Orchestral Backing: Rising Storm

Tripwire Interactive have announced an expansion – called Rising Storm – to the sequel to their rather well-received World War II shooter, Red Orchestra, the sequel being Heroes Of Stalingrad, see. That’s not out yet. The pictures of mangrove swamps should give you a clue about the setting – the Pacific Theatre during those fateful years when Japan decided to try and conquer the world by force, rather than by designing consumer electronics. But wait, there’s actually something really interesting about all this! Behold:

Rising Storm will be created in a first-of-its-kind collaboration between a mod team and a professional game development studio. The Rising Storm team will be made up of the best developers from the Red Orchestra modding community and the mod community at large.

We are now inviting applications for a place on the development team from experienced modders.


  1. wazups2x says:

    How is this game, is it worth buying?

    • Choca says:

      Well, Heroes of Stalingrad isn’t out yet but if you’re thinking about buying Red Orchestra : Osfront 41-45 then, yeah, it’s pretty good.

      It’s also one of the most unforgiving games ever.

    • Lack_26 says:

      Red Orchestra can be summed up as ‘Spawn, Cry, Die’, it is pretty damn unforgiving but also one of my favourite games of all time.

    • JB says:

      Red Orchestra is harsh, brutal and unforgiving. It’s also one of the best manshooters I’ve ever played. Because it’s so harshly, unforgivingly brutal, when your plans work out it’s extremely satisfying. Plus you get the 2 mods – Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean theatre) and Darkest Hour (Northern European theatre). They’re both pretty good too. The only downside with RO for me personally is the single-player only being “offline practice”. The bots aren’t the best in the world. Now, a RO proper single-player campaign, that would be something!

  2. Internet guy says:

    Actually, Rising Storm is an expansion for Heroes of Stalingrad, their upcoming sequel to Red Orchestra.

  3. Choca says:

    Making an extension for a game that isn’t out yet (and doesn’t even have an official release date) is either pretty stupid or rather ballsy.

  4. postx says:

    Cheers to Tripwire. Encouraging the modders, that’s the way.
    So HOS must be pretty close to release..? or that’s what I hope, been waiting so long.

  5. Marco Antonio says:

    FUCKING YEAAAAAAAH. I love Tripwire!

  6. BlackLabel says:

    Indeed…RO might have a steep learning curve but when your over it its the best shooter that strifes for a more realistic portrait…i allways felt repelled by the cod/BF stuff. I play it since almost 4 years now and still cant stop…Nice move by tripwire, they dont forget their roots and help a modding team to make a buck on the side…kudos to them !!!

  7. ChaK_ says:


    maybe release the first one…first? weird move

  8. Novotny says:

    Ah Red Orchestra, how I love thee. Criminally overlooked.

  9. kulak says:

    Though on the surface a standard nazi based multiplayer shooter, RO is so much more.

    Its a rare instance where a slew of seemingly peripheral changes make a huge difference to the core gameplay.

    In RO every bullet is a threat. This makes the battlefield a genuinely scary place to be, and making sure you don’t get shot as important as how well you can shoot.

    In RO I never feel like if I’m up against a “noob” I have nothing to worry about, since one lucky hit and I’m dead, which i think is much more conducive to a battlefield atmosphere.

    Even little touches (like manually bolting rifles) has huge effects. Whenever 2 bolters meet in close quarters, there is a delicate ballet played. Shoot first, and you leave yourself exposed while you bolt, so missing is a near death sentence, unless your opponent misses aswell, or you forgo re-bolting, and decide to get close enough to bayonet.

    Hipshooting (free aim – no crosshairs), also leads to a more distinct kind of play. While hipshooting, your gun moves around the screen as you move your mouse, so you aren’t just shooting in the middle of your screen.

    With hipshooting you just have to shoot in the “general direction” of the enemy, although it is surprisingly accurate when you get used to it. For long range shots you have little chance though.

    But going to iron sights takes up a valuable second, and you can’t move as fast while you’re in IS (making you vunerable to getting shot).

    So you have to make very tactical decisions about your environment and opponent, making it one of the most “thinking” dumb shooters out there.

    Hipshooting feels incredibly natural after a time, and you wonder why it isn’t in more games. (why should you be able to shoot with pinpoint accuracy while running around?)

    Accuracy of weapons is also handled well. As opposed to a game like CS, where the more you shoot, the more the bullets arbitrarily stray from the crosshair, in RO, bullets always go where you aim, its just the gun that move about (recoil), and this can be altered by lying down, or resting it on a wall.

    Which means it feels much less arbitrary when you miss, because oh, i wasnt pointing the gun right at the guy, not, “the game” randomly scattered my bullets.

    Another fantastic little touch is the fact you can’t see how much, merely you get told “magazine is heavy/magazine is light” when you reload (a clumsly RL analogy).

    Do you get behind cover and reload, risking getting caught with your pants down? or carry on shooting and hope I don’t run out of bullets at a crucial moment. How many bullets did i fire anyway? Was it 6 shots or only 5? In all this excitement….

    I also love it for the fact that due to these touches, the pistol isn’t a “back up” or a Peashooter. Indoors against riflemen its absolutely lethal, since you can fire 7 shots in quick sucession, and you aren’t knocking off HP, but making lethal wounds (1-2 shots chest shot, 1 shot headshot).

    The “feel” of weapons in RO is unparalleled, you actually feel like you’re holding a lethal weapon.

    Of course, these “little touches” can seem extremely off putting and tedious to a newcomer, but get past the hump and there is an absolute gem of a shooter. IMO the most important multiplayer FPS of the last 5 years.

    It showed how different you could make an FPS by changing “peripheral” gameplay mechanics, which for most shooters remains unchanged (i.e. regen health, cross hairs, run and gun sprinting)

    • JB says:

      And let’s not forget that the bullets do actually drop over distance. So some long-range shots you are aiming so high looking through your iron sights, that you can’t even see the target anymore because the barrel of the gun is in the way!

    • JB says:

      I can’t believe that we’ve all forgotten to mention the “suppression effect” when shots are whizzing past over your head. But that is best experienced on your own, I suppose.

      Point is, RO is marvellous, go play it. I’ll be on one of the Wild Bunch 50 Player European servers more or less every other evening. Playing under the name digital_pariah, you’ll it a lot on the death messages. But not in a good way sadly.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      We need more people on the Wild Bunch servers; they’re the only ones big enough to do RO justice.

      I miss the days when the admins were around and shepherded all the wide-eyed newbies into some semblance of a fighting outfit.

  10. sink257 says:

    Well, if you cared to visit the site, they’re looking for staff for development of the expansion.

  11. Isometric says:

    Utterly love this game. Kulak has gone a long way to describe just how great Red Orchestra is. Nice one.

  12. Sweedums says:

    yeah i’m looking forward to the campaign in the new game, did they say it has co-op? I can’t remember…

    but yeah, RO is a bloody brilliant game, graphics are a tad dated now, but they are good enough, its unforgiving, brutal, and incredibly satisfying when things are going your way. Well worth buying.

  13. Mike says:

    This will be the first of many similar collaborations. I can’t see this being anything other than a very good idea.

  14. Dubious says:

    I’ve played Red Orchestra quite a bit, but the biggest nag for me is that there’s so many people who don’t speak English and assume you speak Russian, German, French, whatever, ├índ they scream at you in foreign tongue through the voicechat. The language barrier in Europe to me feels like the biggest hurdle for teamplay to happen.

  15. Kevbo says:

    TripWire also worked with Alex Swift and other modders for Killing Floor as well. So I have always liked the company since they really seem to embrace the modding community. Good to see more integration with modders since I personally think that is where most innovation/creativity lies these days (modders and indie)

  16. A-Scale says:

    I just started playing RO again. It really is a tremendous and in many ways realistic shooter. I love it. I’m so happy they’re making more.