Epic Fa… Oh, You Know.

Epic's new DRM involves releasing a mutagen to horrifically warp the bodies who infringe upon their IP, tooling up in power-arm and then shooting and/or giving their neck a nice hug.

Alec sighs and points at Blues News who points at The Sixth Axis who points at Edge magazine who points at Epic President Mike Capps in an interview situation who points at Piracy for Epic’s pointing away from the PC. He says things like “We still do PC, we still love the PC, but we already saw the impact of piracy: it killed a lot of great independent developers and completely changed our business model.” and “So, maybe Facebook will save PC gaming… but it’s not going to look like Gears of War.”. More here. I’m sure everyone agrees, so I’m tempted to just close the comments thread because there’s nothing to say, but maybe I’m wrong.


  1. DK says:

    The best thing Epic ever did was One Must Fall 2097 and Jazz Jackrabbit. And those were on PC – until they make a game as good as either of those again, they eff right off to the consoles.

  2. RakeShark says:

    I think people are too busy harping on facts an opinions as to why PC Gaming is either dying or thriving.

    To be rather blunt, the day the Personal Computer (to include Windows, Macintosh, and Linux based computers) becomes an obsolete gaming platform, is the day Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Goldwave, and Notepad all become console-native programs. And when a developer and publisher make an honest and earnest attempt to produce a AAA-title using nothing but those resources and a gamepad to create their assets, sell it for $60, and reap of profit much like Modern Warfare 2, on that day, I’ll chuck my PC out the window and become a console-exclusive consumer.

    Till then, the PC will remain both a viable and profitable market, and remain THE featured farm ground for new talent, who will create tomorrow’s smash hits and utter failures. The day the PC market stops becoming a gaming platform quite frankly is the day video gaming as a whole will begin to die.

    I think Epic is simply stating a shallow opinion, and only two things tend to allow you to shout such opinions as loudly as they do: Success, and obsolescence. Even those two absolutes are typically matters of opinion.

    To finish this off, it’s my opinion that Mike Capps is a muppet.

  3. free2game365 says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    I think you are right, while the loss of Unreal Engine for PC would be bad, (the Loss of gears of War, not so much) others will take it’s place.

    Apart from about Source 2, which I don’t think will ever be made, or to be more accurate I think it already has been made and was called Source again. Episode 1 used a different engine from HL2 as did Episode 2 and Left 4 Dead, Valve don’t need to write a new engine from scratch, they can just keep updating the one they have indefinitely.

    Epic make too much money from licensing UE3 on the PC to just drop it.

  4. Consumatopia says:

    But taking that dislike to mean that its totally okay for Gears to not be available for those who want to play it? Seriously, screw you.

    If Epic doesn’t want to make games on PC, then it’s totally okay for them not to make games on PC. The fact that their reasons for doing so are bullshit and that their games aren’t particularly well suited to the pc only makes it even more than totally okay.

  5. MMORPG Games says:

    Another excuse from a large developer for their poor console ports games.

    Indie devs are doing fine as long as they have a decent polished product. They sell their games on steam, impulse and gamersgate and on their sites. They only have a problem when they game becomes so huge that it will be cracked, but even the sales makes a decent income to get a profit and make new games.

    Big companies just like to boycott PC since they release on crap games, more appropriate for the console crowd since they are dumbed down to a point that you need one finger and an IQ of 50 to play it. No challenges, no innovation. Of course they are a few rebels out there, but just too few.

    I dont give a **** on what Epic FaiL Games are saying, same as with Ubifail, Epic EA Fail and others..


  6. Bob Dobbs is Dead says:

    Here’s Epic who, as memory recalls, has classically had a shit marketing budget. Then in the last console era had Microsoft backing their marketing efforts. Gears of War goes on to sell tons of copies, and their response is to release a PC copy a year later, then bitch and bitch and bitch about how it didn’t sell as much as the console version.

    Guess what. A game released a year after everyone has stopped talking about it isnt going to sell well. Surprise.

    The PC gaming market is being destroyed, but not by piracy nor by PC gamers. It’s being destroyed by developers who are too caught in their industries self righteous bullshit to look at the fact that their marketing and development choices are placing PC releases far outside their marketing cycle.

    GG Epic. You are killing your own market.

  7. James Murff says:

    Facebook isn’t going to have bulging, homoerotic, testosterone-driven gunfests. What a shame. I really wanted to hear the latest plot about the Muscles Squad facing off against the Oil-Covered Wrestlers in the battle for most manliest man in the maniverse.

    Gears of War: taking marketing to overly-aggressive teenage boys suffering from rage poisoning to w hole new level.

    As long as PC users get Bulletstorm, Epic can rightly go stuff its arse on this one.