Gobbets! Stronghold 3 Announced

2011 will bring a second sequel to the castle-management series which famously outsells GTA in Germany, publisher Southpeak Interactive has announced. Firefly Studios return to the development chair for a title about which little has yet been revealed, bar “a significantly improved graphics engine and new gameplay elements.” This is presumably in addition to the previously announced MMO, Stronghold Kingdoms. If you don’t know anything about Stronghold, enlighten your brain with Kieron’s Making Of feature from a couple of years back.

Press release below, not that it’s super-illuminating. So I’ve thrown in a Stronghold Crusader Extreme video for good measure.

MIDLOTHIAN, VA – Leading videogame publisher, SouthPeak Interactive Corporation (OTC BB: SOPK), today announced that after a recent asset acquisition it has secured the rights to publish PC real-time strategy title Firefly Studios’ Stronghold 3 via retail channels and digital distribution.

First published in 2001, the Stronghold series is one of the most respected in its genre, with the franchise selling more than five million copies globally. Stronghold 3 promises to build on these firm foundations with a significantly improved graphics engine and new gameplay elements. Firefly Studios’ Stronghold 3 is due for release on PC in 2011.

“Stronghold 3 will be a terrific addition to our line-up as our premier release for Spring 2011,” said Melanie Mroz, SouthPeak’s CEO. “Publishing the newest sequel to the popular Stronghold franchise provides additional visibility to our brand and robust portfolio of games. With a strong built-in user base, we believe the enhancements incorporated into this sequel will drive further growth for the franchise, enhance our revenue stream through traditional retail sales, as well as significantly strengthen our digital offering where there remains tremendous growth opportunity.”


  1. Batolemaeus says:


  2. Finn says:

    Hell, it’s about time.


  3. Dreamhacker says:

    Gibbets? Gibblets?

    Oh well, whatever new graphics engine they have, it better not be 3D. Some of the strongest parts of Stronghold 1 was the detailed interface complete with the grinning/glaring advisor and the even more highly detailed houses (you could see craftsmen working inside their workshops).

    Shouldn’t be too hard to do in 3D, eh? But for some ass-clown of a reason, all the detail was lost in the 3D of Stronghold 2.

    • Howl says:

      Or at least good 3D graphics. Settlers VII recently showed that you can do fully 3D and have it be every bit as detailed and charming as the 2D versions.

      I adored Stronghold 1 but Stronghold 2 looked and played abysmally. It was pure rubbish that I couldn’t play for more than a few hours.

      Bring us Stronghold 1 with Settlers VII level graphics, with some kind of innovative mutliplayer with persistent castles online, levelling up, upgrades and ranking systems. Voila. Instant classic.

  4. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Stronghold 2 was awesome, although too young to play it properly I remember it being far too complex for my 10 year old brain. Should be good now I’m a little older though =D

    • Jesus says:

      No, actually it was rubbish.

    • Fiatil says:

      I liked it. It was pretty buggy, but the campaign was really fun, and alot of the new stuff they added was really interesting. Multiplayer was almost impossible, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the single player, and I’ve always played Stronghold for the singleplayer.

  5. A-Scale says:

    I’ve been playing the Stronghold Kingdoms Alpha for a few months, and while it’s rough (obviously, it’s an alpha) it seems like it has effectively moved the Stronghold style of gaming into the multiplayer and online sphere.

  6. Bhazor says:

    “Message from the Wazier” also Prince Phillipe sure has a thick German accent.

  7. Carra says:

    Let’s hope it’s more like Stronghold 1 then any of its predecessors.

    Now that was a great game. There should be more games where economy and turtling stand central.

  8. Fumarole says:

    Building castles and setting up elaborate defenses and then watching my roommate attempt taking them was great fun with the original Stronghold. Here’s hoping this continues that great gameplay.

  9. Army_of_None says:

    OH MY GOD YES, MY FANTASIES CAME TRUE. Well, except for the ones about John, but those will never happen :(

  10. heartlessgamer says:

    I’m more interested in Stronghold Kingdoms.

  11. Geoff says:

    agree with this, the game was really fun in this regard.

  12. Geoff says:

    Above was a reply to Fumarole. (reply didnt work)
    Stronghold was fun for me through the large number of defensive options.

    Im really unsure about 2d being better than 3d in strategy games as suggested by some. I think 3d engines are fine.

    Also, does anyone think the post apocalyptic setting should be applied to a RTS game. Are there any?
    Imagine a game like stronghold where you build up corrugated iron walls and complex sentry look out platforms and have them defended with AK fire, or a waterworld style game!

  13. Cassette Kids says:

    Stronghold Crusader is the best strategy game. Ever.

  14. daveydave says:

    I hope they don’t screw this up. I loved Stronhold Crusader. I still install it and play every few months. There is still a fanatical community of us online at link to stronghold.heavengames.com

  15. dsi r4 says:

    Well that looks good!I m impressed by its variety of new weapons and the sounds are awesome with the wonderful background.Hope to get it soon.

  16. tigershuffle says:

    mmm ….i too played orginal Stronghold ..though my memory has faded. I think I remember my Lord wandering around a lot as i built stuff

    If its 3d engine plays like Men of War/CoH but all medieval melee combat ……then im sold :D

    to be honest micro-management stuff leaves me a bit cold nowadays…..got enough of that in the real world. Instant face-biffery is all i have time for now.

    it might prise me away from playing Warband for a few hours

  17. ??? says:

    5-13-2008: Videogamer interviews Firefly Studios who announce SH3 will be worked on after Dungeon Hero!

    5-13-2010: Firefly Studios announces Stronghold 3 is being published by SouthPeak Games. FF also posts a teaser site and a Facebook Page! The tentative release date is Spring 2011.

    7-28-2010: Preview seen in PCGZine. It seems to be written by someone new to the Stronghold Series.
    -30 missions
    -Economic and War Campaigns
    -Wolf is the Antagonist and the plot continues from Stronghold 1
    -No full day/nigh cycle
    -Fog-of-War-like implementation of darkness to prevent omniscient intelligence
    -Kept 3D-cutaways of castle life from SH2/SHL
    -Economics is simplified
    -Game Engine is an update of SH2/SHL
    -“Pre-Alpha” Stage of Development
    -Contains the first screenshots ever
    Read it and see for yourself: Page 1 and Page 2

    7-28-1010 German gaming magazine, Gamestar, also releases a preview of SH3. According to Ungear who purchased the magazine:
    -No criminals, no gong, no rats, no territories
    -Warfare improved from SH2
    -Confirmation of plot details (see above)
    -Confirmation of simplified economics
    -Confirmation of two separate Economic and War campaigns
    -Different tax options with a proximity-based appearance of peasant housing and taxable income.
    -Popularity system is akin to SH1/SHC
    -Stronghold 3 will use the same graphics engine (Vision Engine) as The Settlers 7
    -Stronghold 3 will use the PathEngine (Metro 2033, Just Cause 2 and Venetica) for the AI
    -Stronghold 3 will use Havok (Halo 2&3, Fallout 3, FEAR, Far Cry 2, World in Conflict, etc.) for the physics.
    – Walls can be build in a more “round way”, so real circular castles are now possible, too.
    -Confirmation of night-like system that hides the enemy, requiring scouts and watchtowers to know what the enemy is up to.