GooseBumpmap: Tactical Intervention

Counter-Strike getting a rejigging comes at an interesting time, because it coincides with the closed beta of a new team-combat game (I originally typo’d “tram combat”, which sounds a lot more interesting) being developed by members of the original CS team, including Minh Le, or Gooseman. Tactical Intervention, for that is the name of the game, is taking signups now, and the beta is apparently set for launch on 28th of May. Can the world support another team-based tactical shooter? Well, yeah, probably. Footage below.


  1. Sobric says:

    This doesn’t look particularly tactical.

    Plus points for abseiling though; more games need that (or a JC2 multiplayer).

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      Indeed, one of my favourite things about Rainbow 6: Vegas was the ability to prat about on a rappel line. Seeing the rope clip through the roof in this trailer doesn’t exactly bode especially well though.

    • Moni says:

      About 13 seconds in, they use the tactical “shoot him in the face while he’s on the floor” technique.

    • JonFitt says:

      I liked the “Tactically run backwards while shooting wildly”.

      One hopes they’re just hamming it up for the trailer to make it look XXXtreme!

    • jeremypeel says:

      Watching this again, I also notice tactical amounts of blood.

      Y’know, for tactical clotting and such.

    • MadMatty says:

      @Sobric No it doesn´t look very tactical- it looks more like Quake/UT deathmatch, which i´ve frankly gotten enough of over the years.
      The rapelling is the only thing that looks a bit cool.
      I agree that it would be nice if they could take this more into Rainbow Six territory, making it more tactical-
      I´d like to see realistic gun and grenade damage, instead of the Nerf guns from CS (-Ish – They were more lethal in CS than most other games of the type, at the time).
      I used to play CS hardcore for a couple of years, and i think i shot around 80.000 people online (tho admittedly, the same ones over and over a few times).
      What i need, to get me back to the shooting, would be something like Red Orchestra combined with Rainbow Six, if that makes any sense.

    • MadMatty says:

      And yeah the animation and stuff looks very rough right now.
      I forgot to mention the different hostages running around – could be cool?
      Anyone try Swat 3? that was FUN.

    • GameOverMan says:

      Tactically speaking: you spray and pray.

    • Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

      Its pretty obvious that the title Tacical Intervention is references a group of loved ones stopping some special forces nut from his tactics addiction. This game is showing him what fun he can have spraying and praying, running and gunning. Noobing and tube-ing….

    • Miles of the Machination says:

      Who needs tactics when you have guitar solos

  2. Antialias says:

    That trailer… it is not so encouraging.

  3. Fringe says:

    Woah, how shoddy does that look?!

  4. 12kill4 says:

    “Alpha team, hang the sign. Beta team write the letters. Charlie team cover retreat with morale support. Operation stop-mommy-drinking is a go!”

    it turns out the swat thing is only a mini-game…

  5. diebroken says:

    “Gonna go back in time!”

    “Gonna go back in time!”

  6. Rich says:

    Pfft! About as tactical as Quake 3.

    • Senethro says:

      Quake 3 is very tactical but only if you can get over the manual dexterity hurdle.

  7. Hansdampf says:

    *yawn* less than awesome.

  8. jeremypeel says:

    Jesus Christ – I think Valve can rest easy for now.

  9. The Hammer says:

    Do you think this is why Minh Le didn’t do a Robin Walker.

  10. hamster says:

    Looks terrible…

  11. Reverend Speed says:

    Minh Le / Gooseman gave us Navy Seals for Quake 1, the weapons of Action Quake 2 and a little thing called Counter Strike. The first was revelatory and Actually Quite Difficult, the second was A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF ACTION MOVIE FUN (a year before The Matrix and Max Payne brought Hong Kong action to the mainstream)… and I hear some folks really like Counter Strike.

    He [i]left Valve[/i] to create this game on his own time and with his own money.

    If you’re willing to give Kim Swift’s next project a little slack now she’s joined Airtight Games (developers of Dark Void), Minh Le deserves the same treatment.

    Let’s see how it plays.

    • jeremypeel says:

      That may well be the case and I’m perfectly willing to wait for the game’s release before any damning judgement. However, there’s nothing that invites early criticism like actively releasing a godawful trailer (just ask whichever marketing tools at EA were responsible for the coupling of MM and Dragon Age!).

      You’d think during Minh Le’s time at Valve he might have picked up a bit of their marketing savvy.

    • blah says:

      Yup, and a year before AQ2 Woo released Face/Off… uh-oh.

    • Nick says:

      Navy Seals was excellent fun, it wa so weird playing an FPS with headshots and reloading realistic weapons and stuff.

    • Thants says:

      Man, I remember Navy Seals! That was really ahead of its time.

    • durr says:

      Navy Seals – Action Quake 2 – Counter-Strike – Tactical Intervention

      If you ignore the name, the pattern would indicate another action-focused title now. Maybe we just over-interpret the “tactical” part of the title? The game has a few rather interesting parts, like dogs, civilians that do more than just stand still, repel action…

      Sure the graphics look weak, but it’s also an independently produced game. Indie doesn’t have to mean 8-bit retro graphics. Take Mount & Blade (which I still think actually looks excellent, but a lot of people bitched).

      So yea, let’s see.

  12. Spoon says:

    Was it just me or did none of the guns in that trailer actually look like they were pointing towards where the crosshair was aiming?

    • Lack_26 says:

      No it’s not just you, I swear he was aiming wildly to his left nearly the entire time.

    • Theory says:

      He’s curving the path of the bullets. THAT’S TACTICS.

  13. Maxheadroom says:

    and not in a good way.

    I think Mr Le may have been in a coma since the original CS

  14. Jimmy says:

    They need to recruit more people, but it really needs a lot of work. It doesn’t make much sense. Oh, maybe it will be a big hit in Korea.. Never mind…

  15. Veret says:

    I’m pretty underwhelmed by the gunplay here, but that rappelling mechanic looks like it could be interesting. It may actually be pretty fun being able to slide down the sides of buildings more fluidly than the scripted stuff they always make you do in Call of Duty. I guess we’ll see how that turns out.

  16. SF Legend says:

    Or now?

  17. Player1 says:

    Well, the picture above looked good, even though I don’t quite get what these special ops guys are doing with an italian carabiniere… But really, as many stated the video is awful and like a blast from the past. If Minh Le wants to slap his name on it and show it around and call for beta, he (and his mates) must accept criticism from a crowd who has been playing A LOT of tactical shooters since CS.

  18. Javier-de-Ass says:

    looks chaotic and great to me. the other recent video is a bit longer, link to

    • Samuel Bigos says:

      That video actually makes it look a lot better, but it still needs a lot of improvements, particularly graphically if it’s going to be a financial success.

      You also have to consider that this is him on his own, whereas CSS was made by Valve.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah but it was pretty much indenticle to his (and the other guys..) original CS mod.

  19. Bobby Orange says:

    Is it me, or did that look more like a zombie mod for CS than an actual terrorist/counter-terrorist shooty game? I saw a lot of backpeddling and spraying wildly.

  20. dude says:

    looks dull….

  21. nakke says:

    This looks extremely much worse than CS. I guess Minh Le got lucky with the original Counter-Strike or something. Well, there is still much potential in CSPromod..

  22. teo says:

    This will come and go and nobody will notice or care

    What a moron, throwing away his job at Valve to do this POS game that looks like a bad mod

  23. Humus B. Chittenbee says:

    I’ve seen this also called CS-2010.

    There is what appears to be a ‘more tactical’ look on YouTube here:

    <a href=

  24. Tei says:

    The smoke flash from the weapons seems unsynced with the actual weapon. This say to me that what we see here is a very early alpha. Or a mod from newbies. It don’t look AAA at all, maybe AA, not much of this. But to be a good game don’t need that.
    In my book a good CS-ish game need good maps, weapons that feel good, balance in weapons, good sounds. IF this thing make the weapons sounds good, and the maps are good, we are about a 90% there.

  25. Dreamhacker says:

    Wow, for a 1999 game, this doesn’t look half-bad!

    Oh, wait…

  26. Novotny says:

    Looks a bit mental to me

  27. toni says:

    first game with built-in aimbot ? unlockable by killing a civilian !

  28. the wiseass says:

    Son, I am disappoint :(

  29. Schrodinger's Lolcat says:

    I think this shows that Le had always hoped the cs_ map type would be the one to make his shooter shine–ironic that the defuse variants like de_dust and so on got so much more attention than his hostage maps.

    Looks to me like this game is just trying to fulfill the whole scenario of a “real” hostage situation he originally tried with cs_assault and so on. At that point, I begin to wonder how valid a comparison to Counter-Strike truly is.

    Seems much more like this is his take on SWAT or something along those lines. Rainbow Six Vegas maybe?

  30. Simon says:

    Well, I read all the comments before watching the video and thought ‘Oh, what a bunch of haters, it can’t be that bad – Counter-Strike was pretty fun when it first came out.’

    Then I watched the video… wow.

    • Tei says:

      But the video that Javier-de-Ass posted is awesome. So.. uh…

  31. dude says:

    This actually looks VERY fun, reminds me of jeepathon2k from the cs 7.2 beta :)
    The first trailer posted is complete shit though, I agree.

  32. Bleah says:

    Still not seeing any love in the vid Javier-the Ass posted. It is better than the official video, but graphically looks better than the initial video but still nothing special (and, yes, graphics do matter to me for FPS’s).

    Vehicles look like absolute death traps and extremely limited like a merry-go-round ride when compared to how they’re implemented in Bad Company 2. It’s the size of the map, you see. Where you can see the clipping plane and void of no return where the shattered glass from the helicopter neatly lies flat on one story below.

    There seem to be some neat Action Half Life like elements like rolling dodges. Rappelling looks neat. Struggling hostage in your hands looks…oddly sexual.

    And is the name of the company really “FixKorea?”

  33. Synix says:

    They should bill this as an “indie game.” Then they would get nothing but praise and people will be talking of how innovatively retro it looks and how the rappelling is something multi-million dollar budget developers like Treyarch are too involved in the corporate system and The Man to have creatively thought of.

  34. Gwyn says:

    Jim, that video you posted makes it look utterly crap – the video Javier blew me away. If I were Gooseman I’d have emailed you to complain by now, it looks like a hatchet job.

  35. godwin says:

    Anyone else chuckled at the sight of “FIX KOREA”?

  36. Miked says:

    Poor Minh Le – no more game contracts for him.

  37. OctaneHugo says:

    No, see, it’s called “Tactical Intervention” because right in the middle of a shooting fest the game turns into a hyper-realistic version of itself. They’ll release a trailer tomorrow demonstrating this effect.

    • jeremypeel says:

      That actually might just be a fantastic shooter concept.


  38. Radiant says:

    Urban Terror


  39. Vanderdecken says:

    Really very naff looking.

  40. DMJ says:

    From the creator of Counter-Strike a decade ago…

    Comes decade-old Counter-Strike with a new NAME!

  41. Sarlix says:

    Wow, talk about spray and pray.