about Super Hero Squad Online and to sign up for future product updates, please visit www.shsonline.com.


  1. Roadrunnerr says:

    Why are all the titles saying “Gobbets” :|

  2. Lewis says:

    If my memory serves me well, which it might not, Gobbets was the name of PC Gamer’s “and the rest” part of their news section in the early 2000s…

  3. Vanderdecken says:

    …and why does Hulk look like he’s being taken from behind whilst levitating a piece of toast?

  4. Leelad says:

    Hulk? Looks more like the Jolly Green Giant.

  5. bob_d says:

    Looks like it’s actually going to be an MO, rather than an MMO, which makes sense. A Marvel MMO in the style of CoHs wouldn’t work particularly well, since the only thing that would distinguish it from CoHs would be the licensed characters. Since you couldn’t let people play Marvel characters in an MMO (they’d all want to use the same characters), you’d end up with a generic superhero game where the NPCs were Marvel characters. Not terribly exciting.
    On the other hand, this kiddie version of Marvel with the card-game play looks to have pretty limited appeal.

    • cheeba says:

      I dunno, I think it could do surprisingly well for itself if properly executed. FreeRealms’ whole card game system is one of its main draws and it’s been doing scary good business lately without any kind of branding to hang onto. I’m always up for a good card system, so maybe they’ll actually make sometihng decent with this.

      I’m genuinely glad they’re not going the generic mmo route at any rate.

  6. Michael D says:

    I have to wonder why. Why is Cryptic attempting to make another MMO? There’s Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and the mysterious rumored NWN MMO. The former two suffer from a dearth of content and a lack of polish. I don’t know how large the studio is but at some point shouldn’t Atari realize that they’re being unreasonable?

    Oh. Atari.

    I just remembered E.T. for the 2600.

    Guess the Hulk will be collecting toast instead of Reeses’ as he jumps out of those holes.

  7. Initialised says:

    Might be a way of turning my PC phobic kids over to the darkside, they already like the DS version.

  8. track02 says:

    Isn’t “Gobbets!” Berk’s catchphrase from The Trap Door?

  9. Bhazor says:

    Ok, that really made me do a smile.
    I’ve zero interest in card battling games though.

  10. bakaohki says:

    I know noone cares and is totally offtopic and I am rude and evil and whatnot, but the Mitsubishi ad on the right is a fucking annoying piece of crap. In Chrome it gets started even when I accidentally hover the mouse over the banner (which is not that hard to do).

    • Luckylad says:

      Gotta pay the bills somehow.

    • devlocke says:

      I’m using Chrome, and you have to mouseover it for three seconds in a row; it even counts down. I didn’t even know it was there until I sought it out.

      That said, my god, that guy’s voice is awful. If I accidentally triggered that, I would want to kill someone, too. Especially if it happened more than once.

    • Lilliput King says:

      For a day or so there was an little film with a voice over advertising a cleaning product that started up of its own accord every time I opened a page. Think they removed it though, as I haven’t had it since.

  11. Stitched says:

    Got a real strong “Lego” franchise vibe from that trailer: no one talks. the comedic moments. the way they move.

    Will it succeed? Hmmmm.

  12. Craig Stern says:

    Heh. I wholeheartedly approve of the Hudsucker Proxy reference.