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The RPS Bargain Bucket

Cheap week this week – a minimum spend of £15.21 will get you everything featured. I’m poorly so I am going to crawl back into bed now, but I couldn’t let you lot go without your roundup of the best special offers this fine weekend. Those of you who are of the Apple persuasion might want to keep an eye on the Steam Mac watchlist, where I am keeping track of which games are available for the Mac version of Steam. Make sure to keep an eye on for cheap games throughout the week.
Gratuitous Space Battles – £8.95/€9.95/$11.45
Big flashy space warfare! It’s all in the name see. There’s a Space Cruiser full of RPS coverage here. The regular version is available at a discount, but you can also get the “Complete Bundle” for £12.92/€14.92/$17.42, which comes with all three expansions too, The Tribe, The Order and The Swarm. Grab the demo here and follow the development here.

Tropico 3 – £5/€7.50/$7.50
Here’s wot Jim thinked, “Tropico 3 meanwhile makes you mindful that people react to the world around them, and may push back if they get pushed. People don’t want to live in shanty towns, and tourists won’t want to visit an island that is ugly, or which has nothing for them to do. People in Tropico 3 are also influenced by other forces – rivals for your control of the island, such as rebels – so you need to convince them that your way of doing things is best. Consequently you end up seeing Tropico 3 as a kind of cultural management game, where the environment and politics directly impacts on the most important factor, the people, rather than an infrastructural game.” Sounds worth a pop for a fiver, and the Steam version comes with a couple of extra maps and things too.

Sleep is Death – Whatever you want
Alec said “Crucial: at no point during this story did I feel as though I was playing against/with another player. It was always me and the game. A game as omniscient and omnipotent as any other, and a collection places and characters rather than a single voice challenging, encouraging or hectoring me.”, and then talked a bit more about it here. You get to decide your price, as long as it is $1.75 or more, and that gets you two licenses.

Some games for a penny on a likely doomed service.
I am deeply sceptical of Green Man Gaming. It is a DD service that you can trade games back in when you are done with them. There has to be some complicated maths going on for that kind of infrastructure to work, and they are not being open about the system at all. The whole thing is undermined because whilst trade ins work at a retail level, here you can only trade games back in to the same place you bought them, meaning they don’t need to compete on price for trade ins. I would encourage you to be cautious before you invest heavily in the service, but at least for the launch period they have some decent offers of various games for a penny, including Darwinia, Uplink, NecroVisioN: Lost Company, World of Goo and some old tat. See them here.

Deal of the week
Portal – Free
Valve show us yet again that they are a real class act. To coincide with the launch of the Mac flavoured version of Steam, they are giving away Portal. It’s certainly crafty, I can’t think of any other proper game that is more likely to get the new Mac audience hooked onto Valve’s output, and excited for the Portal sequel. This offer is available until the 24th of may (Valve time), but just to clarify, that doesn’t just mean it is free to play until then. If you get it for free now, it is yours to keep forever. It is added to your Steam account and you can redownload it as many times as you want, just like you’d paid for it. You just have to make sure you add it to you account before the 24th. I beat it in 89 minutes the other day, I dare you to try and best that. Be sure to keep an eye out for other special offers as they try to promote their new Steam Play initiative.

Also of note:
Steam Play Indie Pack: And Yet It Moves, Galcon Fusion, Machinarium, Osmos, World of Goo – £14.99/€18.99/$19.99
Quantz – £2.40/€2.70/$3
Torchlight – £7.49/€7.99/$9.99
Rome: Total War [Gold Edition] – £1.72/€2.02/£2.50
Bob came in Pieces – £2.98/€3.50/$4.33
Sam & Max series 3 + Tales of Monkey Island – £19.99/€29.99/$29.99
Flotilla – 50% off
Shooter Promo at gog
Still got a few hours left of the Humble Indie Bundle too

Head to for more cheap games.

This week’s image by Winfred van Heerebeek. No, we’re not sure what the bee things are either. Please do send us more BB images, readers. 600×200, no copyright violation or filth.

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