The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 41

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Can it really have been so long? It seems so. It’s episode 41! Jim and John gather once more to discuss matters of gaming, philosophy, and quite how tired everyone is. We’re all so tired. Enjoy John’s croaky voice, Jim’s pretty hair, and thoughts on shooters, Macs and the lack of gossiping murderer-based games. Plus bonus exclusive interview with Zombie Cow!

So we casually chat about the events of the past, the games we’ve been playing, and our plans for a national RPS holiday.

Naturally this means we discuss local alcoholics, uses for Lara Croft’s legs, and the magic of free things. There’s Max Payne nonsense, our interest in the new Tomb Raider, and questions on whether Portal was designed to look like a Mac. Then John reveals his balanced, reasoned position on Mac users.

We consider Mass Effect 2, now Jim’s playing it, which naturally takes us on to the nature of how philosophy is written. We wonder in which direction the FPS could head next. Then say goodbye to half our listeners.

Bob Came In Pieces DLC and the excellent new Sam & Max episode are spoken of. Then Jim outlines plans for more RPS community games. We wonder at how little corruption we perform, what our favourite fascist superheroes would be like, and why Tidying Up Games are the best of all games. And why Terry Wogan should be a voice actor in every game. In fact, here’s your bonus Zombie Cow interview question:

RPS: Why haven’t you got Terry Wogan doing a voice in your game?

DM: I didn’t think to ask him, I’m afraid. Why would I get him to voice anything? I don’t understand. Do you think he’ll be terribly (Terrybly) put out?

RPS: There’s no way you could have known. We decided it this afternoon. But still, why didn’t you?

DM: I didn’t feel Sir Terry’s vocal range was quite right for any of the characters in the game.

RPS: I’m not sure if I want to play your game any more.

DM: Fine. I’ll put in an Oirish filter on all the voices.

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  1. Lambchops says:

    Not corrupt, eh. We’ll soon find out when I get the News of the World on you. Then you’ll be exposed for the crooks you truly are. Either that or I’ll send someone to find the spreadsheet deating all your nefarious bribery dealings. i bet you’re the type of people that keep that sort of info in spreadsheets!

  2. Mario Figueiredo says:

    Entertaining as always, guys :)

    I cried at the thought of iPortal and I laughed at the thought of Mac users livers exploding.

  3. Kevin says:

    Man, I would kill to have this podcast back on a ~weekly basis (or at least bi-weekl) and have the show last an hour and a half. This is quiet easily one of the most entertaining podcasts out there.

  4. Auspex says:

    If anyone is thinking about getting the new Sam & Max may I recommend getting it in the steam Telltale bundle.

    link to

  5. Freudian Trip says:

    The Cleggeron family living in the same house has BBC 1 sitcom written all over it.

  6. airtekh says:

    Are there any spoilers for Mass Effect 2 in the podcast?

  7. Capt Fatbeard says:

    “Chat ‘n’ Splat” that is all.

  8. Vague-rant says:

    About 3 years ago, when I made a comment about the Mac not having any games, my friend told me about Marathon. It later saddened me to learn that this came out in 1994…

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Oh God, Marathon! It did come out in 1994, but it was still a really good game. It had a surprising amount of story for a game that was living in the shadows of Doom. Plus Durandal was the coolest crazy AI since HAL, and Marathon Infinity was pretty experimental in terms of the linearity of the story. Marathon also had some ineradicable fan made games. I’m thinking specifically of Marathon Rubicon, but there were several.

  9. Alex Bakke says:

    Ah, just as I reach EWS-40 :)

    Entertaining as always, for some reason they won’t download onto my iPod Touch, so no running and listening for me.

  10. somnolentsurfer says:

    Listening now. You’re arguing for Doom where you can talk to the monsters?

  11. Xercies says:

    Were always being told stories about how some companies are bribing magazines for first reviews and all that stuff. It would be good to get more journalists saying in 11 years that hasn’t happened to me.

    Terry Wogan has a great voice and I’m surprised no video game company has snapped him up since he left Radio 2.

    Also that robot game on the Gamecube could be considered a tidy up game its name was Chibi Rbo. Though nothing on PC as I can see.

  12. drewski says:

    Excellent. Something to look forward to tomorrow.

  13. Supervisor_Hat says:

    Incidentally, for whichever of you (Mr. Walker? I forget…) told the story about Richard Stallman on a previous Show — the quotes “I’m LEAVING, nowwww!” and “Now, now Richard, what, what you’ve got to understand is that everybody is a potential friend” are two of the greatest things ever recorded. (And suitable for soundboards, if you’re antisocial like that). I am forever in your debt.

  14. Blooper says:

    Bang n Banter


    Boom n Banter

    • Vague-rant says:

      I suspect “Bang and Banter” might already have a use in a more niche genre.

    • AndrewC says:

      Come on! Talking’s what you do to them to get to the banging! Who’d do it afterwards?

    • Vague-rant says:

      Turns out the banter is with the police inspector.

    • Vague-rant says:

      Hmm, that read slightly more sinister than I expected. But I like to think that’s part of the charm…

  15. Anomalous Poster says:

    I love this. I enjoy how you called conservatives bastards. I feel the compulsion to give you money now but, much like the web comic community, tend to only be able to justify monetary transactions for the receipt of ironic T-shirts. In other words, make RPS t shirts.

    Also, for the sakes of indentification of your voices, you might want to try using a speaker channel each. Adam and Joe do, and they are super.

  16. Feste says:

    Regarding tidying games, there was Chibi-Robo on the GameCube. Not a computer game admittedly.

    By the way, can we have a podcase episode on Rock Paper Shotgun presents Neuroscience? That sounds interesting. I’ve been trying to get through Being No-one by Thomas Metzinger for a while now and it’s tough. Blindsight by Peter Watts inspired me to try it, and it’s bloody hard.

  17. Sam says:

    Gun ‘n’ Talk.
    Purely for the abbreviation.

  18. Nighthood says:

    @airtekh: There is one which reveals the identity of Archangel, but if you’ve followed any coverage of ME2 you’ll know the truth about that already.

    • Mr_Day says:

      It’s Shodan?

    • Mr_Day says:

      Having now listened to the podcast, I don’t recall them actually saying “Archangel is so and so”. Your spoiler alert seems unfounded.

      This, however, is kind of an enjoyment spoiler. When Rossignol said he had just done the IFF mission and that the game was finally getting going – oh you poor bastard. The joke is on you.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, I thought that as well Mr Day.. in my head I heard “Whoops” from the Sony E3 2006 PS3 presentation.

  19. LewieP says:

    RE: Mass Effect 2 planet scanning.

    Bollocks to that, I hacked my save to give myself a million billion of everything.

  20. Alex Bakke says:

    “Like the Mongols griefing China”

    Damnit, what’s the game?

  21. The Dark One says:

    Were you thinking of the distopian gigacorporation BnL?

  22. zipdrive says:

    A completely excellent episode, witty and informative. More of this, please!

    I wish my podcast was as witty. Can anyone sell me a +1 wittiness headset, or something?

  23. SpinalJack says:

    Has anyone mentioned chibi robo on the game cube and DS as a cleaning up game? It’s a game literally about cleaning up a room. You play a tiny robot and you’re tasked with cleaning up after a family and at the same time fixing all their family troubles. Like a lot of nintendo games there a rather deep and serious under tone hidden in the cute graphics. I liked it.

    link to

  24. Herr Klein says:

    Play with your girlfriend Machinarium!